tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBraless Bike Ride

Braless Bike Ride


Every now and then Sam and I enjoy an early evening ride around a nearby lake on our bikes. Although we don't do this very often we've found that it's good exercise and quite relaxing, at least most of the time. If I can catch Sam when she's feeling a bit adventurous I'll encourage her to go for the ride without wearing a bra. Even though she has small tits that haven't sagged they are soft and pliable and bounce quite a bit while riding around the lake.

I find that she's most often willing when she's already braless, such as after an afternoon of housework or some such. I often try to get her to wear one of her sheerest shirts, or one of her loosest tank tops, but most of the time she doesn't since that would take a deliberate act of her having to go and change clothes.

If you've read some of the other stories you'll remember that she's doesn't like to expose herself, but only allows it if I'm exposing her, and then she'll go pretty far!

However, I still haven't figured out a way to take off her shirt while bicycling!

The best opportunity I ever had for showing her titties while on the bicycle happened a couple of years ago. We'd been out doing some clean up in the back yard and she was wearing a rather loose fitting tank top. When she would bend over to pick something up it would fall open and clearly show both of her breasts. After we finished the work, and had a couple of cold drinks I suggested that we go for a bike ride. She thought that was a good idea, and didn't think about changing her shirt as she knew I enjoyed seeing her breasts jiggle as we rode the bikes.

When we got to the garage one of the tires on her bike was flat, and had a hole in it. (I wonder how that happened?) Since we were already to go I suggested that she just take one of our daughters bikes instead. I should add here that her bike has the upright handle bars, while our girls bikes have the typical bent down handle bars. She gave me a questioning look, but when I started to beg she finally said ok.

We rode the mile or so up to the path around the lake without meeting anyone, but I could tell from the shaking inside her shirt that her breasts were indeed hanging loose and swinging freely. I finally got a chance to get along side of her and just as I passed her I looked back to see just how much she was showing. I must say that I was very pleased that both of her little white breasts were exposed all the way to her dark red nipples.

As soon as we got on the trail Sam began to attract attention. The one thing I like about this trail is that it's a one way only for bikes, but the runners and walkers can go either direction. It wasn't long before we'd met a few couples walking towards us. I could tell from the shocked look on the wife's faces, and the grins on the husband's faces that they were able to see her breasts. After meeting a couple of guys running, who actually stopped while she passed, Sam pedaled just a bit further and stopped under a tree in as empty spot in the grass.

We'd only made it about a third of the way around the lake by then, so I knew she wasn't tired, but I figured that she might be questioning the wisdom of what she was doing. I pulled up along side her and she immediately as "how much am I showing?" At this point I decided that truth was the best response so I told her she was showing it all. She chuckled a little bit, and blushed at the same time, and said that she thought she must be after the last two guys stopped in their tracks.

I complimented her on how great she must look since they were quite a bit younger than she was. I also told her how happy I was to follow along behind her and see the surprised looks on the faces of those that noticed her breasts. About that time it dawned on her that we would meet people that we knew, and what would she do then?

After some discussion about turning around and going back, or questioning if we should we keep going and finish the trip around the lake, and some begging on my part, she said she'd finish the ride. She said she didn't want to walk the bikes back to the starting point, so it would be best to just continue on. When we met someone we knew she would just pretend that we were unaware of how much she was showing.

With that she took off once again, and I kept pace with her, but riding slightly behind her. If just a few moments her fear of meeting someone she knew was realized. After rounding a turn, all of a sudden, she was right in front of another teacher from the school where she used to teach. He was walking around the lake with his wife, and since we hadn't seen them in awhile Sam was forced to stop and visit. As soon as she came to a stop she quickly sat up in the bike seat.

She did quite well in disguising the fact that she knew they'd both seen her bare breasts. However, the other teacher wasn't doing as well as he almost continually stared at the front of her shirt while we chatted for a few minutes.

After we left them I teased Sam that her fellow teacher would now think of her in a whole new way, and I encouraged her to not be quite so fast to sit up if we stopped again. Since she was showing off, and doing it for me, I would like her to be more willing to let them see her. She gave me a frown over her shoulder, and said ok, she'd try. As luck would have it we soon encountered a couple of her former students rollerblading around the lake.

Since we were traveling in opposite directions we passed quite quickly, but almost immediately one of them yelled out hello Mrs. S and turned to catch up with us. Once again we were in a spot where we had to stop to chat. Since she'd previously experienced showing her bare breasts to some students (in another country) I was hoping that Sam would stay leaning down over the handle bars as they came up to her.

When she came to a stop she straightened up a bit and looked like she was stretching her back. It was obvious to me that she was showing them she wasn't wearing a bra, as if they hadn't already noticed.

After that she bent back down and held onto the handle bars with both hands as she asked them about school, they were both in college now, and what their plans were for the future. I stayed slightly behind her so I could enjoy them looking down her shirt as they tried to not be obvious about it. After just a couple of minutes Sam told them we had to get going and started to move past them. As soon as she was past them, but while I could still see one punched the other and said something like all right, I looked them in the eyes as I went past, smiled and nodded, and said "hope you enjoyed the view."

Sam was waiting for me up the path a little way and I could tell from the look on her face that she'd enjoyed the encounter with the boys. She was wearing dark sunglasses so without them noticing she'd been able to watch them look down her shirt. Once again I complimented her on her boldness, and although we were in the middle of the park I couldn't help but pinch her already hard nipple as I gave her a long kiss.

We had an uneventful rest of the ride home, but it sure created an atmosphere for a hot night at home

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