tagIncest/TabooBreakfast, Lunch, and Supper

Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper


My name is Sharon. The following story more of a written documentation of how I came to seduce my son, Jake. At 37 I was a fit mother of two. My husband Chuck was an accountant for one of the big 4 firms and I rarely got to see him beyond the breakfast table with his long hours. This had been the case for a few years however, and I had grown accustomed to the lifestyle. My son was in high school, and my daughter had moved out, which left me home for hours at a time with little to do besides work out and keep up with the household chores. My sex life was at the time a thing of the past, and outside of the occasional masturbation while I was home alone, I didn't get any action. I was fine with this though. My kids were happy, my husband was happy that we had money, and I was happy that everyone else was happy.

I have a son named Jake and a daughter named Jennifer. Jennifer was 21 and no longer lived at home at the time (I think I mentioned this), and in case it evaded notice, I had her when I was only 16. Let's just say I was an "active" teenager, and Chuck and I had been together for a long time. My son Jake was still living at home, an 18 year old senior in high school. I don't think my son really fit into any particular category, he's a smart, athletic boy who has no trouble getting girls, I suppose if I had to place him now he would be a jock.

I guess it's important for me to describe our figures, I think an accurate image is essential when reading another persons recollection. I was very serious about my physique. Without an active sex life I really had nobody to turn to for confidence aside from my own reflection. I was a fair woman with long, black hair. I have a tattoo of a red rose on my left shoulder, which I to this day enjoy showing off with a spaghetti strap shirt or the occasional sundress. I've always been tall for a woman, 5 feet and 10 inches at 150 pounds, mind you I'm mostly muscle, so don't let weight contribute too much to your imagination. I keep my ass nice and round, and with a natural D cup I never really saw fit to complain about my image. My son had become a handsome young man, he reminded me so much of his father when we were in high school, if not a little more fit. He had thick brown hair and a certain intensity most of the time that must have made the girls at school swoon. He was 6 feet 3 inches tall with a lean, muscled build that any young man would be proud of. I always thought his coaches were too hard on him, but he seemed to enjoy the discipline. Even then I had to admit he was an eye full... sometimes I would sneak peeks at him coming out of the bathroom to see his six pack. I won't go into detail with what my daughter looked like as she won't really be relative in this particular story. My husband was a stocky man at 39 years old with the same brown hair as our son save for the few grays, I still found him an attractive man, but I really haven't had much flare for him since before we had Jake.

I think this is a sufficient enough introduction, and with that aside, my story starts in early august, not long after the start of school.


The sweltering heat of a dying summer still clung on and even with the air conditioning it was usually warm in the house, I only convey this detail to remind you how normal it is to dress a little more... freely.

7AM, the alarm clock went off with a blaring flurry of beeping and my eyes flashed open. After several years I really had no trouble waking up in the mornings, and it surely helped that I followed a fitness regimen that varied with the month of the year. I hit the snooze on the alarm. Chuck was still snoring beside me as I crawled out of bed, slipping on my favorite silk black robe and a making my way toward the kitchen. I had 30 minutes whip up a pot of coffee for chuck and something to eat for he and my son, who I would surely have to drag out of bed as I had for the past week. The summer seemed to have made him a heavy sleeper.

With the coffee pot full and plenty of scrambled eggs and bacon to go around I headed back up the stairs, I could hear the shower running in the master bathroom and could only assume that Chuck had gotten tired of hitting the snooze button and thus made his way to the shower. Coming to my son's bedroom door I knocked loudly."Wake up Jake! Breakfast is ready hun." I yelled. Normally this worked, but as it was a Monday, I couldn't lie to myself to say I hadn't had my doubts. With a sigh I knocked loudly once again, repeating my honest claim even louder. No answer. "that boy.." I mumbled, shaking my head and opening the door.

What I saw I can honestly tell you was the beginning of a terribly dark fantasy that I would not have ever imagined myself considering. There lay my son on his back, sprawled blanket-less across his bed, his cheek against his pillow, in a deep slumber. I gasped softly, a little embarrassed to the noteworthy fact that he was naked. Now I knew he slept in the nude, but I hadn't witnessed him in this particular... light. You see, to his left lay a magazine, and I hardly need to specify its type. His right hand lay limply against his inner thigh and he was sporting what I'll tell you was the most impressive morning hard-on I had ever seen. "God!" I thought to myself shamefully "It must be ten inches long! And so.. thick..." My heart was pounding in my chest and I swallowed hard as I stared at my own son's erection with an expression that must have conveyed shameful longing. And those abs! I felt so hot, and for the first time in what must have been years I was genuinely horny. I could feel the moisture between my legs, I've always been a wet girl, and I knew if I'd stayed any longer it would be trickling down my legs.

Jake stirred suddenly, and in a panic I quickly backed out of his bedroom, closing the door quietly and clearing my throat. I knocked once more, even louder than before, and despite having just been flustered, yelled purposefully "Jake! you wake up right now, you have school!"

An exaggerated yawn followed by my sons tired voice finally responded "I'm up, I'm up, you don't have to yell!"

"Easy for you to say" I said, "That was three times I had to knock, now get a move on! Good morning dear" As Chuck had just passed by me, dressed in his work attire and making his way toward the kitchen,

"Morning" he responded groggily, he never was much of a talker before he had his coffee. I followed him down and took my seat across the table. Chuck already had his nose buried in a newspaper and was taking the occasional sip of black coffee as I heard the upstairs shower turn on.

"That kid of ours had better start getting into the habit going to bed earlier, you'd think he would have gotten it out of his system during the summer" I explained conversationally

"Well give the kid a break Sharon, it's his last year, lord knows with his grades we don't have much to worry about" he responded

"True enough" I said with something of a smile. Ten minutes passed uneventfully and then Jake came barging into the kitchen, his hair still wet, in a pair of shorts and a white T-shirt. I found it difficult not to stare the bulge at his crotch, but made sure not to let my gaze linger in one spot for too long. "What in the hell is wrong with me!" I thought..

"Mmmm smells awesome mom" he said, sitting between chuck and I and immediately digging into his breakfast.

"Well I need to hit the road, I doubt I'll be home before ten tonight, it's quarter end, be good kid" declared Chuck as he stood up, walking across to me and leaning in to give me my customary kiss, which I returned systematically.

"Sure dad, have a good one" said Jake with a mouth full of egg.

"Bye bye dear, I'll leave something in the fridge for you to eat when you come home, have a good day now" I said warmly, Chuck smiled and turned for the door, leaving like always for another days work. I turned to my son, smiling defeated at his appetite and saying "you're going to eat me out of house and home with that appetite". I'd said it without thinking of the dirty pun in the back of my mind that it might have implied were my son on the same mindset as I was.

"Wont have to put up with me much longer!" he laughed as he finished his breakfast, clearly unaware that I had only less than an hour ago seen his huge cock standing at attention. "I better get going mom."

"Alright you" I responded, "Come straight home from school tonight, I have a chore I need you to help me with" I suddenly decided, and realized I would need to come up with something after he left.

"Alright, no plans tonight anyways, love ya mom" he said, standing and grabbing for his book bag. I stood as well, moving toward him and giving him a warm hug, pressing my chest against him purposefully, my cleavage displayed easily at the opening of my robe, which he seemed to notice immediately. After a surprised delay he hugged me back and asked "What's this for mom?"

"Oh.. Nothing.. You're just going to be moving on soon.. I'm going to miss you is all" I said, leaning toward him and pressing my lips to his in a motherly kiss, feeling warm juices leaking from my naked pussy and running slowly down my inner thighs. He seemed a little thunderstruck, but finally managed to respond.

"You know I'll stay in touch mom, jeez." and he waved his hand dismissively, turning and heading out the front door to head to school.


I should tell you a little bit about my personality... Jake is my second child, and I had never viewed him in this particular light before. But I tell you this, even when I was younger, when I wanted something, I didn't stop until I got it. I know myself well enough to know that the moment I try to put it out of my head, I will only want it that much more. I wasn't sure how yet, but I had already decided I was going to try to seduce my son. If he didn't show any interest, I wasn't going to push my luck lest I be viewed by my own flesh and blood as some monster. I was going to take it slow, but I knew there was no point in fighting this dark desire. It had just been too long.

I made my way to the gym that morning, reveling in the attentive stares that seemed to follow me from one fitness machine to another. From the gym I made my way to the mall to find something to wear that afternoon when Jake came home... I wanted something seductive, short, but not too whorish. God this was so wrong! Eventually I found the cutest little red dress, a bright color that would look nice with my pale skin.

I made my way home to start the laundry. I decided I was going to have my son help me get some things out of the attic. I had been meaning to do this, but never seemed to remember to remind Jake, which was, considering my plans, convenient, as I planned to give my son an innocent little show.

I found myself checking the blinds every minute or so after 3:30 as I anxiously awaited Jake's arrival. He was used to seeing me in dresses, but this one was a tad more low-cut than any of my others, (barely past my ass), showed off an admirable amount of cleavage, and I wasn't wearing a bra. my breasts were still perky, and I had no doubt that my nipples would be outlined perfectly in the soft, thin cotton.

Finally he pulled into the driveway, and I quickly busied myself in the kitchen with some dishes as I waited for him to come in. My heart was like thunder in my ears as I monotonously cleaned the same dish until I heard the front door open. I kept up the charade until I heard Jake yell "Mom I'm ho...mm..." and I smiled to myself, knowing he had just walked into the kitchen and lost his voice at the sight of me. I kept my smile as I turned to him.

"Hello honey, how was school?" I asked sweetly. His mouth was slightly agape, and he didn't respond immediately, and I acted as if I didn't notice the pause before he responded.

"uh.. good, fine I guess, yeah. You look nice mom, you and dad going out tonight or something?" he asked.

"Aww, thank you dear, but no, just something I picked up today, trying to stay cool. Nothing special, really" I responded with a smile "You must be hungry, want momma to whip something up for you?"

Usually I would just let him help himself to the fridge, but a hungry boy doesn't pass up an opportunity at not having to work for a meal. "Sounds great, so what did you need help with anyways?" he said, taking a seat at the table and staring occasionally to my chest. My nipples must have been rock hard, and if the loose fitting dress showed off any more cleavage, they would have been on display.

"Oh just a couple boxes I'd rather hand you down from the attic than take down one at a time on my own. Is a sandwich alright?"

"Yeah, sounds good mom" he said. With that I turned around, opening the cupboards above the sink where the clean plates were. I had to reach to the top shelf for one, and I felt the already short dress rise up past my ass slightly. I could feel his eyes on me, I doubted he could see the silk red thong I was wearing, but he certainly would have had a sneak peak of my bare ass. I busied myself at the counter making him a turkey sandwich, and when I finished it, turned to bring it to him with a motherly smile. He seemed to be dripping with sweat at this point, and by now I was dripping as well, I felt the thin fabric covering my pussy damp with my juices and I felt warm liquid very slowly dribbling down my inner thighs on either side. He had scooted his chair in awfully close to the table where he sat, and I imagined that enormous, beautiful boner he must be hiding. I imagined taking it into my mouth and sucking him until his warm cum exploded into my throat as I leaned down to set the plate in front of him, my right breast brushing against his cheek from behind, which caused us both to shiver somewhat. I kissed him on the cheek, leaving a red lipstick print, and returned to the dishes, leaning over the counter enough to let the dress ride up a bit while I worked, just enough to show a bit of flesh from my round ass.

"It must be nice being in your last year. Are you still thinking about a football scholarship?" I asked, simply to break the silence.

"er.... yeah, yeah I think I have a good shot at it ma, I just talked with coach today" he said in a tone that conveyed his obvious nervousness.

"Well good to hear dear, I always knew you would come far... oops" I said with my head turned slightly. In my loss of focus I "accidentally" dropped the wash cloth on the floor. Without pausing I backed up only slightly. I put my toes together with my heels out so when then bent down to pick it up, my inner thighs and would be on display and my ass cheeks would be spread apart. Keeping my legs nice and straight, I bent over slowly. I felt the dress ride up over my ass, if he looked close enough he would see my tight little asshole, and I wondered to myself how well my cunt must be outlined in the thin, wet thong that covered it, and knew my legs would be glistening in the kitchen light. I looked down between my legs as I grabbed the washcloth to see my sons mouth hanging open wide, he was mine, and I knew it as I stood back up and returned innocently to the dishes.

Jake had finished his sandwich and I the dishes when I turned to him. "Now then, shall we make our way upstairs? Just a couple of boxes and you're free."

Jake cleared his throat, seeming at a loss of words, then said "Sure mom, I'm just going to let my stomach settle for a minute, you go on up, I'll be there soon."

I grinned at him and nodded "alright baby, you take your time." I said with a wink, then headed up the stairs, as soon as I cleared the top step I immediately reached under my dress, pushing my thong aside to massage my clit. Juices were leaking down my legs more freely as I worked myself to a quick orgasm, squirting into my hand. After this I perversely brought my fingers to my mouth, sucking my own cum from them ruefully at the thought that my own boy had inadvertently caused this first tingling orgasm to spread through me.

I quickly reach down and moved my thong back into place as I heard Jake's first step onto the stairs and then rushed to the ladder to the attic. I considered going to the restroom first to clean, but decided against it.. I would let him see my wet mess, let him fantasize about his mother, let him wonder if I was doing all of these things on purpose, if it wasn't obvious enough.

I climbed the ladder and reached up to the door on the ceiling, opening the door to the attic, waving my hand to clear the cloud of dust that it emitted. My legs were about shoulder width apart, as wide as I could get them on the ladder, and looked down to yell "Jake, over here dear, I'll drop them down to you"

"Alright" he said weakly, he must have been having a difficult time forming words, because all of his responses since the kitchen seemed to resonate with nervous energy. I heard him gasp as he'd reached the bottom of the ladder, and grinned as I bent forward to grab the first box, feeling the thong tight enough against my crotch to create what must have been a nice camel-toe. My top half was in the attic, and my legs were down just below on the second to top step. I turned and looked down at him.

"Here's the first one dear, not too terrible, I'll drop it to you" I said. His mouth was hanging open and there was a little bit of moisture on his nose, I imagined a bit of my cum must have dripped onto his face from my wet legs or the thong while he was waiting. I waited until he seemed to come to his senses enough to catch a box before dropping it to him. He caught it effortlessly. His muscles were so beautiful, even as he caught the box his arms and shoulders flexed like they were chiseled from stone underneath his t-shirt, and I wanted him even more. He leaned down to set it down as I reached in for another box, bending even further this time to reach it. I took a sharp intake of breath as I felt my wet thong slip in between my lower lips, I'd clearly bent over too far, and while I hadn't planned to give him THIS much of a show, I blushed happily as I heard him mumbling something similar to "oh my god". Like a sponge wringing out my warm cum dripped from the thong's cloth as it scrunched together into my pussy, and I almost hoped it'd have landed right into his gaping mouth.

This game was getting out of hand, I thought to myself, how sick was I, seducing my only son like this? By now I was so far beyond reason though that I didn't care. I leaned back up and felt the tightness of my thong within my pussy loosen slightly, but there was still a bit of a wedgie. I turned to look down at him, smiling sweetly "This is all hun, just the two I suppose" and dropped it to him, he caught it surprisingly quickly considering the stunned expression he wore, and dropped it onto the other one.

He was as red as a beet, but after a pause he responded impressively "Yeah... yeah any time mom... right.. I better go do.. homework or something" and turned his back toward his bedroom.

I quickly took the first two steps down the ladder and hopped gracefully to the floor, reaching under my dress quickly and pulling my thong back into place, soaking my fingers in hot juice. Jake was halfway to his room when I brought my fingers to my lips, sucking them clean, coating my lips with my own cum and saying "Oh Jake dear..."

Jake stopped abruptly, turning only halfway to me, but enough to look back at me directly... "yeah...?" It was clear to me that he was hiding his erection, he swallowed nervously as I approached him. I leaned very close to him, pressing my cum coated lips against his in a warm, glossy kiss that I didn't let last long enough to abandon innocence before whispering seductively "Thanks again baby.." only inches from his mouth with a string of liquid dangling between mother and son.

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