tagMind ControlBraining Ch. 02

Braining Ch. 02



(This is a continuous story in multiple parts. It will only make sense if you read it in order.)

: : : : :

A few days later, as Brian was just about to leave to go to band practice, his phone chimed, announcing a received text.


> U going 2nite?


<<< Yeah U?

> No gotta work

<<< That sucks

<<< work Fri nite?

> I traded shifts to get off for 7 Worlds

<<< O I C

> U working Sun?

<<< No. U?

> No. taking parents to airport at 7am

<<< Ouch -- early

> Yeah. My aunt is sick, only flight they could get

A long pause...

> U wanna come over?

<<< Really?

> I'll be back by 8

come over when U want

<<< C U @ 8

<<< a.m. right?

> LOL yes

> B ready 2 practice

<<< Practice what?

> Braining & mentalling

Remoting & pushing

> park in garage & shut door

(nosy neighbors don't need 2 know)

: : : : :

At 7:59 a.m. on Sunday, Brian pulled into the drive at Blair's house, smiling when he saw the garage door standing open. He parked as directed, got out of his old Acura, hit the garage door button next to the door into the utility room, and went looking for Blair. She was in the den, with a towel wrapped around her that was barely long enough to cover her "goodies," her hair damp, brushing it out.

"Hey," she said.

"I like your outfit," Brian said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. He +brained her towel loose, and it fell to the floor, and he said, his lips brushing hers, "I like it even better now..."

"Mmmm," she purred, "you, um, you seem to have me at a disadvantage here."

"So, what are you going to do about it?"

She returned to kissing him. He felt his shorts unbutton, unzip, and fall to the floor. He kicked off his flip flops, and kicked the shorts away.

He felt his boxers start to lower, but just like at Seven Worlds, the elastic hung up on his erection. He popped free, and they fell to the floor.

"See?" she whispered, "we need practice."

"What about my t-shirt?"

She gestured for him to hold his arms up. His shirt began climbing his chest, gathering as it raised. It crossed his shoulders, continued up his arms, and over his head, the neck snagging on his nose.

"We -- need -- practice," she said.

She +remoted his t-shirt the rest of the way off. It popped free, and floated down to the floor.

"I'm impressed," he said.

"Aaah, not that good. I tried to hang it on your boner as it fell. We. Need. Practice."

He took one of her hands in his, and raised it up. He twirled her slowly, a complete circle, taking in all the sights as she spun.

"Like what you see?"

"Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm," is all he could articulate, and he spun her again, slower. "If this is practice, I like it. When do your parents get back?"


"We have lots of time, then."

"Umm hmmm."

She led him to the couch, sat him in the center, and climbed onto his lap, straddling his thighs. His erection was trapped between her tummy and his. She grasped his shoulders, and looked him in the eyes. "Look, Brian, I know it doesn't seem like it right this second, but I want to go slow. We're naked already because with you I feel free and safe, and with you, getting there is fun. But, I don't want to feel rushed.

"I'm on the pill, so we don't have to worry about contraception." She glanced down at his boner, which was losing some of its oomph... "Don't you worry, big guy, you're gonna be plenty busy today."

She stared into his eyes. He found himself thinking of carrying her to her bedroom. "Blair, are you +pushing me?"

"Maybe... what are you feeling?"

"I have this urge to pick you up and carry you to your bed."

"Exactly right. What are you waiting for?"

Lying on her bed, she said, "now, you +mental me." She paused a moment, and blushed, rolling over on her tummy, saying, "Are you an ass man, Brian?"

"Not exclusively, but I happened to notice that yours is quite nice."

He straddled her lower legs, and ran the tips of his nails from the inner fold at the back of her knees, up her thighs, and across her heart-shaped butt. Every fine hair on her body stood at full attention. "You have a really nice touch..." He did it again, stroking a second path.

He massaged the backs of her thighs, moving slowly, again, up to her bum. He kissed/licked/sucked on the sensitive skin behind her knees, and did the same to the crease between the tops of her thighs and the bottom of her ass.

"Mmmm, that feels really good."

He +mentalled her again, and she turned over on her back. "You're a good listener," he said.

She rolled onto her side, facing him. "Will you just hold me for a bit? We both got up so early this morning, and you've got me so relaxed... I swear I'm not just teasing you, but it's not even 9 am, and right now I'd love to cuddle."

He received a vision of toe-curling sex later in the day, and raised his eyebrows as a question. She answered with a soft nod and sleepy eyes. Then she was asleep, with her arm around his waist, her leg draped over his, and a Mona Lisa grin on her face.

Brian didn't think he would be able to doze off, but tucked into her warm embrace, with her breath gentle on his chest, he was down and out within a minute.

: : : : :

He awoke, momentarily disoriented, with an intense erection. He realized that this was more than mere morning wood, because it had two lips around it, first just around the very tip, then sliding slowly down, pulling in over half of his length, then back out to the top. Her tongue swirled maddeningly around the tip, then she began her trip down toward the base again. She repeated this several more times, then when his cock twitched, she noticed he was awake.

"Good afternoon, sleepy head," she cooed.

"Afternoon? What time is it?"

"A little after 2."

"2 in the afternoon? Damn... You been up long?"

"Five, maybe ten minutes. I've been watching you sleep. This is new for me -- I've never +pushed anyone who was asleep before, and I've never +pushed anyone for foreplay. I wanted to see if I could sweeten your dreams..."

"It seems to have worked -- is this the response you wanted?"

She giggled, and he savored the sound.

He paused, +mentalling her, and she looked back at him with wide eyes, and laid back, raising her hands over her head, arching her back in a deep, displaying stretch. If he had any doubt that she had received his +mentalling, it vanished when she cooed, "Mmmm, yes, go for it."

He raised up on one elbow, and since she had liked the backs of his nails on the backs of her thighs, ran them slowly up from her navel, through the valley between her breasts, around both of them in a figure eight, circling near her nipples but not over them, and then down to her shaved mound. He returned to her navel, and repeated the whole pattern, this time raking his nails over her nipples, causing them to reach for the sky.

He cupped her nearest tit, kissed her nip, circled it with his tongue, and then lightly tongued "I love mentalling" across it, in tiny cursive letters. She began to moan, softly. He traced a zigzag line to the other breast with his tongue, and wrote "I love being pushed" on its nip.

He began to see an image of his head between her thighs, so he started a slow, curving trail down from her breasts, lingering on her tummy for a minute, tonguing her navel as if it were a mini-pussy, causing her to arch her back in pleasure.

He lowered himself the rest of the way to her waiting slit, and lifted her knees up and apart, settling his shoulders under her thighs. He kissed first one inner thigh, then the other, homing in on her sweet sex.

He kissed the hood of her clit lightly, eliciting a moan, and lapped from the bottom of the slit to the top. He repeated her tongue massage several times, bottom to top and back, slow and sensuous. Using his thumbs, he pulled her outer lips apart, and echoed the pattern on her inner folds -- intensifying by increasing the depth rather than speeding up. He continued several more times, widening how he held her outer lips, giving his tongue access to increasing depths of her inner folds.

When his tongue returned to her clit, he circled it a couple of times, and wrote on it, in cursive, "tunnel of pleasure," amusing himself with the reference to Seven Worlds. He puckered his lips, and sucked her clit softly between them, pulling it free of the surrounding soft folds. Maintaining the suction, he began to circle it with his tongue, starting slow, and increasing the pace. "Oh my, that feels in-CRED-ible," he heard her moan. Then his mind was swamped with images of him on top of her, her arms and legs wrapped around him.

He knelt between her thighs and placed the tip of his erection between her outer lips. Being careful not to lose the connection, lowered himself over her. He began, as slowly and smoothly as he could, to press his length into her. She pulled his face onto hers, enveloping his mouth. "So that's what I taste like... mmm, never tasted myself before..."

He continued to ease into her, the slow friction electric along his length, as slowly as possible. He finally reached the hilt, and her breathing suggested that she found it as satisfying as he did. He pressed the base of his cock tightly against her, and rolled his hips in a circle. "Mmmm, I'm so full... you fit me perfectly," she mumbled. To him, she was incredibly tight and warm. Although it felt almost too good to leave, he began to pull out, as slowly as he had entered. When he reached the end of his stroke, being careful to leave only the very tip in her, he did it all over again.

She locked her lips over his, her tongue assaulting his, and he maintained the slowest stroking he could manage, until she telegraphed her eagerness to move on. He was careful only to let her increase the tempo a tiny bit per stroke. He could feel her need building, but he resisted the urge to rush.

As they began to gain momentum, she raised her thighs up along his ribs, and locked her ankles over the small of his back. He maintained their tempo, stroking her confidently, in a zone, feeling no urge to cum too soon. Her passion was building, but he was in no hurry, knowing that the longer their orgasms built, the more intense they would be.

When he felt himself reach the point of no return, he doubled the rate of his stroking. She emitted a low-pitched, continuous moan, warbling each time he bottomed out in her. He felt her pussy began to constrict over him, and that launched him over the edge. He deep-stroked her until their orgasms peaked, then he pushed in as far as he could go, and held it there.

She pressed against him, rocking her hips against his, grinding little circles against the base of his length. She squeezed him as tight as she could, with her arms, legs, and channel. She found his mouth with hers, and deep into an intense kiss, began to relax the other ways she was holding him.

"In... fucking... credible... I've... never... cum... like... that... before..." she said between gasps for air. "What did you DO to me?"

She rolled them onto their sides, and kissed his forehead, his cheeks, his chin. She rolled them a little further, so now she was on top, and he was still inside her. "Oh baby, that was in-TENSE," she croaked, her voice temporarily gone. "Hold me, hold me, hold me."

He did.

When they awoke, an hour later, she was still on top, his now-limp cock still inside her. She smiled, purred "hi," and snuggled her face into his neck.

She sensed him +mentalling her, raised her head slightly, her eyes now wide, and stared into his eyes. "Really?" she whispered.

He replied, "Only one way to find out..."

Careful not to let his cock slip out of her, she lifted her torso, pressing up with her hands on his shoulders, supporting herself on straight arms. He began to softly caress and massage her breasts, and she started the tiniest of rocking motions with her hips. His cock was beginning to stir inside her, and she squeezed it.

Without breaking their motions, she whispered, "earlier, I kept hearing these feral animal sounds... who was that? I don't think I've ever met her before..." and he grinned.

He lightly used his fingertips to circle her nipples, first tracing her pink areolas, then centering in on the hardening little buds, then widening out to trace an outline around the whole breasts. "These are really nice," he said.

She answered, "Do you really think so? They're not exactly the biggest in the group..."

"Biggest is not always best."

"Good answer."

He was getting nice and hard, and she was definitely getting wet, so he began to move in and out of her, just a little. She whispered, "Do you really like them?" She felt him twitch inside her, "You do, don't you?"

"Oh, yeah..." he responded, cupping them in his hands, squeezing them while he lightly rolled the now-hard nips between his thumbs and forefingers.

She leaned forward to kiss him, meeting his tongue with hers, swirling it, sucking it in and out as if it were a mini-cock. Her forward posture allowed him to begin a longer thrust with his now fully hard cock, and as before, he started slow.

After a few long, slow thrusts, she pulled herself back to upright, sitting on him with all her weight, temporarily stopping any movement. He felt her squeezing him, and she said, "I just want to feel you inside me. I've never felt this full before, you're such a perfect fit. This is paradise..." Then she lowered her chest down to his, covering his face with her hair, and whispered into his ear, "Now fuck me. Fuck me absolutely silly..."

He didn't start slow this time. Slow was what she expected, and when he slammed into her, her pussy flooded and she trembled with delight. Every thrust of his, she matched with one of her own. Every time he bottomed out, she gave her hips a tiny, extra roll forward, which he realized was giving her clit direct stimulation against his base, so he adjusted his angle to fully accommodate that.

When they found the ideal tempo, he began to concentrate on depth and power. He maximized each stroke, making sure that he was almost completely out of her at the top, and that she got her extra little nudge at the bottom. Her breathing, through pursed lips, was deep, fast, and steady. She was beginning to moan, and was getting louder, building toward the low, animalistic howl she had made earlier. The sound excited him, and though he thought he had achieved his maximum size inside her, he felt himself grow slightly more.

She felt it too, and lifted her chest off him slightly and arched her back, making her breasts available to him. He caressed them with his cupped hands. He pushed them inward, bringing her nips together, almost touching. He bent forward, arching his neck and upper back, and began to suck on her nips, going back and forth quickly from one breast to the other.

That was all the push she needed, and the wave of her orgasm broke over her, consuming her. She howled wildly, her hips rocking almost uncontrollably, again causing her voice to warble. The contractions in her pussy squeezed his cock so tight that he began to cum too, and he thrashed wildly up into her. He released her tits, grasping her hips, pressing her down over his spasming cock, and held her there, rocking his hips against her, giving her clit a final tweak. She collapsed onto his chest, smiling wildly. "Happy, happy, happy," he heard her murmuring under her breath...

: : : : :

They had a pizza delivered. Brian stayed back from the door, so that the nosy neighbors wouldn't be any the wiser. As they enjoyed their thin-crust Hawaiian Delight, with Canadian bacon and pineapple, Blair asked, "So what time do you have to be at work tomorrow?"

"Not until noon. You?"

"One o'clock."


"Um, Brian..."

"Yes, Blair?"

"You... you wanna stay over?"


"Yeah, will you?"

"Sure, that'd be awesome. I should call my mom, I'll tell her I'm staying at Jon's. I do it all the time, she never checks."

"Do you need to call Jon, too?"

"That's probably best, so he can cover if, for instance, MY aunt gets sick or something."

'Wouldn't they just call you on your cell?"

"Yeah, you're probably right. Um, do you not want Jon to know, or something."

"No, it's not that. Well, maybe it is, sorta. Yeah, maybe."

"Blair, what's going on? I thought we've been having a great day. I mean, we had a little drama at Seven Worlds, but that was DAYS ago, I thought we'd pretty much worked through that. Today has been nothing but awesome."

Blair flushed, and shyly said, "Well, duh! Today has been great. Several firsts for me today... I mean, wow..."

She paused, gathering her thoughts.

"No, you're right, today has been awesome. It has nothing to do with today, and it has nothing to do with Seven Worlds; but we have to talk. Something's bothering me, and I can't work it out by myself. Let's finish eating; I'd rather have your undivided attention."

They each took another bite, then Brian put his pizza down. "Let's talk now. Today has been so great, and I'm so into you right now, if there's something you need to tell me, I don't think I'm hungry."

Blair teared up, and said, straining to hold her voice steady, "It's not... um, it's just... oh shit, come on, come sit with me on the couch."

They settled, facing each other, feet up on the cushions. Blair coiled her legs around his, took both his hands in hers, and held them tightly.

"Brian, I'm afraid. Today has been so great, not just the sex, but the closeness, the companionship. You're everything I want in a guy. But, see, I, um, I..." She faltered, her voice trailing off. She seemed to be struggling for words.

"Blair, just tell me. I think we've shown that we have a pretty amazing ability to talk through things. We've worked through some very difficult topics, and, to me anyway, it was easy. I can't imagine anything that you couldn't tell me."

"Okay... alright. Here goes." She took a deep breath. "Brian, for a long time, I, um, I... I've... I haven't played fair. I feel like I've deprived you of your free will. Oh, this is coming out all wrong..." and a tear leaked from her eye.

"Blair, is this about that thing you said at Seven Worlds, that you've been +mentalling me, or rather, your term, +pushing me to like you?"

Almost inaudibly, she answered, "yes."

"I already answered that, do you remember what I said?"

"I remember. You said I don't have to +push you, that you do like me. But Brian, don't you see, how would you know the difference?"

"Blair, back up, that's most of what I said, but I think you're overlooking the most important part." He pulled his hands from hers, and took her hands so that he was holding hers, rather than the other way around.

"Okay... you said that you'd been +pushing me since the eighth grade. Right?" She nodded. "And I said, think back, I said that I've liked you longer than that, since before then. Remember? That's the truth, Blair, I've liked you since BEFORE the eighth grade -- BEFORE you started +pushing me."

She nodded, and spoke, almost inaudibly, "But I've been +pushing you for four years, that's nearly a quarter of our lives. You don't have any way of knowing how you'd feel today if I hadn't done that."

"I DO know how I feel today, and after the day we've had, I don't see how you could doubt that."

She smiled, sighed, and said, "Today was great, but with all due respect, you're a guy. You're a great guy, you're my favorite guy, but, you're a guy, and what guy wouldn't have liked today? I mean, I was naked within a minute of you walking in the door, and we spent the last ten hours in bed. I mean, what's not to like?"

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