tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBrandy's College Education

Brandy's College Education


Brandy marched across campus with a determination she had never known.

She was so focused in fact, that for once she didn't notice all the usual glances, stares and double takes she caused when she walked by. Brandy had an angelic face, with large, bright, brown eyes, her face was framed in shoulder-length, shiny, brown hair, which bobbed and swayed when she moved. This heavenly visage was contrasted, by her body, which looked as if it had been made for sin.

She was adorned in a pair of soft, skintight yoga pants and a form fitting t-shirt. The tiny tee had the words, property of Trinity College, stretched across her chest. Brandy's petite, athletic body was a real showstopper. Walking briskly, as she was, caused her breasts to bounce and her bum to wiggle almost obscenely.

In her hand she clutched a letter, sent from the school's athletic director. It explained that due to tightening budgets, certain school programs were about to be cut. Enrollment at Trinity College, where Brandy had just begun her freshman year, was down, as was alumni donations. Rumor around campus was that one of the programs to be cut was cheerleading.

This news did not sit well with the tempting teen. In fact, one of the main reasons she enrolled was to be with her best friend Lauren on the cheerleading squad. So far, things had gone according to plan, they both easily made the team and were enjoying their newfound freedom on campus. They shared a dorm room and most everything else, being almost inseparable. Unfortunately, Lauren was in class when Brandy heard the news. So she was off to make a desperate plea, to the dean of the college, by herself. In her haste she almost ran over one of her classmates, causing him to nearly drop his laptop.

"Hey Brandy, where's the fire?"

She spun back at him. "What? Do I know you?"

"Uh, yeah. It's Ted, we're on the squad together."

"Excuse me?" Brandy questioned.

"I'm uh, the Trinity tiger. I mean...I wear the tiger mascot costume."

"Oh! Yeah. I didn't recognize you out of your costume."

"No problem. So did you hear about the cuts? Too bad, huh? You guys are looking great. I mean, really great." He looked Brandy up and down as he spoke. Admiring how the outfit hugged every inch of the curvy coed.

"It won't happen, not if I can help it." She promised.

"Gotta go Tim, no time for small talk."

"Uh, it's Ted." He muttered as she turned to go.

As Brandy walked away, Ted stared longingly after her. The way her ass wiggled when she walked was hypnotic. He had joined the squad once he failed to make the football team. Only realizing after the fact, what a great gig it was. Sure, he had to wear a ridiculous costume that was really uncomfortable, but he got to spend a lot of time with some really hot girls. His favorite was Brandy. He never missed an opportunity to sneak a peek up her skirt if she was at the top of a pyramid, which was often, since she was one of the smaller girls on the squad. In fact, during one practice, he snuck into the locker room, while the squad was still on the field and stole her tiny panties from her gym bag. Back in his room, he celebrated the score by jerking off on them.

What I wouldn't give to get my hands on her for real. There has to be a way...he thought.

Meanwhile, Brandy entered the administration building and headed down a long hall towards the far end. She walked into a reception area and was met by an elderly nun, seated at a desk.

"Excuse me sister. Is Dean Grimes in?" "He is my dear. But he has a meeting in a few minutes. What seems to be the problem, perhaps I can help."

"Thank you sister, no. I need to see the dean."

"Well, I'm sorry. That just isn't possible dear."

Brandy glanced at the large wooden door that separated the outer waiting area from the office that lay beyond. She had never even met the dean, but had seen his photo on the college website and in her enrollment materials. She wasn't sure if she would succeed, but she was determined to try and convince him to spare her cheerleading team.

Suddenly, desperation took hold of Brandy and she bolted towards the door. The old nun was so caught off guard that she couldn't get a word out until Brandy had opened the heavy door and scooted inside. As she slammed it shut behind her, she heard the nun shouting for her to stop.

Brandy turned from the door and recognized the dean immediately, seated behind a large desk. He removed his glasses, raised an already arched eyebrow and said, "Hello, can I help you young lady?"

Dean Grimes was a tall man in his mid-50s. He had a full head of dark hair, but it was greasy and styled badly. What was most striking was that his face looked to be red and swollen, from a life of too much drinking.

Brandy marched right up to the large wooden desk and delivered her disjointed, but passionate plea.

"Dean Grimes, my name is Brandy, I'm one of your cheerleaders, I mean one of the school's cheerleaders. Please, please, please don't cut the cheerleading program, cheering means so much to me. You can probably save the squad with a snap of your fingers. And it's really important to the school, for school spirit, you know what I mean? I know times are tough, enrollment is down, but you can't put a price on school spirit, can you? Can you? I don't think you can, I don't think..."

As Brandy was babbling, the door opened and the nun walked in. "I'm sorry sir, she ran right past me."

"That's all right sister. I always have an open door for the student body...and what a body," he added under his breath, as Brandy had turned to face the nun.

The dean wasn't exactly sure what was going on, but he knew a good thing when he saw it. "Sister, please cancel my 2:00."

"Yes, sir." The elderly nun turned and left, closing the door behind her.

"Now. Where were we? Ah, yes, school spirit. You certainly seem to have it in spades my dear."

"It is possible I have underestimated the importance of cheerleading. Perhaps you would give me a demonstration, so I can better appreciate the effect it can have."

"You want me to do a cheer? Here? Now?" She asked.

"Yes. Show me your school spirit."

"Uh, ok. Sure."

It was an odd request and Brandy knew she had to be careful. She had learned, over the summer, at her family reunion, that her body could get her in and out of trouble. She turned her back on the dean and took a deep breath. If cheering for this old pervert can help save the squad, I'll do it. I'll have him eating out of my hand. She took the bottom of her t-shirt and tied it up into a knot, exposing her toned tummy, mimicking the cropped top of her cheer uniform. Brandy let her hand rest for a moment on her stomach, it felt funny inside. She was nervous. She was never nervous when she cheered, but this was special. She was cheering to save the team.

"I'm a busy man Brandy."

She decided to do one the squad's basic sideline routines. Using very precise movements she spun back towards her sole spectator and launched into a series of hand claps, fist pumps, hip thrusts, head bobs, leg kicks and shoulder shimmies. Of course, she wore the trademark smile and displayed the upbeat, sassy attitude that most men found totally intoxicating.

At one point, her hands sat on her head and she swung her hips back and forth. Finally launching into a spin and ending up in a position down on one knee with her arms overhead in a v shape.

The dean was fixated on her and offered some polite applause once she finished her routine. "Your spirit is impressive." He said, as he continued to look her up and down. Brandy quickly stood, realizing what a submissive position the cheer had left her in.

There was an awkward silence, so Brandy blurted out, "Sir, I'll do anything to save the cheerleading squad."

"Indeed?" The dean liked the sound of this.

Once she realized what she implied, Brandy tried to backtrack. "I mean, I bet we can hold some fundraisers to help offset the cost, you know a car wash, a kissing booth, umm. I uh..."

"I really think I need to see more of your spirit," he said calmly. "Take off your shirt."

"What?!? I don't think I should do that sir."

"As you said, all it will take is a snap of my fingers." He snapped his fingers for effect.

Brandy bit her lip, like a little girl unsure of what to do. Then timidly pulled her t-shirt over her head and tossed it aside.

"Very nice. Now take off your pants."

Brandy closed her eyes and taking the waistband of her yoga pants, wiggled out of them.

She now stood with her hands clasped in front of her. Wearing only a bright yellow bra and matching thong panty. They had a small white polka dot pattern; white lace adorned the edge of the 32-B cups. A small white bow sat between the bra cups and at the center of the waistband of the small panties.

"My goodness. You are an adorable little thing aren't you? Look at that cute little underwear."

"Thank you sir. I'm glad you like them. Umm, uh, now about the team." She stuttered.

"Yes. Come sit on my lap, so we can discuss it."

Brandy tentatively sat her self down on the dean's leg, keeping her eyes averted and trying to keep his focus on the topic at hand, rather than on her hot little body. But negotiating in her bra and panties made Brandy feel self-conscious.

"Now, sir can we discuss..."

The dean ignored, or didn't hear what she said. He had other things on his mind. He reached up and took her chin in his hand, turning her face towards him.

"First things first. Where is that beautiful smile Brandy?"

Brandy giggled nervously and offered the brightest, sweetest smile her new admirer had ever seen. There was an almost mischievous nature to Brandy's smile. When she flashed it, even innocently, most men took it as flirting and were easily smitten.

He held her face in one of his large hands and ran his thumb across Brandy's soft, full lips. "You're so young, so sweet, so pretty."

"And you smell delicious Brandy, like strawberries." Brandy absent-mindedly accepted the compliment and wondered what kind of old, stale cologne the dean wore. He smelt awful to her.

He slid his finger into Brandy's mouth. She tried to act as natural as possible and allowed one of his large, sausage-like fingers inside. Obediently she closed her lips around it and allowed him to slide it, in and out of her mouth.

Give Dean Grimes a kiss.

Brandy squirmed. Uh, well...ok.

Brandy leaned in and planted a light kiss on his cheek.

I think the man responsible for saving the cheerleading team deserves a bit more. He forced his red, swollen face to hers and smothered her mouth with a loud, sloppy kiss.

Brandy's head was spinning; did he mean he was saving the team? "Wait..."

The dean continued to kiss Brandy's face, neck and chest. "No, please..."

She struggled to get off his lap, but was held firmly in place.

The dean quickly repositioned Brandy so that she was completely on his lap. With little material between them, she could feel his sudden erection poking against her. Wrapping his hands around her tiny waist, the dean began moving her back and forth along the lump on his lap, pressing her against it.

"Oh my god!" Brandy gasped, thinking it was going to burst right through his pants at any moment, causing her breathing to increase.

The dean grinned watching her reaction and began running his hands all over the luscious little coed. Everywhere he touched was silky smooth and so soft. He groped her perky breasts. They were so perfectly round and the dean's fingers found their way inside the small, padded cups. Squeezing her tender breasts and teasing her hardening nipples.

Brandy whimpered, "No, no please."

She was speaking to herself as much as the dean, as she struggled to not give in to her growing arousal. Being molested was causing Brandy's eyes to moisten with tears, but was also beginning to moisten the crotch of her small panties.

"Yes! Yes, that a girl. You love that cock."

This is so wrong. Brandy thought. But he'll save the team if I let him touch me, I think. What should I do? She groaned softly, "Oh no, Dean Grimes, please."

"Move your ass," he groaned.

Brandy felt humiliated, being used by the dean. But found herself grinding her firm, but fleshy bum against what now felt like an iron rod.

As she straddled him, Brandy's gaze caught sight of many plaques, certificates and awards adorning the dean's office. She wondered if she just another trophy for him.

His voice brought her attention back. "Whose property are you?"


Brandy was caught off guard at first, then realized it was a reference to that silly t-shirt she had on. With the dean now squeezing her ass cheeks in his hands and his cock poking against her panty-covered pussy. Brandy felt she had little choice but to give in to him. Her will was broken and her naturally submissive nature was now as thoroughly exposed as her body was.

"Oh sir...I'm yours. I'm your little cheerleader."

The dean cackled loudly, knowing that he had her.

"Get on the desk, on your back." When Brandy hesitated, he barked, "Do as you're told. Lay down on the desk."

This can't be happening she thought as she climbed from the dean's lap onto the hard wooden desk.

The dean positioned her so her head was hanging off the edge of the desk. He proceeded to undo his pants and remove his old, rigid cock.

He dangled it right over Brandy's beautiful face. "For the squad Brandy, think of the squad."

Reluctantly, Brandy extended her tongue and ran it along the underside of the deans cock, causing him to groan.

The dean allowed her to lick it for a few minutes, before force-feeding it to her. Brandy couldn't help but gag a little, taking the considerable cock in her mouth, from upside down. Dean Grimes undressed as he rocked back and forth, sliding his cock in and out of her warm, wet mouth.

"Oh yeah. You cheerleaders really know how to suck cock don't you?"

Brandy whimpered at his taunt. She was relieved when he withdrew it. But her hopes of him finishing quickly were dashed as he spun her around on the hard, smooth desk and pulled her towards him.

She looked up helplessly at the dean, he was so creepy looking. He reached for her small underwear and tried tugging them off, while she squirmed to prevent it.

"No, we can't. Please!"

But the dean was not to be denied. He still spoke slowly, but now there was an intensity now, that bordered on maniacal.

"Now Brandy, be a good little cheerleader for Dean Grimes."

He easily won the tug of war with Brandy over the small, yellow thong.

With her legs pointed at the ceiling, the dean ran his swollen cock along Brandy's moist slit.

"Now Brandy, I am going to fill you with my school spirit."

"Oh, sir..." Brandy gasped as she felt the dean's swollen cock violate her. He eased it into her tight pussy, inch, after inch. Brandy was mortified; her first college experience was with the school dean, a disgusting, middle-aged man.

He proceeded to work his cock in and out of tight teen.

"Now, now, Brandy. Show me your spirit. Take off your bra, show me those little breasts."

When she didn't do anything, but whimper. He repeated the order. "I said, show me!"

Brandy felt slightly embarrassed that the dean had called them small, but reluctantly removed her bra, revealing a perfect pair of breasts. Round, flawless and capped off by a brownish nipple. They were only a B-cup, but they were more than enough, on such a small girl. Brandy and the dean were both fixated on her breasts, as they shook back and forth from the force of their fucking.

The dean was animalistic as he began driving his cock in and out of his prey faster. Brandy needed to look away from the grotesque face hovering above her. But the dean had other plans. "Cheer for me!"


"You heard me! Do a cheer for me." He growled.

Brandy swallowed hard and then began a soft chant, "Go Dean, go!"

It felt humiliating to be encouraging him in this manner.

"Go Dean, go!"

The Dean picked up his pace with Brandy's pretend enthusiasm.

The dean's increased pace increased Brandy's arousal and she was now getting close to an orgasm.

"Oh! Oh, no." How could this disgusting old man cause her to get me so turned on? She wondered.

Brandy knew what was coming and in an almost in an almost delirious state she said, "Sir, please save the cheerleading squad. I'm yours to command. Your little cheerleader."

"Oh! Uh! Uh!" Brandy's body betrayed her as an orgasm shot through her.

The dean cackled, seeing her writhe on his desk. He slowed his pace and continued to taunt her. "You little cheer sluts are all the same. I want that ass, bend over my desk."

He rolled her over and roughly bent her over his desk.

With no resistance left Brandy allowed herself to be repositioned. Her feet were on the floor now, but she felt weak in the knees and her head was still spinning from the orgasm.

Brandy felt so vulnerable, offering her beautiful behind up to the dean. She enjoyed this position, but especially today, as it allowed her to avoid looking at the disgusting dean. It made it easier to submit to the feeling of his swollen cock as it returned to her warm, wet pussy.

"Tell me you like it!" He demanded.

Being taken roughly from behind like this turned Brandy on and helped bring out her naturally submissive nature. "Oh! Yes, sir. I like it. I like it doggy-style." She panted.

The dean loved what he heard and began forcing his entire length into her. His intensity and taunting picked up, as she continued to cry out. "You cheer just for me now!"

Brandy squealed in a high-pitched voice. "Yes! Yes! I'm your little cheerleader!"

The dean laughed listening to her and looking at her ass quivering from the impact of him pounding her. "You belong to me!"

"Yes! You own me! You own me!" Brandy cried out as her body trembled, then suddenly tensed up, as a second powerful orgasm took hold of her. She lost her ability to speak or move as she was paralyzed with pleasure.

Brandy's entire body tingled as the orgasm eventually subsided. Her face was hovering just above the desk as she caught her breath. Behind her she heard the dean make a ridiculous sound and proceed to fill her up with a load of cum. "Ugh-yeeaah!"

While Brandy waited for him to finish, she couldn't help but notice the papers, right under her nose. A spreadsheet showed which programs were getting cut and which were getting spared. Brandy was shocked to see that cheerleading was in fact, not being cut after all. Her joy was overshadowed with the sickening realization that what she had just sacrificed was not even necessary.

The dean's cock began to retreat and he slumped back in his large chair, sounding like he had just run a marathon.

As Brandy quietly collected her clothes, dressed and walked towards the door. She froze as the dean finally stopped gasping for breath long enough to say, "I expect you to fulfill your promises."

Slowly, she turned back towards him. "What do you mean? The squad wasn't getting cut, I just saw it on your desk."

"Yes. But I can cut it, with a snap of my fingers, remember?" He grinned as he snapped his fingers.

"The school is struggling financially," he continued. "So I want you to help with the cost of things, at least with cheerleading expenses, by holding your car wash and kissing booth. Oh, and besides that, I may need you to attend a few alumni events with me and help, well...inspire donations, shall we say? I'm sure many of our alumni would be impressed by a display of your school spirit."

Brandy suddenly felt sick to her stomach. What had she done?

She still had a lot to learn and her college education was just getting started.

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