Breaking Mrs. Spencer


Sensing his victory over my spirit, Deon grabbed my left hand and placed it around his dark pole. I could barely fit my hand around it, but I was compelled to gently squeeze it and slide my hand slowly back and forth around its girth, admiring the power he wielded between his thighs. He moved directly behind me again and it was clear that he wanted me to guide his cock back into my pussy.

I couldn't believe I was standing there about to give in to my teenaged rapist but the heat from his throbbing steel cock was so intoxicating. My pussy was sizzling with desire and it was like a gravitational pull was drawing the mushroom tip of his rod ever closer to my snatch. My hand was trembling as I tugged his cock and brought the head to the entrance of my dripping cunt.

"You know you want this big black dick bitch. Stop wasting time and let me fuck you." He whispered in my ear. The warmth of his breath cascading over my neck washed away any discomfort I'd felt over his use of the word "bitch". I was his slut now and we both knew it. I brought the tip of his cock to my warm slit and moaned as it began to sink inside me. He didn't move forward as I hoped he would. He was going to make me do it completely. I had to surrender all of myself to him.

Once a quarter of his cock was inside me I removed my hand and gripped the kitchen counter with both hands. I then pressed my ass back against him and took his entire length deep into my hole. It was like he'd grown even bigger this time as my walls were stretched to capacity by his juicy black snake. I took my time building up speed, slowly rocking back and forth, until I couldn't take it anymore and started slamming my pussy down the length of his hardness, my ass smacking against his muscular waist as I threw my head from side to side with lust.

I was gasping for air and again I felt his breath against the back of my neck.

"I knew you'd be a good fuck. You walk around teasing men all day with them big titties and those tight jeans. I'm gonna teach you how to respect the power of a big cock."

With that he grabbed my thighs and jackhammered his steel rod deep inside me, causing my body to jerk forward in rhythm to each thrust. Relinquishing all free will, my body longed for him to pick up the pace even faster. I wanted him to fuck all resistance out of me.

"Yes...yesssss." I found myself moaning as he plowed into me from behind. I looked beneath me and saw that my juices had traveled down my leg and were pooling on the tile floor. There was nothing loving or gentle about what he was doing me. He was giving me the fucking that I'd earned with all of my years of cock teasing. He was pounding me for every time I'd shown up at Kyle's school in my low cut blouses, form fitting skirts and high heels.

Since my divorce, I'd kept my pussy under lock and key. The few times I'd dated, I made sure to wear my sexiest clothes and underwear, even though I had no intention of letting a man fuck me. Even with my husband I'd always been somewhat of a prude and only fucked him on my terms. These were not my terms. My son's friend had come into my home and claimed my pussy as his own. He was fucking me in my kitchen like I was a common animal and I was powerless to stop him.

He displayed that power, by bringing his forearm around my neck and pulling me closer against his body as he continued beast fucking me over the sink. I was in bliss as I drooled over the sink in passion. His hand was near my face and I instinctively sucked his thumb into my mouth, lashing my tongue around it and swallowing, worshipping it like a cock. I was too far gone now to ever turn back.

Deon ground his taught hips against my ass and began moving his cock in a circle, hitting my clit at just the right angle and causing me to gasp with delight.

"Oh yessss." I purred. "Just like that...yessssss."

Deon continued to deep stroke me. I wanted more and more of him inside me. I was consumed by the thought of what he was doing to me with my son and his friends only a few feet away from us. I was more turned on than I'd ever been in my entire life.

"That night," Deon whispered in my ear as his cock continued to probe me. "when I had Kyle suck my cock on your couch...I saw you standing up there, watching us the whole time."

"What?" I was completely startled by this remark. I'd suspected that he'd seen me that night, but now he'd confirmed it. I wanted to say more but Deon slammed his hips into me and the words were lost.

"After you went to sleep, I told Kyle I needed to use the bathroom."

"Unngh!" I replied as his cock plowed deeper into me.

"I went upstairs, opened your door and you was spread out on the bed, with yo' legs wide open. Nothing on but yo' bra and them lace black panties. Yo' pussy was just begging me to come in."

"You came in my room? Unngh!" Our bodies were slapping against each other now. He pile-drivered his cock home and despite my confusion, I was still slamming my ass back against his thighs, meeting his every thrust.

He was right, I had been wearing my black lace panties that night. My dream was because he was right my bed!

"I slid between yo' thighs and licked yo' pussy. You was so wet, I had to taste you. So I stuck my tongue inside you and just like I did to Kyle, you reached out and put yo' hand on my head, pressing my tongue deeper inside you.

"No. Unngh!"

"Yeah. You did. I made you come on my tongue. And if I would have had more time, I would've fucked you right then in yo' sleep. You looked so sexy with yo' thighs open and yo' pussy leaking on the bed. I knew that night I was going to fuck you one day, and here we are."

With that he began squeezing my tits while he kissed and licked the back of my neck, sending me into a frenzy. He pinched and squeezed my eraser sized nipples and I reacted by clawing a hunk of his muscular thigh, feeling the sinewy muscles flex and contract each time he drove his cock inside me. My mouth was wide open with lust as he grabbed my hair and tore away at my throbbing snatch, pounding me with the expertise of an older man and the energy and passion that only a young lover could provide.

The image of him, crawling between my legs that night only made me wetter for him. While I was dreaming about his impressive cock, he must have been working his tongue over my willing pussy, lapping at my juices and driving me to orgasm. The thought of my son's black friend, sneaking into my room while I was asleep and taking advantage of my body, was so sexy, it brought me to the tipping point. My body clenched and I knew I was about explode all over his cock.

I came with a shudder as I looked to my right and could see the others still sitting on the deck chatting away. Deon slapped my ass with a loud "SMACK!" and with a series of jerking motions and a loud groan, he dumped his load in my worn out pussy. As he filled me with his cum, I came a second time, my eyes literally rolling in the back of my head and my body contorting uncontrollably.

Deon pulled out of me and I collapsed over the sink.

"Mrs. Spencer?"


"I need you to turn around, get on yo' knees and clean my cock in appreciation for all that I've done for you and yo' son."

As if in a trance I turned around and dropped to my knees. I knew his cock was huge but it was nothing like seeing that black monster inches from my face. Even if it was beginning to soften, it was still like nothing I'd ever seen. I was now face to face with what Kyle had seen that night on the couch. My mouth watered with anticipation of fitting that black monster between my lips. It was at that moment I understood why my son had given in to his lust and devoured Deon's cock. It was a beautiful masterpiece of manhood and I smacked my lips, working up more than enough saliva to allow him to slide effortlessly into my throat.

I grabbed the length in my hands and just as I'd seen Kyle do that night on the couch, I made love to Deon's thick cock with my mouth. I kissed and licked until he came back to life. Once he was completely hard, Deon gripped the sides of my head and pumped his shaft in and out of my greedy lips. My head was pressed against the sink cabinets as he face fucked me silly. The smacking and slurping sounds I made around his cock only served to arouse me more as I fingered myself to another orgasm.

Soon I took a mouthful of cum right in my kitchen, swallowing as much as I could before watching the rest drip onto my heaving breasts. Deon tossed me the beach towel from the floor and I wiped his molten lava from my chest and chin. I then cradled his softening meat in my hands, bathing his cock with my tongue until his rod was sparkling clean.

Finally catching my breath, I came to my senses and stood to my feet. "Well we'd better get started washing these dishes. The others are probably wondering what we've been doing in here all this time.

Deon nodded and we quickly started on the dishes. I washed. Deon dried.

"One more thing Mrs. Spencer." Deon added.


"You do understand that you belong to me now?"

"As long as you promise not to fuck Kyle, we can keep things going between us." I couldn't believe that I'd just agreed to be his cock slut in exchange for him staying out of Kyle's ass, but I was past the point of caring about resisting him. He'd awaken a side of me that I never knew existed. And I was determined to have that perfect black cock for as long as I could.

"Understood." He replied while I handed him another dish. "I'll still let him suck me off, because he likes that and it would probably hurt his feelings if I didn't let him keep doing it. But I promise I won't fuck Kyle's ass as long as you let me do what I want with that fine ass body of yours. Agreed?"

Without hesitation, I nodded my head. I'd just agreed that my son could keep sucking his cock but I didn't care. I was willing to do whatever Deon asked me to.

"Good." He said while rubbing my ass and sliding a finger along my slit. "Because Shawn thinks you're hot too. And I'm sure he would love to tap that plump little ass too."


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what I learned about dropping a knife to floor

When you have the right stuff like Deon , you can give up the control to emphasize that you have all of it. If you really lust for someone and want to f**k them right, gotta put the knife down at somemore...

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