tagLoving WivesBreaking Point

Breaking Point

byBig Gunz©

It did not take Kari Smyth very long to decide that she was going to fuck Gavin Mitchell.

After putting up with her husband Jeffery's numerous adulterous indiscretions over the course of their marriage, she had finally had enough. The incident that at long last pushed her to the limit took place earlier in the evening at a formal function she had attended with her husband for his company.

The event had been held at a swanky downtown hotel and was attended by most employees of Jeffery's company. Kari had know of her husband's penchant for cheating on her and had generally accepted them as part of the exchange for the high lifestyle which he provided for her. Lately, she had come to suspect that his latest lover was one of the new sales reps that worked under him, a bubbly young grad named Marina who was hired just a few months earlier. Kari had seen her at a couple of corporate parties and had been through enough of Jeffery's affairs to spot the telltale signs - stolen glances, awkward conversation, avoidance of directly mentioning her name, etc. Ever the faithful wife, Kari put on a good front and pretended not to notice anything, just as she had done so many times in the past. Even when she caught a glimpse of the two of them intimately talking as soon as she was off to the restroom, she held her tongue. It was the exchange that occurred shortly after she returned from freshening up that set Kari off.

About 10 minutes after she rejoined her husband, Jeffery informed his wife that something had come up at work and he would need to go to the office right away to take care of it. He also suggested that the task at hand would likely keep him out late into the night. Noticing that her husband's suspected lover had already left the event, Kari quickly jumped to the conclusion that the pair had arranged a rendezvous, likely in a room upstairs, during their little meeting a few minutes prior. Every the caring husband, he also informed her that he had arranged a ride home for her with one of his sales reps - Gavin Mitchell...

As she stared out the widow during the car ride back to her home, Kari fumed. She had put up with the affairs, even turned a blind eye countless times when she saw a woman she thought her husband was sleeping with, but this cavalier action Jeffery took tonight was the breaking point. Arranging a tryst with his young lover, almost right in front of her, then sending her on her way with one of his employees? Even she had her limits to the humiliation she was willing to endear.

Turning to size up her escort home, Kari's plan quickly took shape. She had met Gavin numerous times, and had always found him attractive. He was about 10-12 years her junior, probably around 30, and definitely look to be in shape. About six feet tall with brown hair and a handsome face that revealed just a hint of boyish charm. He will do just nicely, she thought...

She insisted that he come in for a drink, a thank-you for being kind enough to drive her home. With little resistance, the young man agreed and followed his boss' wife into their upscale suburban ranch. Watching Gavin pour a couple of glasses of scotch from their living room bar, Kari worked on mustering the confidence to execute her plan.

Already riding an emotional wave of pent-up anger and resentment, Kari was now adding lust and ego to the mix. The young man she was about to attempt to seduce easily supplied ammunition for the lust factor, after all just the thought of another man making love to her, let alone a handsome younger man, would have been enough to turn the heat up. The ego facet came from her wanting to prove something to herself, and in effect, her husband. She was pushing 42, and deep down she knew she wanted to prove to herself that she could still get this young guy to want her. She wanted to know that she was still desirable, even if her husband was off fucking some young thing almost half her age.

Joining her prey at the bar, she took a deep breath and went for it. Taking a quick belt of the scotch to calm her nerves, she then looked him right in the eye and said, "Jeffery is having an affair."

Sipping scotch himself, Gavin almost choked on the smoky alcohol, "What?" he mumbled into his glass.

"With some little tramp at the office," she added.

"I, I don't know what to say." he offered, a dumbfounded look on his face.

"That's where he is right now you know, fucking her," her confidence was building. "That's why he sent me home with you."

"I'm so sorry Kari," he said, genuinely heartfelt. "I had no idea."

"Yeah well, I can deal with it," she replied, a sly little smile creeping over her lips. "Maybe I should just get myself some hot young stud to fuck too."

"Ah, I don't think that..." he started, too shocked by what he was hearing to even find the words.

"You wouldn't know anybody like that would you?" she asked him, placing her glass on the bar and moving closer to him.

"I, um..." he stumbled.

"I thought maybe I'd already found him." she interrupted, taking his glass from him and setting it down beside hers.

Kari took him by surprise as she placed her hands on the sides of his face and kissed him forcefully. Her right hand slid around his neck and clutched at his hair, while her tongue flickered softly against his. She was pushing against him, her thigh brushing against his leg, her breasts rubbing against his chest. Slowly she broke the kiss and leaned back from him.

"Kari... I..." he started, in complete amazement at what was happening.

"Don't you find me attractive Gavin?" she asked, backing away from the astonished young man to give him a better look.

Kari was a very attractive woman. She was a slim five feet six inches tall with shoulder length blonde hair, which she always kept in sexy curls fresh from the salon, making her look younger than her age. Her skin was slightly tanned, but smooth and wrinkle free, and she kept herself in great shape. Slender and toned, she had a decent size chest, with little sag, and shapely legs that rose up into a firm little ass. Tonight she was wearing a very figure hugging little black dress, a thinly strapped number, finishing just above the knee, with a neckline that plunged down far enough to show off a fairly ample amount of cleavage. Her curvy legs were clad in black stockings and bottomed out into a pair of four inch spiked heels. As usual, her curly golden locks fell in spirals down her neck and onto her shoulders.

"I... of course I do Kari, you're a very beautiful woman." he finally managed to spit out. "But..."

Regardless of his protests, she could already see the increasing bulge starting to grown in his pants. Undeterred, she pressed on. Moving back towards Gavin she reached up and slowly trailed her fingers down the front of his shirt, stopping to grab his tie and pull him in closer to her. She lifted her eyes to meet his and slowly moved her hand to the side and gently rubbed his nipple through his shirt. Her fingers roamed over his chest, playing with his nipple and stroking his muscles. Slowly their mouths came together, gently embracing each other's tongues as they pulled closer.

Gradually, his hands found their way onto Kari's body, and his fingers soon began to explore her. His hands moved slowly up to meet her chest, greeted by the erect nipples pressing out against the thin material of her dress and smooth silk bra. His touch was gentle, send burning shockwaves into her already wet pussy. His body was becoming hard against her as well, his eyes widening as she slowly moved her hand down over his hip and onto his thigh.

Without a word, she knelt in front of Gavin, her hand trailing onto his crotch. Her fingers found the button of his trousers and freed it immediately, quickly followed by his zipper. Reaching into his boxers, she slowly released his aching member.

Lowering her head towards his throbbing cock, Kari leaned in as tiny kissed flowed from her lips and travelled down his shaft, from the head of his dick down to his balls. His cock aching for more attention, he grabbed a handful of her blonde curls and pulled her closer to his manhood. Relenting her teasing, she finally kissed the head and parted her lips, engulfing his prick in the warm silky wetness of her mouth.

Gavin let out a low moan as her tongue followed in line with her mouth, running across the underside of his cock as her lips slid up and down. She leaned her head back and looked up at him as she held his rock hard penis in both hands and rolled her tongue around its bulbous head. I sly smile on his face, his fingers started running through her curls as she started sucking as hard as she could. He moaned as she flicked her tongue against the head of his dick and then began to move her head at a faster pace. Her left hand was now caressing his dick at the same incredible rhythm as her mouth, never once parting her lips to allow his cock to slip from her mouth. She felt his prick twitch as he neared orgasm, and she quickly pulled off of him.

Stunned, he could barely react as Kari stood and cupped his face in her hands, kissing his forcefully. Their tongues entwined and he could taste his own salty pre-cum on her lips.

"Unzip my dress," she whispered as she pulled away.

Dutifully, Gavin reached behind her and eased down the zipper. With a little shrug as she step back from him, the dress fell silently to the floor.

Kari stood before her new lover in her black silk bra and matching panties. Attached at the bottom were suspenders, holding her perfectly fitted black stockings. Completing the looks was her four inch heels.

"You like?" she asked.

"Oh yes," he replied as he moved towards her.

She arched her back and pushed her chest against his as her took her in his arms as his mouth descended on hers, their tongues dancing against one another. His strong hands were quickly reaching around her back, fingers aiming to unhook her bra. With a sudden pop, her bra was pushed off as his eyes looked in to hers before he descended down to her chest.

Gavin's hands slowly cupped the undersides of her breasts and lifted them, his tongue descending upon her tits, flicking her nipples with powerful strokes and sending electric jolts through her body. She threw her head back in ecstasy, a shower of golden locks cascading onto her shoulders as she tilted back. Eyes closed and moaning, she felt his grip on her tits become even tighter as his tongue assaulted her nipples more insistently.

Reality struck Kari momentarily, and a pang of guilt hit her as her breast were being pleasured by a man other than her husband. Brushing those deterring feelings aside, she concentrated on the adrenaline pumping though her. Looking down at her lover, she met his eyes and stared into them, his gaze almost asking her to tell him what she wanted.

"Eat my pussy," she whispered.

Moving towards the living room couch, Gavin quickly removed his shirt and tie and finished taking off his pants and boxers as she positioned herself on the seat. Kneeling before her, she pushed her hips forward as he undid her garters and together they pulled off her panties. Her neatly trimmed mound was now level with his head. Reaching under her, he ran his open palms up the back of her stocking clad thighs until they rested on her firm ass as she closed her eyes in anticipation. Pulling her hungry cunt towards him, he drove his tongue deep into her.

"Oh yes!" Kari cried out.

He ran his tongue between her wet pussy lips and found her swollen red clit. Immediately he began to lick and suck her relentlessly. Her nipples hard with lust, she began to caress her breasts as he ate her pussy. She took a nipple between each thumb and forefinger and squeezed until the pleasure was almost painful. Her cunt was hot with desire as he lapped furiously at her clit while she continued to pinch her nipples harder. Nearing climax and moaning almost non-stop, she released her aching breasts and took hold of his head, pushing his mouth hard against her ravenous pussy.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" she screamed, as her orgasm erupted, sending a wave of pleasure over her rigid body. Gavin felt her legs begin to fold and he slowly pulled away and rose up to sit on the couch next to her.

"That was amazing," she whispered as she pulled him to her lips and a passionate kiss.

He pulled away quickly and with a smile replied, "Well we're not done yet."

Kari gave him a wicked grin and then began to kiss his shoulders and neck as she manoeuvred herself into a new position, straddling his crotch and placing her wet pussy against his cock. Her hips moved gently against his and her cunt slid against his dick. She quickly began massaging her breasts and running her hand over her clit. The head of his penis hit her clit and she moaned into his ear. His hands found their way to her hips, gliding her crotch even more against him. His tongue then made it's way to her tits, making her squirm even more against his hard cock. His manhood gently parted the lips of her pussy completely around it's length. He pulled her against him, grinding her cunt harder against him. His tongue was burning against her tits while his dick pushed harder and harder against her aching mound.

Gavin's cock was thick with her juices now, rubbing in a steady rhythm against her clit, almost causing her to scream out in ecstasy. The slow, steady rubbing almost made her come as his shaft slid along her pussy, getting closer to pushing inside of her with each movement. Finally, the head of his dick slid halfway inside of her.

"Oh yes!" Kari cried out as she clutched his shoulders and pushed down onto him almost the entire rest of the way. She moaned as his cock gently started moving inside of her. The next stroke sent his dick deeper inside. "Yes!" she howled.

Her pussy was on fire and she was moaning almost every other thrust. She clutched his shoulders as his mouth trailed down her chest and his tongue circled her tit an flicked at her nipple. Her hips began to take over, circling around the base of his cock than up to the tip and back down again.

"Oh yes!" she cried out, "Fuck me!"

Gavin reached behind her, taking a fist full of her blonde curls and yanking it back. She let out a yell, but kept riding him, ever more urgently. Suddenly her body lurched forward and their mouths came together. He grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her down onto his dick as her hips instantly sped faster, his hands holding her in place of several long slow stokes. Their mouths parted as Kari shook uncontrollably with a powerful orgasm. She moaned wildly as he held her against him and gently slipped back and forth inside her.

When the shaking stopped, she slowly moved off of him and back onto the couch beside him.

"Get on your knees." he told her.

Still glowing in ecstasy, Kari quickly turned over, assuming the doggy-style position leaning onto the arm of the couch. He began to rub his cock against her extraordinarily wet pussy. He rubbed first against her ass, then down almost to her waiting cunt, but moved to rub against her clit.

"Tell me what you want." he ordered her.

"Fuck me," she begged. "Oh God, fuck me!"

With that Gavin pounded inside her as his fingers clutched her ass roughly then slid up her sides to cup her breasts. She pushed back against him, her hands pressing against the arm of the couch for leverage. His movements inside her were slow, out to the tip and then half of the way in for a couple of strokes, then all the way in. He pumped harder, slamming into her as he began to feel his climax rising. Her breathing has now become a series of grunts, animal lust driving her to another orgasm of her own. His hands moved away from her tits and he once again grabbed a mitt-full of her golden locks. He began to time the thrusts of his hips with the tugging of her hair.

"Oh yes Kari!" he cried out, his fuck-pace quickening.

Approaching the verge of ecstasy once again, she continued to push back with each surge of his cock. "Fuck me Gavin, fuck me!" she screamed.

Sensing his orgasm was imminent, he tightened his grip on her hair and pulled her head back towards him as he slammed his cock into her. "C'mon Kari, show me how much of a cheating little slut you are." he whispered into her ear before shoving her head down and grabbing hold of her hips with both hands. He began furiously pumping into her, ready to come any second.

Gasping for breath in between thrusts, she knew they were both about to blow. "Yes baby," she wheezed, "Fuck me! Fuck me like the cheating whore I am! Make me your slut! Fuck me like the slut I am!"

She pushed against him as his body shuddered, her pussy clamping down on his ejaculating cock inside of her. Kari slowly moved back and forth onto his prick, his come oozing from her cunt as her body shivered with another little orgasm of her own. He fell against her back, enjoying the last few quivers going through their bodies as they caught their breath.

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This reminded me of the first time I had sex with my wife. We met when she was dating a friend of mine. I knew her about 4 months when it all went down. At a party she caught her boyfriend having a quickiemore...

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