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Brenda's Story


I helped my dearest girlfriend, Brenda, write the story of her introduction to the shared wife lifestyle to give her perspective on this subject and another wife's version of being shared and watched by her husband as she fucks and sucks other men; from brother-in-law to friends and strangers. I thought maybe my readers would enjoy some different characters. Donna


I found out that Art was home from a long distance haul one weekend, and before he went back, we spent a lot of time making out and talking. As we were talking and he was "feeling me up," he put my hand on his hard cock (it must have been about 7-8" long, and it felt great. I stroked it and loved doing it for him. He made me cum many times by fingering me. Over the next two years, we carried on a long distance relationship while he was on the road. He asked me to send him sexy pictures of myself so he could take care of himself by looking at them and thinking of me. That turned me on, so I sent him some very sexy pictures of me in only my panties. We got married and within a year, our sex life started going down hill. He started asking me if I would ever consider being with another man so he could watch me make love. I thought he was kidding, but as we made love, he got really excited talking about it and that started turning me on!

That went on for a few weeks, and then he started asking me to dress sexy when we went out, and I did it for him. I liked the attention, and I've been told that I have a real "walking wet dream" body. At fifty years old with two adult sons, my friends say I looked forty with large natural breasts and a dancer's legs. I love to dance and keep them in good shape, shaved and silky smooth. After a couple of times out, Art asked me to try flirting with other guys. I did, and it was exciting! I would "accidentally" brush up against them, touching their crotches and letting them "touch" me. It was a lot of fun, but it never went any further. Art and I would discuss it as we made love, and we both got very excited. Then one day, he asked me if I wanted to go farther with a guy. I told him no, especially not with a stranger. He then told me that he would love to see me flirt with his friend, John. By this time I had known John for a couple of years, and I liked him, but I would never think of him "that way."

Art then told me that his friend had the biggest cock he had ever seen. He said it was over 10" long and very thick. I told him that he was full of shit. He then told me that he noticed John looking at me when I had on a short skirt or low cut top, and he could see John's big cock get really hard, and John would try to hide it. I told him that I had never noticed it. Art asked me to wear a mini skirt and sexy top, with no bra or panties tomorrow night when John was over for a cookout. I said I would just to prove him wrong. I work as an office manager for a group of eight men and am the only woman in the office. I have worn suggestive clothing before and never taken a situation past innocent flirting or compliments regarding my legs or sexy top. That next day, I showered and slipped on a halter top with no bra and a very tiny, white, summer tennis skirt that stopped just a few inches below my upper thighs. As I looked in the mirror, I thought to myself, "God Brenda, You're Hot!"

Just about that time, Art came in and whistled and said that I would have his friend's cock busting out of his shorts, and he hugged me and played with my nipples, making them hard. Then he brushed his finger up my skirt and slid them over my pussy lips. He said that I was already getting wet just thinking about John's giant cock. I told him that I was not, and I still didn't believe it was as big as he said it was. A few minutes later, John arrived and just stared at my figure and legs. Art said he had to run to work for an hour or so and would be back soon, and for John to make himself at home. I didn't know Art was leaving, but it sounded okay to me. John sat on the easy chair, and I sat across from him, letting my skirt hike up to just below my pussy, which was now getting very wet. John stood up and walked over to me and asked me if I knew that ever since we had all met, Art had wanted us to "get together" so he could watch.

I said I didn't know that, but that we sometimes talked about him and how "big" he was. He laughed and said that Art told him that I didn't believe it was as big as he had said. John then stood right in front of my face and told me to feel it. I had already noticed it was hard and looked awfully large, so I reached up and felt it. God, it was huge! It must have been 10" and really thick. I stroked it, and it got bigger and bigger. John then asked me if I believed them now, and all I could say was that I had to see it first. John slid his shorts off, and there it was, a giant hard cock. The biggest I had ever seen or felt. John asked me if I wanted a little taste, and I said that I really shouldn't, until Art got back and wanted to watch us. I do love him, you know! John said that he knew and he would never interfere with our marriage, but if Art wanted John and I to get together every once and a while, he thought that would be just great.

As he said this, he pushed his huge cock towards my mouth until it touched my lips. I kissed it and slowly opened my mouth to accept as much of his fantastic cock as I could. John slid it in and out as I sucked. It was so great! Then John slid down and knelt in front of me so that his tongue was at my pussy lips, and he started licking and sucking. God, it was driving me crazy! John told me he wanted to fuck my sweet little pussy with his big cock, and I told him that he couldn't until Art said it was okay. John didn't care, and he flipped me over and pressed his cock-head against my pussy lips. He pushed, and as it made its way in, I screamed because it hurt, and then it soon felt really good. He continued pushing until it was buried in my once little tight pussy, but now it was stretched out so big. He completely filled me up and then some! He fucked my brains out, and when we both came, he filled my pussy with his cum. After that, he licked me clean and asked if I liked it.

I told him that I hoped that Art wanted us to do this all the time and that was why he left us alone. Just then I heard the car and I knew that Art was home. I hoped he would never find out that we did anything before he was here to watch. After some small talk, Art asked John if he liked my outfit, and John said that he did, but he liked it better with his cock in my mouth. I couldn't believe he said that! Art then asked if John already had me, and I said that I couldn't wait, because it was so big and I wanted it badly. Then John announced to Art that he intended to fuck me any time he wanted, and there was nothing Art could do about it, because I needed his big cock and Art's wasn't big enough to take care of me any more. Art asked me if it was true, but before I could answer, John grabbed my hand and put it on his now hard cock and told me to play with it. I did as he told me, and Art asked if I liked that, and I said yes.

John then pushed my head down and told me to show my husband how much I liked to have my mouth fucked by a "real" cock. I did, and as I did, I saw Art rubbing his own cock. He really did like to watch! I smiled, and I've been taking care of both of them for over five years now. Now Art helps me dress sexy and then flirt with strangers, or John will come over and give me what I need. Late last spring my husband's younger brother came to stay for a couple of weeks. It was nothing new for him to stay at our place in Ventana Lakes. He comes about once a year, but this year something was different. I walked in from work the day he arrived, and found him and my husband talking in the family room. I walked over and gave him a hug and a kiss hello. I couldn't help but notice his jeans were tight and showed that he had a hard erection - my weakness. I had a beer with them, then excused myself and headed for the shower.

I didn't have to work the next day, and after my shower, I joined the guys as they were making plans to go out. I couldn't keep my eyes off our visitor. I could feel my pussy getting wetter every time he looked at me. After they left, I made up my mind that I wasn't going to let this opportunity slip through my fingers. The next day was going to be mine! I made up the couch for Jim to sleep on and headed to bed. The next morning after my husband left for work, I took off my nightshirt and headed into the family room. I saw our guest sleeping on the couch. The blankets were rumpled, and I could see that he was sleeping in the nude. I could feel my nipples get hard as I looked over the uncovered parts of his body. My heart was racing as I moved across the room. As I got closer, I could see the head of his cock just under the edge of the sheet. I almost turned away when he opened his eyes and looked at me. When our eyes met I knew there was no turning back.

I walked over to him and kneeled down beside him. My hands were shaking as I reached under the sheet and felt his cock. It grew as I stroked it. I leaned over and whispered, "Would you like me to suck your cock?" His eyes answered me, and I set to work on him. He pulled back the covers, and I made my way down his chest, kissing and love-nipping down to his massive cock. My pussy was dripping wet, and as soon as he reached down and started to rub me between my legs, I couldn't hold back. I came hard! I screamed out as he put his fingers inside me. I took the head of his cock in my mouth and began to make small, fast circles on the tip. His moans told me he liked blow-jobs. I don't mean to brag, but I really enjoy sucking cock, and I've been told I give great head. I began to play with his balls as I continued to suck and lick his cock. I slowly slid his shaft into my mouth and let my tongue flutter like a butterfly on the underside.

When I deep-throated him, I came again! I could feel his cock hit the back of my throat, and I licked his balls when I got to the base of his cock. I pulled back slowly as I sucked hard. When I got to the head, I started to pump his cock with one hand while I rubbed his anus with the other. I guess that was all he could take, because soon, I could feel his hot jism shooting down my throat. At that point, he pulled me down on the couch, rolled up my nightshirt and began to suck my tits. My nipples were hard and sticking out. It felt so good to have them played with and sucked on by a man other than my husband. His hands were busy playing with my clit and pussy. I came again as he finger-fucked me. I wanted that too, because he had grown hard again, and it didn't take long for him to guide his manhood into my wet eager pussy. I cried out in pleasure as he began to fuck me.

Spreading my legs wide for him, I could hardly handle his size, but soon we were fucking hard. We started out with me on top, but before we were done, I was on my knees on the carpet with him entering me from behind. We fucked for hours! We ended with him fucking me in the ass. I hadn't had sex that good in a long time. His cock stayed hard and showed no signs of slowing down. I suggested that we head into the shower for some more fun. Jim was all for that! With the warm water running over us, I sucked him off again. I didn't stop at his cock this time. I moved around his balls and began to lick his anus as I pumped his shaft. He came, shooting his load against the side of the shower wall. We spent the rest of the afternoon finding ways of pleasuring each other in my bedroom. We finished up before my husband got home from work.

My husband and I had talked about having another three-way before, but I wasn't sure that he really wanted it to happen, especially with his brother. I headed out to the grocery store and told the guys that I'd be back in an hour. When I got home, I found the guys soaking in the hot tub. I told them I'd join them after I put the groceries away. I returned with only my towel wrapped around me. I figured now was the time to see if the three-way was going to happen. I looked at the guys for a reaction, and when I saw smiles on both faces, I dropped the towel and climbed in. I sat down between them and waited. It didn't take long until I could feel hands under the water reaching out and rubbing my legs and finding their way to my pussy. I leaned back and closed my eyes. I came twice while they played with me! I opened my eyes and was surprised to find that it was our guest who was busy at work, while my husband sat back and watched.

I looked over at my husband and he was all smiles. He sat on the edge of the tub as I gave him a wifely blowjob. Before he came, he made sure that his brother was able to see my mouth full of his hard cock. As he shot his wad, I felt my pussy being filled up with cock. I swallowed one cock while the other was fucking me from behind. I was in heaven! Once we had all come, I suggested that we head for the king-size bed. It didn't take long for three naked bodies to make their way to the bed. Our three-way continued for the rest of the night. I sucked, fucked, and enjoyed having two men take me in every position imaginable. That night was the beginning of a whole new love life for me. Since that time, I've enjoyed many partners, and will always be grateful for the vacation that brought our guest to me that year.

We saw a lot more of Jim after his divorce and his moving back to Arizona. He seemed to be at loose ends, and Art and I were very supportive of him and he spent a lot of time at our house. He was a poor cook, so he was frequently a dinner guest, and we often included him when we went out to dinner, sometimes to a supper club where there was dancing. Jim was attractive and he was very attentive to me; sometimes it was even embarrassing. He was clearly attracted to me and I enjoyed the attention, encouraging it at times even to the extent of mild flirting. I would give him a view of my legs as I shifted in my chair, or sitting down. He would blush when I caught him looking up my thighs. Even though we had fucked that one time he visited us a couple of years earlier, we were like new acquaintances. When we were out for dinner where there was dancing, they took turns dancing with me.

When I danced with Jim, he would gradually hold me close, bringing our bodies together. There were times when I could feel his erection as he held me closely and I would think about the time he fucked me. My husband noted how close we were dancing, and he commented on it later, but I just laughed and said he needed a little excitement. But I said, "He's never tried to seduce me again!" I knew he wouldn't hesitate a minute if I encouraged him. He said something about my giving him an erection, so I started teasing him, asking Art if he would like Jim to make love to me, saying if would be charitable of him to offer me to his brother, since he wasn't getting much sex these days. I told him it would just be sex, not love, and I continued to tease him. But I reassured him, saying I loved him, and was just teasing. Everything changed one night.

We had dinner out with lots of wine and after dinner drinks, then some dancing, finally home where Art surprised us with a very explicit video, a sexual odyssey involving two men and one woman. The three of us were on the couch, me sitting between them, enjoying a night cap as we viewed the video. I began to get aroused, watching the video and being very relaxed from the drinks. Then the two of them began working on me, taking turns kissing me, soon caressing me. I thought what's going on, as they took turns stroking my breasts, and soon they had their hands on my legs, and were pushing my dress up. I began protesting, but they ignored my protests, continuing to arouse me. I thought of making them stop, but I decided to wait a bit to see where this was going. I didn't have to wait long before Art unzipped my dress, pulling it down, and it wasn't long before he removed my bra, exposing my breasts.

At the same time, Jim had worked my dress up above my stocking tops up to my panties. I was aroused, but I was also alarmed at what was happening. Were they just having fun, fueled by the drinks and the explicit movie, or were they thinking of doing it to me again? How far did my husband want to carry this? Were they trying to seduce me? They swung me up on the sofa, Art holding my shoulders down, kissing and stroking my breasts. Jim worked my dress and slip up under me, pushing them up to my waist. My sheer panties were exposed above my stocking tops and garter belt. I thought this is getting serious, did they intend to fuck me? But I didn't know if they would go that far. I didn't think my husband would let his brother do it to me again, but I was worried, and I was also aroused by the stroking, kisses, and caresses by these two men. By this time Jim had opened my thighs, getting between them and kissing his way up to the narrow band of my panties.

I moaned as he moved the crotch aside and used his mouth and tongue on my labia, which were now very moist. It was so erotic what these two were doing to me. I was trembling and I was getting weaker, more and more aroused. I thought this had gone far enough, but it seemed they had no intention of stopping. But before I could protest, Jim had worked my panties from under my hips and pulled them off. I closed my legs and said, "You have to stop, this has gone far enough, and I can't believe the two of you are doing this to me again." I looked at Art and said, "I am your wife, why are you letting your brother do this to me? He is family!" But he just smiled and kissed me, holding me as Jim spread my legs and again got between them, once more bringing his mouth and tongue to my vagina. As he was moving his tongue in me, I tried to rise up, but Art was holding my shoulders down. Was he holding me so his brother could take me?

Was he planning to give his own wife to another man, watching another man put it in me and fuck me? I couldn't believe he would do that with his brother again. But he did nothing to stop this from happening, and when Jim moved his tongue to my clitoris, I was beginning to lose it. As he continued using his tongue on me, I knew I was about to come, unable to do anything but open my legs further as my climax approached. I was moaning continuously, overcome by an intense orgasm which wracked my body, causing me to cry out, my whole body shaking. I lay with my eyes closed, my legs open, my body drained. I was barely aware that they had undressed, until I felt Jim move up, mounting me, and looked down to see his very large cock aimed at me. I tried to close my legs, but I was so weak that he easily spread them wide, preparing to enter me. I felt helpless! I looked at Art again, but he smiled and nodded, clearly giving me permission to be fucked by Jim, and still holding my shoulders down, holding my arms above my head, kissing me and cutting off my protests.

I thought okay, I was done protesting, done trying to rise up and stop this. Also I was so aroused, so overcome with passion, that I had no will to resist. If this was what he wanted, if he wanted to watch his own wife taken and entered by his brother, if he wanted to watch me being fucked by him, then I would let him. I was helpless anyway, and I surrendered, letting my legs fall fully open, giving myself to him. This was what they wanted and they had set me up. Finding me compliant, he took his cock in his hand and directed it to my swollen vulva. I lifted my legs, bending my knees and opening myself to him as he pushed firmly, stretching me, beginning to penetrate me. Gripping my hips, he pushed more firmly, and I cried out as the head of his cock entered me. I almost came at that moment! He continued moving into me, stretching me more, his cock pressing forward till he completely filled me, pushing firmly against me cervix, and I cried out again.

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