tagMind ControlBreach of Confidentiality Ch. 02

Breach of Confidentiality Ch. 02


Back at the home office, things weren't going any better for Michelle. Her immediate supervisor Archie was on vacation, so she was meeting with Archie's superior, Albert. Albert was at least as unhappy as Kelly had been.

"I hope you understand that you blew the Blonde Concepts account, Michelle," said Albert, in a dreadfully casual tone. "That was a blue chip client, and your personal actions cost us the money we would have made as well as damaging our reputation. Now, make no mistake...I'm about to fire you. But I find myself saying, 'Well, perhaps there's a good reason Michelle completely disregarded procedure and decided her personal entertainment was more important than her job. Perhaps our blue chip client just over-reacted.' So, why don't you tell me what you said to that girl that got the management over there in such a tizzy?"

This was it. Michelle had this one chance to save her job. She looked at Albert, took a deep mental breath and opened her mouth to describe the conversation. Unfortunately, what came out was a girlish giggle.

Albert blinked as Michelle clapped a hand over her mouth. Veins began to stand out on Albert's forehead. "Do you think this is funny, Michelle?" asked Albert. He watched Michelle shake her head. "Then try it one more time. And this really better be good."

Michelle's heart was racing. Where the hell had that giggle come from? She gave herself a moment to calm down before looking at Albert again. She tried again to speak, but found herself pressing her knees together, ankles splaying apart, her hands in her lap as she again giggled helplessly. The more she tried to explain, the more she giggled.

Albert stood up, his face thunderclouds. "You're done here, Michelle. Clean out your desk. Good luck with whatever you decide to do in the future." He then turned and walked out the door.


Michelle put the box in the trunk of her car. It had been really strange seeing her desk so empty.

The drive home was unpleasant, and now she had to find new employment. She hadn't planned on staying at MarketTech forever anyway, so maybe this was a chance for a new opportunity. Remembering that Power Plus Marketing had once offered her a position- she had turned it down because MarketTech had fortunately offered her a position at the same time- she decided to start there.

She tried not to be nervous as she dialed the number. Too soon someone answered, "Power Plus Marketing."

"I'd like to speak with Tom Chalmers, please," said Michelle. She waited as the call was transferred.

"Tom Chalmers."

Michelle took a breath. "Hello, Mr. Chalmers. I don't know if you remember me, but I..."

Tom interrupted her. "Michelle! Of course I remember you. So does every other man here, no doubt. You made quite the impression."

It was nice to know her flirting had paid off for once. "Thank you, Mr. Chalmers. I just wanted to let you know that I'm in the market once again, and if you have any opportunities available, I'd love to explore them."

Chalmers brayed laughter. "Yeah, I already heard you got bounced by the MarketTech boys, although nobody said why. Did you steal from a client?"


"Did you sleep with any of your clients?"


"Too bad. That would have scored points in your favor. Alright, as long as you didn't steal or kill, whatever happened is between you and MarketTech, alright? Come by tomorrow, we'll get you started."

"Oh!" said Michelle. "Thank you, Mr. Chalmers! You won't regret this."

"I hope not," said Chalmers. "We'll see you tomorrow."

A rush of excitement surged through Michelle as she hung up the phone. A new job already, on the first call, no less! Yes, Chalmers could be a bit inappropriate at times and Power Plus wasn't in the same league as MarketTech, but she was willing to put up with it for now.



Michelle woke up the next morning and knew immediately that something was different.

She sat up, blinking. Then she got out of bed and made her way towards the bathroom. And finally she realized what was bothering her.

Her hair was much fuller and longer than it had any right to be.

Michelle turned on the bathroom light and looked in the mirror. What she saw made her eyes widen and her heart race.

Her hair was a thick mass of poofy blonde curls flowing all the way down her back. It was a teenager's first perm, embarrassingly adorable, and far more appropriate on a beach bunny than in a marketing office.

Michelle tried to calm her racing thoughts. Chalmers probably wouldn't care...in fact, he'd probably like it...but it was still going to be embarrassing as hell. And why the hell did this have to happen today? It had to be some reaction to her shampoo, or the chemicals that Kelly had been pumping into her.

Well, she didn't have time to worry about it. She could flow around the obstacles as well as the next person, and she had bigger fish to fry, so she jumped in the shower and spent the next hour shampooing and blow-drying her mass of hair.

She finally finished with her hair, so it was time to get dressed. And that was when Michelle made another discovery.

Her bra was a size too small.

Michelle swore. This wasn't happening. The damn thing had to have shrunk in the laundry. Every bra she tried on, however, ended with the same result. The band size was fine, but the cup was too small. Michelle finally had to face it. Her boobs had somehow grown a cup size.

Michelle clenched her teeth. This had to be Kelly's stupid security formula or whatever it was. Well, she couldn't do anything about it now. She squeezed her boobs into her stretchiest bra and decided to go with it. Yes, they were bulging a bit out the top and she jiggled a bit when she walked, but, as long as she kept them covered, that would be fine.

Getting dressed, however, proved to be a bit of a problem. Nothing seemed to fit right. she seemed to have lost an inch or two on her waist, but her hips seemed an inch or two wider. Michelle finally settled on a long skirt and blouse combination, but nothing felt right. It was frustrating, but she could feel a wave of heat just sweeping over her every time she slipped the clothing on. It was like her skin being covered by clothing caused her to be distractedly aroused. Chemicals couldn't possibly be causing this!

Michelle finally settled on a skirt and blouse combination that was quite a bit more casual and revealing than her original choices, but at least she was able to get dressed. The blouse showed more cleavage than was really appropriate for the first day at a new job, and the skirt showed more leg than necessary, but Chalmers probably wouldn't mind and she was able to wear it, so she left it at that. She still felt a constant buzz of arousal, but she would just have to live with that for now.

The problems she had getting ready and dressed had delayed her, and she had to race to Power Plus Marketing headquarters. She rushed in the door and looked at the clock, hoping that somehow their clock was slow. No such luck.

Chalmers stepped out of his office and looked at Michelle.

Michelle walked over to Chalmers with her hand extended. "Gosh, thank you so much for this opportunity! I mean it! I am sooooo sorry for running late, but it won't happen again, 'kay? I promise!"

Michelle saw Chalmers looking at her oddly, and her cheeks colored as she realized she had babbling. She looked down and mumbled an apology, wishing there was a hole she could jump into.

"Hey, don't worry about it, okay?" said Chalmers. "It happens. I see you changed your hair color since the last time I saw you. It's, ah, nice. It suits you. Sort of. Anyway, come on...I'll show you your desk."

Michelle gratefully followed Chalmers to her desk. She found herself in a cubicle, with rose-colored separators surrounding her. Well, it was something, anyway. She turned to Chalmers. "Thank you, Mr. Chalmers," she said, in what she hoped was a more professional tone of voice that her earlier babble.

"You're welcome, Michelle," said Chalmers. "We're going to have a meeting in about thirty minutes, give you a chance to meet everyone, get your first assignment, that kind of thing. Go ahead and get settled for now."

Michelle was grateful for the brief reprieve. She had gotten flustered, and that had caused her to babble like a teenager. She forced herself to calm down and prepare for the meeting. It would be everybody's first time meeting Michelle, and she had to make sure she made the proper first impression.

Two cups of coffee later, Chalmers stuck his head in the cubicle and summoned Michelle. Michelle stood up, heart racing from pure caffeine, and made her way to the meeting room. She took a seat at the long table and watched her new co-workers as they filed into the room

Chalmers sat at the head of the table and called the meeting to order. "Good morning. This won't take long. First, I want to congratulate Jackson on the work he did on the Flowers By Ike account. Nice job, Mr. Jackson! Secondly, I want to announce we have a new account with Martin's Sporting Goods store. They're a small but growing company, and we're getting in at just the right time. And finally, I want everybody to meet our newest employee, Michelle. We managed to steal her from MarketTech, and we're expecting big things from her. She'll be working the Martin's account. Give her a big hello, everybody."

Michelle stood up and there was a round of applause tinged with respect. MarketTech was one of the big boys, and snatching one of their people was a coup of sorts.

Michelle waited until the applause died down before speaking. Then she said, "Thanks, guys! It's super to be here! I've already got some, like, awesome ideas for this Mikey's Sporting Goods store! This is gonna be totally off the hookah!"

There was complete silence for several heartbeats. Michelle's eyes suddenly widened as she realized that what she had tried to say was not what had actually come out. Her fingers flew to her mouth and she tried to play it off. Unfortunately, what came out was an inane giggle.

Chalmers finally stepped in at that point. "Alright, everybody, thanks for your time. Meeting adjourned!" Everybody stood up and began to file out. There was a murmur of conversation, and it wasn't hard to figure out what they were talking about.

Chalmers turned to Michelle. "Michelle, are you feeling okay? You sounded a bit, ah, ditzy there, you know."

Michelle's cheeks were burning. "I know, Mr. Chalmers. I just, ah, got a little flustered, that's all. I'll be fine."

Chalmers nodded. "I'm glad to hear that," he said.

But Michelle wasn't fine. She found the problem getting worse, and she struggled with her speech patterns for the rest of the day. She found herself chirping in a high-pitched, cheerful tone when asking or answering questions. If she tried to concentrate on her word formation, it was even more pronounced. Her words would then come out choppy and slow, and she knew she sounded even more bubble-headed than when she bimbo-babbled. It was as if she had an editor in her head...everything she wanted to say seemed to go through this editor before it reached her mouth. If she tried to say "hello," it came out of her mouth as "Hi there, cutie!" If she tried to say "yes," it came out as "okey dokey" or "yeppers!" She sounded embarrassingly cutsie, but she couldn't stop it. And equally frustrating was her incessant giggle. It was becoming more pronounced and automatic.

Five o'clock couldn't arrive soon enough. At five minutes til, however, Chalmers called Michelle into his office.

"Congratulations on making it through your first day, Michelle," said Chalmers. "You've been looking a bit confused and flustered all day, though, and I was wondering if everything is all right? You seem a little, ah, different from what I remember from your original interview."

Michelle sighed. She knew she had to tell him what happened. Besides, she had already triggered the stupid effects...what else could happen now?

Michelle giggled. "Well, I was, like, working on this account, you know? And it was...was...it was..."

Chalmers looked at Michelle with a dubious expression. "It was what? What account are you talking about?"

Michelle opened her mouth, but she was unable to speak. Her mouth and lips were tingling and her eyes widened as an incredibly overwhelming urge to suck swept over her. She blinked, breathless, and her eyes were riveted to the bulge in Chalmer's pants. Her mouth was watering at the very thought of that cock just sliding through her tightly wrapped lips and filling her mouth with hot...

"Michelle?" said Chalmers' voice. "Michelle?"

"Oh!" said Michelle. "I'm, like, sorry, honest! I'm kinda spacey today, you know?" She took several steps backward, her eyes still glued to Chalmers' crotch. "I'll see you tomorrow, cutie, 'kay?" Then she turned and fled.

Michelle made it to her car breathing like she had sprinted the entire way. There was nothing wrong with her brain. Nothing! But she couldn't control her speech patterns or her giggle, and now she was having trouble controlling her arousal. She had been horny since she got dressed in the morning, but the wave that had swept over her in Chalmers' office was something else entirely. And worse, it wasn't going away. She needed to suck something in the worst way.

She rifled through her purse trying to find a lollipop, but there were none. Finally, in desperation, Michelle slid her thumb into her mouth. She ignored the looks of the other drivers as she sped onward. She had to run some errands before she went home. Glancing down at her bulging boobs, she knew what her first stop would be.


Michelle arrived home and tossed her packages to the side. She quickly locked and chained her door, then stripped off her clothing. Then she popped her new pacifier into her mouth and raced to grab her strongest vibrator. She plopped onto her bed, spread her legs and immediately pressed the humming vibe against her swollen clit. Her nipples hardened, her hips began bucking and almost instantly she was squealing around the pacifier.

She was a slave to her vibrator for nearly twenty minutes before it finally rolled from her powerless hand. She was barely conscious. Michelle had gone from store to store, buying new clothes. Trying on clothes, however, apparently triggered her arousal. At least, the most conservative clothing did. Michelle had tried on several long skirts and dresses, and that had been a mistake. She had become so overwhelmed by arousal that she had started jilling herself in the changing room, and that had gotten her thrown out. Still, she had managed to get almost everything she needed. But her arousal had built to an unbearably heated precipice, and so her release had been catastrophic.

Her heartbeat was just returning to normal when she faded into a blissful sleep.


When she woke, Michelle knew her day wasn't going to be any better than the previous day.

She sat up and was immediately rewarded by a weighty jiggling between her shoulders and just above her belly. Michelle clenched her teeth as she realized her boobs had swelled even more. Now, however, her nipples were much more sensitive than they had been the day before. In fact, they were distractingly sensitive.

Michelle stood and then padded her naked body into her bathroom. She examined herself in the full-length mirror. It was as bad as she feared. In fact, it was worse.

Her boobs had swelled to the outer limits of barely appropriate. Her waist now pinched in and her hips had widened another inch or two. Michelle turned sideways and gasped as she realized her ass had bubbled as well. Then she leaned in and examined her face and noticed something else. Her lips were swelling, and not just a little.

Michelle stared at her reflection. She realized she was twirling a strand of hair around her finger and she forced herself to stop. Alright, she was trapped in this embarrassing bimbo body right now, but that didn't mean she had to act like a bimbo. It would take a lot of work, but Michelle was going to make sure that everybody eventually saw past her exaggerated curves and realized there was a brain under that mop of blonde curls.

As long as she could keep her arousal under control, that was.

Getting dressed again proved to be challenging. The more clothing she wore...specifically, the more skin she covered, the more intense the arousal spike. Michelle had thought herself ready to put up with being hot and horny, but she wasn't ready for the intensity of the heat. It was much stronger than yesterday, and she had found herself on the floor jilling herself before she knew what was happening when she had tried some conservative garb. Nipples hard, squirming, belly muscles twitching, Michelle finally accepted she had no choice. She slipped into a miniskirt that was barely three inches below her ass and a blouse that showed a good three inches of belly and far more cleavage than she would have ever expected to show in the office. And, even with this outfit, she still maintained a low ebb of distinct arousal.

Michelle was running late again, but she ran into the office just before nine. She made it into her cubicle and collapsed in relief. She had a few minutes to gather her thoughts and get ready to show everyone that she wasn't just a big pair of boobs.

"Good morning, Michelle," said Chalmers, standing at the opening of her cubicle, several files in his hand.

"Oh!" said Michelle. Then she giggled. "Hiya, Mr. Chalmers!" She bounced up and walked around her desk.

"So, are you ready to start your new account- Martin's Sporting Goods?" asked Chalmers, holding out a file.

"Oh, you betcha!" said Michelle. "I am sooooo gonna kick some butt! You'll see!" Michelle wanted to scream in frustration, but all that came out was a perky giggle. She was struggling not to stare at Chalmers' bulge. Her mouth was watering helplessly.

"I'm glad to see that kind of enthusiasm," said Chalmers. "Keep up the good work!" He reached out and patted her shoulder, but his hand somehow slid down her back and right off her rounded ass.

Michelle's first thought had been to step back, but, to her embarrassment, she found herself instinctively sticking her ass out and giggling as his hand made contact with her rounded globes.

Chalmers chuckled and winked, then turned and left the cubicle. Blushing, Michelle stomped back to her desk and tried to think of something really painful to do to Kelly and Dr. Street.

Michelle did the best she could, despite feeling horribly underdressed and helplessly aroused. She kept her thighs pressed together and tried to distract herself, but her belly muscles twitched without mercy. Her nipples were hard, and every movement caused waves of pleasure to flow through her. Worse, she still had an overwhelming need to suck. Then Chalmers showed up in front of her desk again.

"Alright, Michelle," said Chalmers, "the representatives from Martin's Sporting Goods will be here in about half an hour for a brainstorming session. I know it's short notice, but try to have at least a little something ready for them, okay?"

Michelle's belly muscles fluttered with nervousness, but she didn't let that show. "Sure, no pwoblem, boss!"

Chalmers' left eyelid twitched momentarily. Then he held out a large teeshirt. "Here," he said. "Put this on. I had several made this morning. Make sure you wear it for the meeting."

Michelle held the teeshirt out at arm's length. It was black with the words "TEAM MARTIN" in white lettering across the chest. Looking at the tag, Michelle saw that it was an extra-large.

"Ummmm...do you have anything a bit, um, tighter, like?" she asked.

Chalmers shook his head. "No," he said. "I'm not sure what size the representatives from Martin's will be, so I got all extra-larges. Don't worry...I'm sure they'll still notice your big tits, alright? Just wear it, and don't embarrass me."

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