tagLoving WivesBreaking In The New Wife

Breaking In The New Wife


I got the highest batting average on the team, so to congratulate me our coach, Mike, was letting me fuck his new wife. I was still in my towel like most of the other guys when Mike brought her into the locker room after Friday's game. When she came in it got so quiet you could practically hear us all pitching tents, but Mike had her arm around her waist so we knew not to touch. She was from Thailand, or wherever Mike got his wives from, and she looked young, 19 easy, with huge tits Mike had probably paid for. I couldn't get my eyes off them, even when Mike guided her over to shake my hand.

"Here's the man of the hour," he said and clapped me on the shoulder.

She wasn't much younger than me but when she looked me up and down it was with the same snooty attitude I had seen in older women.

"He boy, not man" she said in stilted English. She looked down at my towel, smirked, and then whispered something in Mike's ear. Mike didn't smile back.

"That's not a nice thing to say about a gentleman," he said, and he squeezed her tits so that her nipples jutted through the fabric of her little black dress. She moaned but Mike held her in place. "Say you're sorry," he said.

She looked down, obediently, and mumbled something.

"No hard feelings babe." I gave her a few pats on the cheek and a huge grin but inside I was fuming. I couldn't wait to teach this bitch a lesson.

"Let 'em see your ass," said Mike.

She turned around. Mike bent her over and raised the bottom of her dress. The guys gathered around. Her ass was small but round and barely covered in little blue panties that seemed as smooth as her brown skin. Mike poked his fingers under the fabric and gathered the cloth into her crack so we could get a better view of her little ass cheeks. He smacked one loudly and she whimpered and went to stand, but Mike pushed her back down. He traced the panties down her ass and down the thin strip of fabric between her thighs. She moaned as he traced the outside of her pussy lips. A dark spot of wetness began to blossom and as she squirmed it was all I could do to stop myself from pushing my dick into her wet little hole.

By now most of the guys had shed their towels and were stroking their dicks. When she got up and saw all these guys grinning and jacking she stepped back against Mike. Then my buddy Fawzi walked in.

Fawzi was the assistant coach and was easily the biggest, hairiest guy on the team. He had been on the field putting equipment away and he came in all his bare-chested glory. He stopped when he saw Mike's wife. He was practically drooling. She gasped and looked up at this hulking man in front of her. She looked scared and I knew right there who I was going to ask to join Mike and I. Fawzi stepped towards her, but Mike drew her back.

"Don't worry babe," said Mike. "He doesn't bite." He put his arm back around her waist and grinned at me. "We'll be waiting in the car."

When they were gone some of the guys went in the shower to rub it out while the others dressed and before they left, shook my hand and told me to have a good time. Most of the guys were in their thirties with wives of their own, but they had all fucked one of Mike's past wives at least once. And when they looked at me almost pleadingly as they shook my hand I could tell they would jump at the chance to fuck this one too. But I didn't choose any of them. I waited until most were gone to ask Fawzi.

"I was hoping you'd ask," he said, putting his baseball cap on backwards. "This one's got it all."

"I wonder if Mike got her just for you."

Fawzi liked it when they looked young and he liked big tits too. This bitch gave him both.

When we got out to the parking lot Mike was in the front seat grinning at us, the wife in the back. We knew what that meant: Mike wanted a show. We both joined her in the back, coming in on either side so she couldn't get out. When she saw Fawzi grinning at her as he slammed the door she backed up towards me, but I made sure she wasn't going anywhere.

"Why you here?" she said. She looked scared again. I figured she had met guys like Fawzi wherever she came from.

"Just making sure you get a team welcome," he said. Mike was watching us in the rearview mirror and I could see the smile spread across his face.

"Good choice," he said to me.

Fawzi reached up to grab her tits.

"Stop," she said. She tried to push Fawzi away, but she couldn't even make him budge. His hands went to her tits again and when she tried to shoo his hands away he grabbed her and shook her. She started to struggle but Fawzi held her still.

"I thought you said you'd be a good girl," said Mike. His reflection watched in the rearview mirror. "Now what did we talk about?"

She looked at the reflection, not sadly but resignedly, and then lowered her hands. I had no idea what Mike told his wives when he got them, whether he said he would help them get into the country or would send money to their families or whatever else he got these dumb bitches to believe. Personally I didn't care as long as they did what they were told. Mike pulled out onto the road.

We pulled her top down and there was silence as we took in her tits. They were so close to my face I could see the little bumps around her nipples. Fawzi didn't waste any time: he took one tit in his mouth and I the other. My tongue traced around her nipple, and then the raised bump in the centre. She tried to squirm away as I pinched it between my teeth but she couldn't go anywhere.

"Fucker," she said.

I looked at her and smiled. "You got that right."

Fawzi managed to get most of her tit in his mouth and he was sucking it passionately. He moaned and without looking pulled up the bottom of her dress so I could see her blue panties. I pushed her knees apart and slid my hand up her leg, inside her thigh where it was already warm and wet.

"The bitch is wet," I said, and we laughed. She gave me a strained look, like she was pretending not to like it, but she moaned as I slid two fingers into her hot cunt. Her pussy was so small I had to push my fingers in. She screamed when I pushed in a third and started fucking her with my hand. I frigged her clit and soon her juices started squirting on my hand. Fawzi sat back to watch her squirm. I raised my hand so I could taste her honey, and then Fawzi had to hold her head still so I could push my fingers in her mouth. Mike was casting glances at us from the rearview mirror as he drove and from the strained look in his eyes I knew what he was doing. Sure enough when we stopped at a light and I glanced over the seat he only had one had on the wheel, his other stroking his huge dick. It was so big he had to slouch so it wouldn't hit the wheel.

I frigged her cunt and sucked her tits a little while longer before Fawzi nudged my hand away, ripped off her soggy panties and bent over her spread legs. I sat back. After baseball and hamburgers, Fawzi's favourite thing was eating pussy and all the guys knew to stay back when Fawzi was eating some girl out so he could have his fill. He moaned as he lapped up her juices as noisily as he hate a hamburger, and she clenched her eyes shut and made tight little squeaks.

"How is it man?" I said.

Fawzi looked up with a shit-eating grin dripping with pussy juice. He looked like a ten-year-old boy.

"Awesome," he said, and went back to slurping at her pussy until her squeaks grew into moans and she was bucking so hard against his face I had to hold her down, and I knew he was tongue fucking deep inside her. We stopped at another light and a van stopped beside us, the man in the passenger side watching us with wide eyes. I could only imagine what he saw, this little Thai bitch with her brown titties out writhing with Fawzi's head between her legs eating out her pussy.The car tried to keep up with us but Mike turned onto the quiet street leading to his house. While she was still bucking Fawzi went to kiss her on the mouth with is wet lips, but she twisted her head away, even when I tried to hold it still. Fawzi held her chin firmly and opened her mouth to take her face in, but Mike cleared his throat.

"I promised her no kissing," said Mike. He was looking at Fawzi and he grinned. "Aren't I a good husband?" he said.

"Oh yeah, the best," said Fawzi. "Don't worry baby." He gave her a smile and a few pats on the cheek. "No kissies for the girly." We laughed. I knew Fawzi would get his kisses, one way or another, and there was nothing she could do to stop him.

She was still squeaking when Mike pulled into his garage, its bright lights coming on automatically. I got out, pulled her onto the floor and showed her my dick. I may have been young, but my dick was thick and cut and throbbing. Mike and Fawzi stood came out with their dicks in their hands too. She gave my dick one look. "Not big like Mike," she said. Fawzi and I looked at each other: this bitch was going to pay. But before we could do anything, Mike slapped her.

"If you're going to be my wife, you better learn respect."

He hoisted her up into a kneeling position and held her arms above her head so that she dangled below like a doll. "Fill her up," he said with a smile.

Fawzi was first in line. He let his pants drop and held her head steady while he pushed his dick in her mouth. She moaned and tried to wrench away but Mike held her arms firmly.

"Whore," said Fawzi. He started pounding her face. Her eyes were shut and she still struggled to get away. I knew that Fawzi hadn't showered after the game and I could only imagine the rank smell she was inhaling as he pushed her head all the way down his shaft her face was buried in his pubes. Her eyes bugged out and he inched even closer and fucked her face with quick fast strokes. Her moaning seemed turned to pleas, which almost made me explode. Then Fawzi groaned and his head went back. His ass clenched as he pumped her mouth full of cum. It dribbled out of her mouth and dripped onto her brown tits, and when Fawzi stepped away he tipped her head back and made sure she swallowed everything. We watched it go down her throat, and then this bitch had the nerve to look up at Mike and smile.

"Not so bad," she said.

Fawzi looked at her grimly. I knew he wanted to mess her up. Mike must have seen it on his face.

"All in good time buddy," said Mike.

Fawzi looked at her for a few seconds longer and then walked out of the garage into the house. I took his place and I couldn't wait to get that scowl off her face. I shoved my dick into her mouth. It was warm from Fawzi's cum and my dick slipped in and out easily. She slid her lips along it but I held the back of her head so I could thrust deeper. I knew I wouldn't last long and I wanted to cum in her throat. I pushed her head deeper onto my dick but she gagged and pulled away. Mike grinned as she gasped for breath.

"You don't like that, hunh?" said Mike. "I told you he was a big boy."

"Open," I said and I pushed in. Mike usually trained his wives before we got them, but I didn't mind being the teacher. When I felt the back of her throat I felt her trying to pull away again so I held the back of her head, but I didn't go all the way down. I wanted to save it, but I knew I couldn't hold my orgasm so instead of going deeper, I fucked her mouth quickly. When I came she wrenched her head away, but I wedged her mouth open with my fingers and made sure every drop of my cum went inside those pretty lips. When I was done I gave her face a pat and spit in that grin she insisted on making. Then I twisted her around for Mike to have his turn ravaging her face, but he shook his head. "I'm waiting for her pussy," he said. "But don't worry, you get it first."

Mike led us into the living room where Fawzi had started a fire and dimmed he lights. Mike and I peeled her dress off and after we took of our own clothes we stood around her stroking our dicks taking in the firelight flickering on her milk chocolate skin. She crossed her hands in front of her pussy, but Mike wrenched them away so we could see her shaved snatch, her creamy thighs, her round ass. Then Fawzi laid her down on the couch and started eating her pussy again while I sat on her chest so I could fuck her tits.

"I fuck men, not boys," she said.

I spit in her face and tried to slap her smile off, though it didn't go away. So I sucked her tits a bit more and bit her nipples, making her squeal. Then I nestled my

cock between her tits, squeezing them over it, and I started to fuck. With every thrust my cock got harder. I spit on it and my dick slid easily between those two mounds. Mike held her arms back over the end of the couch and Fawzi must have been working his tongue magic because she started moaning and then closing her eyes and then her body jerked. Her tits were so lubed up just feeling my cock slip between them, I knew I would explode any minute, but I wanted to cum in her pussy. So when she started cumming I nudged Fawzi out of the way and pushed my dick into her sopping cunt.

Even after being fucked with my fingers and Fawzi's tongue her pussy was so tight I could only get my head in at first. I spit on my cock to lube it up and slid the head against her lips. She was still cumming and Fawzi held her down while I slowly pushed in all the way. Her pussy closed around me like a warm, wet hand, gripping my cock. She was screaming by the time I pushed all the way in, and I just stayed still for a moment, savouring the feeling of her pussy around my cock. Then I pulled out and plunged back in. Fawzi backed off as I started fucking in earnest. I was really putting it to her. She was practically thrashing on the couch and I leaned forward and pinched her nipples while I fucked her and she wailed even louder. Seeing her screaming made me even harder and I slammed against her again and again, the slurpy sounds filling the room with the smell of her pussy. When I was about to cum I grabbed her tits and twisted her nipples even harder making her holler as I pumped her full of cum. She was so tight and her pussy seemed to squeeze around my throbbing dick, milking every drop out of me. When I pulled out the cum oozed out of her pink pussy.

"Not bad," I said to her. I thought she'd be less of a bitch after that fucking. But even though she was still bucking, she managed another one of her scowling smiles. I wasn't the only one that didn't like it. She opened her mouth, probably to make some smartass comment but Mike gave her face another slap.

"Time for the honeymoon," he said. He stepped between her legs, spit on her pussy and looked down as he started to push his dick into her hole. His head was huge but her hole was lubed up with her juice and my cum. Mike grunted as he forced his way in. I had barely been able to stuff my cock inside her so I couldn't imagine how she was accommodating Mike. But he kept leaning forward, pushing inside and stretching her open. When only half of his dick was inside she started screeching louder than before and Mike wrapped his hands around her neck so she'd shut up. Then he started thrusting, slowly at first, but soon more of his dick opened up her pussy with every thrust, and his grip around her neck tightened as he sped up until he was pummeling her. Her face was red and her eyes were bugging out and Mike squeezed her neck harder. It was the same expression I wanted her to make when I fucked her throat. Mike spit in her face while he fucked her and then froze and groaned loudly when he came.

"How was she?" I said.

"Tight. I think we need to break her in more." Mike grinned.

Mike pulled her into a sitting position and whacked her face with his wet cock. She opened her mouth and licked his cock clean. Then Mike stepped back for Fawzi to have his turn.

Fawzi flipped her over on her stomach and raised her ass into the air. I was hard in a few seconds when I realized Fawzi was going to rape her ass. He slapped one cheek, and then another, and I think we all got hard again hearing her squeak with every slap. When her ass was red he pushed her cheeks apart, exposing her tight little hole. Fawzi licked around the hole, holding her still as she squirmed and then started eating her ass as loudly as he ate her pussy.

"She's got a sweet ass," said Fawzi. His lips smacked against her as he ate her out. When her asshole was slick and shiny he spit on it and then slowly pushed his middle finger inside. She moaned immediately and resumed squirming but Fawzi gave her another loudly slap and reduced her to whimpers. He fucked her with one finger, and then when it started getting easy, he pushed in a second.

"And you thought her pussy was tight," he said, and he grinned.

He took his fingers out and forced them into her mouth again. Then he stuck four fingers in, and grinned as she squealed. I'd never seen a girl's ass get stretched so wide open before, and I figured that's why the guys on the team called Fawzi an ass bandit.

By now both Mike and I were completely hard again and stroking our dicks. Fawzi pulled his fingers out and stuck them in her mouth. She didn't try to jerk her head away this time. This whore was a fast learner.

I thought Fawzi was going to fist fuck her ass, but he had something else in mind. He opened a drawer of the nearby side table and pulled out a huge purple dildo. It was even thicker than Mike's dick. Mike grinned and stretched her ass cheeks apart, gaping her hole. Fawzi pushed the head of the dildo inside.

She started wailing immediately. Fawzi had to hold her still so her could he could push it in deeper. The rim of her ass stretched all the way around the dildo, squeezing it.

"Too much to handle?" said Mike laughing. He leaned forward a flipped a switch and the dildo buzzed to life. She cried out now and I couldn't help smile at the sight of this bitch's ass with a huge dildo sticking out vibrating. We watched her for a minute, stroking our dicks. And then Fawzi pulled out the dildo and rammed his dick inside. She was still screaming, calling Fawzi a fucker, and he reached around and clamped his hand over her mouth while he plowed her ass. A whimper came out of her mouth with every thrust.

"Want me to cum in your sweet little ass?" he muttered as he fucked her. His back glistened with sweet and his butt cheeks clenched as he grinded into her. He didn't wait to cum before sitting down and placing her on top of him. Cum and pussy juice ran down her thighs as he continued to fuck her ass. Fawzi opened his mouth and sucked on her nipples while she bounced on top of him. She tried to push his head away when he started biting but he just plunged deeper into her ass so she'd have another pain to worry about, his face buried in her tits and soon he sat back and shouted, raising his hips so he could fill her ass with cum. He pushed her off him and then spread her ass so we could all see his cum ooze out of her hole.

Mike didn't even wait for Fawzi to move. He went right up to her ass and shoved his cock into her hole. She cried out as he tried to push it in, but her ass must have been too tight. He shoved his head in, but even when he grabbed her shoulders and tried to back her onto his dick he couldn't get it in.

"Get her on her head," said Fawzi. "That should make it easier."

Mike flipped her onto her back and then pushed her legs over her head. I pulled her feet so Mike would have better access to her ass. I had to hand it to her, she was handling it pretty well. She hadn't tried to run away or anything and now she was hardly struggling as Mike started to push into her ass again. She was practically on her head. He got half his cock in before he pulled out and tried again, this time raising her so she was only on her head. When she whimpered he pushed in even harder, putting his whole weight into it. Hearing her scream made me want to cum and I wished she was on her hands and knees so I could fuck her throat. But I didn't mind watching as Mike fucked her. At first he went slowly until he stretched her ass out enough, and soon he was pummeling her. She gave short squeaks every time he pounded into her. Mike pushed her head down into the couch so she'd shut up and didn't let her up until he came. Then he hopped down, grabbed her dark hair and pulled her head up to is cock.

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