tagNonHumanBreeder Ch. 01

Breeder Ch. 01


Opening my eyes was a painful ordeal. It meant that I had to come to terms with the fact that I was badly injured. I couldn’t feel my legs and I could taste the sour thickness of my own blood as it oozed its way along the back of my throat. My left arm wouldn’t move when my mind willed it to do so and I wondered if it was even attached to my body. Afraid to turn too quickly for fear of causing more pain, I moved my head slowly just a bit to the side. That little bit of movement and what I could see through my clouded vision showed me my arm was still there. I was thankful that it was attached to my shoulder and, to my relief, all of my other body parts seemed to be connected, too, although cut and bleeding profusely.

Trying to wipe the rivulets of blood that flowed into my eyes, the shock from the agonizing pain as I tried to bend my fingers to get them to work made me aware that three of the fingers on my right hand were broken. When I was able to get enough of the blood smeared away from my right eye, it was evident at that point that my left eye was swollen shut, (I think). I ventured a look around trying to comprehend and analyze my surroundings as best as I could.

The escape pod was badly trashed and some of the reinforcing framework had collapsed around my legs, reason enough for them not to move. It was almost dark inside but breaches in the hull allowed traces of sunlight to stream inside. I guess this planet had an adequate atmosphere that could support this carbon based unit because I was still breathing in spite of the new mixture. My uniform was in tatters and I could see bone poking through the left arm of the suit. Not good, but I was alive.

Using my right arm to comb the immediate area I was able to find a piece of metal that could be used as a lever to try and free my legs. The pain involved just pissed me off more than anything else. I tried to move my upper body and found that I could, but every muscle felt like it had been tenderized by the Jolly Green Giant. That’s also when I discovered at least two broken ribs. I was breathing evenly and there were no blood bubbles coming out so I figured that my lungs had not been punctured. “Good things happen to good people,” I thought, actually hoping those words were completely true.

My most immediate problem was finding something to use as a fulcrum for my lever. Whatever that something was going to be, it had to be within reach. I saw part of my command chair which seemed to be staring me in the face, but it was just inches away from my circumference of grasp. I tried using the piece of metal, which I was able to extend toward the remnants to pull it toward me, but it backfired and it rolled even further away from me.

“Why is it that everything I decide to do is the hardest god damn thing I have ever done in my life”? I was talking to myself.

I tried for the better part of an hour to get that damn piece of metal but fatigue took over and I gave up as much in frustration as in self pity. . My head was lying on something hard and I was thinking that this is an awful way to die. I wondered how long it would take before I either bled to death or starved. Then I started to wonder how long I had been here, I couldn’t come up with an answer. Time didn’t seem to be on my side at this moment.

God knows how long ago I was the Chief Stores Mate on an interstellar freighter heading back to Earth from some God awful place in the Galaxy that offered no decent atmosphere to breath and was constantly stormy. But it was rich in minerals and that would have made even the Stores Mate on a freighter a rich man. If it hadn’t been for that stupid piece of rock floating around in space, we would have made it to Earth and I would have been on easy street. Instead, I found the first escape pod and ejected, watching the whole ship implode as I floated silently into space. Only one other pod was able to escape, but the debris from the freighter got caught in its propulsion unit and it just floundered. Most likely its still orbiting around the remains of the freighter like an moon.

“Christ, how long is this dying gonna take anyway? “I got things to do and people to see”. The sound of my voice and the insanity of my words made me laugh which caused my ribs to hurt and I gasped as the taste of blood quickly ascended into my mouth. Apparently, something must have ruptured inside my body and I knew I was bleeding pretty badly. Exhaustion was taking over and I was getting tired so I closed my eyes and just waited for the long sleep to take me.

Just about the time I felt my life ebbing away from me and the pain had settled into a constant throb, manageable, but constant, a flash of light caused me to open my eyes. I saw the side of the hull begin to glow red. I was fascinated by this and watched as it turned white and then I realized it was a cutting torch. “Great, just when I’m about to die, some stupid fucker has to go and rescue my sorry ass,” I thought, and then passed out never knowing just who or what was attempting to set me free.

Coming to every now and then, from being bumped and a stab of pain would shoot through my body and my eyes would open. There was greenery all around me, lush and vibrant with deep color. I tried to angle my head to see who was carrying me but like all good rescue people, they totally immobilized my entire body. All I could do was gaze at the canopy of vegetation overhead, occasionally seeing a brightly colored bird or two. There were jungle sounds with the screeches and howls of various animals staking out their territory. The gentle rocking of the stretcher would lull me back to sleep only to be brought back to consciousness with the next sharp bump that caused pain.

Eventually, a massive jolt, causing me to stiffen and cry out brought me to my senses as I was being placed into a vehicle of some kind. This is when I was finally able to catch my first glimpse of my rescue team. They were two women with a dull color green skin who seemed to be talking in a language that used clicks and unintelligible sounds. Their uniforms were a dull khaki color which seemed to blend in with their skin. I noticed that their fingers were longer than those of earthlings and I wondered how tall they were. The green skin was striking but other than the hands they seemed to be developed much the same as the inhabitants of earth. I thought that one of them was sort of cute in an odd way they both had dark hair and one had intense blue eyes while the other had purple eyes.

They placed an oxygen mask over my mouth and nose as they started to run IV’s into my veins and things got foggy real quick. I sort of remember one of them handling my broken arm and I couldn’t feel a thing as she set it. “Odd,” I thought, “I should be screaming in pain right now,” and I let the drugs overtake me.

My next waking moment was in a room. It was not a hospital room as I know one. It was more like a bedroom. There was a glass door at one end of the room that opened on to one of the most beautiful yards I have ever seen. It had a fountain with what appeared to be a fish pond that wound its way around the property going under small foot bridges. Standing alongside were exotic looking trees and vegetation that flowered in hundreds of different colors. Sunlight filtered into the yard through a thick canopy of green overhead that softened the light and make it somewhat mystical. Other than the glass doorway, there seemed to be no other doors along the walls of the room. The walls were made of an adobe like material, thick and solid looking. There were no decorations inside or hung on the walls just as there was no furniture except for the bed that I was lying on. Lights in the room did not exist, but the room itself appeared to be illuminated as if the adobe material glowed, but it didn’t. Light was just present in the room and well adjusted, no brightness, nor was it too soft. It was weird, but comfortable. The temperature was around seventy-five degrees and felt wonderful against what little bits of exposed skin could feel it. The air was fresh and flowed freely, yet there seemed to be no vents or filters in sight. The blankets that covered me were of a silk-like material, light and slick and felt exotic to my skin.

It was then that I noticed my left arm was lightly wrapped in a somewhat gauze like material that seemed to be more for an abrasion than for a broken arm. I hefted my arm and found that it was sore yet not broken. I felt my ribs to see if they hurt and I felt no pain. I coughed to test that, but, still no pain or the taste of blood. I pulled back the covers and inspected my legs. There were some scars extending from just above the knee caps to just above the ankles, and I presumed they must have been crushed, but I could move them and wiggle my toes. There was a twinge as I moved my legs but I was overjoyed that I could feel them and use them. What I did notice, though, was that I was completely naked. No hospital gown for this patient; my only outfit was what God gave me to begin with. I swung my legs over the side of the bed and placed my feet on the floor. The floor was made of a shiny stone like material, yet it gave a little like carpet. It felt warm and soft, yet hard and resilient. It had a gloss as if it had just been waxed and polished. I ventured a little weight on my legs and they felt unsteady, my knees wobbly, so I remained in a sitting position.

I looked up and a khaki uniformed, green skinned, woman entered the room. She seemed to just pass through the wall as if it wasn’t there. She had a tray with what appeared to be some sort of medications. She placed the tray in mid air next to the bed and it hung there as if there was some sort of table under it. I was somewhat confused at what I was seeing and wondered if it was all a dream.

She smiled at me and with her gentle hands, tipped with her elegant, long fingers, guided me back on to the bed. From the tray, she took an ear piece and placed it in my right ear.

“Can you hear and understand me,” she asked? Her words were perfect English with no accent whatsoever.

“Yes,” I marveled, “I can. But how is this possible? Who are you? Where am I”?

“Please, one thing at a time,” she said as she prepared something on the tray, “we have to heal you first and then we can talk about anything you want, okay?”

“Fine, but how is it that I can understand you”?

“You have a universal translator in your ear piece and I have one in mine. It helps to bridge the gap between two different cultures and makes for complete understanding in both languages.”

“Amazing,” I said.

“Yes,” she took a small brush and began to brush some sort of oil onto the scalp of my head and forehead where I had been gashed. “Will miracles never cease?” As I thought this to myself, I wondered if she could hear my mind as well.

I felt a sort of warmness where the oil touched and a tingling sensation. It made me light headed and I felt weaker. I groaned a little as she kept administering this special oil hoping she would soon stop.

“This will fell a little disorienting to you, so please bear with me.” As she spoke to me her sensuous fingers began working the oil laden brush across the scarred areas of my legs. I began following her hands as I gazed at her tender fingers and their beauty as if those things would ease the distress I was feeling now.

The warming sensation traveled slowly through my skin and into my muscles and within a matter of a few seconds began to reach my groin. I could feel my body exude sweat and my belly tightened. My breathing came in gasps and I felt as if I was thrashing all over the bed but my body was perfectly still. I was in the midst of a hallucination and my hearing intensified to that I could hear not only my heartbeat but hers as well. She then un-wrapped my left arm and brushed the same warm, silky smooth oil onto what appeared to be nothing but a nasty gash where the bone had been poking through. There was no sign of stitches or of a cast of any kind. There were a thousand questions I wanted to ask her about how and why, where and when, but the warmth from my arm spread to my shoulder and thoracic cavity. This was all so much for me to comprehend and I didn’t understand this heightened awareness that seemed to be spreading throughout my body because as she painted my rib cage with the same oil, it completed a sort of circuit in my body that seemed to transcend my entire being into another world. I could neither talk nor move. I felt like I was actually suspended in air. Never before had I experienced a unique sensation such as this. I could feel the blood coursing through my veins moving through the many arteries that joined one another in keeping me alive. Astonished, I looked toward the closed glass doors that were thirty meters away as I tried to make some semblance of what I was capable of hearing. It was the sound of a bird’s claw penetrating the surface of a tree branch as it landed with wings outstretched. I felt the frequency of the light in the room as it changed suitably as the daylight streaming in through the glass receded and the interior light increased to compensate. I was alone, yet I felt that I was a part of every living entity in the universe. The infinite boundaries of inner and outer space became something understandable to me and I felt as if I was on the same wave length as all living matter. I could see the atoms that made up the dust modes that floated in the air and in them I saw the entire universe with thousands upon thousands of galaxies floating inside. A sort of vibration, or sound, like a tuning fork, rang in my ears and throughout my entire body; it was this that was giving me my life force and healing power. I understood without comprehending.

These sessions with the green skinned, khaki clad women went on for multiple treatments. In between these times, I would be asleep and each time I awoke, a woman would appear and begin to brush the medicating oils on my naked flesh. The scars healed from this miracle oil and my skin showed no signs of any damage in the least.

During their many visits to my room, I found out that I was on a planet that was called Ethos and I was in a region inhabited by the Zamanow’s. The Zamanow’s used an interesting mixture of herbal medicine and psychokinetic healing. They ‘thought’ to knit the damage to my internal organs and bones and used the herbal oils as a sort of conduit for maxim efficiency and to piece together my skin. The substances I would normally need in order to survive were provided by pure thought as well. It was during one of these sessions that I was informed should I find it necessary to relieve myself that there was a corner of the garden outside just for that purpose. The structure was durable and clean and had no lingering smell as most any other out house one might find anywhere. They informed me it was self cleaning. It felt weird not to have to eat or drink and I never felt thirsty or hungry. As for exercise, they ‘thought’ me into shape which was definitely a strange experience to be sure. I had no needs or wants of any kind, with the sole exception of desiring an article of clothing due to the fact that I was naked as the day I was born. They did not provide me with any type of apparel whatsoever. When I inquired about this, they only said that it would impede the healing ‘thoughts’ and oils from working and that their earnest desire was for me to be as fit as possible. This was certainly a different planet with different customs and a whole lot of different people; all of whom seemed to be women. Never once did I see any males.

There were no shower facilities for me to use and each day one of the women would come in and give me a sponge bath. I offered to bathe myself but the women always insisted that they do the bathing, besides, and it seemed there was a certain amount of herbal medication in the water used that promoted healing and the full operation of all bodily functions. “When in Rome”, I thought, besides, having a lot of pretty green skinned women sponge me down every day was kind of a thrill.

One day, while engaged in the ritualistic sponge bath, I sprang an erection. I was embarrassed and blushed and turned my head to pretend not to notice.

“Ahh, you are healing nicely,” the women said. When I finally had the nerve to look her in the eye she had a lascivious smile that caused me more alarm. She gripped my stiffened cock and ran her hand along the length of it giving it a bit of a squeeze. “Not fully up to par, but you’re getting there,” she said.

I was a bit mortified, embarrassed and somewhat bewildered at her reaction. She completed the sponge bath and gave me a wink and a smile and left. I had no idea how to react to any of this but remembering the Romans I figured I might as well give in and enjoy my situation as much as I could. A while later, I found myself pacing the room and then ventured forth into the garden and reveled in the sunlight that warmed my bare skin. I meandered throughout the garden and admired the strange fish in the serene pond that wound its way like that of a serpentine chain all along the garden area. It slowly dawned on me that my lack of clothing was not something that I was self conscious of anymore and, in fact, I enjoyed the this natural feeling very much. There was a freedom and a self awareness of my own sexuality. This was something that was new to me and I had grown to love the feeling of my smooth skin free from the confines of material. Somehow, the women with their beautifully smooth, green skin were not like women from earth and, therefore, I did not feel as though I was ‘exposing’ myself to them in the traditional sense of one who parades in this manner for the attention. Besides, the only people I saw were the women that took care of me. The Garden was devoid of any other bipedal mammals and it was just me and some of the most exotic birds I have ever seen. It was never quiet because the sounds of the jungle beyond the walls was ever present, yet, it was an almost Zen-like experience to wander about contemplating the vegetation or the planet I was on or whatever happened to be in my mind. My thoughts often turned to what the women were like without their khaki uniforms on and if they possessed the same biological processes that humans enjoyed. They were obviously far more advanced in their mental development and mental discipline to be so profoundly diligent in mending my beaten and broken body. Not one scar was visible to my eye and my entire physic was actually in better shape than before I boarded the freighter however long ago that was. All my muscles were taut and I was sure there was less than one percent of fat for my body weight. ’A lean, mean, fighting machine’ as my old drill sergeant would say. In a way, I no longer questioned what these ladies were doing and why, I was at peace with myself and my surroundings. I liked it here. My deepest wish was to never be “rescued” by my brethren but to stay here, like Adam in the Garden of Eden.

A week or so passed and it was again sponge bath time with one of the more exceptional ladies. She, being of a deeper green skin, had dark colored hair with reddish highlights that flowed down to the small of her back. Her khaki uniform held in check rather large breasts and I could actually see hard nipples poking through the fabric. The uniform was short, about mid thigh and her legs, although green, were elegant and long. She must have stood an easy six feet tall, with a flat stomach and a nice round ass. She was well muscled in the way that an athlete was built, yet she moved like a ballet dancer so graceful and light. She wore no shoes and I noticed that between her toes she had slight webbing and naturally bright red toenails. She was devastatingly beautiful and I gasped at the sight of her. I was sitting on the bed when she just materialized through the wall, (something I had spent hours trying to discover how they did it and came up empty). She carried the usual metallic bowl filled with the watery substance that was to be my healing bath and she seemed to glide to my side and placed the bowl on the invisible ledge, (something else I never discovered the nature of).

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