tagSci-Fi & FantasyBreathless Ch. 06

Breathless Ch. 06

byEvil Alpaca©

This story is a bit wordy and fairly long, so if you are looking for immediate gratification, you might want to look elsewhere.

The following story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between these character and events and any real person or events is strictly coincidental . . . and pretty darn impressive seeing as it is a science fiction story. Do not reproduce or copy this story without the consent of the author.

This story is based in an alternative universe, where history took a different course than the one we are used to. In this world, the creatures which we now believe to be legends have walked alongside man for the duration of our existence. Vampires, werewolves, wizards, witches, sorcerers, and a host of other beings share our world.

The following story contains, in one chapter or another, lesbian and heterosexual activity in different proportions.

-------------- ----------------

"What's going on?" Officer Vladimir Koloff of the Gravestones Police Department asked as Melissa exited the long silver, windowless trailer that Arbiter Sadie Hewitt called home. It had been a bizarre twenty four hours for all those present.

Just twelve hours earlier, Melissa had died. Overall, she was handling it rather well. Before her last breath had been drawn, her frantic lover Mary had gotten a hold of Sadie and convinced her to save Melissa by Turning her. Sadie had laid with her new daughter below the earth until the sun had risen and set. No one knew what happened in that grave except for Sadie and Mel, and neither of them were talking about it, but Melissa had emerged far more confident and capable than a newborn vampire should.

Things had gone to hell in a hand basket quickly. Vlad had taken over control of the Northwestern werewolf pack in a bloodless coup and brought a number of them to Mary's house to guard the resting vamps. Then they found out that a friend and ally, Terrence McDermott, had been killed for the same reason that Melissa had . . . they had crossed Lord Frost. There would be no second chance for Terrence . . . his second chance had already expired. But in some ways, Frost had failed. Melissa had survived, in a fashion, and now everyone knew what Frost was doing. The vampire lord was arranging a Turning of epic proportions that would put the vampire race at the top of the political food chain in the western world.

But it was the news that Solomon the Blood Saint would be coming to Turn Officer Matt Devlin that had pushed Sadie over the edge, and no one knew why. They only knew that Sadie had come unhinged and had fled back the sanctuary of her own trailer and wouldn't let anyone near her but Melissa.

"She's just muttering to herself," Mel said, sitting on the porch and looking pale. Mary quickly appeared at her side, wrapping her hand in her lover's. Mel's gaze was drawn to an insect darting around a tree only to be eaten by some species of nocturnal bird. She was seeing things as she had never seen them before. She had gone from an analog picture to high-definition, and the difference was amazing . . . as different as night and day. "I don't even think that she saw me," she whispered. "Somehow I know that I need her, but she's cut off from me."

Mel shook her head and tried to bring herself back to the matters at hand. She had to be careful about what she said. Sadie had begged her not to discuss what she saw or felt because according to Sadie, Melissa wasn't exactly a normal Turn. This meant that Sadie wasn't a normal vampire, and Melissa was dying to know what made her so different.

Mary hovered nearby, still glowing with scarcely contained rage. Her lover had been attacked and brought to death's doorstep, and her first friend in a century had apparently lost her mind. To make matters worse, no one was calling for vengeance. She was sure that such vengeance would be righteous, but she could not act unless called upon to act.

"Would you like for me to try again?" the wraith whispered.

Melissa grimaced. "She doesn't want you in there," the girl said sadly. "She's afraid of you right now, but I'm not sure why." She put her head in her hands. "I'm not sure of anything."

Mary put her hand on her lover's shoulder. "Be sure of me," she said. "My feelings for you have not changed. And be sure of Sadie. I could sense how much it pained her . . . this breaking of her vow against Turning. Like you, I wish I understood why --"

"We've got company," Vlad muttered angrily.

Sure enough, a low rumbling of vehicles emanated from the driveway and the gravel driveway crackled underneath a great many tires. Five SUVs and a Gravestones patrol car came trundling into the parking area around Sadie's residence. It was Frost's entourage to be sure. Vampires, including Lord Frost, came pouring out of the larger vehicles and Captain Grom stepped out of the patrol car.

"Captain," Vlad said. "You in a squad car? I'm pretty sure that I just lost the precinct betting pool."

The Captain wanted to smile, but things were too serious. His eyes found Melissa and he had a look of relief. "You're looking . . . pale."

She smiled at him, just a hint fang showing. "I've always been pale. I doubt I'll be trying to tan anytime soon." She glared at Frost as he walked up and stood beside Grom.

"Captain Grom, I must insist that we get down to business. There was an unauthorized Turning and --"

"I am well aware of the law," Grom said. "Don't forget that while you're the Vampire Council representative, you're still a civilian." The captain looked back to Vlad. "Things moved fast Vlad. As soon as Dazza was arrested for what he did to Melissa --"

"What he was accused of doing," Frost tried to correct.

"Shut . . . up." Grom shot a glare. More cop cars were arriving, and things were getting awfully crowded. "But he's right Vlad. Word spread quickly. I got called at home by the Arbiter Bureau, who informed me that until this gets all sorted out, Sadie's status has been revoked. She's on unpaid leave pending investigation."

"She saved Mel!" Vlad growled. "And they're going to punish her?"

"Mortals die," Grom replied. "They don't all get a second chance. It's ugly, but it's part of the rules they made to keep vampire numbers in check and to keep war from breaking out between the mortals and immortals It's worked for thousands of years Vlad. The law is the law. You're a cop, so you know I'm right."

"It's my night off," Vladimir replied coldly. In his own mind, he knew what Grom said was the truth and he bore no ill will towards his boss. But to emphasize his point, a number of his pack mates made their presence quite conspicuous, standing between the intruders and the trailer.

Melissa stood up, her fangs extending slightly, but this time it was on purpose. "I won't let you hurt her."

Frost laughed, but there was no mirth in it. "A babe in the woods," he chuckled, but then he collected himself. Melissa wasn't backing down, nor was she apparently overly cowed by his presence. "You have adjusted to the darkworld well, haven't you my kitten?"

"I'm not 'your' anything," she said.

Mary floated to Melissa's side. "I would be very careful how you address my love."

Frost didn't know how to respond to that. No one in their right mind screwed with a wraith, and most wraiths just kept to themselves. This one was an anomaly. "There has been no call for vengeance against me, has there?"

Melissa hated Frost, but he wasn't the one who had plowed into her car. Rather, it had been . . . "Dazza," Mel muttered.

"Dazza," Mary whispered, vengeance flowing into her like wine so sweet she could feel it on her lips. "I feel your need," the wraith said, slowly vanishing into the midrealm. "It will be done."

Frost looked alarmed, but not half so-much as Melissa. "No!" she shouted. "That's not the way things work in this world!"

The last thing any of them heard before Mary was gone was, "But that's the way it works in mine."

Frost turned to Captain Grom. "You have to protect him! He has not been convicted --"

"Convictions and human law means squat to the wraiths and you know it," Grom said, sounding not-at-all apologetic. "Vengeance was called for, even indirectly, and the fates determined that such vengeance is justified. But wraiths can't crossed emplaced magic or spells, and luckily our holding cells are properly protected --"

"He's not in your holding cells you idiot!" Frost snapped. "He made bail an hour ago!" Frost stopped. Captain Grom knew that Dazza had been set free.

Grom shrugged. "Not my fault he got bailed, now is it? I'd suggest you get him somewhere safe, but we both know that it's probably a bit late. You should've let him stay in jail."

Frost let all of the barriers he used to control his presence fall, and his magnetism and power spilled out into the surrounding air. "I have had enough of this," Frost said, realizing that his favorite henchman was probably dying a horrible second death as they spoke. He saw the werewolves rankle their hair or fur as his presence spilled over them. The humans all took a step away, and even the other vampires looked nervous.

Only two people did not step back when his presence was freed: Officer Vladimir Koloff and Melissa. Koloff was an alpha wolf, so he had power against the vampire lords, but the girl? "Why do you not tremble?" he asked her.

"Because I've seen scarier things than you," Melissa said, so calm that she even surprised herself. "My lover and mistress is a thing beyond your power and . . . my mother," she whispered, deciding she liked the sound of it, "is a vampire that you've never been able to control." She stood up, her body feeling lean and powerful. For the first time, she was realizing what Sadie has meant when she told Mel that she would be different. "Dazza almost took everything from me. I won't let him or you take anything else."

"Let me?!" Frost's laugh was more genuine but still not pleasant this time. "The wraith you're fucking won't stand in my way --"

"I will," came an empty voice from the trailer.

All eyes looked up as Sadie appeared in the doorway. Melissa couldn't be sure if it was the shadows cast by moonlight or her unkempt hair, but Sadie's eyes were hidden from view.

Sadie across her deck to the ground. She was unarmed, but was carrying her badge. She approached where Frost and Captain Grom stood, offering the badge to the police officer.

"I know the law," she whispered. "I will accept the consequences of my actions."

"Sadie," Vlad said, stepping forward, "you were just --"

"What I did was illegal," Sadie interrupted. "I do not regret my decision, but will accept responsibility for it." She looked at Frost, her eyes suddenly visible and as cold as an Alaskan winter. "And I do know the law," she continued. "I am more than entitled to a Turn."

"You did so without prior authorization," Frost crooned happily. He was enjoying having the upper hand.

"Yes, but that can only be held against me and NOT Melissa. Besides, since when did secret Turnings bother you? Considering what you have planned for Halloween?"

Frost had known this was coming. "Yes, we have several Turnings planned for Halloween. All of which have been approved with the proper authorities. The actual Turning dates and names do not need to be made public until after the event."

"And what would people do if they knew who you planned on Turning?"

"Miss Hewitt," Frost said smugly, enjoying that he didn't need to say "Arbiter" for the time being, "how would YOU know? That list has not been made public to anyone. The only way you could know who is going to be Turned would be if you or someone else had broken into my home and looked through my personal files, which would be highly illegal."

"I'm aware of that," Sadie said, yielding ground slightly. "But I can guess, can't I?"

"Guess away, but be very careful. If your guesses were too correct, I might be forced to wonder how."

"Women's intuition?"

"Don't insult my intelligence."

"Then don't insult mine," Sadie replied. "You wouldn't have come all the way out here just to watch Captain Grom do his job. You know that I'm not going to get hauled away in chains, and you KNOW that I won't let you try to punish Melissa. So why are you here?"

Frost's smile reached from ear to ear, almost touching his eyes. "You have been denied what you really are since you arrived here. You've denied your vampire heritage since you were created, I suspect. It is time for you to be reminded . . . it is time for you to be humbled. I have great influence with the Vampire Council, Miss Hewitt. When we recommend a course of action to the authorities for your behavior, we could make things very hard for you, or we could make them much easier."

Sadie shook her head. "You aren't a man of compassion Frost. Why would you help me?"

"I am quite capable of compassion and understanding," Frost replied.

Sadie locked his gaze. "I'd ask Terrence about that, but he's not talking much these days, is he?"

For the first time, Frost lost his cool. His teeth extended and his and his pupils went black. But the episode only lasted a moment, and then he was composed again. "Mr. McDermott's death was quite unfortunate. He was one of my children."

"I'm sure you're really broken up about it," Melissa muttered.

"Keep your child in line," Frost warned Sadie, glancing at Mel, "or I will."

"Touch the daughter of my blood, and I'll see yours spilled before anyone here can even pull a trigger."

There was something in Sadie's voice that even Frost found unnerving. There was none of the warm mocking or dry wit with which Sadie normally acted. She had just made a promise, and everyone present would swear on their lives that she would keep it.

Just then, Mary reappeared, oozing through the pores of the mid-realm to stand beside Melissa. "Justice," she whispered with unnatural yet sultry heat, "is served." With that, she raised her blood covered hands.

Frost actually paled. He most definitely wanted to leave. It didn't help when the wraith's lover licked some of Dazza's blood of those long, deadly fingers.

"Your former aid tastes foul," Melissa said, flashing Frost a deadly smile. "I wonder if it was something about his cage or his keeper?"

Frost would not be so easily shown up by a fledgling. He looked at Sadie. "I have come to offer you one last chance. You will attend the Halloween feast, and you will through yourself on the mercy of the Vampire Council. You will face Solomon the Blood Saint and repent for your sins against our race. You will accept your place in our hierarchy. If you do these things and Solomon the Blood Saint feels that you can be a loyal member of our race, then the Council will suggest leniency for you to your superiors in Washington. If not --" He left it hanging. They both knew that the Bureau of Arbiters was especially harsh with its agents who broke the law.

"Sadie? Bow?" Vladimir actually chuckled. "You don't seriously think --"

Sadie's voice was empty as she interrupted with, "I will attend the Feast. I will offer penance for my actions and sins, and I will accept my place in the vampire hierarchy." She actually had tears in those beautiful eyes when she looked at Frost now. Her will had broken. "To these things I swear my last drop of blood."

Even Frost was shocked. He had expected her to cave eventually, but she had just made a blood oath in front of witnesses. If she failed to live up to any of the things that she had sworn, then it was open season on her for the entire vampire race, and there was nothing that mortal law could do about it.

"It's about time you saw reason," Frost said delightedly. "Once you have --"

"Now get off my property," Sadie said, her voice tired but firm. "I am tired of this feud as much as you. It must end. But I have a week until Halloween, and until then I owe you nothing. And my promise stands. Hurt Melissa because of me, and there is no place in heaven or hell, sunlight or darkness that you'll be safe from me. To this I also swear."

Frost nodded. There was no reason to go after the young vampire anymore, since she had done as much damage as she would be able to do. Besides, when Sadie came on board, then Melissa would have to follow. It was easy to see that Sadie's bond with her vampire daughter was strong.

"Very well," he said. "We will be off. Officer Devlin, if you might ride with me, I would like to --"

"No," the young human replied with a strength he didn't know he had.

Frost stopped just as he was preparing to climb into his vehicle. "No?"

"I'm sorry Lord Frost, but I must respectfully withdraw my petition to become a vampire at this time."

Everyone was staring at the young man now, no one sure where this was going.

"Officer Devlin, I know this is a trying time for you, but think about what you're saying. Remember why you wanted to join our ranks."

"I haven't forgotten. I still fear death, and I still want the darkworld gift. But not like this."

"Like what?"

Devlin looked at his shoes. "I will not make direct accusations sir," he said, looking up again, "but I no longer feel that I can trust you. People are dying or close to," he added, glancing at Mel, "and you don't seem to care. Terrence McDermott was my friend, yet you don't seem to be shedding any real tears for him. Your faithful aid was just slaughtered, yet you can't seem to take your mind of Sadie and making her 'remember her place.' I don't agree with Miss Hewitt on a lot of things, but she's been nothing but a boost to this community since she got here, and you just want to see her broken. I did too once. I was mad at her for not wanting to Turn me. Hell, I still am. But I won't be indebted to you, Lord Frost. I've seen what happens to those that are."

Frost sneered. "I was mistaken to think that you had the backbone or will to be one of us. Very well, consider any chance you had of becoming one of us summarily squashed."

He looked at Sadie. "I will still hold onto some hope," he said, "of finding a Lord . . . or Lady . . . that I would be proud to call my creator. But not you, Lord Frost. Not even the Blood Saint himself is worth it."

Sadie actually cracked her first smile of the night. She'd been as wrong about Matt Devlin as Frost had been, and she couldn't be happier about it. "This is still my land," she directed at Frost. "And until I say otherwise, you're trespassing."

"Captain Grom," the vampire lord pleaded, "I am completely within my rights here!"

"You're within your rights to influence judgement on her," Grom replied, "but you're not a cop. I'd suggest you leave now."

"While she walks free?" Frost snarled.

"Miss Hewitt will be taken down to the station shortly so charges can be filed. But I'd just as soon see you gone before that happens."

Frost was going to growl, but he looked over and saw a dejected Sadie, which in turn made him grin. "Very well," he said. "I'll see you soon, Miss Hewitt." He and his vampire brethren got back in their vehicles, sharing a good laugh at the fallen Arbiter.

Sadie extended her hands. "I'm ready to go," she said softly, waiting for the cuffs to be put on.

Grom looked at her. "Just get in the car Sadie. I'm not worried about you trying to escape. For what it's worth, I'm sorry."

"You're a good man," she replied. "And you're a good cop. I'd never ask you to be anything else." She looked over at Mary. "Could you look after the cat? She hasn't been fed yet." Her voice was hollow, but she seemed satisfied when she saw the wraith nod.

Grom opened the back of the patrol car and Sadie got it. It made Vladimir sick to watch. She had wanted to see him free like the beast that he was, but now she was the one in a cage. Someone like Sadie should never be locked up. She'd served in the military as a pilot because she loved to serve and she loved to fly . . . she loved feeling that free. When she rested her head on the plastic divider, he thought he saw her grimace in emotional pain.

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