tagBDSMBrandy Ch. 03

Brandy Ch. 03


The continuing story of a beautiful young woman with a white mother and black father who is stunning, with long, thick brown hair, blue eyes, and mocha colored skin, tall and slender.


At that point I was working on my graduate degree in teaching, and living in my small apartment in the LA area. I still saw Brian and Tony and we all had a fun, mutually satisfying relationship, but I had decided to focus on my studies and finish school.

Then I met Leonard, someone who rocked my entire world.

I met him in a bookshop near campus when I was 21. I was poking around in the erotica section, I'm afraid I have a weakness for such things.

Leonard was and is an inventor, and has designed and patented several common household items which allows him a steady income to pursue his interests and support himself comfortably.

In Leonard's personal life, he was into bondage and submission, and was a master, a dominant who instead of having a wife or girlfriend, would have a submissive sex slave to be his personal possession. She would be trained to serve him and give herself over to him completely. In return, she would be pampered and cared for, and would live with him and be provided for completely like a wife. But instead of a wedding ring, she would wear a slave collar.

Also, one of his strong interests is sex robots, robots that have been designed to stimulate men and women beyond human capacities. I didn't realize it but apparently there is quite a market for such things, especially in Japan. These are sex robots and sex machines that are designed specially to seduce and satisfy adult humans beyond what a normal human partner can, due to their extra-human abilities and design.

There are many designs on the market, and you also can order custom designs. They are all very expensive, and one of the businesses Leonard has is designing and consulting for these sex robots, or sexbots as they are called. You can order a sexbot to have it custom designed to suit your own fantasies and fetishes, and you can also design their hair color, features, etc. if you wish, or have the designer surprise you.

Of course when I first met him, we didn't tell me all this, he just walked up to me with a confident air, handed me his card, and said "You're a beautiful woman, and I'd like to get to know you better. Please call me so we can talk." He had a slight German accent and was very sure of himself.

Now I have had many men and some women try to pick me up, and usually I ignore them all, but Leonard was different. He was an older man, with gray hair, medium tall height, and not particularly striking, but still, there was something about him. An air of lively intelligence and curiosity that I found very appealing right from the first moment I saw him. You couldn't miss it, it just exuded from him. He reminded me of one of my professors at school that I had had a crush on. I looked at his card after he left, it said Leonard Rain, inventor, and had just his cell phone number. As I watched him walk out of the bookshop, and get into his black Range Rover, I couldn't help but be drawn to him. So the next day I called, and he answered immediately.

"Hi, this is Brandy, we met yesterday in the bookstore?"

"Hi Brandy, thanks for calling. I'm Leonard, would you like to go out for a drink?" That faint German accent again.


I told him where I lived and he picked me up that night at 9:00.

We went for a drink at an elegant, quiet club where we could talk. He said I was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, and that he was an inventor. He was successful and this allowed him a comfortable lifestyle. One of the inventions he was working on was a sexbot, a sex robot. I asked him about it, I had never heard of such a thing. He said I should come by his house tomorrow where his lab is and see. We talked some more, I had a bit too much to drink I'm afraid, and I found him one of the most fascinating people I've ever met.

We stayed at the club for about two hours talking. Although I would not call him a handsome man, his intelligence and independent attitude I found very attractive. He really seemed to know what he wanted out of life, and how to get it. He was confident and creative, and took the time to ask me questions about my life and relationships. I found myself telling him everything easily, and just opened up to him right away. We talked and talked, and he also started to tell me his philosophy about relationships.

He didn't believe in marriage, but was a dominant man who liked to have women as submissive love slaves to live with him. He said when he was in love with a woman, he would collar her, which was like a wedding ring, except it denotes the kinky quality of their relationship. This way he avoided all the bullshit that went along with most marriages. Having seen my fill of lousy relationships by that time, I could agree with him. I certainly had my kinky side too, and often fantasized about bondage and submission.

After about two hours, he dropped me off. He didn't so much as shake my hand, but just said he'll see me tomorrow at 1:00. He said he would pick me up the next day and I could come by his house and see his inventions. I was a little intimidated, I didn't usually go to someone's house that I just met, but we had really hit it off and I trusted him, although he had a very unusual lifestyle and philosophy. He said he wouldn't touch me though, we were just friends and getting to know each other at that point.

When I got to his place the next day, he showed me all around. His house was fascinating, he lived in one half and the other was devoted to his work. He had a couple of assistants around who worked for him, a woman who did the housework and bookkeeping and another young man who was his lab assistant. They were both attractive, but very quiet, and were kind to me and made me feel comfortable.

We started going out after that, he took me out to dinner a few times at elegant restaurants, and we went to the theatre or a dance performance, since he knew I loved dancing. He was a perfect gentleman and would always drop me off with just a kiss and hug, very politely. He eventually met my parents and although they probably thought he was a too old for me, they didn't say anything and have always let me live my own life.

After about two weeks of going out with Leonard, I started wondering what was going on. I asked him one night after dinner, are we ever going to make love? He said he was not sure I was right for him, and needed to get to know me better. We talked for a while, it turned out he wasn't sure if I was submissive enough. He said I have a very strong will and it would be hard to control that. I said well, why don't we try, you will have to teach me about bondage and submission. He said he would think about it and I didn't hear from him for a couple of days after that.

When he finally called, he said he was going to start training me to be his submissive, and I would need to do exactly as he said. He would also want me to be completely honest with him, and keep in touch with him constantly about my life and feelings. He would also need a sexual diary from me, describing whatever I did either alone or with other people. He also asked that I refrain from masturbating and not have relations with anyone else unless he gave permission. I was a bit miffed at this, but decided to go along with it and see where life led me. I certainly was attracted to him, and loved spending time with him, but neither of us knew what was going to happen.

It was exciting and arousing and a bit scary all at once.

The next morning I received a text message from him on my cell phone. It was very brief, and just said your training will start today. He told me to be ready for him to pick me up at 8:00 pm sharp. He said I was to wear something very pretty and not wear any undergarments at all. He wanted me to also wear heels and no stockings at all. Although it seemed a little unusual, I followed his requests to the letter, and found myself very turned on as I was waiting for him.

He picked me up in his black Range Rover at a few minutes after 8:00. He seemed a bit harried, and said it was a rough day in the lab. I asked him about it but he said he didn't want to talk about it in a slightly sharp tone.

We were quiet and he said he was taking me to his place, and we would have some drinks and start my training. He said he would give me a safe word, if anything was going on that I couldn't handle, I would have to say "pineapple" and he would stop and it would be over. I said OK and we drove to his place in silence.

When we got there, we had some drinks and he put some jazz on. It was music I had never heard before, but strange and interesting. He said a friend of his composed it. I asked him if he wanted me to dance, and he said yes but requested that I undress first. After a moment's hesitation, I did, and he watched me with a strange look in his eye. I danced for a while, and then he said it was time.

He gave me a collar to wear, a pretty silver chain, and said while I was with him I was to always have this on. It was a symbol of my submission to him, I was his to do with what he would. While I was a bit put off, I put the collar on, remembering I had a safe word and could stop at any time.

Soon he had me stand for him in front of a computer screen. He said he was scanning my body measurements for a new sexbot that he was working on. It would be called the Brandy 2, and if it was successful I would be receiving royalties from the design. It was possible that we both would make a considerable fortune from this, as they are very popular especially in Japan. I was told to stand still for about 15 minutes while all the data was collected about my body from the machine. He also asked me to lie down and spread my legs so the area between my legs could be measured and the data analyzed. I did as I was told, thinking it would be great to have the income. The thought also occurred to me that after it was manufactured, there would be thousands of men having sex with my likeness through this sexbot. The idea turned me on, shamed me, and also made me oddly proud all at once.

After he was done collecting the data, he said to come with him. We went to the basement of his house, he had a dungeon there which was filled with bondage and domination items. There was a rack, some tables, lots of whips hanging around, some video cameras, all kinds of things. I was a little scared, but he said to trust him, he would go slow and teach me what I needed to know.

I was still completely naked except for my heels and silver collar. He asked me to go over to what appeared to be a large X-shaped device. He strapped me into the cuffs on there at my ankles and wrists. My body was now strapped to the cross, my hands and legs spread wide, and I felt completely exposed, vulnerable, and yet at the same time very, very turned on. He explained this was a Saint Andrews Cross and was used to tease and sexually torment submissives. At first I felt a bit off put there, stretched out to the hilt, with my body completely exposed, but found after awhile it was a relaxing to loose control and just let him take over. He took his time to make sure I was comfortable and told me to just relax and breathe. Then he took out a whip, which was leather and had a large leather covered cock attached to the end. At first he just ran the leather strips of the whip erotically and sensually over my body. Leonard asked me to tell him how it felt. "Good, nice." Good, he said. Then suddenly he struck me with the whip on my breasts. It was startling, coming out of nowhere like that, and it hurt but afterward my skin glowed with the stinging pleasure of his whipping me. He repeated this, all over my body, and I was soon very turned on, aroused, and in not a little pain as well. He repeated this, and then took the cock handle of the whip and inserted it into deeply into my pussy. My legs were spread on the cross and I was surprised to find that it was wet and ready for his whip's cock. He pushed it in, and began to stimulate my clit while he was fucking me with his black leather cock. I began to make the climb toward orgasm, breathing heavily and struggling in my bondage, but he stopped me, and said, quite sternly, You are not to cum until I tell you to, do you understand? Yes, I said. Yes, what? Yes, Sir.

I was amazed at the situation I found myself. Here I was with my boyfriend, was he my boyfriend? Or boss? Completely naked, being whipped and then fucked with the cock of the whip. Yet I doubt I had ever been so turned on in my life. To add to my difficulty, he brought out a camera, and started to take pictures of me. At first I said no, Leonard, no, but he said he would be the only one to see the photos. So I began to relax and trust him, and he photographed me spread-eagled on the cross, my body still stinging from my whipping, a huge black leather cock impaled in my pussy, hanging there helpless while he photographed me. I was still quite aroused and asked if I could cum. He said, quite sternly, you are not to cum until I tell you, don't you dare. I was afraid I was not going to be able to help myself, I was very close, especially as he fucked me with the cock and teased and tormented my clit and pussy.

It went on for what seemed like hours, yet it was extremely pleasurable. It hurt, too, but was intensely arousing. Then he said he was going to have to take a conference call from Japan and he would be back in about an hour. "An hour!" "Yes, but I'll be nearby if you have a problem."

He was soon on the phone and I eventually overhead him describing my body and features in detail to the business people on the other end of the line. Apparently they were discussing the design for Brandy 2. There I was, helpless, totally aroused, bound hands and feet, and my lover/nemesis was describing me in embarrassing detail to the strangers on the other end of the phone. I started to feel like I was really getting in over my head, and began to panic. Leonard somehow sensed this immediately and put the call on hold and came over to me.

"Are you doing OK?"

"How much longer?"

"How much longer what?"

"How much longer before I can cum, Sir?"

He smiled and said it wouldn't be long now.

He finished up the conference call, and then carefully took the whip's cock out of my cunt, unbuckled me and let me off the cross. He had to hold my arm and steady me, as I was quite unnerved and a bit off balance.

He said now he was going to fuck me, but it would be videotaped so when I'm not there he could enjoy me. I was too aroused and confused to protest, at that point I just wanted to cum, and cum badly. He did say he would be the only one to see the tape. I didn't care, I was his, and he new it. We had crossed an invisible boundary in the last few hours, and I was completely under his spell.

We headed to his bedroom, and he asked me to bring our glasses and freshen our drinks. I did, not caring who could see in through the kitchen window at my collared nakedness. We went back to his bed, and he had me suck him for what seemed like hours before he said OK fuck me now. He was on the bottom and I was on top, and he watched as I wantonly rubbed by own breasts and clit as I fucked him like the slut I was becoming. He started to get close to cuming, and said "cum now, slut." It was like a Pavlovian response, my body went into a full body, head-on orgasm, the likes of which I had never experienced before. He pulsed deep inside me and I could feel his sperm shoot up into me as my pussy pulsed and pulsed for what seemed to be forever. I was in ecstasy.

We laid there together afterward, and I was holding onto him for dear life. After a time he said clean us up, and I was told to get some tissues and clean us both off.

Then he said to get dressed, he has some work to do, but he would call me soon.

When I got back to my apartment, I was confused. Is this what my life would be like now? Ravaged and tormented, teased and fucked within an inch of my life -- mind-blowing sex and torment all rolled up into one? Maybe this is something that wasn't for me. Still, I am not one to back off of new experiences, and I persisted with the relationship. I never did have to use my safe word, Leonard seemed to sense when I was having difficulty and would interfere beforehand.

He did everything to me in that basement and his bedroom. Lots and lots of fucking and sucking, but I have also been beaten, hot wax was dripped on my body, paddled, lots of spanking, caned, teased with all manner of erotic toys and implements. We even played out a nasty doctor scene in which I was erotically teased using a medical speculum. We also had great vanilla sex, too, he was an excellent, tireless lover. It was all very fun, erotic, sometimes painful, sometimes just psychologically so. However, he knew, after that first time on his cross, that I was his.

This went on for two years. We had a good, albeit kinky life together. We traveled to Japan several times, and developed the Brandy 2, which is a bestseller. After a couple of months I moved in with him, although he insisted I keep my own apartment and finish my teaching credential. Then after about two years together, he told me he wanted me to get used to the idea of being shared with others, and publicly used, and he was considering getting another female slave to share our household. While the occasional public flogging and playing with others was intriguing, especially if I could have some strong drinks to counteract any natural inhibition, I could not stomach the thought of sharing him with another live-in slave. But that is another story altogether.

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