Breaking Free


Chapter Two

Jess kept her head down as Melissa lead her back to their table. Glimpsing Tyler and Brad rising to their feet from underneath her eyelashes as they pulled her chair out from the table to see her comfortably seated.

"Are you alright Jess?" Tyler whispered into her ear.

Jess was too embarrassed to even look at either men let alone answer them, so she just nodded keeping her head down. Picking up her drink from the table she downed it all in one long large then placing the glass back on the table. Fidgeting with her fingers as she felt fire in her cheeks again. Tyler took one hand in his while Brad took her other. Both men were rubbing their thumbs along the back of her hands with a soothing touch.

Jess looked up at Melissa as she leaned across the table placing another drink in front of her.

"The floor show will be starting in a minute. I want you to sit there and watch it. You are not allowed to leave until you have seen that. Then if you still want to go home, I'll take you. Okay."

Jess just looked at her friend then giving a nod, looking towards the stage as three people stepped up onto the platform.

Two men and a woman. The woman was wearing a corset and thong just like the waitress Jane who had served them earlier. The two men were dressed in black leather pants, bare chests and feet. The woman kneeling down on the floor with her head bowed, her hands resting on the top of her thighs with palms facing up. One of the men walked up behind the kneeling woman with something in his hand. Placing his hands on her shoulders to let her know he was behind her, he then placed a blindfold around the woman's head.

"Can you see Jane?" One of the men asked.

"No master." Jane answered.

Taking Jane's hands in his, the first man helped her to her feet. Pulling her in firmly against his chest holding her still. The other man took Jane's hands, pulling them in front of her, binding her wrists in some sort of leather handcuffs. Checking to make sure the weren't too tight. The men then took one each of Jane's arms leading her to the middle of the platform stage. The tallest man reached above his head pulling a hook down lower so the other male could place the cuffs attached to Jane's wrists over the hook. Making sure Jane was comfortable enough without causing her unnecessary pain, one of the men raised the hook slightly, adjusting it so Jane's arms were straight up above her head.

Jess watched as one of the men took something out of one of the bedside tables then walked back to Jane. He gave her no warning, he brought his arm up and flicked her buttocks with a whip of some sort. Jess gasped and flinched as Jane cried out as she was struck.

Brad leaned in closer to Jess placing an arm around her shoulders in a comforting gesture. "She's not really hurting sugar. The whip is made from a soft suede, the men are getting her in touch with her body and senses. The blindfold makes the slaves other senses of touch, sight, sound and taste more enhanced. If they were hurting her, Jane would be using her safe word which would end the session right away. All slaves have a safe word they can use in case things go too far. We have never had anyone use their safe word in this club. There are rules to follow for all the dominants as well as slaves. They are in place to keep everyone safe and comfortable. The slaves also have a choice on which doms they want to be with and the same goes for the doms. If anyone says no then that's it, no questions asked."

Jess was fascinated by the display on the stage. The whole time Jane was being whipped she whimpered and moaned, but the sounds actually sounded more like arousal than pain. The male whipping the slave stopped, gesturing to the other dom to do something. Jess realized what it was when he started undoing her corset. When that was dropped to the floor out of the way he then hooked his fingers into her leather thong pulling it down her legs. Jane was now totally naked in front of a room half full of strangers. The dom with the whip moved around in front of Jane, half raising his arm he brought the whip down onto the tops of her thighs. Alternately going from one thigh to the other getting closer and closer to her bare pussy. The dom with the whip turned his wrist bringing the whip up between Jane's legs flicking it against her pussy lips. Jane moaned loudly at the contact. He whipped her again and again until Jane was writhing from pleasure.

"You will not come slave. You will wait until you have permission. Is that understood?" He asked in a commanding voice.

When Jane failed to answer straight away, the dom gave her pussy another slap with the whip, harder this time, "Is that understood slave?" He asked again steel edging his voice this time.

"Yes master," Jane gasped out.

The dom with the whip returned to the beside table to retrieve some things. Walking back to the other master, he handed something over to him, then walked back to stand in front of Jane.

Jess was so enthralled with the display she was not even conscious she was leaning forward to watch the scene. She could feel her pussy dripping, soaking her panties and her nipples felt as if they were going to punch a whole through her top. She felt liquid arousal heavy in her lower abdomen. Picking up her drink she gulped the contents hoping to cool herself down. She could feel herself burning up from the inside out.

The dom behind Jane held up something in his hand then spread lubrication over it reaching down with one hand he gripped one of the slaves buttocks spreading her apart a little. He then slowly inserted what he had in his hand into her arse slowly until it was in all the way to the hilt. Jane bucked and moaned when it was in her body. The dom in front of Jane held a vibrator in his hand, reaching down with his empty hand testing her pussy for natural lubrication. He took the vibrator and slowly eased it up into her pussy until only the end was sticking out between her legs.

"You do not have permission to come slave. Do I make myself clear?" the dom asked in a loud voice.

"Yes master," the slave panted out her answer.

The dom in front of Jane leaned down turning the vibrator on. He let it run for about thirty seconds before reaching between her legs again turning the vibrator control up to full.

"You may come when I count to ten slave. One, two, three"

If he counted any slower he would be going backwards Jess thought to herself.

" eight, nine, ten,"

Jessie watched as Jane's whole body convulsed with pleasure, she was screaming with it. Shaking uncontrollably. Jess squirmed in her seat as she watched the pleasure twist the slaves mouth into a grimace. The room erupted wildly with applause. Jess reached for her glass intending ease her parched throat bringing it to her mouth until she realized it was already empty.

"Here you go sweetheart, have a sip of mine," Tyler said from her side as he handed his glass to her.

Jess didn't care what was in the glass, she took a big gulp trying to cool her raging libido in the process. She was curious when she realized it was only soda. Raising her face she looked over to Melissa.

"Now do you understand why I didn't want you to leave before the show Jessie? You have nothing to be embarrassed about. We've actually seen people fucking on the dance floor." Melissa stated.

"Is that why you ran from us sugar, because you were embarrassed?" Brad asked as he placed a finger under her chin to get her to look at him.

"Partly," Jess answered as she stared into his green eyes.

"What's the rest of the reason?"

"Um, well I don't do things like that ever, let alone in public with two hot men. I don't date. I have too much I want to do before I have to worry about another person in my life." Jess answered.

"She thinks we're hot little brother," Tyler leaned forward stating Jess' words quietly.

"Yeah I heard that too," Brad said with a sexy sultry tone, a grin across his lips which lit up his whole face.

"You are one sexy lady Jessie Hassan. Brad and I would like to get to know you a whole lot better. What do you say sweetheart are you willing to give us some of your time?" Tyler whispered into Jessie's ear causing her to shiver.

Jess leaned back in her chair turning to face Tyler, "The both of you? Is that what you're saying? That both of you want to date me at the same time?"

"Yeah that's what I am saying sweetheart, we would both like to get to know you and your delectable body a whole lot better," Tyler said with a husky growl.

Jess looked away from Tyler to find Melissa watching her avidly. Feeling color rise up her cheeks she shook her head as she lowered her eyes to the table again. She didn't see Melissa move from her chair.

"Excuse us for a moment guys," Melissa said from behind Jess.

Tyler moved from his chair to allow Melissa sit next to her friend and Brad moved from his seat as well. Jess raised her head to watch to watch to two men approach the bar, where they made themselves comfortable on bar stools. Phillip left his chair to join his partners.

"What is wrong with you girl? I heard what those two gorgeous men just offered you. Why don't you take a chance for once and go with the flow? You've already proven you're attracted to them by the display on the dance floor. Come on Jess talk to me."

"Oh god. Melissa what am I going to do? The one and only relationship I ever had was a disaster. I never want to repeat something like that again. I have a wicked side Mel, I asked my boyfriend to spank me during in foreplay and he left me feeling so humiliated and ashamed. He called me a freak. Told me I was a dirty slut even though he was my one and only lover. I have never risked another relationship again because he made me feel dirty. I think there is something wrong with me." Jess told Melissa as she felt tears roll down her cheeks.

Melissa leaned in hugging her friend, "Oh honey you are not a slut, no where near it. You are not wicked and no way are you dirty. Some people just need a little more in their sex life rather than just plain old vanilla foreplay and sex. It doesn't change who you are. You are a wonderful caring person Jess. Let me tell you, you are not the only one who needs a little extra something during in sex. Phil spanks me all the time and I love it. He can make me come just by heating my arse with the palm of his hand. Phil, Tyler and Brad are all Dominants Jess. I know Tyler and Brad would love to take care of you. They want you to be their submissive. They want to take care of you. Why don't you give them a chance to show you what you should have been shown when you asked that weasel of an ex to please you? You need to let go of that rigid control you have yourself wrapped in. You have spent so long trying to protect yourself against being rejected again, you've forgotten how to enjoy yourself."

"I can't believe you told me that. Phil really spanks you?" Jess said doubt in her voice.

Melissa turned towards the bar getting the attention of the men. Indicating Phil to come back over to the table. Phil sat on the other side of Jess taking her hand in his, but he had eyes only for his wife.

"What is it honey?"

"Jess has a question for you," Melissa replied.

"Shoot Jess, what do you want to know?" Phil said as he looked at his wife's friend.

"Do you really spank Melissa?" asked Jess in a quiet voice.

"Oh yeah, she loves it when I spank that sweet little arse of hers. It makes her so horny. I can make her come without even touching her beautiful pussy," Phil answered with a sexy grin for his wife.

Jess squirmed uncomfortably in her seat, taking a calming breath she asked, "Are you all really doms?"

"Yes Jess we are. That's why we opened the club. We wanted a place for people with similar lifestyles to us to have some place they could meet like minded people in a safe controlled environment. This club is all about safety first. If anyone breaks any of the rules no matter how slight, they're out on their ear and not allowed back. Do you have any other questions Jess?"

"Not at the moment, thanks Phil."

"No problem Jess. If you think of anything else let me know, or you could always ask Tyler or Brad," Phil said with a grin as he rose to his feet. Kissing his wife on the cheek he left the two women alone to talk again.

"How do you feel Jess?" Melissa asked with concern as she watched her frown.

"I don't know. I do know you're right though. I have spent so long trying to protect myself from being hurt again. I've been so lonely Melissa., but I'm scared. I'm scared of getting hurt, but I'm also scared I'll never be able to have another relationship again."

"Do you trust me Jessie?" Melissa asked her friend.

"Yes, you know I do."

"Will you hear me out and think about what I have to say before you reply?"

Taking a deep breath, Jess answered her friend, "Okay."

"I want you to let Tyler and Brad take you into one of the private viewing rooms, where you can see how a dom pleases his sub. They can explain to you what is happening and answer any questions or concerns you may have. What do you say Jess? Think about it before you answer. Do you really want to be lonely and safe for the rest of your life or are you willing to take a risk and maybe end up happier than you've ever been? I am going to leave you here for a moment to think. When you're ready to answer just come on up to the bar. If you decide you want to go home, I'll take you." Melissa said leaning over kissing Jess on the cheek.

Jess sat pondering all she had learned tonight as well as what Melissa had said. Could she actually open herself up to humiliation again? Risk herself that way? She'd only ever had sex twice. Knowing she was lonely and empty, could she open herself up to another person again? What did she have to loose? Nothing. She was in a BDSM club and they had rules to be adhered to. She was in a safe environment. Taking a fortifying breath Jess rose from her chair on shaky legs, heading towards the bar.

Melissa was watching Jess from her stool at the bar waiting for her to come to a decision while she explained quietly to Tyler and Brad about Jess' reticence to forming a relationship with anyone. The two men had been so angry at the way Jess had been treated, they wanted to hunt down the prick who had hurt her emotionally and pound him to a pulp.

"She's coming over, you two had better get yourselves under control. If she sees you at the moment you'll scare her off," Melissa told Tyler and Brad.

The two men took several deep breaths reigning in there anger, pasting emotionless expressions on their faces as Jess came and stood next to Melissa.

Melissa didn't say anything when she looked as Jess, raising an eyebrow questioningly.

"Okay," Jess replied, "I'll do it."

Chapter Three

Brad reached over taking Jessie's hand in his, pulling her towards him grasping her around the waist he hauled her up onto his lap.

"Brad I'm too heavy to be sitting on you."

"No you're not sugar. I'm just wanting you to be comfortable, relax," he said as he placed an arm high up around her waist. Her breasts were practically resting on his muscular forearm.

"Do you want something to drink sweetheart?" Tyler asked from beside her.

"Coffee I think. I have had more than enough alcohol for one night, thanks Tyler."

"No problem Jess," Tyler replied as he ordered her a cup of coffee.

"Jess, Phil and I are heading home for the night. Tyler and Brad will give you lift home won't you guys?" Melissa arranged on Jess' behalf.

Jess tried to get down from Brad's lap but he wouldn't let her, he tightened his arm around her holding her still.

"Oh but.."

Brad leaned down whispering into Jess' ear, "Relax sugar, you are safe with us. If at anytime you want to go home all you have to do is say the word. Tyler and I thought you may want to come with us into a private viewing room to see what goes on here?"

Licking her lips in a nervous gesture, Jess looked from Melissa to Phil then to Tyler and Brad. Phil's voice swung her gaze back in his direction.

"You cannot ask to be with better men than Tyler and Brad, Jessie. I know they will keep you safe and will see you home whenever you've had enough. Do you think I would be friends with men who would hurt a woman? Trust me and Melissa Jess. They will take care of you," Phil said as he held his wife's hand in his leading her from the club.

Tyler took the cup of coffee the bartender had placed in front of Jess into his large hand, "How bout you come with us sweetheart, we'll show you what our club is all about?"

Brad helped Jess from his lap by placing his hands at her waist lifting her from his lap, making sure she was steady on her feet before sliding his palm down her arm until he clasped one of her hands in his. He followed Tyler through a door to the side of the bar. Leading her down a long corridor which had quite a few doorways at intervals along the length of it. Tyler opened the door at the end of the hallway entering the room, Brad led Jess into the room as well.

Jess nearly panicked when she saw the glass wall along the length of the room. There was a sofa along the back wall in the viewing room. Brad must have felt her tension because he turned towards her.

"The people that will be behind the glass will not even know we are here sugar. That's a one way mirror. They can't see us. Take a seat and have your coffee, relax," Brad said guiding Jess to the middle of the sofa.

Tyler and Brad lowered themselves to the sofa on either side of her. Tyler handed Jess her coffee. Both men were so close they were touching her sides, feeling a little uncomfortable Jess sipped her coffee watching as two peopled entered the viewing room.

The woman was a nude voluptuous size fourteen, the male was tall and muscular, wearing a pair of black leather pants. He guided the woman to some sort of contraption that looked like a half padded slanting bench with knee pads below and padded arm rests. The dom strapped the woman's arms to the machine with Velcro straps. Then kneeling strapped her thighs to the lower half of the bench. Her head was resting in a round padded hole.

Tyler leaned down to talk quietly in Jess' ear, "The dom is strapping his slave to the bench so she can't move around too much and hurt herself. Everything you see is about how the dom controls his subs pleasure. He heightens her bodies sensations and gives her pleasure which in turn gives him pleasure. Do you have any questions sweetheart?"

Tess was too enthralled to reply so she shook her head as she watched.

The dom picked up a whip from a table from the side of the room, heading back to his sub. He began giving her light flicks with the whip to her buttocks. The woman squirmed thrusting her hips up into the stroke of the whip as he repeatedly whipped his subs butt cheeks.

The dom started whipping his sub with more strength behind his flicks until her butt was a nice pink color. He then placed his palm on her arse rubbing his palm across her heated flesh.

"Are you wet for me slave?" asked the dom.

"Yes master, please?"

"Please what slave?"

"Please fuck me," the sub yelled with a sob.

"No," the dom gave her arse another hard tap with the whip, "you don't get to tell me what to do, do you slave?"

"No master, I'm sorry."

"That's better slave. Who controls you're body?"

"You do master."

"Who controls your pleasure?"

"You master."

"Very good slave you have pleased me."

That said the dom moved to the side of the padded table, pushing a button until his slave was lying flat. He then used his hands to separate her legs locking them in a spread position. Skimming his hand down her back until he was once again standing to the side of his sub near her arse. Sliding his hand down her arse, skimming the crevice with a finger until he was stroking her labia, then plunging a finger up into her cunt.

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