Breeding Farm


Sam was back the next day and asked about how it went. "He was a little slow but the woman wasn't very much to look at, but I think you have another satisfied customer."

"Did you have to help?"


"I think you are beginning to like helping him."

"I only do it because you made me. I will be glad to let you go back to doing it your way. You wouldn't have been able to fuck that woman either without help." She turned and went back in the house.

To her disappointment Sam did not call on her to help for the better part of the month. She was worried that Sam might think she liked it and not let her any more. The truth was that he had not been able to get any other women at the auction and Rufus wasn't kept very busy. He regained a lot of his strength.

Molly often saw Rufus walking about the place but she had not talked to him since that day. She didn't want Sam to happen to see her talking to him.

Molly turned twenty one with a boy of two and a girl one year old. She was even more beautiful than before. Still Sam would have nothing to do with her in bed. For at least a year the only sex she had was her fingers at night. She was desperate for a male companion in her bed. She would have even welcomed Sam back, but it was Rufus that she often thought of. She remembered the touch of her hands on his huge cock, and she dreamed about him filling up her little white cunt with his big black cock. He would be more than she had ever had before.

The slaves used the creek for their bathing place. The water backed up to form a small pond that they used to bath in. During the summer the people in the big house often slipped away to try the cooling water above the pond. No blacks were allowed to come to that part of the creek. Since the only whites on the place were Sam, Molly and the two children that had it to them selves.

With Sam always on the go it was usually just Molly and the children. The children liked to play in the shallow water. JR was just getting able to run and Sue had just started walking. Molly would strip them and let them play naked in the water. Like all little ones, being out of clothes just suited them.

On that particular day the weather was hot and sticky. Molly took JR by the hand and picked up Sue and left for the creek. As usually she striped the children and set them in the water. Even in the shade she was hot. She looked at them playing at thought how much fun it would be to join them naked in the water. It wouldn't be the first time she had been naked with them. She normally took her bath at the same time in a tub with them.

The hotter the day got the more she was tempted. She knew Sam would not be home before dark and the slaves were in the fields. There was always the chance one of them might see her naked but that actually excited her more than it frightened her.

Since she only had on the dress and bloomers it didn't take long to strip. Her five feet one body was well adorned with the shiny blond hair that covered her head and her cunt. Her figure was ripe from the childbirth and the daily chores around the plantation.

She swam out in the deeper part of the creek. It was barely deep enough for her to swim. Standing it only came to the bottom of her breasts. She liked being out naked in the warm sun and water. She got out and lay down in the shade. The children had grown tired of playing and they joined her on the blanket. Soon all three were fast asleep.

It must have been the sound of a twig breaking but something woke her. She didn't move but listened to see if she might hear it again. Then she heard it once more. This wasn't the sound of walking but of someone breathing heavy. They had to be close for her to hear them. For a moment she was frightened but knew that at the worse it could be one of the slaves. They were afraid to hurt her or the kids. They could be put to death just thinking such things.

Then the breathing grew faint and she knew that who ever it was were leaving. Rolling over she saw Rufus as he entered the woods. She set up and knew that he had seen the rest of her. It didn't bother her that he had seen her naked. If Sam had let her continue helping him she would have been happy to let him see more each time. She stood and watched him as he left. Just as he reached the woods he turned and for a moment they looked into each other faces.

She dressed and wondered why he left so quickly. The children and being in the light of day was what made him leave. She dressed the children and went back to the house.

Then almost by accident things fell her way. She had not been allowed to go back to visit her folks so her father came to visit her. Shaun had volunteered to come with him. It was a surprise visit. When they showed up on the porch to the house she was shocked. Shaun looked wonderful and she thought how good it would be to spend another day in bed with him. Sam just happened to be at home when they came. He was far from happy to see either one but he couldn't stand the sight of Shaun. He knew that he was the one that had taken his wife's virginity from him. He was barely sociable with them. That night he spent in Molly's bed.

Sam woke early the next morning. Molly was not in the bed. He went in search of her. He found her and Shaun setting in the swing talking as the morning sun came up. He didn't know it but Molly was telling him that he had to leave and not come back. He was furious as he walked towards them.

"What in the hell is going on? You trying to fuck my wife again?" He grabbed Shaun before he could get out of the swing. With one big fist he smashed Shaun's face, and tossed him off the porch to the ground.

He started down the steps to get him again but Molly caught him. "NO SAM! NO. Let him go. We were just saying good bye."

She stopped him long enough for Shaun to make his escape. Her father heard the fuss and came outside.

Sam told him to get his stuff and leave and to not come back. Before the sun was up they were down the road on the way back to New Orleans.

As they left he took Molly by the arm. "Come with me." He didn't give her a chance to get away as he half walked and half dragged her to the slave house.

Sam pushed open the door and call for Rufus to get up. "Rufus, get your black ass out here now. I have another woman for you to breed."

Rufus came out of the back room. He thought it was early for Mr. Sam to be bringing a woman to him. His eyes opened in shock when he saw Molly in her nightgown pushed up against the bed. He looked around. "Where is the woman Mr. Sam?"

"Right there." He pointed to Molly

"Mr. Sam, that's Miss Molly."

"Yes, and today you are going to breed her like the bitch she is. She likes cock so much less see if she can handle yours."

Sam called her. "Get over here." Molly moved slowly towards him. She had never seen him so mad. She didn't dare hesitate when he told her to move. "Get that gown off and show Rufus what he is getting."

"Sam." Molly started to try to talk him out of this.

"Shut up. I don't want anything out of you but do what I tell you." She just nodded. "Now get naked for Rufus."

Molly pulled the gown over her head and tossed it across the room. Her bloomers joined them. She was naked before her husband and the black man her husband was about to give her to. "Get you ass on the bed." She moved over and set down on the bed.

"Rufus, get your shorts off and let's see if she wants that big black one." Rufus moved out of fear of Sam. He knew that he could kill him if he disobeyed. He slid down his shorts and as usual his cock was not hard. "Dam Rufus, don't you ever get hard anymore?" He pointed to Molly. "Get over there and help him. This time it will be you that he has to fuck."

The idea of fucking Rufus was fine with Molly. She just wondered what Sam was going to do to her once it was over. She moved to Rufus just as she had many times before. She knew that what he had was going to be hers in a few minutes. She wanted him bad. The moment his shorts came off she knew that she wanted him fucking her and that she wanted Sam to watch. Only the fear of what Sam might do had Rufus less than ready to go.

Molly touched his soft cock with her hands. Again she went under to cup his big hard balls. She was standing in front of him as she moved closer. Her naked tits touched his bare stomach. They were already hard and firm and the touch of his hot body sent a shock wave straight to her pussy.

It had the same effect on Rufus. Suddenly he wanted her more than any woman he had ever been with. He pushed her back towards the bed. When her knees hit the bed she fell back. He didn't waste any time moving between her spread legs. He leaned forward and drove his cock forward. He missed and backed up for another shot.

Her voice stopped him in his tracks. "Rufus! Stop! Take it slow are you will hurt me."

"Yes Mam."

Sam didn't like it. "Fuck her now Rufus, and do it hard."

Molly looked at Sam. "Shut up! If you want me to fuck this black then I will but I am not going to let him hurt me to please you. Now shut up and watch are get out."

Sam couldn't believe the spunk she had to come back to him like that. To both of their surprise he backed up and set down in a chair to watch his wife take on the biggest cock in that part of Mississippi'

"Now Rufus, take it slow like I told you before." She ran her hand down to grip his cock and pulled it towards her wet cunt. She was more than ready. She couldn't wait to see if she could take all of him.

She guided him to her opening and parted her cunt lips and brought the head of his cock to the opening. She pulled slightly and he lowered and split her cunt open as his cock slid through the opening to bury a couple of inches in her. The heat from her was hotter that any cunt he had ever been in. He wanted to just push harder and drive deep and shoot her full of juice. Her hand on his cock kept him from going deeper.

"Wait a minute." He did but only her hand on his cock kept him from going deeper. "Now, push more." She slid her hand higher on his cock. When he got that much in, she stopped him again.

A couple of more times and he was buried as far in her as he could go. She looked over at Sam and he was watching them wide-eyed. It was the first time he had seen a black man fucking a white woman and this one was his wife. His cock was rock hard as he watched the contrast between their colors blend together. Molly saw this and she looked back at Rufus above her. "Alright Rufus, this is what he wants lets give him a good show.

She wrapped her legs around his big body and pushed her tiny white body as close to him as she could get. "She whispered in his ear so Sam could not hear. "Fuck me the way you do the other women."

"Miss Molly, I might hurt you."

"You aren't going to hurt me. I want all of you now."

Once he started there was no stopping him. Not that she wanted him to stop. It had been a year since she had a man love her and now she had one that more than made up for it. That he was black didn't bother her at all. With her eyes closed she gave her body up to him to fuck as he pleased.

Fuck her he did. He didn't wait for her to climax; he didn't know what it was. He fucked to please himself and so doing gave it to her just the way she wanted it; big, hot and fast. Soon she felt him swell up and knew that she was going to get his entire baby making seed in her blond cunt. She hoped she was pregnant as it would serve Sam right for her to have a black baby.

Rufus rutted like a bull as he shot his cum in her. For five minutes his juice shot and seeped from his cock. He started to roll off as he had finished his job. She stopped him. "Stay where you are. You aren't about to leave me short as long as I have been doing without." She worked her pussy closer to him. She was just as hot as when they started. Her hot pussy kept his cock hard. "Now fuck me again."

Sam watched. Once they started he knew that he had messed up. Molly liked what Rufus was doing to her. Her punishment was not turning out to be what he expected. She liked what he was doing to her. He thought it was over when Rufus shot her full. Then he saw her keep him in her and watched as Rufus fucked his wife again.

Molly saw the change come to Sam and knew that he was a whipped man. She watched as he headed for the door. He turned back and saw her looking at him. He saw her smile and reaches up and pulls Rufus's mouth down and kissed him full on the mouth. There wasn't any doubt that it was her tongue that was down his throat. The defiant kiss was letting him know that this wasn't the last time she would be with Rufus. The door closed behind him.

The closing door was what she waited for. "Now dam you fuck me like you have never fucked another woman. Then she was climaxing with her first black lover buried in her white pussy. She knew that it wasn't going to be her last. She was never going to be denied sex again by Sam are anyone else.

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