Saturday night and I had to be at home with Bratface again! I was pissed off! Jesus H Christ! One would think that at eighteen she was old enough to be left on her own! My buddy Jamie was throwing a party and there was going to be booze, and probably some grass, and dozens of groovy chicks - all of them desperate to find a hot cock to suck or slip into their pussies. And I was stuck here with Bratface because Mum and Dad wanted to go and see some stupid art movie. Selfish bastards! They could have gone any night of the week, but they had to choose tonight!

Bratface is my twin sister Janine, although you wouldn't think it to look at us together. We share the same hair dark hair and dark brown eyes, but she's short, skinny, looks flat- chested, and wears braces; but has a tight, rounded little ass and nice legs; whereas I top out at 6 feet 2 inches and weigh 172 pounds. And a real brat she was too, when this whole saga started. Daddy's Darling, of course, who could do no wrong in his eyes. Which meant I always got the rough end whenever there was a dispute between us, which was just about every day. Mum just breathed heavy, resigned sighs whenever trouble brewed and got Dad to sort it out.

It was half time in the basketball game I was watching on the big TV in the lounge. The LA Lakers Vs The Jazz. I looked at my watch. 10.30, that means the family movie Bratface was watching in the den on Channel 7 must be finished. "Hey you! Time to go to bed!" I yelled.

"No! I wanna' watch the next one too."

"That's an adult movie. Mum and Dad say you're not allowed!"

"But Daddy would let me watch if he was here!"

"Well, Daddy's not fucking here, so get your ass to your room!"

"Make me, Dickhead!"

Now that really got me going, seeing as my name is Richard. A lot of guys, and girls, at school have found out I am pretty good with my fists if they call me that. I was out of the couch in a flash and into the den. Janine was sat in Dad's big leather Lay- Z-Boy with her legs tucked under her.

"Look here Bratface, I've had enough of your lip for tonight. Just get to your room now and I won't say anything to Mum and Dad when they get home."

"I'm staying here!"

"Five seconds to get moving, Miss, or I'll take you there myself!"

"Fuck off!"

That was the last straw. I grabbed Janine's wrists roughly and pulled her out of the recliner and onto the floor. From there I started to drag her towards her room.

"Eeeooowww! Stop! You're hurting me!"

I let go of her wrists and she flopped prone on the carpet. "Okay, if you don't want me to hurt you, get to your room. Now!"

Janine just poked her tongue out at me and stayed where she was.

"All right, you asked for it, moron!" Before she could make a move, I picked her up and slung her over my shoulder. She screamed and kicked and wriggled like mad as I carried her down the hallway. Anyone listening from outside would think I was trying to murder her – which I very much felt like doing right at that moment! Janine wriggled so much that I nearly dropped her and, very briefly, I had to put my hand between her thrashing thighs up near her crotch, or she would have gone flying.

I threw the little monster onto her bed where she lay panting, her short mini-skirt up around her waist and her legs apart. She was wearing pink panties with a little teddy bear pattern on them. Shit, those are a bit "young" for a college student, I thought to myself. Then, in spite of the fact she was my sister, I felt a surge of sexual interest run through me.

"Stop looking at my knickers, pervert! You're not supposed to do that. And I'm going to tell Daddy that you touched me between the legs as well!"

"If I hadn't held onto you, you might have fallen and broken your neck! I wish you had you spoiled brat!"

Janine still hadn't closed her legs; in fact it looked as though she'd opened them even further. I picked up her nightie and threw it over her, covering her up. "Now put that on you and get into bed!" Then I turned and left her room, but not without yelling at her over my shoulder, "I'll be back in five minutes to make sure you've done what I told you!"

I gave her a good ten minutes, but I still hadn't heard her go to the bathroom to have a last minute pee and clean her teeth like she usually did. I stormed down to Janine's room. She hadn't moved an inch, except to throw her nightie onto the floor. And her thighs were still spread wide apart.

I yelled at her, "This is your last chance, Janine! If you're not undressed and in bed within the next three minutes, I'll strip you myself!" Then I turned and stormed out of her room again. That'll do it, I thought as I made my way back down the hallway, she certainly won't want ME taking her clothes off! But somehow the thought of doing it made my cock stir in my pants!

I wonder how many fucks that lucky bastard Jamie has managed by now; I mused as I made my way back into the lounge. Then I heard Janine shout, "Fuckwit!" I immediately turned on my heel and ran back down to her room. I crashed through the partly open door, slamming it against the wall and dislodging some of the pop star posters she had pinned to the back of it.

"What did you say?"

"Fuckwit!" Janine was trying to put on a brave face, but she was now very scared and her voice was a tiny tremor instead of the loud holler she'd made previously.

"Okay Miss Foulmouth, you've just bought the farm!"

I stepped right up to the bed and reached over to start undoing the waistband and zipper on her skirt. She started to kick out at me and wriggle like an eel, screaming at me to get off her. But I easily pinned her legs with my knees and got the fastenings undone. Standing up again, I swiftly ripped the skirt off of her and threw it across the room. In the process, I'd partially dragged her panties down her hips as well. Not far enough for me to see anything, but she pulled them up again straight away.

I jumped on top of the wriggling brat, straddling her waist, and gripped the bottom hem of her sweat top and started to get it off her, over her head. When I got it up past her chest I was amazed to find that she was wearing a bra and that my supposedly flat-chested sister had in fact got a very nice pair of boobies indeed! Not big, but as far as I could tell, because they were hidden inside her bra, they were beautifully round and perky. Her normal garb of thick, loose tops had kept them well hidden from me!

Janine started to writhe again, squealing like a stuck pig. I was having a hell of a job getting her arms out of her sweat-top sleeves and her antics weren't helping one bit. Nor was the fact that she had wriggled down further beneath me, causing her hard- soft little titties to move from side to side and rub against my spread crotch. My partial hard-on, which I hadn't really noticed up until then, surged into a full-blown boner!

"Okay, okay Richard! Peace! I'll get into bed, just get off me!" Janine was red-faced and panting heavily. Her heaving breasts pressing against my hard dick felt fantastic! I climbed off her gingerly, trying to hide my erection. But I could see that Janine's eyes were following me all the way and they were fixed on my crotch.

"Now be a good girl and do as you promised." I said gruffly and turned and raced for my room. My blood was churning in my veins and my mind was full of images of Janine's partially naked body. And my cock was almost bursting!

I pushed the door to behind me and threw myself onto my mattress. Stripping my shorts and underpants off in one movement I started rubbing my hard shaft furiously, visions of Janine getting my dick out and rubbing it across her bare, pointy tits coursing through my brain. I was just about to come when I sensed a movement at my door. My sister was watching me jerk off! But I didn't care! I carried on pounding my meat until, with a great whoosh my come shot in streams out of my throbbing tip all over my belly and up over my T-shirt. Oh shit! I thought as I lay there panting in the aftermath of my explosion; it looks as though I'll have to do my own laundry this week!

I looked around at the gap left by the partially open door. Bratface was gone.

I changed into the boxers that I normally wore to bed and went to turn off the TV sets. Janine's door was closed and I could see, at the gap underneath, that her light was off. The game was just finishing - the Lakers had won yet again. Was it possible that so much had happened in such a short time? Just then I heard a key going into the front door lock – my parents were home.

"How'd it go?" My father asked.

"Oh, Okay. Bratface made a stink about going to bed as usual!"

"I meant the game!" He sounded irritated that I was criticising Darling Daughter.

Perhaps you're lining her up for something! I thought evilly. I don't think Mum drops her knickers for you any more judging by the barbed comments you sometimes make to her! But, I answered, more diplomatically, "Lakers again. O'Neill was brilliant as usual. 33 points and 17 rebounds." Thank goodness I'd caught the end of match stats!

"Anyone want a cup of tea?" Mum was being her usual placid self.

Four evenings later, on the Wednesday, I was in the den watching National Geographic – the content was useful for an assignment I had to finish - while Mum and Dad were in the lounge watching ER. I thought Bratface was in her room doing own assignments until she walked in with a secretive little smile on her lips. Before I knew it, she'd picked up the remote, changed the channel and then dashed from the room - still holding the remote. Mad as hell I chased after her and caught her just by the lounge doorway.

A fierce little struggle ensued with Janine wriggling and shrieking and holding the control up against her chest. I ended up behind her, with my arms around trying to wrestle it from her. Her squirming little mini-skirted ass pressed against my front and stirred me into a throbbing erection. I humped it against her unashamedly, loving the rising feelings of sexual excitement as we fought. And I was sure that she could feel my cock pressing into her ass-crack too. Finally, seeking to distract the little bitch I grabbed a soft little titty and squeezed it hard. Success! Janine let out a high pitched shriek and gave up the remote.

"Richard! Leave your sister alone!" Dad had screwed around on the couch and was staring at me malevolently.

"Daddy! Richard's being really mean. He won't let me watch the cartoon channel!"

"Lying little bitch! You weren't even in the den!"

"Richard! Give the control to Janine and let her watch her programme!"

"Fuck! Why do you always take her side!"

"Careful boy, or you'll feel the back of my hand!"

"Do as Daddy says dear," Mum joined in, trying as usual to smooth the troubled waters, "I don't know why you and Janine can't be nice to each other."

"Because she's a spoiled Bratface!" I shouted.

"Richard…!" Dad was half out of the couch.

"Here!" I threw the remote at Janine. "But don't think you're having the Lay-Z-Boy." And I stalked off to the den and claimed the recliner.

Janine sat in a smaller armchair about five feet away from me with a satisfied grin on her face. All was quiet for about five minutes while we watched her stupid cartoons. Then she frightened the life out of me, and Mum and Dad, by screaming at the top of her lungs and then shouting, "Get off me Richard! You know you're not supposed to touch me there!"

Dad was in the den in a flash, "What the hell are you up to, boy?"

"Daddy, Richard put his hand up my…"

"I didn't touch you, you little liar!" I turned to Dad. "I was nowhere near her!"

"Go to your room right now!"

"I told you I didn't touch her! Why can't you believe me for once?"

"Get to your fucking room!"

Dad and I glared at each other with that father-son hatred that that flares from time- to-time in all families. We were the same height, but he outweighed me by over 30 pounds. And he was fit from working on construction sites. One day I'm going to punch your lights out, I promised myself, but right now I'd get a hiding. So I backed down.

"Night, night Richard." Bratface called to me sweetly, slipping into the recliner as I left the room.

A couple of Saturdays later Dad said to me, "Mummy and I are going out to dinner with Auntie Doreen and Uncle Jack tonight. It's Doreen's birthday and we will be out 'til very late. You're going stay with Janine."

"Aw Dad! Why can't she be by herself for once? She's plenty old enough for Christ's sake! Leonie McIvor's got a party on tonight and I've been invited!" Leonie was a hot, busty little redhead at college who I'd been lusting after for weeks and she'd spent the last four days telling me in graphic detail what she was going to do to my body when she got me into her bedroom while the party was on.

"You're not going to any party. You are going to stay with your sister. That's final!"

"Well, make it clear to her what time she has to go to bed then! I'm fed up with fighting with her about it!"

Just before my parents left for their dinner date I heard Dad say to her, "Bedtime after the family movie at 10.30, honey. I'll see you later. And don't argue with your brother."

"Okay Daddy." She sounded as though butter wouldn't melt in her mouth!

But, what happened at 10.30? Nothing! No signs of Janine heading for bed. I went to the den, where the late movie had just started.

"C'mon sis. Remember what Dad said? Bedtime at 10.30?"

"I'm not going"

I felt my temper rising. "Christ! Don't start that again!"

"Make me, "tough guy"!"

I caught the irony in her voice, "What do you mean by that?"

"You gave in to Daddy quickly enough the other night!"

"Well, Daddy's not here to protect you now, shit-for-brains, you'll soon see how tough I am!"

With that I threw her over my shoulder in a fireman's lift in one swift movement and ran down the hallway to her room. Janine wriggled a bit but she wasn't screaming this time. I banged her door open and, standing in the doorway, threw her across the room onto her mattress. Luckily, Janine's bed was up against the wall or she would have bounced right off the other side. Nevertheless, she hit the wall with quite a crunch before coming to rest, arms and legs everywhere.

"Now, get your clothes off and get into bed! Remember what happened last time!"

"Ooooh! Isn't "big tough brother" going to strip his twin sister tonight?"

That sounded like a challenge to me! Now, young lady, I thought, You really are going to get stripped! Let's see how you like that!

I stepped over to the bed quickly. She was wearing a pair of shorts tonight and they were my first targets. Janine writhed and struggled, but she seemed to be half-hearted about it and I got them off fairly easily. She was wearing tiny, very sexy black panties. My heart started hammering in my chest and my cock surged erect as she rubbed her thighs together and then opened them slightly.

This is too much! I thought. Fancy getting the hots for your sister, especially a skinny brat like Janine! But I still straddled her chest like I did before and pulled her top off. Once again, it was no contest. But then, she wasn't rubbing her tits against my dick like she did last time either! I stayed kneeling astride her looking down at her face. Her dark eyes were huge saucers staring back up at me.

"Okay, sweetheart, you wanted me to undress you." I said in a tight voice I didn't recognise as being my own, "well I'm gonna finish the job this time!" And I reached under her and tried to undo the clasps of her bra behind her back.

"Careful! You'll rip it!" Janine said in a small voice. "Here, let me do it!" She reached behind her and expertly undid the hooks and eyes. She lay back on the bed again; "You can do the rest."

Jesus! She actually wanted me to strip her naked!

With shaking hands I pulled her shoulder straps down her arms and off, and lifted the little cups from her titties. They were very small, but, just as I'd fantasised they'd be when I was jacking off in my room three weeks before, they were nicely rounded, with dusky-pink aureoles and pointy little teats.

Janine arched her back, displaying herself to me. She was obviously very proud of her sexy badges of womanhood. I was sorely tempted to take one warm little globe in each hand and play with it and pinch her tiny nipples, but I thought that that might be going too far. Besides, there were still her panties to take off!

Still shaking like a leaf and with my cock thumping in my pants, I got back onto my feet and with one swift tug pulled her panties right off her. Shit, her pussy was absolutely bare! Surely she should have hair at her age? My mind questioned. Then the realisation hit me…she shaved! My sister shaved her pussy! Thoroughly confounded, I just stood and stared at her, not conscious that I'd lifted the damp- crotched, black scrap of her panties to my nose and was sniffing at her pussy odour.

Janine spread her legs slightly. Her pussy opened up and I could see her hood and the soft pink of her inner lips, and just a suggestion of her cunt-hole. "I suppose you're going to go to your room now and fuck your hand while you daydream about me. Just like you did last time?"

"And I suppose you're going to stick your fingers up your sticky little pussy like you did last time after you spied on me?" My voice was muffled because I still had her panties pressed against my nose.

"Don't be so ridiculous!"

But I was right on target - her face went a deep pink!

I tripped over the edge. "Well I'm not going to do it in my room tonight!"

I shoved Janine's panties in my pocket for later and then pulled my shorts and underpants right off. My hard prick bobbed out stiff in front of me as I kneeled on her bed, looming over her, stroking my hot shaft.


"You wanna watch me jerk off? Well get a close-up!"

Janine's saucer eyes devoured the sight of my seven-inch cock just a couple of feet away from her face as I rubbed it furiously. Then to my delight I saw her hand dive down between her legs and heard the liquid slurps and smelt her blossoming pussy smell as she started to fuck herself with her finger.

My sperm burst from me in pulsing, pearly rivers, splashing all over her naked belly and pooling in her navel. Janine seemed not to notice – she was too tied up in her own sexual universe. Her eyes were now glittering slits and she was humping her pelvis and plunging her finger deep in her cunt, moaning with ecstasy.

I watched her for a few moments while my cock softened, and then I reached down and pulled her legs a little wider apart. I thrust my middle finger inside her cunt alongside hers and pumped it in her, matching her rhythm.

"Oh Jesus! That's fucking fantastic! Richard! Oh Jesus! Fuck!"

Janine was lifting her pelvis right off of the bed, trying to get our two fingers deep, deep into her pussy. She started to pinch and pull at her left nipple with the fingers of her free hand, rolling her head from side to side. I seized the opportunity and lowered my face to her other nipple and enclosed it in my mouth. And when I bit it lightly, my sister took off in the most amazing orgasm, thrashing and swearing and screaming at the top of her lungs. If the neighbours had been asleep, they would be awake again now!

It took Janine about five minutes to come back down to earth. "What are you going to do about your mess on my tummy?" She demanded harshly.

And stupid me had thought we had become better friends!

Without a word I stripped off my T-shirt and, kneeling between her still-spread thighs, used it to dry her belly. I checked her with my hand to make sure I'd got all of it, marvelling at how soft and warm she was. Janine was still breathing heavily, which made her little breasts rise and fall very invitingly. I ran my hands up over her chest and began stroking them.

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