tagIncest/TabooBrandy's Naughty Neighborhood Ch. 02

Brandy's Naughty Neighborhood Ch. 02


It was a somber day at Brandy's house, as her Uncle Brian had passed away earlier that week. Too much hard living had finally caught up to him. Although Brandy's opinion of him was not very high, since their encounter last summer, she was still sad. He was her father's stepbrother so Brandy's primary concern was to comfort her grieving father and help him through the difficult and seemingly endless decisions one has to make at times like this.

Today was the funeral and after that a small gathering of family back at Brandy's house. Then, she hoped, life could return to normal.

Brandy was dressed and ready early, a first for her, so she walked towards her father's bedroom to see how he was doing. She found him fumbling with his tie and looking distraught.

"Daddy...let me."

Brandy took the ends, tied a textbook knot and then straightened the collar of the crisp, white dress shirt. Together they admired it in the mirror.

"Perfect!" Brandy declared.

"Yes, yes you are." Her father doted. "Where did you learn to do that?"

"Hee, hee. Papa Jack taught me, when I was little."

Papa Jack was what Brandy had called her grandfather since she was a child. Brandy was a 20-year old woman now, but had lost none of her adorable qualities over the years. Unfortunately for her, she was also still somewhat naïve. The gorgeous young woman loved attention, even if it was of an inappropriate nature and this often landed her in awkward situations.

Brandy was a quite petite, standing only 5' 2" and weighing about 90 lbs. Her shiny, shoulder length brown hair framed an angelic face and big, brown eyes. Her body was compact and curvy, toned from years of dance classes, gymnastics and cheerleading. Even dressed demurely, as she was today, there was no concealing the body that she possessed. She wore a simple, but snug black dress, which reached mid-thigh. The arms and plunging neckline were covered with delicate black lace, offering a suggestion of skin, without being completely revealing. Beneath that Brandy wore black nylons, bra and panty.

Her hair was held away from her face by a black headband and bow, which added an innocent accent, to her overall look. As usual, Brandy looked both sweet and sexy at the same time. That was the delicate balance that she maintained. There were those who wanted her to remain young and innocent and others who wanted to corrupt her and see her give in to their desires. Brandy goal was to please everyone.

"Speaking of your grandfather...I need to ask for your help." He asked, placing his hands on her shoulders.

"Anything Daddy."

"This is a tough time for Dad. We are all hurting, but no father should ever have to bury his son. Can I ask you to keep an eye on him, give him whatever comfort he needs today? I have to greet people at the funeral parlor, direct everyone to the church, then get us back here for the guests..."

"Daddy." Brand interrupted. "I got it. Don't worry."

Bill Lillet leaned in and kissed his daughter on the forehead, then pulled her close in a warm embrace. "My little angel," he whispered.

Brandy went back to her room to check her makeup one last time before they departed. She wore little today, just some mascara on her already long lashes and a little eyeliner. She sighed thinking about her grandfather.

"Papa Jack...Papa Jerk is more like it."

Brandy recalled how he had also taken advantage of her last year at the family reunion the previous summer. She had managed to avoid seeing him since then, going away to college had made it easy to do. But there was no avoiding her family today.

Brandy grabbed a pair of black high heels from her closet and saw the framed photo of her with her grandfather, which she has angrily tossed there, a year ago. Well...I can still be supportive, for Daddy's sake. She thought.

It was difficult for Brandy to see her uncle's body lying in a casket at the services. Seeing all her relatives from the reunion was awkward as well. But everyone was on their best behavior. Brandy even felt a little guilty about being angry with her grandfather, once she saw how genuinely upset he was at Uncle Brian's passing.

I know I can cheer him up! She decided.

Jack was distraught, but took great comfort from being near his granddaughter. Just looking at her gave the 77-year old a spring in his step and a slight sensation of stiffness in his pants. Both were rare occurrences at this point in his life. Fucking her last summer, gave him a new lease on life. Now, as he felt such pain, she was just the thing to comfort him.

When it was time to depart, everyone dispersed to their respective cars. Brandy's father had arranged a few luxury town cars and drivers, so the immediate family didn't have to bother driving themselves.

Jack put his arm around Brandy, as he wiped a tear from his eye and directed her towards the car he came in. "Here sweetie pie...ride with me."

Jack marveled at Brandy's beauty. Seeing her made him feel alive and eased the pain he felt at the loss of his son. He wanted to see Brandy smile desperately...she had the most beautiful smile and the cutest dimples.

Brandy slid onto the large backseat, next to her grandfather. On the other side of him, sat an elderly, great-aunt and uncle, who Brandy barely knew.

Pressing his body snuggly up against his granddaughters, he looked her over lustfully.

His gaze penetrated the lace work over her chest and he stared longingly at the youthful cleavage, her perky breasts created. His eyes then traveled down to Brandy's legs and her nylon covered thighs. He wondered if the nylons stopped just under the skirt, and left soft skin exposed between their tops and the little panties she must be wearing. Jack was filled with excitement and his heart raced as the car pulled away.

"I've missed you Brandy."

Brandy's felt great sympathy and offered her own olive branch. "I missed you too, Papa Jack."

Jack gently placed a hand on her knee, reassuringly. To which Brandy simply smiled up at him, and placed her hand on top of his.

Oh Brandy...there it is, the smile. He thought.

"I'm so sorry Papa Jack." Brandy whispered soothingly.

Brandy was sorry...about his loss, but also about the grudge she carried. Maybe something good could come from all this. Maybe Brandy could finally forgive her grandfather.

In response, Jack slowly eased his hand up her thigh and under her dress.

At first Brandy wasn't sure what he was doing and continued to smile lovingly at him. But suddenly, she realized he wasn't stopping. She grabbed his sleeve and tried to stop him. Not now! Not here! She screamed in her mind. But uttering only a hushed, "no!"

But Jack didn't stop. He couldn't. It was clear to him that the driver and family members next to him couldn't see where his hand was.

Sliding up along the smooth nylon covered thigh, he marveled at Brandy's firm flesh. Past the stretchy top of the nylon, which held it in place, he discovered her upper, inner thigh exposed. The soft skin felt so warm...so inviting...

"Papa..." Brandy pleaded breathlessly. She was afraid and embarrassed, unsure of what to do.

He reached her panties...they were so small and satiny. Just like little bikini bottoms. Jack's fingers paused for a moment, to play with the tiny bow, which adorned the front waistband of the underwear. Jack loved Brandy's underwear. It was always so small, so sexy. Not like women his age wore. Just the sight of them, or in this case, touch, drove him wild.

Grinning at the impending victory, he proceeded to slide his large middle finger past the flimsy black material. Jackpot! He thought.

Brandy held his wrist now, but was unable to do anything to stop him. She looked at him and then the elderly couple in fear. She had anticipated lending her grandfather an ear, or a shoulder to cry on, but not her body. Not like this. Not again.

Her grandfather ran his finger along her slit and marveled at the smooth, soft mound and the warmth from within. He was patient, but persistent, as he penetrated her pussy. Brandy gasped at the intrusion.

The car went over a rough patch of road and as the car shook, Jack pushed his finger even deeper into his granddaughter.


Papa Jack eased his finger in and out of the quickly moistening pussy. Brandy whimpered and the old woman next to them, took it to be crying.

"There, there child." She offered. Oblivious to what was really going on.

"Oooh...Mmm...mmm." Brandy bit her lip as his thick finger worked itself deeper inside her. Her panties were wet and Brandy squirmed in them and on her grandfather's finger.

The thrill Jack felt at touching Brandy in such a setting only added to his desire. He wanted to take her right then and there, but kept a composed appearance.

Brandy couldn't stop his pursuit of her pussy. Eventually, she sat back and endured his finger as it explored and exploited her. She couldn't believe he was doing this to her or how wet she was.

Every time the car came to a stop, sped up or hit a bump, Brandy would tremble. Her breathing increased and she began to feel a bit lightheaded. What's happening, she wondered. Oh my goodness...

Suddenly, the car arrived at Brandy's home. Jack pulled his hand away and Brandy gasped at the abrupt ending. She lingered in the car, to adjust her underwear and dress before joining her family inside. Brandy was beginning to enjoy the feeling of her grandfather's thick finger, but wasn't ready to admit it to herself. She found she was weak in the knees as she headed indoors.

Once inside, a generous amount of food was set out and everyone took a seat at the dinner table. Brandy wanted to run to her room to compose herself and to change her underwear, but there were so many guests and she had promised to be mindful of one in particular. She didn't need to worry, Jack made sure to sit right next to her.

Brandy listened as her relatives chatted and expressed regret about Brian and their somewhat estranged relationship with the troubled man. The conversation softened Brandy's stance somewhat as she never made peace with her uncle and began to worry that the same could happen with her aging grandfather.

But what will it take? If only he wasn't such a pervert! She thought.

As various family members began mentioning how beautiful a woman Brandy was becoming, her father reached across the table and took her hand, beaming with pride.

She smiled and held her father's hand tightly, when suddenly she felt her grandfather's hand, once again on her thigh.

Wait...what's he doing now? Not again! Brandy tensed. The tablecloth hid her grandfather's incestuous indiscretion and Brandy tried her best to do the same.

Sitting almost stoically as she felt her grandfather's fingers move up her leg and take hold of her panties. Rather than pushing past them this time, he began pulling the flimsy material away from her.

He wants my underwear!?! Brandy panicked! In front of Daddy! She looked to her grandfather in shock, then to her father, who seemed oblivious. Brandy cleared her throat and tried to compose herself as the conversation and the confiscating of her underwear continued.

Fine, she decided. Take them! She was mortified, but also found it a bit of a relief to be rid of the wet panties she wore.

Discreetly, Brandy raised her bum up slightly, shifting her weight from cheek, to cheek allowing her underwear to be pulled down her thighs and over her knees.

She removed her shoes under the table and used her feet to help guide her panties down the rest of her legs. Leaving them on the floor for her grandfather to claim.

Jack discreetly dropped his napkin and retrieved it and his granddaughter's panties from the floor, stuffing them in his pocket. He then excused himself from the table and headed down the hallway. After he was gone for a while, Brandy's father got concerned.

"Brandy...Dad's been gone for a while...would you go check on him."

"Ummm...ok Daddy."

Brandy forced a smile and moved away from the table and down the hallway. She was fearful of what might happen next, but was not about to let her father down. She found her grandfather in the bathroom, with the door slightly ajar. He held her underwear to his face and seemed to be smelling them.

"Papa Jack...?"

As she approached, his hand reached out and pulled her into the room. Shutting the door behind her, he turned to face his granddaughter, holding her panties.

"I knew you'd come. Now, I need to cum"

"No! Not here! W-we have guests...Daddy's down the hall."

"You better work fast then..." he said, undoing his pants.

Brandy backed away, trying to distance herself. But there was little space in the small washroom. She was soon against the sink, with nowhere to go. Her grandfather dropped his pants, exposing his old, semi-erect cock.

"Don't make me show your father these wet, little panties, that you gave me."

"Gave you?!?"

Brandy was incredulous. But the last thing she wanted was an awkward scene with her family...today of all days.

"I just came to comfort you."

Jack waddled closer, his pants around his ankles and ran his hand through Brandy's soft hair. He pulled her face close to his and extended his tongue, running it across Brandy's trembling lips.

"My beautiful Brandy...comfort me."

He moved his hand to the top of her head and eased Brandy to the floor. She tried to squat, but her grandfather wasn't satisfied with that.

"I like you better on your knees."

Sinking lower to the floor and into depravity, Brandy felt the plush bath rug beneath her, and a cock against her soft cheek.

"Open your mouth."

Brandy cringed, it was only of average length, but had quite a bulbous head, which Brandy found made the old cock look ridiculous.

"Do as you're told." Jack groaned.

Opening her mouth slightly, she gently caressed the cock with her soft lips. Then tickling it tentatively with her tongue. Lifting it towards the ceiling, Brandy ran her mouth along the underside of the cock.

"Put it in, put it in your mouth."

Brandy slowly took it in. Just the head at first, then slid down on it, deeper, until it reached her throat and her grandfather's pubic hair tickled her nose.

"Oh, how I've missed that mouth." Jack groaned.

"Mmm..." Brandy felt the cock swell as she tightened her lips around it and moved up and down the shaft.

"Yes! Suck me Brandy, suck me!"

"Mmm-hmmm." Came Brandy's muffled response. She needed her grandfather to be quiet and to cum...quickly!


"Look up...let me see you..."

Brandy turned her face upward, her large eyes pleading for her grandfather to cum. Brandy worried someone would walk in on them at any minute and sucked harder than she ever had.

Jack's eyes meanwhile were filled with lust and he gazed down at Brandy with a sort of perverse pride. He grabbed a hold of Brandy's head and rocked back and forth, fucking her sweet face.

"That a girl."

Jack's old, saggy balls swung forward with each thrust and slapped Brandy's chin as she milked his meat with her mouth.

The sight of Brandy's angelic face looking up at him was too more than Jack could take and he launched a load of cum. "Yes! Yes! Ughhh!"

Brandy had hoped for resolution with her grandfather. What she got was a mouth full of cum, which she dutifully swallowed. She held her hand to her mouth afterward, shocked at what had just occurred.

Jack pulled his pants up and promptly exited the washroom. Leaving Brandy to compose herself. She rinsed her mouth out, straitened her hair and rejoined the family. By the time they got back to the table, everyone was finishing up their coffee and dessert.

Brandy felt self-conscious when she got back to the dining room. Afraid everyone knew what she had just done. Like a good hostess she fetched whatever her relatives needed from the kitchen. As she watched her grandfather out of the corner of her eye, she was bothered by just how naturally he seemed to be behaving. As if getting a blowjob by your granddaughter was all in a days work.

Eventually, her relatives began saying their good-byes.

Brandy's father was sitting at the table rubbing his temples. "Brandy, I need to go lie down." He sighed. The emotion and stress of the day was taking its toll on everyone.

"Of course Daddy. Don't worry, I can take care of this." She gestured towards the table, still full of food. Brandy hugged her father and then began to clear the table, as he turned to his father.

"Dad, are you going to be ok? You can stay here tonight if you want."

"Don't worry about me son. I'm in good hands." He said, nodding towards his granddaughter. Bill mustered a smile and headed towards his room.

As the last guests departed, Brandy realized that her grandfather didn't seem to be going anywhere. "Well, aren't you going to serve me?"

"Papa Jack?"

"I still want my dessert. Some of your pie, perhaps?" He crassly remarked.

Brandy understood the implication. And with a nervous glance down the hall towards the stairs, that led to her father's bedroom, began moving away from her grandfather. "Papa...please..."

Jack began chasing Brandy around the table, in a playful manner. As she ran from him, she couldn't help but notice how spry and full of life he suddenly seemed. She also couldn't help but giggle, like a child as she scampered away, forgetting, for a moment what he was really after.

Lost in thought for a moment, Brandy didn't realize her grandfather changed direction and was suddenly upon her. Wrapping his arms securely around her tiny, tempting body.

"Please Papa Jack...we can't." Brandy pleaded.

"Turn around."

Brandy knew better, but there was part of her that wanted resolution with her grandfather. Was this the only way to repair her relationship with him? Wasn't she obligated to comfort him?

While she tried to reconcile her feelings, she found herself being turned towards the dining table and bent over it. She tensed and tried to push back as her grandfather began unzipping her dress.


"Show me that firm little ass." Jack groaned, tugging her dress to the floor and exposing her delicious rear-end. Now Brandy was left in nothing but a bra, thigh-high nylons and her grandfather's arms.

"No panties? Very naughty!"

"My grandfather took them and won't give them back." She said in a little girl voice, which she often adopted when she spoke to her grandfather.

What am I saying? She wondered.

Jack couldn't resist Brandy's delicious derriere and leaned in and bit it.

"Ow! My bum!" Brandy yelped at the sudden sting.

It drove Jack wild to hear her and he began caressing Brandy's firm, fleshy bum. Brandy's ass was otherworldly...round and robust, sticking out obscenely below her tiny waist. Prying her cheeks apart, he poked and prodded her pussy as well as her asshole with his fingers.

"Oh! Oh my!"

Jack laughed at her reaction and moved his rough old hands up and unclasped her lacey, black bra. Replacing the small padded cups, with his large, rough hands, he mauled her soft, young breasts. As he kneaded her firm flesh Brandy's nipples hardened as her expression softened.

Jack dropped his trousers and laid atop the tasty dish before him.

"Oooh...oooh..." she sighed.

Brandy squirmed on the table. Wrestling more with her feelings than her grandfather. She knew this was wrong, but she was feeling needy. Her uncle's death had upset her as well and she felt guilty for hating him, now that he was gone. She didn't want to hate her grandfather, she wanted to comfort him, to love him again. All day Brandy had struggled to talk about her feelings, but sex allowed her to express herself.

"Am I your dessert Papa Jack? Hmmm...?" Brandy was expecting to feel his stiff dick, but it never came.

Jack had cum once already and despite his desire for Brandy, his cock laid limp between them. Brandy looked over her shoulder and could see her grandfather looking sad and suddenly very old. The same anguished face that she saw that morning was back.

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