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Breaking Layla


"Give me two more reps and we'll be done," I grunted to Layla. "Come on, you can do this!"

I watched as she pushed the weights above her head, her enormous breasts protruding out. Her long brunette hair was pulled into a perfect ponytail as her soft skin glistened in the lights. She had a drop of sweat rolling down her left cheek. It made me thirsty. We had been working out together for months, each of us with our own goals to reach.

I had been attracted to her from the very first time we met, maybe even from the very first time we spoke. Standing just over 6 feet tall, Layla was a goddess, thick in all the right places with breasts that just wouldn't quit. Just looking at her brought me to my knees. She stood much taller than me but that was a turn on. I had always wanted to climb Mount Layla.

"Let's hit the showers!" I cheered as she completed her last set of reps.

Layla stood up from the machine, tilted her head from side to side, tugged on her tight black workout pants, and pulled her top down just enough that I could see the top of her breasts heaving up and down, drops of dew trickling between them. I walked behind her as we made our way to the ladies locker room, watching her ass sway from side to side. As she neared the door, I swung my towel against her ass, giving it a nice whip.

"What the hell?" I heard her whimper in front of me, reaching behind to rub the spot I just slapped. I stood there and laughed, head pointed towards the sky, trying desperately not to hit the floor. "I'm sorry," I chuckled, "but your ass just screamed 'spank me please!'".

Layla headed towards her locker in the back corner of the room. She put her towel down on the bench and reached for her lock. I opened my box, grabbed my showering accessories and started towards the showers. I looked over my shoulder to see Layla following close behind, wearing nothing but her towel. Her height made the towel look like a mini dress, barely covering her pussy. I bit my bottom lip as I hung my towel on the hook by my shower then reached in to start the water but quickly turned it off.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

I gave no answer, just smiled. She shook her head, removed her towel, and hung it up neatly. As she diverted her attention to adjusting her own water, I walked behind her, pressed my body into hers and reached around to grope her tits. Layla gasped in shock and tried to turn around. With one hand firmly squeezing her breast, my free hand pressed her body against the wall. Using one of my legs, I swept hers apart as if to conduct my own cavity search.

"What the hell are you doing?" she questioned. "We are in public."

My hand moved from her back and I ran it up the inside of her thigh, very slowly making its way towards her pussy. I inched closer and closer, then ran it up the opposite thigh, again so slowly that I could feel her legs start to tremble a little. Using the pointer finger and thumb, I grabbed a hold of her nipple and pinched it hard then moved me hand over to the other breast and repeated the pinching on her already erect nipple. I licked my middle finger and slid it between her slit heading towards her clit.

I could feel Layla's clit throbbing harder and harder as I continued to work my other hand back and forth over her breasts, squeezing them harder and harder. Her juices covered my fingers and it was only fair that she got the first taste. I spun her around, facing me, and reached up for her shoulder, forcing her down to the ground. I grabbed a hold of her face, brought her lips towards mine, and pressed them together. Her mouth parted just slightly and soon our tongues were wrestling for position. I pulled back and squeezed her beautiful mouth open enough to slide my pussy covered finger into her mouth. She licked and sucked the juice off my finger then looked up and me and smiled.

I reached my hand down and helped her up off the floor. With my other hand, I pulled the shower curtain back and nodded my head towards the flowing water. She shook her head side to side. My eyes widened. Was she really telling me no?

"Get in the damn shower," I commanded her.

"I, I can't," she replied.

Instantly, my hand reached back and swatted forward, striking her firmly on the ass. I reached it up again and swung harder. "Are you going to make me tell you again? You really don't want me to have to tell you again. Now get in the shower!"

Like a good girl she entered the shower and stood under the water. I stepped in behind her and watched as the water cascaded over her body. My hands reached up pushed her hair out of her face. She leaned forward and our lips touched once more. They moved slowly and passionately one over the other, my teeth gently tugging on her bottom lip. My hand reached back up and grabbed a handful of hair and yanked it back. My lips wandered over to her ear where I whispered, "You are such a slut," as I pushed her to her knees.

Layla's body leaned back towards the wall as I carefully straddled her chest, my shaved pussy right in her face. I looked down at her sternly, waiting for her to take her first taste. Her hands cupped my ass and pulled my body closer towards her and I shivered as I felt the tip of her tongue lightly stroke the outside of my mound. All I could do was gasp. For months I had waited for the right moment to take advantage and there we were, wet and ready.

One hand parted my lips and before I knew it, her long tongue was flicking my rock hard clit. She circled it faster, then slower, faster, then slower, over and over again. I moaned in delight as it plunged deep into the dark hole, my juices dripping on her tongue, lips, and down her chin. She pressed her gorgeous face hard against my crotch as her teeth bit down on my pulsating clit. The pain sent shivers up and down my spine. I reached down, grabbed her hair and pulled her face back.

I fell to my knees, our bodies jumbled in the tight confines of the shower. My lips kissed down her neck, over her left breast, finding her nipple to place between my teeth. They nibbled softly at first, biting a little harder, and then letting up before kissing over to her other breasts to do the same. My hands massaged her HH tits as my face shoved between them.

"Stand up," I moaned and as Layla started to stand, I grabbed a hold of both nipples and yanked on them. She uttered a sound that I couldn't even begin to describe as she made her way to her feet. My fingers gave a long hold on each nipple before finally letting go of them. I looked up to see her smiling...she LIKED it!

She stood above me, one leg over each of my shoulders. Taking two fingers, I pushed them deep into her cunt, my thumb rubbing on her clit. My middle finger worked hard to find her g spot, but once found, it tapped hard against it. I watched as he knees wobbled, her chest moved rapidly up and down, up and down, again and again. I pulled my thumb off her clit and quickly used the tip of my tongue to trace an upper case A followed by a lower case a, then an upper case B, lower case b, my fingers still plummeting in and out of her soaking wet pussy.

I pulled my fingers out for a brief moment to reach for the bottle of conditioner sitting in the corner and applied a squirt to my middle finger. I tossed the bottle back on the ground and slid my two fingers back inside, again finding her g spot, tongue still tracing the alphabet on throbbing clit. Before I could hear any objections, my well conditioned finger slid its way into her super tight, pink little asshole. Layla screamed out, "Oh God!" as her holes was plunked and her clit teased and sucked. I watched in astonishment as her hips had begun to gyrate up and down, left to right, front to back. My little whore liked her holes filled.

My tongue slide back off her clit and delved inside her, freeing up one of my hands to reach up and squeeze those nipples again. I flicked each one before pulling hard on them, finger slightly stretching her ass, cunt full of tongue. Her hips worked my face like a bull and I watched as her head flipped all the way back, teeth gnawing into her lip, ready to get her ultimate release. Sliding my two fingers back inside her, I pulled my face back.

"That's it you fucking little slut!" I bellowed, "Cum for me!"

Her hands reached out to the walls steadying herself as her legs buckled. I stared at Layla as she opened her mouth and let out a roar that could have woke the dead! She slid down until her ass hit the floor which was my cue to pull out. Her whole body just trembled as she sat there. I kneeled, smiling at my work for a few moments, and turned off the water before getting up. I reached for the curtain and pulled it back. I grabbed my towel of the hook and patted myself dry then lifted hers off the hook and tossed it to her.

I smiled as she shook, her hands trembling as she dried herself off. She sat on the bench between the groups of showers trying to catch her breath. I quickly turned to her, leaned over to her ear and whispered, "this is just the beginning...."

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