Breeding Season


"Your little clit is so swollen," he said, rubbing his thumb over it, feeling his new bitch clench deliciously around his cock. "I'm gonna have so much fun with this little nub of yours." He slapped it hard. "But if you piss me off, I'm going to burn it off you. So you better do as you're told. Because if I burn your little clit off, the only way you're going to be able to come is if you learn to do it just from a hard pounding, but I already know that you can do that, so I guess you wouldn't miss it much."

"Nnnnn! Nnnnn!" Just the thought of losing her clit made Amy go cold. It throbbed between her straining legs, eager for her rapist's attention.

"Oh, you want to keep your clit, huh?" Jasper asked. "Well, then I guess you better just do as you're told and not annoy me. Stay still so I can slap your juicy cunt some more."

Groaning quietly, Amy did as she was told, trying to relax her body, trying not to fight the ropes nor squirm, no matter how much she wanted to. Fighting was useless anyway - it didn't do any good.

Spreading her cunt open to its limits, forcing his captive's sensitive clitoris out of its hood so that it was fully exposed, Jasper started to slap her cunt again. This time, he did it harder, making her grunt and jerk with every blow. There was nothing she could do to escape it - all she could do was feel. Like a cock being slapped around, having her clit slapped just made it harder.

Jasper sped up, slapping her clit to the rhythm of a good, hard fuck. He could feel her clenching around him, could feel her pulse racing through her throbbing cunt.

Drooling, Amy couldn't do anything but whimper, grunt and moan as he abused her. Her sensitive inner lips and her clit felt hot, stinging harshly with every blow. It was too sensitive, stimulating her mercilessly. As he stepped up the pace, her eyes rolled back in her head, little shudders going through her body as he forced her up and up until the dam broke. She screamed throatily, jerking and flailing against the ropes as her orgasm ripped through her, her cunt spasming and clenching around his thick dick like she wanted him to breed her again. He slapped her all the way through it, forcing her orgasm to draw out, shudder after shudder going through her. Her cunt contracted around his dick. She came so hard that her stomach hurt, her clit throbbing in time to her pulse.

When she was done, Jasper patted her exposed clit, making her jerk and twitch under him. "That looked like a good one," he said. He let her go, patting her hip as she moaned deliriously. "I could keep playing with you, but I'm getting kind of bored. Don't worry; I'll make sure you spend a whole day coming, at least once. We can play a game and see how many times you can come in twelve hours. Judging by your sensitivity, I'm guessing a fair bit, if we hook you up to the clit sucker. But we'll have to find out about that later." He grinned and licked the back of her neck.

"Let's get this knot out of you," Jasper said, easing his half-swollen knot from her pussy. It stretched her, making her whimper, but it eventually popped from her with a slick sound. A pink mixture of come and blood flooded out of her gaping cunt, hitting the floor in humiliating splashes.

"Now," Jasper said, using his thumbs to open her buttocks so he could get a nice look at her tight, pink asshole. "Time to shove my cock up your tiny ass."

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Please more!!!!!!!!

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by Anonymous08/13/14

More Please

Please continue this story - it's amazing!

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by Anonymous07/08/14

very hot story .....

.makes me wish a werewolf lived next door

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by Anonymous06/11/14


I really enjoyed how hot this story is. I've read your other work due to how good it was and would love for you to continue this piece!

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