Break In


To the literary purists -- This is a short story specifically designed to fit on one page. As such, there is no character development and no witty dialogue. I am not writing the next great novel. To everyone else, I hope you enjoy.

I awoke to the touch of her hand on my thigh. I did my best to feign sleep. The hand moved to gently stroke the soft hair of my treasure trail. Again I kept up the pretense of being in dreamland. Unfortunately, my cock wasn't buying in on the trickery and rose to the occasion. It is not that big and I have the theory that is why it gets so hard, the blood fills it to over capacity. I let out the telltale sigh and rolled a quarter turn to allow access. She began to stroke it lightly, cupping my balls with her other hand.

Then we heard the crash as the glass broke. Suddenly, we were confronted by the two men that had forced their way in through our pool sliders. They had weapons and we were obviously in no position to defend ourselves. The intruders actually laughed at our predicament. They demanded our money and valuables, as they shined LED flashlights in our eyes. We don't keep much money in the house and were only able to scrounge up a little over $300. This did not satisfy them and they began to vent their anger by taking turns trashing the house.

Eventually, they were both back in our bedroom. There was a very real mean streak starting to rear its ugly head. They sarcastically apologized for interrupting us and told us they wanted to see what they missed. Of course by this time my cock had shrunk to acorn mode and I wasn't sure, given the circumstances, that there was much chance that any amount of stimulation could cause it to rise. They were clearly getting more agitated and I asked them to please leave, they had all the cash we had and not to take it any further. It was at that point that the situation turned truly bad.

I was dragged from the bed to a chair and quickly bound with my own neckties. They returned to the bed and began to maul my wife's tits. Her nipples had gotten hard from all the excitement and they seemed to get pleasure from flicking them with their fingernails. She has never been a fan of nipple play and I knew this was torture for her. I protested for her and it worked in a strange way, one of the men got off the bed and punched me first in the stomach and then in the face.

As my vision cleared, I was being untied by my wife. I began to think we were alone again, but she began to suck my cock to life, which seemed odd for what we had been through and not her favorite thing either. I could see she was crying and my internal alarms went off. I looked around and saw we most definitely were not alone. She continued to stroke and suck me through her tears. I hardened and she reached for my hand to return me to the bed.

Apparently, while I was stunned, I missed out on the instructions our captors had given her. She was to do whatever it took to get me erect and then we were to perform for them. As tears continued to roll down her face, she informed me that they were looking to watch us have anal sex. Now, this is something she has never agreed to as part of our sex life. However, desperate times sometimes require desperate measures I guess.

She continued to stroke me, not sure if she was hoping I would cum or just to keep me hard, as we lay on our bed. Our audience began to get restless and demanded some action. She rolled up to all fours and asked me to reach in the drawer and get some lube. Of course, this did not look good to our visitors as I certainly could have had a gun in there. I guess we were going to do this dry. Fortunately, I do leak a great deal of pre-cum, so I rubbed the head of my cock in her ass crack as lubricant.

I slowly worked my cock into her ass, knowing it was something she didn't want, as she moaned in pain. We began to find a rhythm, and her moaning started to subside. It was then that I realized that one of the men had moved behind me. I heard the sound of the belt unbuckle and the zipper go down. I pondered the situation, and wondered if he planned to crawl under and slide into her cunt. In a moment, I knew the answer, as I could feel the pressure of his cock on my ass. Two cherries being taken in a matter of minutes.

At that point, I realized what my wife had feared all these years. I think if it had been a gentle, loving situation, it wouldn't have been so traumatic. But in the way this happened, we were both being violated against our will. As I overcame the initial shock, I could feel the overwhelming need to shoot and filled her with the load that had been building for a while. Several of his strokes later and I could feel the pulse in my backside and the warmth that accompanied it.

At this point, I was hoping that the ordeal had ended. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, there was an 800# gorilla in the room and he hadn't participated yet. During our encounter, he had undone his pants and been working himself up. It was clear that he was not going to be left out and again I am left wondering what might be on his menu. I look at the crumpled mess that is my wife and am not sure if she can emotionally take anymore. Again I plead with them to leave.

The second man begins to advance across the bedroom without making his intentions known. My initial thought is to offer myself in whatever way he wants, when I feel the excruciating pain of the knee crushing my nuts and dropping me to my knees. He demanded that I get him ready, which was redundant, as he was already hard as a rock and seeping pre-cum. Through my haze, I licked and sucked him until he pushed me away.

He reaches the bed, rolls my wife over, and roughly enters her. He pounds her cunt, fast and hard. She is barely coherent from the earlier ordeal. He pulls out of her pussy and showers her face with his cum. In the meantime, his partner has gotten hard again, and rolls her back over. He shoves his dick into her freshly fucked ass and proceeds to pound away for what seems like an eternity, since he has already cum once. He deposits his load into what had been a virgin ass only minutes ago.

The intruders are satisfied and have had enough. They exit the way they came.

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