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Brenda's First Time


I suppose I'm like most guys when it comes to wives. I really want her to love only me and be a great wife and mother to our kids, but I also want her to be a real slutty lover when it comes to sex.

My little wife, Brenda, was all of the first requirement and failed miserably on the slutty part. It was almost impossible for me to explain how I would be turned on if she let some guys (preferably my buddies) feel her up a little or teased them into a frenzy without putting out for them.

To keep this story short, after four years of fantasizing, I talked her into letting me take some digital photographs of her that didn't leave much to the imagination. I'll have to admit, I was surprised to see her really get into it after a few shots and even more surprised when she consented to do some "lewd" poses.

What happened next was partly her fault. As we looked through the printed version of our "photo shoot" she picked up one particularly sexy shot that showed her legs spread and her hand just above her pussy that could have been captioned "Would you like to fuck this?".

"I'll bet Tom would cream his pants if he saw this", she laughed.

Tom was my best friend and one of the few males I trusted completely. He stayed over at our house when I was in the hospital for kidney stones and took care of Brenda and the house until I was released. I thought nothing of letting the two of them go into town for beer or cigarettes when we were whooping up the weekend.

I suppose her comment was somehow etched in my brain and one Saturday afternoon after several drinks I proceeded to bring out the pictures to show Tom and the other guys. One of the "other" guys was Floyd, known as a "cockhound" which in our local jargon means he would fuck a tree stump if he had the chance.

I vaguely remember passing around the pictures starting with the tame shots that only showed Brenda in a see through nightie, exposing the dark areas of her tits and maybe a hint of pussy hair through the scanty panties.

Saving the best for last, I handed Tom the one that Brenda said would make him cream and told him about her comment.

"Well, she's right about that," he laughed, and then talked me into letting him keep that picture.

"Just don't put it in your toolbox for the world to see", I joked. Without the booze, I would never have let him take it.

And I certainly wouldn't have let Floyd see them as he always had a way of saying things that pissed me off. Today was no different. Holding one of Brenda's completely nude pic's, he licked his lips and said matter of factly, "If I ever get the chance, I'll tell you right now, I'm gonna fuck that pussy."

The fact that he was big enough and tough enough to whip my ass kept me from saying what I wanted to say. I collected all the pictures except the one Tom had slipped in his shirt pocket and put them away.

About two weeks later, I invited Tom, Floyd and two other VFW friends to come home with me and cook some hot wings on the grill. It was Saturday afternoon and the timing was perfect. Pulling in the drive, I saw Brenda lying on a chaise by our small swimming pool, face down with her top untied. No one went inside as we all walked around the side to the pool area and startled my wife. She almost raised up but realized her top was not fastened. Never the less, everyone got a good peek at her sweet titties.

Later on in the night as the drinks flowed, I came out of the bathroom to see Floyd kissing on Brenda's neck with his hands all over her ass. She had changed into her nightie about an hour before and told me she was getting ready for bed. She pulled away from Floyd when I came into the room but instead of going to bed she put a CD in the music system and pulled him into the den to dance.

From our little bar area, I couldn't see into the den and I wasn't too happy with Brenda and Floyd being out of sight when all I could think of was his comment about her nude picture. Tom was telling a joke, but all I could think of was Floyd's big cock. Was it sliding into my wife's pussy?

I walked over to the arch leading into the den and saw that they were just holding each other close and dancing. Brenda took turns, dancing with all the guys. Our little party soon broke up and we kind of ushered the guys out. Of course Floyd had to irritate me once more before he left by kissing Brenda goodnight.

I started into the bathroom and turned to ask her if she had turned off the den lights. I was surprised to see her putting on her panties so I didn't say anything. I couldn't believe she had danced with all those guys without her panties. I felt a little sick but at the same time, my dick was a raging hard-on.

Later on, I fucked her with a vengeance, thinking about my friends probably feeling her hot tits and finger fucking her pussy. Afterwards we talked as I had a cigarette. I guess it was the drinks again, but I found myself telling her I really wouldn't mind if she fucked one of my buddies as long as I knew about it and there would be no relationship involved. We even decided that the following Saturday night would be the night.

What happened next kind of blew my mind. I had suggested that she seduce Tom and went so far as to say she could fuck him when I wasn't around as long as she told me later.

"Tom's almost like a brother to me", she said. "Would you be too jealous if I let Floyd fuck me? I think he really wants to and he's kind of big so it would be different for me."

"How do you know he's big?" I asked

"Well, you know, I felt him up against me when we danced. And the other thing honey, I really don't like him. He always whispers to me that he wants to eat my pussy and stuff like that. So you wouldn't have to worry about the "relationship" part."

So that's how it began. Now, Floyd comes over about three times a week and shoves his big cock into my shy little Brenda. Last week, he brought his Mexican helper with him and they both fucked her. I found out Tom had been fucking her for the past three years and she fucked all three of the painters that did our house last month.

My little wife is so shy.

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