tagMind ControlBraining Ch. 05

Braining Ch. 05


Blair and Jenn

(This is a continuous story in multiple parts. It will only make sense if you read it in order.)

: : : : :

P r a c t i c e

"I don't understand why you won't just stick it in my ass and get it over with. I thought you said all guys want it like that."

"Blair, if we did it like that, it would hurt, and you'd hate it. And I DON'T want that. If we're gonna do it, let's do it right."

She sat, pouting.

"Look, Blair, it's going to feel incredible for me, either way. But I'll enjoy it a hell of a lot more if it's good for you, and you enjoy it too, and that's going to take some time."

"Well, fine, as long as we get it done by Saturday, so I get to have you there before Jenn does."

"Blair, more than likely, that's not gonna happen. If your parents were gone all week, like that first week, that'd be one thing -- we could go a little bit at a time, night after night, work up to it. But I'm not having your dad find us in your room with two of my fingers up your butt."

"Oh, Brian, you say the sweetest things..."

They spent Sunday afternoon working on relaxing her "back there," but as the time grew near for her parents to get home, even stubborn Blair had to admit that she probably wouldn't be ready by Saturday afternoon, and Brian's "date" with Jenn was Saturday evening...


Friday at band practice, Brian couldn't help but notice an extra twinkle in Blair's eye. He knew she was up to something, but he also knew that she wasn't going to let him in on it until she was ready. When it came to finding things out from her, he had learned that he could slow the process down, but he couldn't speed it up.

Well, maybe he could... When they got home, he refused to ask, pretending he hadn't noticed anything. She tried not to fall for it, but he had her.

"Aren't you wondering what's up?"

"Oh, is something up?" He tried to keep a straight face, but she was so eager, and so cute when she was eager, he couldn't hold it, and he burst out laughing. "OK, I give, I've been wondering - what's up?"

She turned her back to him, pulled her shorts and panties down to her knees, bent over, and pulled her cheeks apart. Brian gazed in amazement at what he saw: there, between her cheeks, where her little brown star used to be, was a 1 1/4" blue circle, surrounding a classic yellow happy face. "Know what that is?" she trilled.

"You're kidding me..."

"Well, do you?"

"You never cease to amaze me," he replied, in awe. "It's a butt plug."

She straightened up, ran to him in little panties-around-the-knees steps, threw her arms around his neck, and kissed him. "Surprised?"

"Um, to say the least..."

"I bought two of them after work Monday. I wore the small one all day Tuesday and Wednesday, and this one is the medium, I wore it all day yesterday and today. They had a large, but it was a monster... no offense, but it's WAY bigger than you are. There's no way you can say I'm not ready for you now, all you gotta do is pull it out!"

He did.

He carried her to bed, setting her down on her back. She finished removing her panties, and peeled off her top and bra, while he undressed.

He crawled into bed, and she began to turn over, onto her knees. "Not that way," he said, "let's have you on your back."


"Yeah, based on what I've read, it's easier to stay relaxed that way. And I'll get to see your face."

She blushed. He kissed her face, kissed her breasts, and continued kissing down her tummy, to her pussy. She was soaked. He barely applied his mouth, and she imploded into a colossal orgasm.

He pushed her knees up, and eased first one, then two, then three fingers up her ass, confirming she was sufficiently slick and loose. He thoroughly lubed his cock, and positioned it against her sphincter. He pushed, softly, meeting little resistance -- the plug had done its job well. He eased half of his length into her.

"How's it feel?"

"Fantastic, I had no idea... more, baby, give me more."

Brian didn't think he'd ever been this aroused, this hard. It was going to be an effort not to cum too quickly. He pulled back, leaving only the tip, surrounded by her anus. He paused, letting the immediate urge to cum pass.

"Don't tease me," she panted, wrapping her legs around his back, pulling his hips forward with her feet. He eased forward, filling her with most of his length. She moaned in pleasure.

"Fuck me," she whispered.

He did.

He started slowly, then built speed, until their mutual rhythm felt perfect, the lush sensuality of her tightness all but overwhelming him. She continued to pull on his ass with her lower legs, then she crossed her ankles behind his shoulder blades, grabbing her feet with her hands. Her shift in position allowed him to sink his final inch into her.

He began to thrust with more intensity, and found himself in a zone, his cock a fucking machine, so engorged it ached, his orgasm distant. She met each plunge of his with a buck of her hips. Their entire universe became reduced to the stimulated nerve endings within the tiny areas of friction they were sharing, their brains consumed by the waves of pleasure being sent by the euphoric neurons.

"I'm. . . going. . . to. . . cummm. . . " she moaned, and her breathing quickened as her orgasm arrived. Her tunnel squeezed him even tighter as she surrendered to it, her opening constricting and pulsing, finishing him. He followed her into the most distant depths of bliss.

When his erection was gone and he slipped out of her, they held each other, side by side, their arms and legs intertwined.

Brian recognized this as her moment, so he didn't say anything. When she was able to speak, she said, "There were so many things I didn't know... my ass is SO sensitive, compared to my pussy. The sensations are so wonderful, so different, but not just different, so, um, so sensual, so intense. I just love it. It's way more effort to cum, there's not nearly the connection to the clit, and no g-spot, of course. I mean, let's don't do it that way every time, but I want to do it again, and again, and again.

"I thought Megann and Jenn were out of their minds, allowing guys to do that to them, but they were right, it's heavenly.

"And I thought you were being ridiculous, making me wait, for some silly rule of being relaxed enough. But you were right -- putting the small plug in the first time was, um, difficult. I mean, it hurt. But after working up to it, getting used to it, having you back there was just magical.

"Let's do it again." : : : : :


Brian did the simple thing with Jenn, he just called her, and invited her over. While the concept was simple, the call itself wasn't, for Brian anyway. Even though he found other words to say other than, "Hey, you wanna come over and fuck?" both he and Jenn knew that's what he meant, and he felt very awkward.

Without consulting Blair, he realized it was obviously wrong to do it at her house. Fortunately, finding another location was easy -- on Saturday night, Brian's parents were driving to a town about an hour and a half away, to see the traveling production of "Wicked." He could have gone with them, but given the choice, he decided he'd rather fuck Jennifer.

Blair was visibly nervous. This was the only scenario that he hadn't needed any of her help to set up, or any involvement from her at all. They both realized that this was the only one that posed any danger to their relationship, because it wasn't based on any setup, play acting, or +pushing. Because of that, this was the first scenario that had any real chance of challenging their status quo.

Ironically, challenging the status quo is what she had initially wanted. "When you've had sex with all of them, and you still choose me, I'll be able to believe that it's your free choice," is what she'd said at the time. That was a long time ago, however, and their status had a lot more quo now. Her parents being away all weekend, every weekend, had given them a level of quality couple time that most teenagers don't get, and they had grown a lot in a short while.

Brian wondered -- if she had kept her doubts to herself at first, would she would still feel the need to test his commitment to her? As he prepared to leave her house for his "date" with Jenn, he saw how nervous she was.

"Baby, relax. I'll be back. I'll save some for you, I promise." There was nothing more either of them could say.

: : : : :

He was in the back yard, heating up the grill and cleaning it, when Jennifer let herself in the gate, five minutes early.

"Hey Jenn."

"Hey Brian." She was wearing a tiny bikini top, a Wicked Weasel by the looks of it, and a pair of denim cut-offs cut so low it was obvious she wasn't wearing panties.

"You look great."

"Thanks, less to take off later."


"I'm just teasing," she laughed. "I mean, we both know why we're here. Tonight we have no secrets, no hidden agendas -- and because of that, there's no bullshit to navigate, and I think that's pretty cool. We're gonna have a great time, right?"

"One great time, coming up. I was going to throw some burgers on the grill."

"Sounds good. You still remember how to use this one?" she teased. "It's not too different from the one at Blair's?" He laughed with her.

: : : : :

The evening air was nice, so they ate sitting on a back yard glider in the shade. "That was great," she said. "You stay seated, I'll clean up." She took the paper plates and paper towels inside.

"I brought dessert," she hollered out the door.

When she stepped back outside and stood in front of Brian, her bikini top and shorts were gone. "Aren't you a bit over-dressed?"

He carried her to his room, laid her down on his bed, and peeled off his clothes. Then he just stood there, feasting his eyes upon this unbelievable creature.

Her body made all existing adjectives inadequate, obsolete, defunct, useless.

She was perfection. She required an improved definition of the word "exquisite." She had hit the jackpot in the gene pool lottery. She had curves that the Venus de Milo would envy. She was soft, where soft is ideal, and firm, where firm is perfect. Even where she was firm, she was soft. He thought, "I bet she shits ice cream..."

"Phil's a lucky guy." he finally said.

She answered, "You are too. Maybe. But, are you just gonna stand there? I mean, jeez, what's a lady gotta do to get some action around here?"

She patted the bed beside her. "Come here, right now, and bring your dick with you."

"I get it, I get it," he laughed, settling in beside her.

He drew his fingertips across her forehead, and down her cheek as he leaned in to kiss her lightly. He continued caressing her face down past her jaw, and slowly across her neck, lightening his kiss so that his lips barely brushed across hers; three of his fingertips slowly traced a line across her collarbone; her tongue reached out to pull his kiss back in, finding his mouth removed from hers, reaching nothing but the tip of his tongue.

His fingertips, now down to two, drew across the upper swell of her breast, circling her nipple a single time; the tip of his tongue barely contacted the tip of hers; now down to one fingertip, he traced the lower curve of her breast; their kiss was now nothing more than his breath meeting hers.

She sighed in pleasure at how unexpectedly light his touch was. His fingertip became only the tip of his nail, across her tummy, taking one tiny lap around her navel, then down to her slit, coming to rest right underneath her clit. "You have my undivided attention," she purred.

He drew tiny circles around her clit, and dipped the tip of his finger between her folds, finding her wetness, then withdrawing.

He leaned in to kiss her, and when she moved forward to meet his lips, she found his finger between her mouth and his. They kissed around it, both tasting her arousal.

He eased her onto her back, knelt above her head, and kissed her lightly, his face upside down to hers. He lingered his lips on hers, brushing them lightly from side to side, returning to kiss her a little lighter, then again, a little lighter still. He started to crawl down, delicately kissing her cheek, her chin, her upper chest, and then heading for her breast.

He barely touched her, the end of his tongue to the apex of her nipple. He circled it, then flicked his tongue rapidly up and down on its stiff extension, for just a second.

He drew a straight, dry line with his lips, to the other nipple, grasping it between his lips, stretching it out until it popped free.

He continued his upside-down trip down her abs, butterfly kissing, caressing her with his mouth.

He teased further down, past her navel, barely making contact with the skin of her tummy, until he reached her sex, which he also dry kissed, lips on outer lips.

Now his knees were on either side of her face, and she found the head of his cock with her mouth, emulating his touch, the skin of her lips barely contacting the skin of his glans.

He dry kissed her outer folds; she dry kissed his tip.

He reached around her hips and pulled her outer lips apart, exposing the moist, warm inner folds. He ran a long, slow, delicate lick with the point of his tongue down the length of her opening, following it with another, this one fuller, softer, using his full width, swirling it into her wetness.

She drew his tip into her mouth, swirling her tongue and lips across it, and pulled in more of his length, surrounding him in her soft warmth.

He returned his tongue to the top of her slit, licking it again, swirling again, this time pushing it deep within the inner folds.

She drew back off his erection, then pulled it in, filling her mouth with it, swirling and sucking around it. Despite the differences in their anatomy, they each felt as if they were giving head to themselves...

He surrounded her opening, holding her outer lips open with his mouth, and began slowly lapping his tongue across the sensitive inner lips. Each time he reached the end, he'd return to the top, stimulating her continuously.

She began to bob her head slowly over his erection, pulling out to the very tip, keeping it from completely escaping her mouth with increased suction, then drawing it in until it reached the very back of her throat. She matched his pace, giving him a stroke of his length for every one he gave her. He maintained constant suction on her, and she on him. He continued his oral onslaught, she continued hers. They both began to speed up.

As her mound and his shaft both began to quiver, he began to focus both the suction and the tongue massage on the area immediately around her clit. She began to draw him deeper into her mouth on each stroke.

He sucked her clit free of the folds that enveloped it, and drew his tongue across it, top to bottom, increasing his speed. She increased the suction on his cock, and increased her speed, to match his.

He could feel her imminent climax in the fluttering of her lower abdomen, she could feel his in the pulsating at the base of his shaft. Both their hips began to buck wildly, and their orgasms overtook them, and they both used all the suction they had to stay attached to the other.

They came, and came, and came, the electric sensations beginning at her pussy and his cock, radiating outward. Brian slowed caressing her clit, holding it between the softest parts of his lips, washing across it with the plush softness of his tongue, holding her at the peak for as long as possible. Jenn no longer bobbed along his cock, but still held it between the fleshy part of her lips, maintaining her suction, swirling her tongue across the over-sensitized tip.

They both surrendered to the sensations, abandoning the here and now, awash in the abstract pleasure, the wordless sensuality of the moment; and then they found themselves back on his bed, her mouth still around his sex, his still around hers.

Neither released immediately; when they did, he reversed his position end for end so they could hold each other.

"Holy moly," she whispered, "how'd you do that?"

"Just made it up as I went along."


"I guess I have my moments."

They may have dozed a bit, then they kissed softly, he gently stroked her back for a minute, all the way down to her bum.



"Would you feel cheated if we called it a night? That's the most incredible fuck I've ever- actually, no, I'm not saying that right -

"That's the best anybody's ever made love to me, and I can't imagine anything that would top it."

"Are you sure? We haven't even inserted Tab A into Slot B..."

She laughed, "No, we didn't. Do you want to?"

"Oh, I guess your Slot B isn't THAT different from anybody else's..."

She laughed again, but then a serious look came over her face. "Tonight has been so perfect. Years from now, when I think of you, this moment is what I want to remember, how I feel right now."

"Actually, Jenn, I'm cool with that. This IS a pretty fine way to leave it..."

"Blair is a lucky girl..."

"I'm a lucky guy."

: : : : :

"Lucy, I'm home," Brian hollered.

"Already? I wasn't expecting you yet." Blair found herself expecting the worst. "Was, what, um, is everything OK?" She couldn't catch her next breath, panicking that he was here to gather his things, that he had chosen to be with Jennifer.

"Yeah, it's all fine. It was weird, knowing that we were just there to fuck. We got each other off once, and decided that was a great way to leave it. She doesn't want to do anything that would affect anything, you and me in particular, and, obviously, I don't either.

"Let me shower, and let's go to bed."

As she heard the water running in the bathroom, tears leaked from her eyes, waves of relief washing over her. Brian had made his choice, and come home to her...

: : : : :


The next morning, they awoke, silently agreeing that warm, gentle touching said more than any words could. After half an hour, Brian broke the comfortable silence. "How do you feel?"

She squeezed him tight, and said, "Calm. Relieved. Glad we're done. Glad you're here."

"I'm glad I'm here, too. I was never going to be anywhere else BUT here, I hope you know that."

She smiled. They cuddled awhile longer, got out of bed, and padded to the kitchen, where they put together some breakfast. They sat at the counter, eating.

"In a way," she said, "it's a shame that we're done. Some of those scenes were pretty hot."

"They were. I've thought of four or five more."

She looked alarmed. "You want to do all the girls again?"


"You have more girls in mind?"


"Oh. So the new scenes are just imaginary?"

"No. I'm going to do them."

"You're not making any sense."

Brian suppressed a laugh; he was enjoying stringing her along. "Sure I am."

"But you said you're not doing the girls again, and there's not any more girls."

"That's right."

"So how are you going to do any more scenes?"

"Just like we did the first five -- you and I will discuss them, organize them, fine-tune the details. Then, when the plans are perfect," and he paused for effect, "WE do them. You and me. We do them all."

She grinned and slugged him, lightly, on the chest. "Brilliant. You're on. We'll do them. All of 'em. But, um, I've got more."

Now it was Blair's turn to suppress a laugh, and Brian's turn to look alarmed. "More, again?"

She said, "There's a scene I want to do. It's one we already did, early on. I want to do it again, right now."

"Um, OK. Which one?"

"The one where you carry me to bed, and fuck me absolutely silly."

"We can do that."

"What are you waiting for?"

: : : : :


31 years later. Brian and Blair had been married for 27 years. They lived in a neighborhood that was quite different from a typical subdivision: it featured large lots, many large native trees, and had a rural feel, due to the lack of curbs, as well as the three streets that comprised it winding and following the natural terrain, rather than the whole area being bulldozed flat and forced into a straight grid.

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