tagFetishBreath Control Pt. 05

Breath Control Pt. 05


7. The Handsmother Torture

'Mummy didn't tell me she'd got another slave,' she chatted, amused at him swinging from the ceiling, 'And she certainly didn't tell me it was going to be a mother-fucking arsehole who photographs me when I'm pissed and not looking my best.'

She took a sip, savouring the taste. 'Then I thought it's been such a time since we've had a fully new slave that needed breaking in. You see, it's the breaking in that's really enjoyable. Well, the other,' she laughed, 'I mean the usual torture afterwards is lovely too, but really the best bit to me is torturing you more and more until you're at breaking point.' She took another sip. 'And that, my poor little smother slave, can take months...'

Carefully placing her empty glass safely, she lowered the almost dry captive to the floor and released him from the hoist. As she untied the ankle chains he was about to slump on the floor when she prodded him with the riding crop.

'Over there,' she said to the exhausted wretch, giving him a flip from the crop and pointing with it to the cross on the wall.

He wearily hobbled across the room where she made him stand spread-eagled with his back to the wall. She grinned as she fixed his wrists and ankles into the chain fetters, standing back to admire her handiwork.

'Please don't do any more to me,' he said quietly, surprised at now being able to speak for the first time since the tortures began.

'Why ever not?' she asked, amused at his impudence.

'This is much too hard for me,' he replied meekly, conscious of keeping her from becoming annoyed. 'If at all possible I'd like to leave now.'

'Aren't you enjoying yourself?' she enquired, arching an eyebrow.

'No... please... can you let me go?' he gasped in despair.

'But you came here of your own free will, didn't you?' she said, enjoying the moment of levity.

'Yes but now'd like to go, please,' he persisted, meekly.

Grinning, she told him: 'Ask me nicely. Go on, beg me.'

'Please... please... don't do any more to me, I beg you,' he pleaded.

'So what would you have me do?' she tittered.

'Please... I... beg... you... to ... let... me... go,' he implored.

'You... you'd like to leave?' she chuckled, hands on hips. 'And if I released you now you'd go away and not tell anyone what we do in this house?'

'Oh yes,' he answered. 'You would never hear from me again.'

She stood staring at him with a wide smirk, then threw back her head and laughed. Turning, she retrieved the ball gag, forcing it into his mouth. He struggled, twisting his head, his protestations stifled, but she managed to secure it in place.

'If you think it's too hard for you now,' she sniggered, 'wait for a few weeks and see how much harder it gets.'

His eyes began to look terrified as she grabbed either side of his face preventing him from turning, and deftly used a thumb from either hand to push his nostrils together.

'No, no breathing for you,' she sniggered. She had sadistically, deliberately stopped him from breathing just as he was exhaling. Now there was very little air in his lungs.

'The last smother slave we had was quite plain really,' she merrily chatted, enjoying the effect on his tormented face of smothering him. 'I must say you're quite good looking, which makes a nice change,' she said, pressing harder to stop him from turning his head to one side and thus escaping her oppressive thumbs.

Her face came close to his and her voice changed to an almost seductive whisper: 'I love doing this to you. I just adore suffocating, it's something I've always enjoyed doing.' Her tongue-tip glided across her top lip seductively. 'And soon I'm going to make you do something to me which no human being should make another person do.'

She laughed at that, releasing her thumbs, bursting into a fit of giggles at the sounds of snorting he made to inhale. As quick as a flash she pinched his nose with one hand and grabbed his twisting head with the other.

By her expression he knew she was deriving great enjoyment from his discomfort. She kept checking with the clock and looking back at his agonised face with a huge grin on her pretty lush lips. Then she'd look at how he was completely secured in his chains as if to reinforce how helpless he was.

'Only another minute to go,' she smilingly informed him, knowing full well the extent of agony she was inflicting already.

His throat made suppressed groaning noises which caused her to laugh even more.

'I know, it's horrible, isn't it?' she said, smirking. 'But it's just so right, doing this to you.'

She subjected him to this type handsmother torture for another hour. His exhaustion only seemed to increase her passion for suffocating him further. Eventually she allowed him to breathe and released his mouth from the constriction of the ball gag.

'You've got a nice big nose,' she noted. 'It'll do very nicely.'

'N... o... m... o... r... e...,' he panted tiredly. 'I... can't... take... any... more...'

Ignoring his pleadings she said sharply: 'Let me see your tongue.'

He was now so tired he obediently poked out his tongue.

'I want to see it right out,' she ordered, grabbing its tip in her long fingernails and pulling it hard.

It extended a bit more, making it go as far as it could.

'That will do very nicely too,' she said, pleased. 'Much bigger than the last one.'

She untied him, and commanded him to get on his back onto the smother table.

He dreaded to even think about what she was going to do to him next.

8. Oral Slavery

In moments he was immobilised again, but with his head unrestricted this time. She had a reason for this and he was just about to find out why.

Grinning down at his imploring eyes she straddled his neck with her back to him and promptly lowered herself down onto his neck. Her bottom stared at him in the face, resting against his chin as she sat full weight on his throat.

Futilely, he wrested his head from side to side as far as he could. His chin kept rubbing into her bottom crease. From the sound of her giggles she was liking the affect this was having.

His face reddened from the pressure on his windpipe. She threw back her head and laughed at his predicament.

'Come on, I'm not that heavy.'

He couldn't inhale, merely wheeze, and the build-up of discomfort only made her laugh even more.

'Is my bum smelly?' she smirked down at him over her shoulder. 'It jolly well should be after a few hours horse riding.'

His face had gone an even deeper crimson and his eyes were beginning to bulge.

'If you want to breathe you're going to have to do something for me,' she sniggered.

Raising herself slightly so her backside eased slightly from his windpipe she leaned forward making her bottom more accessible. She giggled at his severe inhalations. She always found the sound very amusing.

'Sniff my bum,' she gleefully ordered. She watched him to see his reaction.

The normal colour of his face had begun to return. His face screwed up at the thought of doing her bidding. He hesitated.

'I said sniff my beautiful arse!' she commanded, thrusting her posterior immediately in his face. Reluctantly, he leaned forward to place his nose to her bottom crease.

'I want to hear you sniffing it,' she said, wriggling it in front of him.

He had no choice. If this is what she wanted he'd have to do it. After all, it wasn't the worst thing one person could make another do.

The sound of him sniffing made her snigger a lot. The smell reminded him of strong cheese.

'Keep on sniffing that lovely bum,' she laughed, savouring the humiliation she was making him endure.

'Now I want you to clean it,' she said, bending down even more to make it easier for him to comply. She turned to see his face looking puzzled. 'With your tongue, silly,' she added. 'I want you to lick my arse so it's the cleanest arse in the world.'

'No, no, please don't make me do that,' he pleaded.

She slumped back down on his throat, raising her feet of the floor so her entire weight rested on his throat.

'Your mouth belongs to me, you're going to lick my bum if it's the last thing you do, slave,' she told him, annoyed.

She glanced at the second hand on the clock. 'And for that you'll smother for two whole minutes.'

Two minutes! He was suffocating badly now, and two minutes is a long time when there's no air in your lungs. He was now regretting his disobedience.

'Have you ever heard of the term analingus?' she asked, smirking. 'Well, how can I put it, it's when one person has their rectum licked by someone else.'

She surveyed his look of a mixture of tormented agony and horror caused her great amusement..

'Let me tell you how I like it,' she told him, 'First I like you to lick all around the edges of my crack and then you slowly work your way inside my crack and finally wiggle your tongue onto my bum hole.' She was thoroughly enjoying herself with this type of humiliating torture.

His face was going crimson. This was the worst thing in the world.

'Then you've got to lick all the way round my rim until I'm ready to take your tongue right up my anus,' she smirked. 'But do it very slowly, and as you're going up inside really wriggle your tongue around.'

'Only another minute,' she smilingly informed him, wriggling her weight on his windpipe. 'Oh, and another thing, I want you to get your tongue up inside my arse as far as you can. You'll have to suck on it as well to make your tongue-tip go right up though.'

Glancing down at his near-purple face, screwed up in absolute agony, she raised herself from his windpipe, gleefully laughing at the pain-racked choking and inhalations.

While he was recovering she pushed her bottom near to his nose and rubbed the crease against it. The tight beige shorts clung to her body, with only half a round cheek bulb on each side and her crease revealed.

'Lick it,' she ordered. 'Lick it like I told you.'

He knew he had to do whatever she wanted. He was completely and utterly at her mercy. There was no choice but to let her make him debase himself purely for her sadistic pleasure.

Reluctantly, and with a look of disgust, he touched her buttock with his tongue and began to lick it. He duly complied, his tongue moving all across the anal flesh showing outside the shorts.

'Just a teensiest bit closer to my crack,' she sniggered, watching him performing the degrading act. 'All over, that's it, and do it like you love it.'

His tongue slaked across her bottom flesh, working it's way across from the plump curvatures of her buttock to encroach into the beginning of her crease.

'Mhh, not bad for a first attempt,' she sniggered. 'Keep up the good work or I'll really hurt you.'

He continued licking her bottom cheek all over before moving onto the proffered other one.

'Now lick all round my crack and when you've finished I want you to rim me,' she breathed, her voice now betraying the enjoyment she was deriving so much from forcing him to demean himself, whilst at the same time it was enhancing the pleasurable feeling.

The bitter taste of the insides of her anal crease made him flinch. But he proceeded to orally clean her bottom for fear of another smothering. This went on for quite a while before she pushed his face away. Still laughing at the inevitability of what she was going to force him to do, she turned to straddle his neck, facing him.

He began to cry, the experience she was forcing him to perform finally hitting home. Tears coursed down his face.

'Oh, this is just perfect,' she moaned, as she forced his head back into its restraint and suddenly sank down on his windpipe.

The immediate effect of her weight on his windpipe was to make his face grow increasingly red.

'Now comes the best part,' she grinned down at his distressed face. 'Don't forget, rim me first then slowly push your tongue up my bum hole,' she smirked. 'Go it?'

His reddening, suffocating eyes blinked back an acknowledgement.

'Now rim me,' she then ordered hoarsely, Lifting herself off, she moved to straddle his face. His tortuous inhalations were stifled almost immediately, as she sat down directly down onto his face, parting her buttocks and pressing her crack right into his mouth. Her moistened vulva, within the thin flexible material, forced itself oppressively over his nose, encasing it.

Although he couldn't now breathe through his nose and could hardly breathe with his mouth his tongue tip sallied around her anal muscle, wending its way in circular movements to the moans of his tormentress. The only time he could inhale was if she shifted her backside slightly from the pleasure.

'Now you've got to finish me off,' she breathed, staring intently down at her victim's eyes between her thighs.

'There's only one more thing to know,' she told him, grinning. 'While your doing it you won't be able to breathe at all so I want you to keep on doing it until you pass out. Understand?'

His eyes, poking out from the curves of her suppressive bottom blinked in agreement.

Looking up at his aggressor, he saw her smiling with delight at his predicament. Her pretty mouth told him : 'I'm going to give you five seconds of breathing then there's nothing but pain for you and pleasure for me. Ready?'

Again his agonised bloodshot eyes blinked.

She rose from his face and gleefully giggled at his choking gaspings. The permitted allocation of seconds went rapidly, before she sat plump down to again smother him.

'Rim me again, then when I tell you work your tongue right up my arse,' she ordered him.

She made him do it for a while until she said: 'Wiggle it into my bum hole.'

It was hard to both cope with being suffocated and at the same time perform such a degrading act to her satisfaction. Her wanton lust for sadistic pleasure had forced him to be in her total control. He both sucked her anal muscle whilst plunging his tongue in as deep as he could get it. Her anal passage's resistance allowed him to work his way up there slowly. The deeper in he went the higher her moans became.

He wriggled his tongue in up to its roots and just as his lungs were bursting and pained groans emanated from the back of his throat she screamed: 'Make your tongue hard!'

Just as his tongue stiffened as commanded, she drove her backside harder into his face, jerking up and down. Carefully, she cruelly ensured he was still unable to breathe, bobbing her anus continuously on his ensnared tongue.

This was too much for any human to endure. She was raping his mouth with her arse! He was suffering badly now and he couldn't last out for much longer. Then the room was filled with a shriek.

It was a passionate cry and it was closely followed by sharp gasps which went on and on until the sparks began to hit his eyes.

The last thing him heard her hiss was: 'Make it harder.'

Then the darkness came and before it became totally black the last thing he heard was her shrieking in ecstasy.

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