tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBrendi Lyn Ch. 02

Brendi Lyn Ch. 02

bydark suenos©

I blinked my eyes, it was so bright and white, my mouth felt like it was dry and rubbery. I tried to move my hands to cover my eyes, but discovered that my wrists were tied tightly to a table. I realized my hands felt funny and numb, like they were tied too tight and my circulation was being cut off. My right leg was fastened tightly to the table, and the bald woman was holding my left leg down while Morag started feeding a rope through some sort of hole in the table. The rope fell across my leg, I tried to kick, but it did no good, the woman's hands were pressing down just below my knee. I opened my mouth, but realized that I still had the rubbery gag in my mouth. Then the rope pulled tight, from beneath the table. It slackened and tightened again, she must have tied it. My legs were tied far more than shoulder width apart and what felt like it could be a pillow was being slid under my hips. Morag walked over to my head, her braid fell over her shoulder and brushed against me, her hands slid behind my head and she removed the gag from my mouth.

"What the-" I stopped trying to ask once I realized that no sound was coming out of my mouth. My mouth was too dry. Suddenly Morag squirted a tiny bit of water into my mouth. I choked.

"That should help." She lay a finger over my lips while I coughed. "Shh. I don't know what he has planned, just that he wants to prove to you that he is Master. It won't be pleasant. He's going to try to break you. I'd cooperate if I were you." She left, I called after her, but I heard a door shut and knew I was alone.

I started to cry. What had I done to deserve this? I'd never seen that man or any of those women before they were in my apartment. I gave to charity, I was nice to people. Now, now I'd been kidnapped. "Oh God why? Please God, I'll be good just get me out of here, let me go home. I'll do anything." I was praying for freedom and I knew I wasn't going to get it, but I had to pray anyway. Maybe the police would save me. I heard the door by my head open and shut. Then heavy footsteps, it had to be the man. "Please, please don't hurt me." I heard some sort of motor and felt myself being tilted so that instead of laying flat my table tilted so that my feet came closer to the ground and I was almost in a standing position. He walked in front of my slowly, I could here the thudding of his feet and he was dressed like a dominatrix: shiny, black leather pants complete with spikes down the sides of the legs, a studded belt, knee high boots that covered the bottoms of his pants, no shirt and a collar with inch long spikes. His muscles were well defined, he was thin, not bulky, but very cut.

"Stereotypical? I know, but I'm going to prove to you today that you belong to me, and will for the rest of your life. Do you understand me, Miss Gwennyth Rose Markle?" I nodded. "I expect an answer Gwennyth Rose. Do you understand me?" He leaned into my face until he was less than an inch away.

"Yes." I shivered, I was terrified.

"Good. Now the first thing that we have to do is find you an appropriate name. How does Brendi sound to you? Brendi Lyn?" I bit my tongue, that was the name of the slut who stole my boyfriend. "I do believe I like that name. I think it suits you, Brendi." I growled, I was trying so hard to keep from talking but I couldn't. "Oh I take it you don't like being called Brendi do you? I wonder why; you're going to be a bigger slut than she ever was, so a name fit for a slut is definitely fit for you."

"I am not a slut! I was loyal to my man and when he left me I haven't-" My teeth slammed together and my head slammed to the side, stopped by the table. He'd slapped me.

"No, you're my slave and you will do as I say, Brendi. You will only answer to Brendi, and Gwynneth Rose is no more. Do you understand?" I didn't say anything. "Do you understand, slave?" He grabbed my right nipple, the same nipple he had pinched last night, the same nipple Sylvie had almost bit off. Just the touch made me squirm from pain. I didn't say anything until he squeezed it tightly in his fingers, then I screamed. "Do you understand me Brendi Lyn?" I nodded. He opened his mouth.

"Yes," I said quickly.

"Good. Now, I'm going to punish you, because I know that you're a smart girl and I know you know my name because the girls used it last night, but you haven't been."

"Your name? What's your name?" He walked away and the table I was on lowered until I was horizontal again. I heard a zipper open and then a faint jingling sound. He sat on the table on my left side. There was a small baggie filled with needles in his hand. He wore a wicked grin. "Tell me what you want me to call you and I'll do it!" I was panicked. I've always been terrified of needles, I couldn't even make myself learn how to sew when I was little because I was afraid I'd prick myself.

"Have you ever wanted to be pierced, my slave?" I shook my head wildly. "I want an answer with words."

"No." He teased my left nipple gently, it hardened under his touch. He pulled a thin sewing needle out of the bag. The man clucked his tongue at me reproachfully. He touched the needle lightly against the bottom of my nipple.

"What's my name Brendi?" He pushed the needle into my nipple it gathered a tiny bit of skin, not piercing all the way through, just a tiny bit at the bottom. I was trembling.

"I don't know," I sobbed. Another needle, he held this one just inside the first, so if he pushed it through it would go through more skin. "Please don't!" I screamed and thrashed, the ring pricked the tender flesh and he pulled it away.

"Lay still. The needle will only go where I want it to go, but you must cooperate." I tensed everywhere and I felt the needle slide into my flesh and out the other side.

"Oh god oh god, it hurts, it's bleeding. God please!"

"Sorry I'm not God." Another needle, even deeper into my nipple, almost to the halfway point."That's not what my girls called me last night is it?" What did they call him? I couldn't think. I looked down and saw that this needle was thicker, like the kind used for fixing socks. He pressed down with his left hand against my right shoulder and with his right hand pushed the needle through. Blood, I could see the blood on my breast. There was another thick needle in his hand, I whimpered.

"My slaves must call me-" he thrust the needle through half a centimeter from the third one and I screamed, "-master." He kissed my mouth, it was hot and messy, he forced his tongue deep into my mouth. I didn't try to kiss back, but I didn't bite down on his tongue either. "Brendi, because you didn't think you will have to be punished further. I will only use two more needles, isn't that nice of me?"

"Yes, master." A thin needle, he pinched the top part of my nipple and I moaned. The needle scraped against the top of my nipple, he held it perpendicular to the table. The needle bore down into my nipple. He stopped and just the tip was inside of me.

"Brendi, I'm putting the needle into the hole that when you're lactating milk would come out of. It should feel very interesting." He pushed a little bit more and I squirmed, he stopped. "If you're going to move the needle won't go in straight, I guess I'll just have to-" he thrust the needle suddenly through the middle of my right nipple-"do that." He pulled a long thick needle out of the baggie.

"But master-" He pulled upwards on the four needles in my left breast. I started seeing spots of black floating in the air.

"You will not argue with me, this is the second needle. You won't even be able to see where I'm piercing." He turned away from me, and then straddle me so that he was kneeling over my stomach. He leant forward and I could feel his fingers on my cunt. Despite everything when he began massaging my clit I bit my lip with pleasure. He teased at it for a couple of minutes and then I felt cold metal against my vaginal lips. Just a tiny spot, the tip of the needle. He held the thin inner lips together and pushed hard. I wailed and I felt it slide all through me, I felt the other end slide out.

"God. Oh God," I gasped.

"I already told you I'm not God, you won't say that word again when its for something I've done! Nor Jesus, or anything similar and the only one you pray to is me!" I felt the needle against the inner lips again, just pushing a little bit and then suddenly I could feel it sliding through my skin. "You will agree to not say that again." My eyes were open, but everything was black and his voice seemed far away.

"Yes master."

"Then I think that that's enough needles." He put the long needle into the baggie. Then he pulled the first needle out slowly. My back arched. "Brendi, calm down. I don't want to loose my newest slave. Look at me, look at your master." I tried, afraid of what would happen if I didn't, but I just shifted my eyes around in the dark searching.

"I- Master, I can't see." My voice sounded so weak.

"Brendi, calm down, I'm going to leave the rest of the needles alone and let you rest awhile. I don't want you going into shock or passing out on me." He straddled me and pushed so that I could feel his erection through his pants. "I want you to be concious the first time I fuck you, and if you don't do a good job I'll punish you again." He climbed off the table and I heard him walk away and the door slam shut.

Moments later I felt a straw at my lips. "Drink some, it's gatorade, it'll give you back some of what your body needs." It was a woman's voice, I relaxed. I started seeing in patches, I saw a bit of orange hair and realized it was Sylvie from last night. I drank my gatorade slowly.

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