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You know your own soul, the reflection that I long for,
you move me to say & want so much more.
Eyes of jade filled with seeping lust & desire,
It's all I can do to prevent from starting my aching fire.
I need to feel you inside of me ...
To have your tongue caresses & feel what you cannot see
deeply involved will we forever be;
I long to know that this isn't a dream
that our heat & passion isn't just steam,
my skin so bare, covered in your delicious stream;
into my open vault so deep
together ever-after we will sleep.
You let go of yourself & become unstoppable,
I'm so hot, so raging, I long to have what I once thought unattainable.
Everytime I see your flesh I want to have my mouth caress,
to suck & nibble, to tease and have you guess,
of all the luscious things I want to do next.
I want you to think of your body & skin between my lips,
my tongue running down across your chest and hips.
My nipples following the path I have created,
are you now feeling the elation?
Responsive to my touch, your hands want to part what is mine,
to call your own, an open me wide.
Drink me in lover, take all that you want,
you deserve all this & more;
For you leave me breathless...

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