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Breakfast in Bed



A facebook message. I rolled over towards my laptop to see who it was.

"Ethan Noles has sent you a message."

Hmm, interesting. I had sort of fallen off the face of the earth and rarely got on facebook anymore. I was having a terrible morning and was super stressed out from all the work I had done lately. Let's just say that waking up on the wrong side of the bed started to feel right. I spent all morning laying in bed with the laptop doing work from home errands online and of course had a tab open for social media. I had commented on a few things earlier and last night but I hadn't said anything to Ethan. In fact I hardly ever say anything to him – I barely knew him. My eyes scanned down to see his message.

"Ethan Noles: so you like hanging out naked huh?? =P haha"

Oh god. I had commented on a close friend's status insinuating that I preferred to stay in the nude after a shower, and adding jokingly that I wouldn't mind guests. I always had people around in my apartment – it was a small college and a small community. Once I had become close to certain friends it wasn't uncommon for me to hop in the shower with guests still there – I would, of course get dressed if they were there though!

I had only talked to Ethan a few times and we had mutual friends. I remembered a few weeks ago I invited him over to pick up something that I was selling to raise money for a trip with the school. We made the arrangement on facebook and after going out of my way to meet other people to get the money I got lazy and wanted to see if I could just ask him to come over and pick it up.

It was a short exchange and strangely enough, it ended with an awkward hug. He seemed like a nice guy and I was under the impression he liked my friend we through. I decided to answer and try to bring our conversation to a G rated level.

Me: haha been facebook creeping much?

Ethan Noles: Nope. Just something interesting caught my eye =P

Me: I'm sure it did, creeper!

Ethan Noles: How come you weren't naked when I came to pick up those boxes? Lol. Don't be shy!

Me: lol wow. You have a dirty mind! Why would I be naked?! You wish!

Ethan Noles: hahah well you just got out of the shower, figured you would be out of habit, right? ;-D

Me: I just got out of the shower??

Ethan Noles: yeah you were in a big tshirt and your hair was still wet. i should've known that's why you wanted me to go over there ;-)

Me: you remember that?? Lol and no. again, you wish!

Ethan Noles: so what are you doing now? I bet you're not dressed huh

I wasn't. I slept naked last night and I was still in bed. Put on a robe to get some water when I first woke up but that didn't follow me back under the covers. I was kind of curious to see where this conversation was going and well...I don't deny I woke up a little bit damp between my legs too. I was definitely in the mood.

Me: hahah...no. But I'm still in bed.

Ethan Noles: So my best chance is to come over right away, right?! =D

Me: lol. Who says I'll open the door?!

Ethan Noles: You will. I can bring you some breakfast in bed.

Me: hmmm....free breakfast!

Ethan Noles: I'll be right over then =D

Ethan Noles is no longer available

I wasn't sure what to do then. I know I let it go on but now it seemed he was pretty serious about coming over. And he knew where my apartment was. I decided he was probably just bluffing but I still wasn't sure. I watched a little tv that had been on and slowly dozed back to sleep for a bit until I heard a knock on the door that startled me.

It was him. I froze. I wasn't sure what to do now that I knew he was outside. I was a little excited – well, mainly I was just straight up horny. But I knew I should behave better and put a stop to whatever was about to happen. I grabbed a loose robe and covered myself up to open the door.

He seemed a little uneasy when I first opened the door suddenly and he walked in towards me.


"ohh...you were serious!"

"so were you..." He looked at me and realized I was only wearing the robe. "the breakfast is for eating in bed though...."

All notions of trying to stop this left my head at this point as I took the bag and went back into my room. He followed closely behind me and even closed the door.

I sat on the bed and opened the bag.

"Breakfast tacos. Well, thanks, mr. thoughtful"

"You're welcome. Figured you probably wanted to stay comfortable. You sleep naked all the time huh?"

"Not all the time..." That was a lie.

He sat on the foot of my bed while I ate the breakfast taco.

"Don't you want to get comfortable again? Don't mind me, I don't mind! Haha" He laughed a little. I could tell he was going for it now. It seems weird but things are always awkward until the point where it's just....not anymore with sex related situations. At this point it wasn't awkward anymore. We were already sitting on the same bed. Talked about me being naked. And I was eating a breakfast taco if that has anything to do with it.

"Hah well..... hold my taco then." I handed it to him.

"Sure." He watched me move on the bed. I could see a bulge forming in his pants already.

I got under the blanket first and then removed my robe and reached for my taco again.

"Oh so that's how it is huh...." He laughed. "Well, I'm cold too, you should at least share your blanket!" He took off his shoes and got in under the blanket. I was surprised at how fast he got around the bed and under the blanket. It was tucked to cover my boobs under my underarms firmly. I felt really taboo letting him so close to me while I didn't have any clothes on – even though he couldn't see right then. I finished my last bite and put the wrapper in the bag on the floor.

"So what about my breakfast then??" He looked at me.

"OH so now I gotta make you something??" I asked him. Thinking he wanted me to cook for him naked like in some man's fantasy.

"No, you don't have to do anything, actually..." He tugged at the blanket under my arm and exposed my breasts. My nipples were rock hard and I blushed a little bit. I tried to breathe slowly. I noticed then that I was soaking wet down there too since I thought about it again. He cupped one of them in his hand and felt all around it. "God they look good..." He leaned over and took one of my nipples into his mouth and started licking it.

I could feel his tongue feeling all around my nipple and breast licking and suckling all over it. He started getting more and more rough as he went on. His hands were squeezing and massaging both of them and keeping my nipples hard while he sucked on each of them back and forth. I took in a slow breath and bit my lip a little when I felt his teeth on my nipple. His hands started wandering lower, lightly touching my stomach and reaching down closer to my pussy. I was a little embarrassed for him to find out how wet I really was and know that I was horny and wanted it. But at that point I think he already knew.

I felt his hand slowly creep down past my belly button and a finger slip straight into my slit.

"You're wet....you wanted me to come over huh..I can come over anytime you want baby."

He continued tugging on my nipples with his teeth and tongue while I felt his fingers slip all around my pussy lips and slowly spread them open. He dipped one in a little bit and I let out a small gasp and shuddered. My legs instinctively twitched and closed in a little but his hand easily spread them back out. I felt him slip one finger in and slide it in and out a little.

I could barely feel the finger go in and out but it was slowly making me relaxed down there and my legs feel less tensed up. He stopped sucking hard on my nipples and started digging in his pockets for something. Before I could even wonder his hand came up with a pair of connected nipple clamps! I had looked at some a long time ago and so I recognized them - they looked just like some simpler tweezers but with some small rubber ends. He put them on my nipples and they instantly ached. I was too surprised to really react fast enough to stop him from putting the other one on too.

"Don't worry I'll take these off when I'm done." He went down and got between my legs. Somehow he had his shirt off in less than a second and he was only in his underwear now with a huge bulge sticking out to the side. His hands and fingers felt around my pussy, touching and slipping all over my wet lips. I felt him push a second finger in which changed the entire feel of things down there. It was much tighter now and he had to work up to some movement again. He slid them in and out while he watched intently.

I felt his breath over me down there and finally a lick on my inner thigh which made me shudder. He licked around my pussy until finally his tongue slid right from my clit to my soaking wet pussy hole. I arched up a little bit I couldn't help myself and I had given up trying to play coy – I was horny and I wanted it.

He slid his tongue right into my hole and licked all around the inside of me. It felt good to be tongue fucked while his fingers found my clit. It felt like he was eating up everything inside of me the way his tongue pressed in on every bit of surface area in my pussy. My breathing became shallow and I finally came and bucked underneath his hands holding me apart. I felt some cum ooze out of my pussy and he lapped it up with his tongue in my hole and his hand spreading me wide open. I felt something cold all the sudden at the entrance and jerked in surprise.

"What is that???" I managed to barely get the words out after being out of breathe.

"Don't worry. It's a ben wa ball, it'll feel good." I barely felt it go in since my pussy was so relaxed and still pulsing from cumming. I didn't know why he was putting it in me but I was too exhausted to care right then. He came up after that and removed the nipple clamps which left my nipples aching.

"You're cute you know." He looked at me. "I loved watching your reaction on your face while I was eating you. You need to relax more though..."

I didn't say anything and just looked at him. "How often do you masturbate??"

"uhh.... A lot?" I was surprise by the question but decided to be honest at this point. I felt my cheeks warm up a little.

"You're a virgin huh?" He looked me square in the eye. I knew I couldn't lie and all the sudden I was glad he stopped where he did before I got carried away.


"Yeah you're so tight down there. I could barely move two fingers in. Well good thing I came over this morning to claim you!"

"Claim me??" I kind of laughed half heartedly, not sure of what he meant.

"Well I'm going to be the first cock you'll have. And the last. I've already licked inside your cunt and tasted you. And seen you naked. You're mine now."

Somehow in my mind all of that sort of made sense but I wasn't sure why at all. Nor did I really try to think of a reason.

"So just leave that ball in there, your pussy is so tight you won't really have to try but you'll feel it when you move around..." He got out of the bed and started to put his shoes on. "I'll come back for dinner later, yeah? Don't shower."

He sort of awkwardly leaned over the top of my head and planted a small kiss before he left.

My mind was all over the place wondering what was going to happen later and even more what he meant about claiming me. Obviously he made it clear he was going to fuck me. I wasn't sure if I wanted that now that I had some tension relieved I could start to think a little more clearly. Slowly, I just drifted off into a nap though, completely relaxed.

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