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Brandy & Her Hot Fantasies...


Brandy & Her Hot Fantasies with a Mexican Wrestler

One hot night in June Brandy was at an arena in Mexico watching one of her favorite wrestlers fight. She saw him on television so many times and she got hot just seeing his hard chiseled body. Her pussy, pulsated at the sound of his name, and she would lie on her bed and take off her clothes wishing he could see her naked body as she rubbed her clit. She had a real eye for detail of the man's cock. She would watch that area every time he was shown on the screen and slide a finger into her damp pussy. The more she looked at his muscular body the hotter she would get. She would slide another finger, and another until she had 4 fingers pumping in and out of her hot cunt. She lie on her bed watching his body and masturbating for the whole duration of his matches which last sometimes 20 minutes. She would them have very strong orgasms and she would take her finger out of her and move the up to her lips and lick her juices off.

A couple of weeks later she gets on a plane to Mexico to go see this man of her dreams fight in person. She arrives in Mexico at 7:44 p.m. and she checks into a hotel that is in the area that he is going to be fight the next night. She gets to her room and turns on the TV and they are talking about the show that is going to be happening the next night. They say his name and she tighten her thighs and rubs them together and take off her shirt and begins to rub her hard nipples. The sensation dies after a while and she walks into the bathroom of her room and takes off the rest of her clothes and jumps in the shower to get ready for bed.

As she is the shower she begins to think about his cock, and she envisions him and her alone in her room naked banging like a couple of wild animals and she get hot again. As the water runs down her body she runs her hand up and down her body and the then slides two wet fingers into her cunt and closes her eyes and gets the vision of her and this wrestler in her mind and she because to pump her finger in and out of herself as hard as she can. With free hand she cups her right tit and squeeze it and pushes it to her lips and licks her nipple. She cums and she moves her fingers out of her cunt and she steps out of the shower and walks into the bedroom and lays on the bed naked and falls asleep.

The next morning she gets dressed and leaves her room and goes to a designer dress store to see if she can find sometime sexy to wear to the fights. She looks down one of the aisles and sees this short low cut cocktail dress. She goes and picks it up and looks it over.

She said to herself, "Oh baby this get that man attention."

She take the dress back to the fitting rooms and it is the perfect fit. She walks up to the check out counter and pays for it. Then she walk down a few shops to see a large shoe store. In the window she sees the perfect shoes but the where are her size. So she goes in, because she thought they may have her size inside.

She walks over to some lady in the store and asks her if she had the shoe displayed in the window in a size 7 1/2. When the lady says yes. She had a look on her face, as if she wanted to say Oh hell yea today is my lucky day.

She gets the shoes and walks back to the hotel where she is staying. It is about 4:23 pm at this time.

She says, "Oh the show is at 6:00pm I better start to get ready."

She walks over to her suitcases and gets her make up, but she is very stunning, and doesn't need any, but she likes to apply a little to bring out her big blue eyes. She then puts on the new dress and shoes and looks are herself in the mirror, and the then does her hair is a French Twist. She grabs her hand band out of her room at about 5:05 and she walks down the street and she is getting looks from everyone she meets, but she is waiting on one man. She stops at a little pub a couple of block from the arena where the wrestler is going to seduce is going to be fight at. She orders a beer and a small meal. As she is setting there she sees all the car filling up the parking lot, and the last few superstars pulling up to the arena. She sits there for 20 minutes and then she leaves the pub and goes to the arena and she gives the ticket man her ticket and he hands her the stub back and she walks up to the front row and takes her seat. She sets there for two and half hours and then the time come when her dream wrestler walks down the aisle and walks around the ring and high fives the fans. He notices her right away, and he winks at her, and she smiles at him. As he is wait for his team partners to come to the ring she stop and talks to her and flirts a little.

He motions for her to stand up and come toward him. She does and grabs her tits and goes "MMMMMM that feels nice, meet after the show."

She shakes her head yes. As she sets there watching him her nipples grow hard and her pussy begins to get damp. All of a sudden he was thrown over the guard rail and right at her feet and as he is getting up he slides his hand up her dress and gets a briefs feel. As he rubs a little he gets some of her womanly juices on his fingers. He raises up and licks his dark fingers. The match lasts 30 minutes and he can't stop looking her way, winking and licking his lips. The match ends finally and he walks over to where she is and lifts her over the rail and takes her back to the locker area and he grabs his things.

"Well Mamasita, where are you staying at? We can go there and have hot night of wild sex."

They walk up the street to the hotel and they walk up to her room and they enter, and his cock is bulging out of his pants. He begins to kiss her neck and unzips her dress, and pushes it to the floor. She unzips his jeans and pushes them to floor and she look down at his huge, swollen cock as she shoves him down on the sofa and he opens his legs so that she can get down blow him. She deep throated his huge 8 inch cock, as he leaned back against the back of the sofa and grabbed my hair and shove his cock deeper into her throat. He pulls his cock out of her mouth and picks her up and carries her into the bed room and throws her on the bed and grabs her legs and pushes them up over his shoulders, she then feels he massive cock penetrate her cunt and the weight of his body pressing against her body made her feel like she was in heaven.

She reached up and grabbed his long black hair and pulled his face to hers, and they begin to kiss and he shoves his tongue down her throat as she begins to have a wild orgasm, and begins to breath heavy into his ear, which makes him hump her hard, as she begins to go into another wild orgasm, screaming his name. Then she feel his cock unload his hot cum in my pussy as he starts to bang harder and harder and harder. He pulls out and he is still a little hard so he climbs up and tells her to open her mouth and she does. He begins to wank, and the remaining cum squirts out all over her face and he take his free hand rubs it down her body.

He gets up and looks at her with a sad look on his face and says, "Honey, I hate to say this but I have to leave you now, because I have a show in another city tomorrow."

He writes his email and phone number down for her and tells her to get in touch with him.

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