tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBrendi Lyn Ch. 03

Brendi Lyn Ch. 03

bydark suenos©

I woke to the sound of the door slamming shut and people struggling. My table was raised so that I was vertical, my head at the top, there was a waist high bench in front of me, there were four handcuffs on the legs of the bench. They came into sight and it was another woman and the man... my master. She was naked he wore denim jeans with a thick leather belt, once again no shirt. She was handcuffed and he had a tight hold on her, he had his arms hugging across her chest, but still she was resisting him. He shoved her against the bench and reached down quickly and quickly cuffed her left ankle, she tried to kick out behind her, but he was already in front of her and handcuffed her right wrist to the bench, then unlocked the cuffs that kept her hands together. He kept a tight grip on her left hand and then snapped that to the bench as well. He came around behind her and caught her free leg with both hands. He struggled to get her leg down to the bench, but won and snapped the last cuff down.

"Brendi, this is Amanda; Amanda- Brendi Lyn. Now both of you are new and need to learn who's master, and in case you haven't figured it out yet that's me." He leered at me and ran his hand along Amanda's exposed ass and pushed his thumb teasingly against her anus.

"Don't touch me!" She screamed.

"Brendi Lyn it sounds like she's arguing with me, I think it's time for her to be punished." She screamed at this, I was just glad he wasn't torturing me, but I felt guilty about it. He unbuckled his belt, it had a thick buckle like a cowboy belt, he slid it slowly out of the belt loops of his pants. "Now Brendi, how do you think I should punish her?" I shook my head. I didn't know what to do, the belt might not have been studded, but it still looked frightening. "I need a suggestion Brendi."

"I don't know, Master." He snapped the belt tight so it cracked sharply. Amanda's ass tightened. "Maybe you could spank her Master." I didn't want to say it, but if I didn't say something he'd punish me.

"I think that's a good idea, Brendi, I can spank her just like her daddy used to when she was little, but I think that that's rather mean of you to come up with something like that, really I just wanted to fuck her for you to watch. But then again if I fuck her I might get to tired for you." He leant over and licked from her pussy up to into her crack.

"Then fuck her if you want to!" I realized that was a command, not an answer to anything I'd spoken out of turn. "I'm sorry, Master." I started crying. He lay his belt down on the floor. He walked behind me and I felt my table moving, but I wasn't moving with it. Then the flat part of my table fell away and I was left strapped by my wrists and ankles to a frame. He tilted the frame forwards, and took a rope to my ankle and tied it to the top of the frame where my hands were bound, then from the other ankle to the top bar.

"Amanda, she's been a bad girl, too, I'm going to spank you first, then I will punish her, okay? I'll even let you watch me punish her." Amanda was sobbing hysterically. He tilted me so I was vertical again, so that I could see what he was doing to her. Then he walked towards the girl folded over the bench, he picked up his belt from the ground. He moved to one side of her, I realized so that I could see a clear view of her ass. He held the belt by its buckle and slung it easily over his shoulder. The brown leather crashed over her backside, he raised it for another blow, but I could see the sharp red line across the cushioned part of her butt. He slammed the belt down again, both me and Amanda screamed this time, it had fallen lower, closer to her thighs. He swung it down again. "Brendi I want you to count eight more strikes with the belt for her, if you scream with her I will start over."

The belt crashed down again, overlapping both red welts, making two even brighter red lines. "One." My voice shook, but I didn't scream. He smashed the belt across her cheeks. "Two." He stopped and unzipped his pants, his cock was erect. He obviously enjoyed out pain and fear. He walked behind her and I think he was teasing himself against her, he didn't push into her, at least not all the way. I could hear her crying quietly, she wasn't screaming anymore. He stepped back, zipped his pants and slapped her ass with his hand, the shape of his hand was lost in the other red. He picked up the belt again and moved to the opposite side than before. He brought it down hard, she let out a squeal of pain. "Three." He leant over and kissed her cheek nearest him then smashed the belt again. "Four." He set down the belt and rested one hand low on her ass he pressed his thumb against her, he pushed it into her and she screamed.

"Just like daddy used to do, right Mandie?"


"Now don't lie to your master, Amanda. Brendi, she was put into a foster home because her father was a child molester, but the foster father they gave her was a pimp and pimped her out. Her father only touched her, he never raped her, her foster father did, didn't he sweety?" He pulled his thumb out of her and the belt crashed into her ass again.

I had to think of what number I was on before that revelation. "Five." He brought the belt down again, lower so it almost went across her cunt. "Six." Again, it slapped against her cunt and she screamed a high piercing scream. "Sev- Seven." He moved between us so that his back was too me, she was crying loudly. He undid his fly, and it looked like he stroked himself a couple of times before pressing his cock against her.

"Should I do her ass or her pussy?" I choked. I thought about it.

"Master, I think her pussy."

"Good, then I'll do her ass." It was one of those questions that no matter what you answered he would've made it hurt her. He pushed into her and thrust a few times, pistoning against her. Then he pulled out. "That was her pussy to get me a little wet." He paused and I saw him push, slowly against her. Amanda's crying was getting loud, she was moaning and screaming. Our kidnapper leaned back gently, he was being so gentle I'd say he was making love to her ass. Her screaming died down as she realized he wasn't being too violent. After she was quiet he changed his rhythym and it was so hard that she and the bench she was bound to were rocking back and forth, even though it looked like the bench was really stable. I could hear the bench slamming into the ground. He stopped and held still in her. He pulled out of her suddenly, he picked up the belt and slammed it down from behind her so that it went down her crack and thwacked solidly against her pussy. He moved out from behind her and I could see blood and come oozing out of her. I swallowed to keep myself from screaming.

"Eight,"I whispered.

"Now Amanda how should I punish her? After all she back talked to me to tell me to fuck you after she ahd already told me to spank you. "

"Hurt her." He waited as if expecting something then slammed his hand down hard across her thighs and pussy.

"What are you to call me every time you speak to me?"

"Master. Please hurt her master."

"Good girl." He unlocked her ankles and her wrists. He turned her around so that she was sitting on the ground behind the bench. She whimpered a little when her ass hit the ground. Then he recuffed her so that she was sitting as if in the stocks, her head was forced underneath the bench, but still so that she could see me. "Do you see the needles in her nipples? First we're going to take those out, and then her punishment will begin." He pushed his body against mine, and thrust his tongue into my mouth. His cock was swinging free of his pants and it was already semi-hard. He reached down and stroked himself. I squirmed, trying to pull my hips from him. "Slave, you should be glad that your master is so excited by the sight of you that immediately after coming I'm hard. Maybe I just have to give you a better view." He stepped back from me and slid his pants off. He moved to the side so that Amanda could have a clear view like I had. He flicked the very tip of my nipples and they tightened around the needles and started bleeding again. His fingers were surprisingly soft as he teased my left breast. His fingers tugged gently on the second needle he had stabbed me with. I could feel the skin trying to move with the needle. He pulled hard and the scab around the needle tore free. I screamed.

"Brendi, it wouldn't have been so bad if you had let me take them out before. But you were so weak that you needed to rest, and now they've all been scabbed over." He stopped and went to his bag and came back with a ball gag, I could see clearly the teeth marks in it and when he forced the ball into my mouth I bit down hard to distract me from the pain. He tied it, tight, then returned to teasing my left breast, he pinched the tip of my nipple. Then he leaned forward and lapped at the blood that was dripping down its side. I shivered his tongue felt good. He yanked the next needle out quickly, I bit down hard on my gag and moaned. His hand traced lightly around my breast and then slid down my stomach, and down teasing against the soft triangle of my pubic region, then further down and his fingers teased my clit and pushed into my cunt. "My you are getting wet." He turned to Amanda. "I think she's enjoying herself, we'd best hurry through the rest of the needles and then I can punish her for you." He tore out the rest of the needles quickly, I felt bile rising in my stomach. He stepped behind me and pushed himself against me. I could feel his hard dick against my ass. He untied my gag and took it from my mouth. He walked away behind me and I heard him pull something out of the bag. Amanda's eyes got really big.

"I should fuck her before I use this on her, shouldn't I, Amanda?"

"I don't know, Master, it's your choice." I heard something soft fall and then a gentle clinking sound as something metal dropped to the floor. I felt him behind me again, his hand traced patterns on my body. He slid two fingers into my cunt and finger fucked me. I moaned and leaned back against him.

"Ohh, yes, Master." As soon as his name passed my lips he stopped. His fingers pushed against my mouth.

"Clean them for me slave, suck them clean." I opened my mouth and his fingers slick with my juices slid into my mouth. I tasted sour, almost bitter. I sucked on his fingers and slid my tongue against them. I worked on sucking and cleaning his fingers as pleasurably as possible, cupping them in my tongue. I felt him position his cock, pressing its head against my ass. I jerked. "Now slave, things were going so well, is it that your ass is virgin that made you jump like that or is it what I just did to Amanda?" I kept sucking his fingers, how in the hell did he know that? I'd never had anything bigger than a finger in my ass. "I'll enjoy taking that from you, but not right now. Your deflowering needs a more intimate setting. Brendi, you will come when I come." That was terrifying, I almost never came and my master wanted me to come on his command? What would he do to me if I didn't come when he did? He kissed my neck, sucking on the flesh, I focused on enjoying the sensations. His cockhead slid against the lips of my pussy. He teased at the opening, pushing it against my clit, but making no effort to penetrate me. He slid his fingers from my mouth and used that hand to caress my ass, holding it gently in his hand. He pushed until the head of his cock was inside me and nothing more, then he started running his hand up and down his shaft, I could feel his fingers brush against me then slide away. The hand that had been cupping my ass moved to my right breast and squeezed. It didn't hurt so bad as my left, but it was still painful. He started rocking his hips against me, but he used his hand to keep from penetrating me any deeper. I swallowed hard. I wanted him inside of me. He bit the side of my neck, surprisingly it felt good. I moaned in pleasure as he kept moving the head of his cock inside of me. "Are you enjoying yourself, slave?" It took an effort for me to remember words and language.

"Yes master." I realized how much I wanted him in me, filling me. "Please, master." I gasped for air, the hand that had been stroking his cock switched to my clit. I pushed down against him, but it did no good.

"Please what?"

"Fuck me master. Please." He thrust into me hard, and his hands went to my breasts, painful as they were he squeezed my nipples and started fucking me hard. He licked the back of my neck. He was fucking me so hard now that each thrust was hitting against my cervix, it hurt, but at the same time it felt so goo. Just the strength of his thrusts hurt. I could feel his hips slamming into mine. He thrust one last time even harder, and held me tight against him, pulling himself into me more and more. I felt the hot come spilling into me and I came. Harder than I had come before. My pussy tightened around him in waves of pleasure. My whole body was quaking with pleasure and pain. He thrust again and more warmth spilled into me. I realized that I had just come from being raped, but it hadn't been rape, at least not completely. I'd asked for more. I'd wanted more.

"That. Was. Very. Good." He paused to catch his breath, his cock began shrinking inside me. I moaned as he slid out of me. "You won't have to be punished except for your audacity to command me earlier. I'll leave you two girls alone to rest, and then I'll come back to punish you, Brendi, later."

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