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Breaking Free



"You my dear friend need to get laid."

"What?" Jessie screeched, not sure she had heard her friend and boss' statement correctly.

"You heard me Jess. Look at you, writing out your lists as if your life depends on it. Have you ever done anything without planning? Been spontaneous?" Melissa James, the owner and employer of the James Coffee Shop in Richmond Texas, asked her friend with exasperation.

"You are so pretty Jessie Hassan, you're only twenty two years old, have a stunning figure with the height of a model most women would envy. Your hair is gorgeous, your green eyes are beautiful, but I have never seen or heard you say you have a date in the whole three years you've worked for me. What's up with that anyway, are you gay?"

Jessie sprayed the mouthful of coffee she had just taken all over the table in front of her, choking and coughing until she could breath again.

"I can't believe you just asked me that? Of course I'm not gay. I like men. In fact I love men." Jess said coughing and gasping one more time.

"Prove it," Melissa stated.

"How am I supposed to do that? I don't have a current boyfriend and before you ask yes I have had a boyfriend before and no I'm not a virgin. The one and only boyfriend I ever had is not something I care to repeat. So I am concentrating on the things that matter most in life to me. Like saving for my own house. There is more to life than sex," Jessie stated rolling her eyes to the ceiling.

"Yes you're right there is more to life than sex. Like love, commitment, companionship. There is also such a thing as having a good time every now and then. Tomorrow is Friday and since I know you never go out, you are coming out with me and Phillip. I'm going to show you there is more to life than plans and lists, my girl."

"Look Melissa I appreciate it, but you and Phillip don't want me tagging along like a third wheel. You guys haven't been married more than six months, you're still in the honeymoon phase and won't want me hanging around."

"And what a phase that is," Melissa said with a dreamy sultry expression, "but you are not getting out of this. I will pick you up at your place around eight o'clock. So wear something sexy."


"You may as well give up now girlfriend, I am not taking no for an answer. If you don't come out with me, I might have to sack you." Melissa said with a smirk.

"Okay" Jessie said with a sigh, " just this once though."

"We'll see girlfriend. We'll see."

Chapter One

Jessie heard Melissa's car pull into the driveway of her rented one bedroom apartment in Madison at exactly eight pm. Jessie took one last look at the only outfit she considered appropriate, sighing as she grabbed her purse and went out the door. After locking up she headed to Melissa's car and noticed her husband Phillip was not with her.

"Oh my god. You look hot girlfriend. You are going to have to beat the men off with a stick," Melissa said letting her gaze travel the length of her friends body.

"I didn't think you had it in you. I have never seen you wear a skirt before, let alone a leather one. Black is definitely your color. Where did you get that gorgeous halter top? That color red brings out the fiery highlights in your hair. One look at that chest of yours, and you will have the men drooling all over you."

"I've had this outfit for years. Since I was seventeen. Do you think it's too much? It's the only one I had which seemed appropriate for going out," Jessie asked indicating the way her lush breasts spilled out the top.

"God no. You look perfect. What I wouldn't give for a chest like yours."

"Where's Phil?" Jess asked curiously.

"Oh he had planned to go to the club already tonight. Said he had a meeting with his partners Brad and Tyler Halt around seven, so I told him we would meet him there," Melissa said with a grin.

"Club, you mean we are going to his club?" Jessie said with a screech.

"Where else did you think I would take you? It's the best club in town."

"Yeah but it's also a BDSM club. I didn't think you'd take me there."

"Why not? Live a little girlfriend. It's fun, you don't have to participate. Just sit back, relax, enjoy. There is dancing as well as entertainment. You'll have a blast."

"That's what I'm afraid of," Jess muttered to herself.

Melissa turned her head towards Jess then quickly back to the road, "Did you say something Jess?"

"No just talking to myself. You should know by now I do that a lot."

A few minutes later Melissa pulled her car into the parking lot, turning off the ignition. Jess hesitated pulling at her top trying to cover a little more of her voluptuous curves.

"Come on Jess. Let's go get a drink and dance for a while. You'll have fun you'll see. You just have to relax a little," Melissa opined with a reassuring smile at her friend.

Taking a deep breath knowing it was a little too late to do anything about her top now, Jess got out of the car and followed Melissa inside.

"Oh wow," Jess said as they walked into the foyer, the floor was black marble with gold streaks and there was exquisite erotic art hanging from the walls. "This place is amazing."

"You ain't seen nothing yet girlfriend. Hey John how are you?" Melissa greeted the security guard in the foyer.

"Good thanks Melissa. Phillip said to wait for him in the bar, he should be finishing up soon and he'll join you."

"Thanks John, have a good night."

"You too Melissa, Miss." John bowed his head in their direction eying Jess' cleavage.

Linking her arm through Jessie's she led her to the double doors straight ahead, not giving her an excuse to back out. Entering the room Jessie gaped. There was a gleaming mahogany bar across the room. Off to the left were booths and tables and to the right was a dancing floor. In the middle was a small platform area with strange looking equipment, a bed and ropes and chains hanging from the ceiling.

"Are people really into this stuff? All that stuff looks like it is for torture not pleasure!" Jessie stated with astonishment.

Melissa didn't answer just looking a Jess with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh my god. Don't tell me you're into this shit?"

"Okay then I won't," Melissa replied, as she led Jessie to a table off the side of stage.

Just as they seated themselves a waitress dressed in a black leather thong and corset with thigh high boots strolled over to them.

"Hi Mel what can I get you?"

"Hi Jane I'll have the usual and my friend Jessie here will have a Black Russian," Melissa ordered.

"Coming up," Jane said as she left to get their drinks.

"I don't think you should have ordered me that Melissa. You know I never drink much. I'll probably have to crawl to your car later."

"One drink is not going to hurt you girlfriend. It maybe just what you need to loosen you up a little."

The sexy waitress brought their drinks over, then left to tend to other patrons of the club.

Jessie sat sipping her delicious drink as she gazed around her with amazement.

"There aren't many people here. I thought there would be a lot more people," Jess said as she relaxed. One of the things she found that really got to her was a crowded room. She always felt claustrophobic if a room was fully packed with no space to move.

"It's early yet Jess, the place usually starts rocking around nine thirty, ten pm. You'll be okay girlfriend, just relax have your drink. If it gets too crowded in here we can always go to a private lounge area. Since Phillip is part owner we can go wherever we want to. Speak of the devil," Melissa said spying Phillip entering the room.

Phillip walked up to their table leaning over locking lips with his wife. The kiss was so carnal Jess felt embarrassed, feeling like she was intruding on a private moment. Squirming in her seat she looked away, her gaze wandering around the room.

"Hey Jess, how you doing?" Phil asked her as he sat next to his wife.

"Fine thanks and you?"

"Yeah I'm good. So what do you think of the place?" Phillip asked Jess, looking at her to gauge her reaction.

"Well it's certainly different and very classy from what I've seen so far," Jess answered hesitantly.

"Not what you expected?" Phil asked with a raised eyebrow, "Did you expect the club to look like a brothel?"

"Well yeah, actually I did." Jess answered.

Phillip let out a bark of laughter, "We don't hire people out for sex Jess. This is just a normal night club except we offer people a place to express their inner self. A place to safely and consensually practice their certain lifestyles if you wish."

"Mm" was all Jess could think of to reply.

"Let's dance babe," Phillip said pulling his wife from her seat to the dance floor.

Jess watched as Phillip and Melissa as well as few other couples gyrated to the music, sipping at her drink wondering what the hell she had let herself in for. As her gaze wandered to the entry doors again her heart did a flip and she felt desire pool low in her belly, as the two most gorgeous men she had ever seen entered the room. One was a least six three with black hair, the other one had similar features to the tall one but a couple of inches shorter with black hair as well. As they got closer she let her eyes wander the length of their impressive bodies. They both had wide shoulders with bulging biceps, tapering down to flat stomachs to nicely packaged bulges at their crotches; and their legs seemed to go on forever encased in blue denim jeans. Realizing she was staring and where, Jess drew her eyes up again until she looked at their faces once more. They were so ruggedly handsome her breath caught in her chest, the taller of the two men had green eyes and his brother had warm chocolate brown eyes. They were looking right back at her with knowing grins on their lips.

Jess squirmed in her seat as she felt her clit throb with arousal. Looking away quickly when she felt her face tinge red with embarrassment at being caught ogling the impressive pair of masculinity. Turning her gaze back to the dance floor she noticed the music had stopped. Phillip and Melissa were heading back to their table. Sighing with relief, Jess didn't dare let her gaze wander back to the two men she had been watching. She nearly fell off her chair when she felt the chairs on either side of her being taken. Steadying herself she looked to either side of her quickly, then back down to the table as the two men she had been ogling sat beside her. Letting out a sigh of relief as Phil and Melissa arrived back at the table at the same time. Jess tried to relax knowing Phil would get rid of the two men. Then felt her breath stop again as Phil greeted the two men.

"Hey Brad, Tyler took you long enough to finish up. You of course already know Mel, but the lady sitting between you gentlemen is Mel's friend and employee. Jess I'd like you to meet Tyler and Brad Halt, my business partner's. Brad, Tyler Jessie Hassan."

Jess looked from one to the other before bringing her gaze back to Melissa as she mumbled "Pleased to meet you."

"Oh no sugar the pleasure is all ours," Brad said taking one of her clenched hands in his, lifting her hand to his lips, prying her fingers open, turning it over, placing a kiss in the center of her palm. Jess couldn't help the little squirm as Brad's warm lips whispered across the palm of her hand. Hoping he had not noticed. Tyler not to be outdone by his brother placed a finger under Jess' chin lifting and turning her face to his, gently placing a butterfly of a kiss on her lips.

"Very pleased to meet you Jess," Tyler said in a gravely voice full of charm, his brown eyes penetrating her gaze as he grinned at her with crooked lips.

Jess glanced back at Melissa hoping the men had not seen her shivers of arousal as they touched her, kissed her. Oh god she was in trouble.

"This is the first time in the three years I've known Jess that she has actually been out. She is always writing lists and planning things. I thought a night out would do her good for a change." Melissa stated to the men sitting beside her.

"Melissa please," Jess squirmed uncomfortably.

"Why don't you go out or date sugar?" Brad asked with sexy drawl as he placed a finger underneath her chin, turning her head towards his.

"Um, I just don't."

"That's not an explanation sweetheart, there has to be a reason. Why don't you tell us?" Tyler asked.

"Ah, um. Why would I tell you anything? I don't even know you." Jess stated with a frown.

"You are a young sexy beautiful woman Jess. Why would you not want to date?"
Tyler asked again.

"I really don't think that is any of your business do you?" Jess asked with a haughty tone, as she glared at Tyler.

"What are you drinking sugar?" Brad asked as she sipped the last of her drink.

"Um?" Jess said as she looked at Melissa questioning.

"Black Russian," Melissa answered for Jess, "Jess is not much of a drinker so be careful with her," she said glaring at the two men.

Phil hauled his wife out of her seat, "This is our song babe, let's dance."

Jess felt panic constrict her chest as her friend and her husband left her alone with the two gorgeous men beside her. Brad ordered her, Melissa and Phil another drink, as well as one for himself and his brother.

"So I take it you've never been here before. What do you think?" Tyler asked Jess.

"To be honest I don't know what to think really. I haven't been here that long. Ask me later when I've seen more."

"Fair enough," Tyler replied.

"How old are you sugar?" Brad slipped in just after Tyler's question.

"Twenty two." Jess answered automatically. "What has my age got to do with anything?"

"Nothing sugar just curious." Brad said with a grin as she glared at him with fire in her eyes. God she was beautiful. From what he could see she had legs that went all the up to her hips, long, lithe and toned. Her hips were made for a mans hands to hold as he fucked her from behind and god that chest. She had the most amazing breasts he had ever seen. They were so voluptuous, straining against her top tempting a male to keep watch, hoping they would spill out over the top.

Glancing at his brother he squirmed in his seat trying to find a more comfortable position for his hard cock. Tyler seemed to be in the same boat as he was. Maybe they had finally found her. The one woman they would be able to call their own.

She was a timid little thing. She'd hardly looked at them since they had sat down, and that was starting to frustrate Brad. He knew she had ogled them as they were walking in to the main room. She seemed just about perfect for their lifestyles, she was definitely submissive, but not too submissive. She knew how to stand up for herself when she needed or wanted to. Yep just about perfect. Now they only had to convince Jess they were perfect for her as well.

Brad glanced at Tyler again, feeling his smile grow wider at the affirmative nod Tyler gave him. They knew each other so well, they hardly ever needed to voice any concerns.

Tyler rose from his seat gently grasping Jess' hand tugging her up with him, "Let's dance sweetheart."


Tyler ignored her hesitation, leading her to the dance floor. He pulled her in front of him so her back was resting against his chest. Placing his hands on her hips bringing her ass in contact with his groin he started swaying to the beat of the music. Feeling her shiver as she swayed against him, as she felt his hard cock pressing into her. He kept his hands on her hips not allowing her to break the contact with his body.

"That's it sweetheart, feel the way my body moves to the music. Move with me babe, let yourself go," Tyler whispered into Jess' ear.

Jess shivered as Tyler's warm moist breath caressed her ear. His big warm body lined fully against the whole of her back. His chest to her back, his groin to her butt and his legs rubbing against hers as they moved in sync. Sliding his hands down her arms until he was clasping her wrists, guiding her arms up and around his neck, thrusting her breasts out.

Jess didn't seem to have much option, and since she was enjoying Tyler's attentions she relaxed back against him closing her eyes losing herself in the music.

She stiffened when she felt another hard male body lean against the front of her, pressing her breasts against a warm solid chest. Opening her eyes she looked up into the emerald green eyes of Brad as he pressed his hard cock to her soft belly. Gasping for breath at the hunger she could see staring back at her from his eyes.

Brad leaned down slowly giving Jess plenty of time to move away from him, bringing his lips into contact with hers. Sliding his warm mouth across her full lips tentatively, questioning, until she responded with a moan opening her mouth. Brad responded by sliding his tongue across her full bottom lip, then gently sliding it into the warm moist cavern of her mouth. Sliding his tongue along hers, tasting her sweetness.

Jess tasted Brad's spicy sweet flavor on her tongue, groaning with arousal, unconsciously as she pushed her hips into him. Being sandwiched between the two big men was one of the most erotic things Jess had ever felt in her life. Her clit was tingling and her pussy was clenching as her cream dripped from her body to soak her panties.

Tyler was rubbing his hands up and down her sides gently, getting higher and higher until he was rubbing the outside of her breasts. When Jess didn't flinch or try to move his hands away, Brad moved so that his body was blocking hers from prying eyes, Tyler moved his warm callused palms in underneath her halter top, gently massaging her breasts, then flicking his thumbs over her turgid nipples.

Jess whimpered, it was too much and they were in public. Stiffening she pulled away from Brad's mouth, at the same time grasping Tyler's wrists firmly pulling his hands out from under her shirt. Brad eased back away from Jess giving her some room when he knew Tyler's hands were no longer caressing her breast. Breathing hard he kept his eyes on Jess'. Tyler moved his hands back down to Jess' hips making sure she was steady as he pulled his body back from hers, giving her some room to breath.

Jess glanced from Brad to Tyler and back again. Without saying a word she spun on her heels heading for the ladies room. Escaping. Taking a deep breath, Jess looked at herself in the mirror. Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes looking like they were only half open and her lips looked so red and full. Turning away from herself she headed to a cubicle. There was no way she could go back out there. Not after the way she had behaved, and in public as well, where anyone could see. Deciding she was going to go out to the table, get her purse then she was going to get a cab and go home. She sat on the lid of the toilet gathering her courage.

"I know you're in their Jess come out and talk to me," Melissa said with concern in her voice. She took note of Jess' red tinged cheeks as she came out of the cubicle. "What is the matter with you?" Melissa began her dressing down but was interrupted by Jess before she could continue.

"I don't know why I did that, I'm sorry Melissa. I think it would be better if I ordered a cab and went home."

"What the hell are talking about girlfriend?" Melissa said with exasperation.

Waving her hand towards the door to the ladies room, "You know what I'm talking about. You probably saw me carrying on with your two friends. I can't believe I embarrassed you and myself like that." Jess said lowering her eyes to the floor.

"Oh my god will you loosen up a little Jess. Do I look like I'm embarrassed? May I remind you what this club is for exactly. Do you think nobody else does that sort of thing on the dance floor. My goodness girl that was tame. There is no way I'm letting you leave. I don't think Tyler and Brad would want you to leave either. No I want you to find some of the back bone I know you have hiding in that body of yours, come back out with me, cos I want to show you what exactly goes on in here. You have nothing to be ashamed of Jess." Melissa said grasping Jess' hand in hers leading her out of the bathroom.

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