tagLoving WivesBreeding Melissa

Breeding Melissa

byNo Panty Girl©

It had taken a long time for Rob to get his young bride to this point. For the past five years he had been culturing her to be gangbanged.

The first introduction was while they were still dating and Rob had talked Melissa into the threesome with him and Ernie Taylor.

Melissa thought it was weird as Taylor was a mutual friend as was his girlfriend Lisa. Melissa pressed for Lisa to participate but Rob told her Taylor's girlfriend was too "tight-ass" to do anything like that.

Being a carefree young college coed Melissa eventually gave in to Rob's fantasy.

They did her in Rob's bedroom at his fraternity house. The guys got the pretty young redhead pretty drunk before using her.

After helping undress her Rob and Taylor lay the naked girl across his bed and then hastily undressed to fuck her.

It was Taylor's first glimpse at a ginger red firebush and his cock was fully at attention when he climbed onto the bed with Rob.

"You fuck her while she sucks my cock." Rob directed his buddy.

Melissa moaned as Taylor's cock slid into her.

Taylor found Melissa surprisingly wet and slid into her without any resistance. He started pounding her as he watched her take Rob's cock into her mouth.

The girl was a natural slut, sucking her boyfriend's cock like a greedy pig while her hips ground on his friend's dick.

"Cum in her." Rob urged his friend who was fucking his girl barecock.

Taylor came quickly experiencing Melissa's cunt for the first time. He emitted a low guttural moan as he spurted his cum into her.

Seeing the look in Melissa's and Taylor's eyes as he climaxed in her triggered Rob's explosion.

Huge volleys of thick, sticky cum rushed down his cock and into Melissa's throat. Artistically Rob pulled his cock out of her mouth allowing the final two or three ropes to splatter across her face.

Taylor laughed seeing Melissa's pretty face decorated with Rob's cum while his spent cock soaked in her hole.

Rob and Taylor used Melissa over and over, taking turns in her mouth and pussy. Eventually she began having orgasms both with Rob and their friend, she was not accustom to the attention of two constantly hard cocks over such a long period of time. Rob and Taylor were both smiling when Taylor left and Melissa was in the deep sleep of exhaustion.

After that first night Melissa often participated in threesomes with Rob and Taylor. Rob had introduced some of his other friends to his girlfriend's charms but she seemed more comfortable with Taylor's cock in her.

Rob noticed Melissa was having more and more intense orgasms with Taylor fucking her and she would suck his cock with gusto swallowing every drop of his jism. Melissa was not a swallower, Rob had to convince her to swallow his sperm and even still she would sometimes spat it out of her mouth yet she always swallowed Taylor's like it was honey.

Taylor soon became an integral part of their sex life until Rob was unable to have a good orgasm unless his buddy had juiced up Melissa's cunt first.

Rob was constantly interrogating Melissa as to how many lovers she had. She had confessed to him her father took her virginity and fucked her regularly until she left home to go to college.

She admitted to fucking two other men besides her father. One was a neighbor who she had babysat for and he had fucked her in his car while driving her home and the other was Professor Egan, her History professor who had fucked her in his office during a progress interview. She said they had all fucked her barecock as she had been on the pill since going though puberty.

Melissa's mother was aware her husband was fucking their daughter and her answer was to get the doctor to prescribe birth control pills for her.

Sex with Taylor had become so much a part of Ron and Melissa's routine that Rob was not surprised when he went to Melissa's place and found Taylor was already there fucking her. Rob had caught is girlfriend riding Taylor's cock like a rodeo broncobuster when he walked into her bedroom.

"C'mon, I'll do you next!" Melissa smiled as she continued bobbing up and down on his buddy's shaft.

Rob pulled his cock out and begins stroking it watching his girlfriend climaxing with another guy's cock in her.

It was not surprising that Taylor accompanied the newly weds on their honeymoon night to the hotel suit where they would spend their wedding night before flying to the Caribbean the following day.

After all, Ernie was Rob's best man and it was not suspicious if he drove them to the hotel when they left the wedding reception.

Melissa threw her bouquet, Lisa caught it, and off the newly weds went in Taylor's car.

When the newlyweds returned home and settled down Taylor becomes a surrogate husband in the marriage. Rob permits his friend carte blanche access to his wife's body and as time passes Taylor becomes Melissa's primary lover with Rob becoming the participant of her threesomes.

Occasionally to Taylor's displeasure Rob would bring home another guy to replace him in a threesome with his wife. Obediently Melissa would allow the guy to fuck her and make it up to Taylor after they had left. If Rob had only known Taylor was enjoying his wife's sloppy cunt after he and his buddy had emptied their balls into her!

Melissa did not kid herself, she knew she had turned into a slut and the thing is she was enjoying it. She had fallen in love with Taylor's cock, not him, just his cock. She loved the way it felt in her, the taste of the cum it spit into her mouth, it was bigger and better than her husband's.

Everyone was happy, Taylor was getting to fuck Melissa as much as he wanted, Melissa was getting a steady pounding by Taylor's cock and Rob got to slid into is wife's nice sloppy cunt when he got home from work.

The gangbang was scheduled for just after Melissa mad the decision to go off the pill. She had always wanted to have children so now she was married she decided to have her garden seeded, it had lain unplanted long enough.

With the current arrangement Taylor would more than likely be the one to fertilize Melissa's womb. After being gangbanged the paternity of her child would always be unknown.

Melissa agreed to be fucked by the guys her husband selected, all barecock and cumming in her!

Rob even went so far as to schedule his wife's gangbang during the days she should be ovulating so the garage door would be open when the sperm was flowing into her.

Once Melissa had committed to be gangbanged Rob introduced her to Les.

Les was a retired school principal who had been a whoremaster in his younger days. Rob reasoned that with his experience Les would be able to groom Melissa into being a desirable slut.

On Rob's invitation Les showed up at their place the night before the date of her gangbang to meet Melissa and inform her on what would be expected of her.

Rob had his wife waiting wearing only her terry robe over her naked body.

"Take your robe off and let him have a look." Rob ordered his wife.

Melissa took a deep breath and pulled the belt tie loose. The robe fell open and Melissa casually slipped it off her shoulders letting it fall to the floor.

"Very nice." Les murmured as he scrutinized Rob's naked wife's body, "Mind if I try her?"

"Be my guest." Rob smiled.

Les too Melissa's had and led her naked over to the couch. As she sat down Les opened his trousers and produced one of the biggest cocks either Rob or Melissa had ever seen, he must have been over ten inches and thick!

"Oh my god!" Melissa moaned as Les pushed her back onto the couch.

Rob watched Les position himself between his wife's legs with his huge cock waving threateningly as it approached her cunt.

Rob had his cock out and was stroking it when Les nuzzled the head of his monster between the lips of his wife's pussy.

Melissa emitted a high pitch scream as Les took her with one quick plunge. Les's gigantic cock stretched her as she had never been stretched before,

Melissa's pain was brief, within minutes Rob could see her hips moving in sync with Les's plunges, she was fucking him.

Melissa's moans of pain had changed into moans of enjoyment as her cunt began seeping pussy juice enabling the monster cock to slid freely inside of her. She felt as she did with Taylor's cock in her and even better if possible.

Her hips gyrated on Les's cock pulling it in small circles so that the head buried so deep inside her stirred her womb like a stick in a can of paint. The sensation was phenomenal.

"Oh yes, fuck me Daddy!" Melissa moaned as her mind moved back into her past.

Rob watched his wife's body come alive under the older man.

"She's a firecracker!" Les said, "Want a better view?"

Rob was stroking his cock wildly, how could it be better/

Les rolled back onto the couch bring Melissa with his. He positioned himself in the sitting position and lifted Melissa onto his erection facing her husband. With Rob watching he lowered her onto his standing cock.

Rob saw Les's enormous cock disappear into Melissa's ginger bush, swallowing it like a hungry python. His wife had no difficulty accommodating Les's cock this time and it slid into her until her labia kissed his balls.

Les gripped Melissa by her waist and raised her up and down on his shaft as if he were jerking himself off with her cunt. Rob could tell by the glazed look in his wife's eyes she was enjoying it.

Rob was fascinated watching Les's shaft sliding in and out of his wife's passage, seeing the bulge of the pipe though which his potent sperm would flood Melissa's womb. Knowing her garden was about to be seed she continued to raise and fall on Les's cum cannon.

Les suddenly held Melissa down with his cock fully embedded in her, Rob knew he was cumming in her.

Melissa gasped as Les's sperm scalded her ovaries with millions of potential baby makers. Melissa was helpless to do anything, she was climaxing.

Rob enjoyed his wife's sodden cunt that night knowing soon a multitude of cocks would be spiting fresh cum into her.

Rob had booked a large suite at the Town Manor Hotel in the heart of the city. Rob had invited over a dozen guys to breed his wife and he expected every one of them would be there.

The furniture had been moved leaving a large space around the king size bed where Michelle was to be impregnated. Rob had invited the hotel's concierge to participate in the gangbang in exchange for his assistance.

At nine o'clock the door to the suite was locked as the last participant entered.

Melissa had arrived early afternoon and after spending an hour in the sauna she had a masseuse come to the room to relax her. Clad only in her scarlet silk Japanese kimono she was ready for her marathon.

The guys all had drinks in their hands and were admiring their night's entertainment. When the door had been secured Rob called the room to order.

"Each of you have been given a number, I will draw the number of the guy who gets to fuck my wife first." Rob announced.

Reaching into a bowl he pulled out a folded piece of paper.

"Number seven!" he announced.

Brian Answar threw his hands in the air holding slip number seven.

Answar was another of Melissa and Rob's old schoolmates who had always had an eye on the cute redheaded wife of his friend. Buckle was a big, swarthy man who looked to be of Middle East ancestry. If he produced offspring with Melissa the baby would certainly carry some of his genetics.

Most of the participants had already removed their trousers and were stroking their cocks in preparation for their turn at bat.

Answar approached the bed with his erection in hand.

Melissa was ready, submissively she lay on her back and legs outspread inviting Answar's cock to take her. Answar mounted her and lowered his cock into her waiting hole. Melissa's long legs wrapped around her lover's waist as she drew him into her.

Answar's cock felt good in her, Melissa was broken in to accept assorted cocks with interest. Each cock she had had in her was distinctive, had its own feel and characteristics. Some had more pronounced curvatures and excited her flexible passage working sensitive spots that other cocks missed. Large mushroom heads squeegee her vaginal walls sending shivers up her back each time they withdrew. Melissa had become an aficionado of a variety of cocks.

Unfortunately Answar was unable to last long in Melissa's warm, wet haven before surrendering his load. His seed was quickly scattered on her fertile ground and he reluctantly dismounted to allow another to breed her.

One after the other they fucked the submissive wife. Some Melissa had met before and others were complete strangers to her. Each was allowed to cast their sperm into her increasingly sodden cunt until she overflowed and the insides of her thighs became slippery with excess cum.

The air was heavy with the stench of semen and globs of misdirected cum glistened on Melissa's naked body.

It was almost eleven o'clock when the thirteenth man deposited his cum into Melissa's overloaded cum holder. Rob helped her from the bed to the bathtub full of warm soapy water he had prepared for her.

"You were wonderful." He said as he kissed her and lowered her into the bath.

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