tagErotic CouplingsBrad's Road Trip Ch. 05

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 05


Note: This is the fifth chapter in what will probably be a fairly long series. If you haven't read Chapters 1-4, this section won't make any sense. I mean, the sex scenes will mostly stand on their own, but there's a pretty significant back-story. Anyway, thanks for reading! Feedback is appreciated! Special thanks to LilTexasSexFiend for helping me clean it up.


Day 4

Sunday, June 15

Pensacola, FL

"So, did you get that redhead's number?"

I stopped in the doorway, two duffel bags in hand, and glared. If looks could kill, I'd have been launching a full aerial assault at the back of my best friend's head. My look was somewhere in between "Who the fuck do you think you're talking to?" and "Are you out of your fucking mind?", and I didn't plan to dial it down until he turned around and saw it.

Scott took five steps into his apartment before realizing I wasn't right behind him anymore. He turned around and when he saw the scowl on my face, he started laughing.

"OK, OK," he said, and motioned for me to come inside, which I did. "I'm sorry, man. I just haven't seen you in five years. You've changed."

I had to give him that. We'd gone to high school together in Idaho, and back then, he was the extroverted, outgoing one who had no problems talking to the opposite sex. On the other hand, I'd been pretty shy and mostly kept to myself outside of football and the other sports I'd played. Sure, I had my share of girlfriends, but Scott was the "Alpha male." I was just one of the betas who hung around him.

We joined the Marines together, but the Corps soon split us up and shipped us off to different corners of the map. I'd done a tour at Guantanamo Bay and then it was off to San Antonio, where I spent most of my three years on various floats and detachments all over Central and South America. Scott had gone to Okinawa, Hawaii and Yuma, Arizona, before landing this cushy gig as an avionics instructor at Pensacola Naval Air Station. We kept in contact through frequent e-mails and very infrequent phone calls, but hadn't seen each other since leaving boot camp.

Over those five years, I'd grown into my skin a little bit. Back in high school, I'd have never just asked for a woman's number, especially if I didn't know her. But when I got into town tonight, he took me across Pensacola Bay to a part of town with nothing but bars and restaurants. We ate dinner at one of them and spent a couple more hours hopping from bar to bar, and at the last place we went, I'd been flirting pretty heavily with a short redhead named Stacy. I kept telling Scott I was going to get her number and try to hook up the next day, but all he did was laugh. Finally, he went off to the restroom, and I chatted her up a bit more until I won my prize.

"I told you I had changed," I said, pulling a napkin from my pocket and showing him the phone number she'd scribbled on it. "Been telling you that for three years."

"Yeah, I know," he said. "Now I'm a believer. You going to call her?"

"That's the plan, yeah," I said. "See if I can hook something up tomorrow."

"Damn," he said, plopping down on the couch I'd be using as a bed later. "You definitely have changed."

"I've always liked getting laid, bro," I said. "I'm just a little better at it now."

He was about to respond when someone knocked on the door. We both stood up, but it opened before we could respond. A lithe brunette slid through the door, grinning devilishly at Scott before realizing he had company.

"Hey, baby," he said.

"Ah," I said. "You must be Lynette." I got up and met her halfway, shaking her hand and leading her back into the living room, where she split the difference between us on the couch.

"He talks about me, huh?"

"Only every day for the past two weeks, since he found out I was visiting."

"Aww," she said. "How cute!"

"I thought it was a little disgusting, actually," I said, drawing a smack on the back of the head, which was all Scott could do with Lynette in between us. "But now that I've seen you in person, I guess I can understand."

She blushed and Scott grinned. He'd have done it to me, so I knew he'd have no problems with me flirting with her a little bit.

"Anyway, it's nice to meet you, Lynette," I said, standing up. "I'm gonna run to the bathroom."

I left them sitting there chatting on the couch and found the restroom. We'd gone straight to dinner once I hit town, so I needed to brush my teeth. Plus, it had been an awfully long day, and it felt really good just to splash cold water on my face for a few minutes.

When I came back out, I had to stop short in the hallway. It hadn't taken them long to get hot and heavy right there on the couch. Lynette's halter top was lying with Scott's polo shirt on the floor, and he was trying to unhook her bra while simultaneously attempting to choke her with his tongue.

She really did have a hot body. Scott had been telling me that for two weeks, but his descriptions didn't do her any justice at all. He'd said she was a C-cup, but it looked a lot more like a D at the very least. The rest of her was extremely trim and athletic, at least what I could see through her clothes.

"Ahem," I said, clearing my throat after I'd seen enough. This was my best friend and his girlfriend, after all, and I wasn't going to stand here and watch them without making sure it was cool first. "I have to sleep there in a few minutes," I continued, "so I'd appreciate you guys not getting it all sticky first."

They both looked at me, standing in the hallway with my arm on the doorjamb and what had to be a pretty smug grin on my face.

"I knew we shoulda taken it into the bedroom last night, Scott," Lynette said. "How will you ever explain those dried white stains where Brad's head will be?"

I knew Scott wouldn't care if I caught them warming up for their own personal main event, but I expected Lynette to be somewhat bashful about it. I was wrong.

"Where my feet are going to be now, but thanks so much for the visual," I replied, smiling as I sat back down next to her.

"Well, if you want to come into the bedroom, you can watch from that doorway instead," she said, and I did a double take, half-looking at her when she started the sentence but locked onto her when she finished.

Now Scott started to falter a little bit. Making out in front of me was one thing, but going all the way in front of me was probably something a little different in his mind. He cast a curious glance at Lynette, who just grinned back at him, then turned back to me.

For his part, Scott probably expected my jaw to drop, but after the last year I'd had in the Marines, and the past few days I'd had in Oklahoma, this was nothing. Still, Scott and I went back farther than anyone else in my life who wasn't related to me. With anyone else, I might have pushed it, but with him, I wasn't about to step into anything like this without being sure everything was good. I could always talk to him about it tomorrow.

"I'll take a rain check," I said, sitting down next to Scott on the couch. "I'm in town tomorrow night, too, and I'm sure I'll have more energy then."

She looked back at me and licked her lips, and I know Scott saw it. His bewildered look was gone now, replaced by a huge smile.

"In that case, off to the bedroom," he said, and Lynette got up, leaned down to plant a kiss on my cheek, and sashayed her way into the room at the end of the hall I'd just been in. Scott and I both watched her disappear through the doorway into the dark room. Scott bumped fists with me, clearly content to leave the conversation about what had just happened until the following day.

I watched him walk down the hall, too, but before he stepped inside, he turned around one more time.

"Hey, bro," he said. "Sorry for what you're about to hear."

I grinned as he pulled the door shut, and I thought about sitting down on the couch. I knew that would lead to either sleep or a call to Kelly, and I had something else I needed to do first.

I grabbed the napkin off the coffee table and used Scott's house phone to punch in Stacy's number. I wanted my cell phone to have as much juice as possible for what I was sure would be an entertaining phone call with Kelly later. I thought Stacy might answer, but I got her voicemail instead. A quick glance at the clock told me it was past 10 now, so she might have still been out partying, or maybe she had to work the following morning. Either way, I listened to her message, then left one of my own.

"Hi, Stacy," I said. "It's Brad. I met you at the bar earlier. Give me a call back sometime Monday if you want. I'm leaving town Tuesday morning, so if you want to get together, it will have to be Monday." I left Scott's number on the voicemail and hung up.

I collapsed onto the couch in a heap. Ten o'clock meant 8 in Idaho, and Kelly was supposed to be off by six. I thought about grabbing my phone off the coffee table, but I was asleep before the idea made it all the way to my arm.


"Hello?" In my present state, God knows what that sounded like to whoever was on the other end of the phone.

"You know, you're supposed to fall asleep after you've made me cum twice, not before."

Kelly's voice snapped me out of my mini-slumber with a quickness heretofore reserved for drill instructors and loud explosions.

"Getting a little greedy, aren't we?" I replied. "First you were happy with one, and now you want two. Pretty soon you're going to be asking for five or six."

I looked at the clock on Scott's satellite receiver. I hadn't been asleep more than 10 minutes.

"I never said I was happy with just one," she said. "And, I hadn't planned to ask for that many, certainly not over the phone, but if you're offering, sure."

"I think it might be a better idea to save the orgasms that you have to count on two hands for when we meet in person, don't you?"

"You would think, but that's going to be another two weeks, and I get awfully pushy very quickly."

"So I've noticed," I replied.

"Hey!" she exclaimed.

"I thought women liked it when we agreed with them," I said, laughing.

"So what if I told you I looked chubby in a certain outfit? Would you agree with me then?"

"Sure," I said. "Then I'd tell you I really dig chubby women, I'd quickly help you out of said outfit, and lay you on the nearest flat surface."

"Oooh," she said. "That was the wrong answer, by the way, but I want to hear more about that last part."

"I'm sure you do," I said. "But not so fast. You've been working all day. Now I get to learn something about you."

Her response wasn't English as much as it was Whinese. She acted like I'd just told her she had to eat the meatloaf and green beans before her chocolate brownie.


"Can't we do that later?" she asked.

"While I admire your enthusiasm," I said, "no. We can't. You won't feel like it later."

"I don't feel like it now."

"Then we won't get to later."

"That would suck for you, too," she said.

"Agreed," I said. "So why don't we make it easier on both of us and just talk now."

She sighed on the other end of the line. I didn't particularly care why - it was another sound I loved hearing from her.

"OK," she said, finally giving in. "Ask me anything you want."

"Anything?" I asked.

"Yesssss," she replied, drawing out the last consonant. If I didn't know any better, I could have sworn she was on the edge of an orgasm.

Come to think of it, I didn't know any better. I was as far away from her as I'd get on this trip - she was still in Idaho, and here I was, lying on my best friend's couch way down on the Florida panhandle.

"I swear, Kelly, you could turn reading the phone book into a double entendre. You wouldn't even be off the first page and I'd be wishing my last name was Aaron so I could be in your mouth."

"Well, technically, you'd be coming out of my mouth then," she said. "Wouldn't it be so much more fun to go the other direction?"

"Hey, it doesn't matter to me whether you swallow or spit," I replied, and she laughed. Not for the first time, I realized just how much I truly loved that sound, too.

"So, anything you want," she said. "You can even break your rules about no sex."

"Hey, technically, I'm not supposed to ask you anything," I said. "You're supposed to volunteer something."

"I know, but I asked you something yesterday, Brad," she replied, making that particular argument for at least the third time that day. And I couldn't really argue.

"Ok, ok," I said. "I have something. This one is really important, though, and something I was hoping to hold until much later in our relationship. This is something that will be a huge factor in whatever we might be down the road."

It got really quiet on the other end of the line. I waited a few seconds for a response but got none. It sounded like she was holding her breath.

Apparently, she was taking me seriously. I waited a few more seconds, extending the dramatic pause, before letting it go.

"What's your opinion on eating breakfast foods for meals other than breakfast?"

"You asshole!" she shouted, and my own internal dam broke. I started laughing, and I couldn't stop for most of a minute. Sometime along the way, I heard her join me.

"I was really worried," she said, and my laughter died down some.

"Hey, I'm sorry," I replied. "I was just trying to be funny."

"I'm going to pay you back for that." The sultriness had crept back into her voice now.

"I'm counting on it," I said. "Now, if you don't mind.. answer, please?"

"Hell, I just cooked eggs and sausage for myself before I called," she said. "I don't eat a lot of fast food - hardly none, really - but there's a Jack in the Box across the street from my store, and on days when I don't have enough time to make food to take with me to work, or just sometimes when I have a craving, I go over there and order off their breakfast menu. I'm all about the breakfast food."

I smiled. I know, I know - it seems trivial. And in reality, I guess it is. But there are little things that make a relationship click. Sure, sex is a big part of it. Sensitivity is important, too. Communication, emotional support, maturity - all big cogs in the relationship machine. At this point, I had no idea what Kelly and I were ever going to be. But there was some satisfaction in knowing that if we ever woke up at 9 a.m., fucked for six hours and then decided it was time for food, she wouldn't roll her eyes and say no if I suggested a trip to IHOP.

"Good answer," I said.

"I'm glad," was her reply. "So are we done with that now?"

"So quick to move on, are we?"

"No," she said, then added, "yes."


"I like talking about us," she said. "I like learning things about you, and I like that you really want to know things about me, as boring as I might be. I'm not really in any hurry to leave that conversation. But I really, really want to get to the next part."

"Wow," I said. "Somebody's horny."

"It's your fault!" she replied. "You woke me up this morning and told me about last night, and I've been thinking about it all day."

"OK," I said. "Then it's my fault for telling you, but it's your fault that you get turned on by listening to a story about a guy you're interested in having sex with two other women."

"Yeah, and I hear you complaining _really_ loudly," she said.

Damn. She had a point.

"OK," I said again. "You win. All my fault. Completely."

"Now, time to do it again," she said.


"On my last break, you told me something fun happened today," she said. "It's time to make me horny again, Brad."

There was a line there about her already being there, but the wanton tone in her voice made me skip it.

"Are you naked yet?" I asked.

"Do you want me to be?" was her reply. I rolled my eyes.

"Stupid question." I heard rustling on the other end of the line.

"Ok," she said a few seconds later. "I'm clothes-free now."



I'd woken up half past way too goddamned early that morning - in the commonly used hours-and-seconds method of measuring time, that equates to about 7 a.m. I realized Zia and Belinda had woken me up with their surprise around the same time the day before. I'd also been awake at this hour the day I left San Antonio. Still, for someone who'd only seen 7 a.m. on the way to bed over the past few years, it was a habit I didn't feel like forming.

Zia and Belinda were still sleeping peacefully, curled up with each other under Belinda's pink sleeping bag. I made the long walk over to the shower building and grabbed a quick shower before the rest of the camp woke up and started doing the same. No one was stirring in the campground when I got back - either J.T. and Bobby hadn't come back yet, or J.T. had jumped the gun on his bedtime. I managed to get back in the tent and get dressed without disturbing the two girls and packed most of my stuff into the car without waking anyone up. But when I went back in for one last check to make sure I didn't leave anything behind, Belinda was awake and staring at me intently.

"Leaving without saying goodbye?" she asked.

"Thought about waking you guys up, but you looked pretty happy," I said.

"I was," she said. "But I would have been angry if I woke up and found you were gone."

"Why?" I asked. "I know we had fun, but I thought this was just a fling?"

We were both talking quietly so we didn't wake up Zia, but Belinda got even quieter with her response.

"Honestly?" she started. "I really like Zia, but I'm not as into women as she is. I'm into her, but if we break up, I'd be more likely to hook up with another guy than another woman. And last night..."

She trailed off, but I patiently waited.

"That was the best sex I've ever had. I just hope she'll be OK with me trying it again."

"You gotta do what makes you happy. If she's really into you, it'll make her happy too," I said, impressed I could even talk about something like this at 7 a.m. "But, if you guys ever decide to come to Idaho, look me up," I finished. She rolled her eyes at the mention of Idaho, but she willingly exchanged cell numbers with me. She gave me Zia's as well, and I'd grabbed Becky's and Paul's the day before.

I gave her a kiss on the lips, which could have and would have turned into more had I let it. I leaned over her to kiss the still-sleeping Zia on the forehead, and then quickly left the tent before Belinda could talk me into more.

I stopped for gas and greasy breakfast food somewhere outside of Tulsa and finally got on the road around 8 a.m. The first part of the ride was spent mostly in conversation with Kelly, talking about a whole lot of nothing, which was just fine with me. I tried to get her to tell me something about herself, but she wanted me to ask something. Neither of our brains were really working that early in the morning, so we agreed to leave it for later. I did go into intimate detail about last night's threesome, which helped Kelly have a fairly nice pre-work orgasm.

She had to go to work at 10 central time, though, so I had to let her off the phone just as I was pulling into Little Rock, Arkansas. It was time to top off the tanks, so I stopped at a truck stop on the south side of town, on Interstate 530. My talk with Kelly had gotten me pretty worked up as well - not just retelling the story of last night's events, but listening to her make herself cum, too. That would never get old.

So I was standing in front of the chips in the convenience store part of the truck stop, deciding between Cool Ranch Doritos and Flamin' Hot Cheetos while using the hand-in-the-pocket trick to try and readjust myself so I wouldn't have an obvious tent in my jeans, when I saw a flash of auburn hair appear in my peripheral vision. Before I could turn my head to look, she was already talking.

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