tagBDSMBreaking Her In

Breaking Her In


I don't know how long I have been lying here, but minutes tend to fade away in my Queen's throne room. She had called, told me to wait for her on the bed. I strip and lie down, my eyes on the hot pink La-Z-Boy chair she calls Her throne. I yearn for my Queen.

She told me She had a surprise for me, something I contemplate. This is by design, I'm sure. My Queen wants me to wait and consider.

She feeds my mind and retrains it as surely as She rules my body. She allows me time to think, to focus on many things. I can't help but contemplate my submission to my Queen. A nirvana of pleasure, pain and exploration, the only world I know is what my Queen deems it to be. She shapes me, and in that emptiness She fills me.

After a time, the door opens. My chest flutters. I quickly move, so that I am sitting on the edge of the long side of the bed, facing her throne. My Queen enters but She is not alone.

My Queen, resplendent in bra and panties, removed Her clothing prior to entering the throne room. My Queen is tall and regal, Her body is sculpture. Her right hand encloses the back of the other's thin neck, gently overpowering her.

she is young, thin and nubile. Most likely, this co-ed yearns as I do for something more. Perhaps without knowing it, she needs to feel the rapture of glorious submission and by fortune found my Queen. In a coffee shop, in posts online. I wondered if she truly knows what was in store for her, to fully understand what she would have to give up, to submit in general and specifically to my Queen. Undoubtedly, her bodily reactions to the vision of my Queen were shortness of breath, inability to sit still, and unabashed wetness.

she is dressed as a sexual doll. she wears a white lace bra and matching panties, a white garter and stockings. she even has the lace gloves. her long very blond hair is very straight and falls down her back, framing her brown eyes. her tanned skin balances the white innocence of her attire.

she is beautiful, priceless, but a flash comes to my mind unbidden. This woman needs to be wrecked. I shoot a glance at my Queen, wondering if my thoughts are out of line. The fire in Her eyes allays my fears though. She smiles, knowing I had just thought what She felt as well, what She wants to have happen.

I hear my Queen's voice in the woman's ear. "Kneel before him." The woman drops to her knees, hearing the next command from on high. "Close your eyes and open your mouth, hands on your thighs." I watch with joy and growing thickness as she complies with my Queen. Her power just fills me.

My Queen sits next to me, leaning close to whisper honey in my ear. "She's going to suck your cock, my pet, and I'm going to watch. Your eyes are to never leave mine. If you turn me on enough, I'll let you make me cum with your mouth, but your eyes can't wander. I want to watch your face. Do you understand, my pet?"

"Yes, my Queen."

"Do with her as you will." With that, She stands and walks over to her pink throne. One leg goes over an arm as She gets ready for the show.

She issues her command to the perfect doll. "Suck his cock, drink his cum for me." she opens her eyes and leans forward. her soft lips envelope my cock, though I don't watch. My eyes are on my Queen. I can tell in the periphery that one hand has moved aside Her panties and the other is lazily rubbing Her clit as She watches us. My eyes are on Hers.

My hands go to her hair, my fingers brushing the texture. I use them to force her head down on me, something that seems to excite my Queen. My cock is in this nubile young thing's mouth and all I can think of is crawling over to my Queen on my hands and knees and sucking Her gorgeous pink pussy. More aggressively I take control of her head and more proactively she responds. It is pleasurable and I can feel my balls tighten. Yet, I need to put on a good show for my Queen.

I pull her off my cock and force her head downward. She licks and then sucks my balls as I direct her. I'm sure my mouth is a bit slack in response, and I can see my Queen's excitement in her glazing eyes. She is enjoying watching this woman pleasure her pet.

I force her head down more and lean back as my fingers grip her hair more tightly. The now less-than perfect looking woman shoves her tongue into my asshole, causing me to groan. My Queen silently echoes it with Her mouth, and I can tell Her fingers are moving much faster. Her eyes leave mine to watch my legs rise up to give the young woman more access. From Her perspective, She can see my raging purple cock above the head of blonde. I need to put on a good show for my Queen.

I put my cock deep inside her mouth once again, very deep. My fingers are in her hair, spoiling that perfection, my knuckles white with force. My face is a snarl as I fuck her mouth for my pleasure and for the pleasure of my Queen. She is dominating Her new find through me. I am Her instrument, and I revel in it.

My Queen no longer watches her head piston up and down on my cock; She doesn't hear the gagging mixed with moaning, She didn't even notice her furiously fingering herself as she swallows my cock. My Queen only watches my face. I shake and I shudder, my skin comes flush and my brow contorts. My Queen watches my face as I shoot myself into the woman's mouth, controlling her head precisely with my hands.

My Queen gasps silently as She rubs her clit to quiet climax. Our eyes are locked and my head is swimming with desire to please Her. I watch as the wave washes over Her, barely noticing how I'm emptying into the kneeling woman or that she's swallowing all of my cum. I can feel my love for my Queen showing on my face like I'm a fool, but that's what I want Her to see.

her mouth is soft again as my cock waits inside it. Then, I rejoice! My Queen crooks a glistening finger my direction. "Crawl to me, my pet. Make me cum."

My cock is out of her mouth and I am happily on my hands and knees, crawling toward her. The woman is forgotten, not even in the room anymore. I crawl slowly, despite my desperation, because I want my Queen to enjoy my submission to her.

I arrive, and Her other leg is over the arm of the hot pink La-Z-Boy throne. My Queen is spread before me and I am barely capable of conscious thought.

"Hmmm....," She says. "Make it count, my pet." Then, I am licking Her with long strokes, swallowing Her nectar. I am driving my tongue deep between the folds of Her gorgeous pussy, darting in and out. I am enclosing my lips around Her clit, sucking hard and flicking it with my tongue. I shake my head left and right as I suck on Her clit, needing more than anything to make Her cum. All my will is bent on it, all my hope drives it.

This is my existence, I am for my Queen. This moment, joy is too poor a word to use, beauty is not pretty enough. I am for Her.

Her thighs squeeze my head, Her heels press into my back. Her fingers are pulling my hair. She thrashes and She erupts and I am one with Her. I stay just like that, breathing deeply of Her and fighting for air. I wait, hoping for just the right moment. She relaxes just a bit; her legs ease their grip on my head just a little.

Suddenly, I suck Her clit hard and pull it away from her with my lips. It snaps out of my mouth and I hear my Queen's throaty, "Ohhhh!" It causes a second excruciatingly divine orgasm, one I help along by lapping quickly at Her aching pussy.

After a while, I absently lick the inside of my Queen's thighs as She runs Her fingers through my hair. My arms are wrapped around Her left leg. "Well my pet, what do you think of my new toy?"

I turn my head around to look, and suddenly the slightly disheveled woman is back in the room, right where I left her. "I hope she pleases you, my Queen, and I am in your service to ensure that."

"I think," She whispers with the devil in Her voice, "she needs to be wrecked."

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