tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBrendi Lyn Ch. 08

Brendi Lyn Ch. 08

bydark suenos©

After they'd finished taken out the needles he'd cleaned my breast so carefully I could almost imagined that he cared. Then he's spread some kind of cream onto it and my back and bought me to a room where Amanda was already sleeping. The room had two mattresses-- both old and lumpy, but I slept so soundly it didn't matter. I hadn't realized how wearing it was on my body to be tied up like that. Still, he'd left us alone for so long. We had water, there was a small sink and a toilet in our room, but I hadn't eaten anything since the slim fast that Tiara had given me.

"I was a waitress. I wanted more, but that paid the bills."

"What did you want to be?"

"Anything but a waitress. What about you?"

"I've been so many different things, the last few months I was working at McDonald's."

"Did your family-- was what he said about your childhood true?" She got really quiet and didn't say anything. She got kind of pale under the harsh lights." I'm sorry," I said. We sat in silence. Some time later the door opened and Morag was there.

"Brendi follow me." I did as she said, I had some trouble getting myself to move-- my back was stiff still, but it was getting better. She led me through narrow white corridors, and finally she stopped at one of the doors that didn't any different from the others to me. She knocked lightly on the door. "Master? I brought Brendi."

"Come in." She opened the door. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and had a half eaten big mac in front of him with fries spilled across the table, with a small bowl of ketchup. There was another big mac across from him. My stomach rumbled. It'd been too long since I'd eaten anything. "Morag, you've been a good girl. You're free to go anywhere in the compound today, but you must do as the boys command you if you come across them. Understand?"

"Yes, master." She left and shut the door behind her.

"Brendi Lynn, go ahead and sit down." I sat in the chair where the unopened big mac was." I looked at it, my mouth practically watering. "Amanda was doing really good for the last few months, she'd been working at McDonald's, touching everyone's meat and ringing them up at the cash register." I shifted uncomfortably at the double entendre. "Before that," he laughed, "she was doing the same thing, touching men's meat and getting paid for it. Though she often did more than just touching." He took a big bite out of his hamburger. My stomach rumbled he had to hear it. "You can unwrap yours if you want." I picked up my hamburger uncertain. He nodded as I did. "Go ahead. Now as I was saying, she worked at McDonalds. I didn't have to kidnap her like I did you. I just went into the Mickey D's where she worked late at night and offered her fifty bucks to go back to my hotel room with me. She said no, that she couldn't risk her job that she had to finish her shift. I said that I could come back at the end of her shift. She shook her head. She had a good job, she didn't need to do that anymore. I offered a hundred. Her hands shook as she took the money to pay for my burgers. I leaned against the counter and told her that she'd be in charge. I wouldn't do anything she didn't want. She told me that her shift ended in three more hours, that I should pick her up then." I started to raise the hamburger to my mouth, to hide my concern over where the story was going and because I was that hungry. "Brendi fucking Lynn! did I give you permission to eat the burger?"

"No, sir."

"Then why did you try to eat it? I though you knew better. Then again, it has been awhile since you've eaten anything, hasn't it?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. I want you to smell the burger, look at it, but don't eat it yet. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"Now where was I?"

"Amanda had told you to pick her up when her shift ended, sir." My voice shook.

"Right, so I went and ate my burgers. Then when I went back up the counter to have her give me more fries I whispered in her ear, 'That's too long, I'll give you a hundred more to fake sick and meet me at my van outside in fifteen minutes.' Her eyes went wide. She nodded. I don't think that she'd ever had her hands on that much money in her life. I opened my wallet to show her that I had the money on me. Then I went outside and waited in my van. Just me, I'd left the other girls waiting in the hotel room. She was outside in ten minutes." His hamburger was almost gone. And I was using all my strength of will not to eat the one in front of me. "Take a great big whiff of your burger, slave." I did. "Now bring it over here to my side of the table and sit on my lap, then maybe I'll let you eat it." I walked uncertainly over to him. I set down the burger and then sat on his lap facing the table. "No, straddle me. Face me." I turned around. "Now kiss me girl." I did. He held my hair tight, and forced his tongue along mine. Loosened his grip and I nibbled at his lips. I really focused on giving him a good kiss. Then I started going after the taste of ketchup on his lips. When I pulled away, he spoke again, "You could taste the food. I know you could."

His hands found my ass and lightly caressed it. "Now, slave, Amanda came to my van and I took her to the hotel. When we got out I pushed her against the door and kissed her, hard, made out with her and pressed my body into hers. Really it was a signal for the other girls to hide in the closet as much as it was to arouse me. After a bit I opened the door and pulled out my wallet, put the two hundred on the tv cabinet. 'Strip for me,' I told her. She did. The McDonald's uniform wasn't sexy in the least, but she did it. She obeyed with no question's at all when there was money in it. I told her to lay down on the bed, on her back. I fucked her hard, holding her down with one arm and her mouth shut with the other. Her eyes had this panicked look in them, like she didn't know what she'd gotten herself into and didn't have a pimp to get her out of it." He smiled then, a strange smile and took a bite out of the burger that I'd thought was mine.

"I didn't give her any foreplay like I did you. Before I came I pulled out of her and held her down with my legs against hers, and my arms pressed against her arms. She was such a good little slut. I held her like that with one arm and pulled off the condom with the other. When I dropped it on her chest she started squirming. I kissed her to keep her from screaming for help. I called the other girls in and had them gag her for me. The panic made her pretty, but not as sexy as her obedience had. I warned her that we would kill her if she disobeyed me and had her stand up and put her arms against the wall. I grabbed her ass and fucked her for all I was worth. It didn't last much longer, but I got my come in her. She's gonna have a baby girl, I hope, they're so much easier to sell than the boys." He started rocking his hips against me. "Then I had the girls tie her up and load her into the van, then the next night we got you, sweet heart. When you go back to your room ask her if the two hundred dollars was worth it."

"Yes, master."

"Now Brendi, I think that I'll let you eat your hamburger, if you worship me like you tried to give lip service to the imaginary friend of yours, what was his name? oh right God and Jesus. Get on your knees slut." He shoved me off of him and I fell hard on the floor. I got to my knees. "You're going to pray to me differently than you did to that god." He unbuttoned his pants and slid them down. Then stepped out of them. He walked in front of me. "Now, my dear little slut, I don't quite trust you to suck me off yet. Instead I want you to kiss me, to lick me, to touch me. Put every part of your being into it, you only get the burger if you satisfy me. No stroking me with your hand though, all petting."

I started by licking the head, it was soft and pink. I kissed a trail underneath it all the way to the base and suckled at his balls while I let my hand play with the cock. He stepped wider. I pressed against his taint and lapped his balls then back to his cock. I did everything in my power to tease him, to tantalize him, to make him give me that burger without breaking his rules. I licked his head and took just the tip of it into my mouth and pressed my tongue against his urethra. Finally he stopped me, but not to let me eat or tell me I'd failed. "Pray to it," he said. "Beg it to get you pregnant. Beg it to fill your cunt."

"Please, Master's Huge cock, I want to feel you inside of me. Please master's sweet cock, fill me up with your seed. Master's cock, please give me your nourishment. I want your child to grow in my womb. You, great cock, are so far beyond me I can only ask these great favors of you." My mind was whirling, trying to come up with an appropriate prayer. Finally it came to me. The twenty third Psalm. "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of sorrow, I shall fear no barrenness for the Master's rod and staff fill me, You prepare my womb with seed where none others ever will, you anoint my insides with your sweet sperm until my vagina runneth over filled with your life. Surely I shall bear your children in not too many days and I will worship you sweet cock forever." My master was smiling by the time I had finished.

"Brendi, sit down, eat your hamburger and what's left of the fries. Then get down on your hands and knees." I could've almost sworn that he was trying not to laugh. I chewed slowly, trying to trick my stomach into believing that there was more food than there actually was. He didn't hurry me at all. When I finished eating I was on the floor before he had a chance to object. "Now slave, tell me who I am." I had to fight the urge to resist. I knew he would punish me if I didn't say what he wanted.

"You are my master and my owner. You are as a god to me." He put a collar around my neck and clipped a leash onto it.

"Brendi, hold the end of the leash in your teeth." I did. "You are my dog today, but first I think you'll be my horse and I'll ride you." He knelt behind my, I could feel his hands against me sides, then he lowered them to my hips. The head of his cock pushed against my asshole. I tensed, but I didn't try to pull away. I could feel the pressure against it, his cock was dry. I was crying, I realized that I'd been crying since praying to his cock, since that blasphemy.

"Please, master," I whimpered. "Don't."

"No, not yet. When I fuck you there, sweetheart, you'll be begging me for it. Virginities are special things and I wouldn't dream of raping it away. That would be a waste." His cock slid down and into my pussy. I was dry and it hurt. He slid out of me and let go of me. Then I felt something cold squirt against me, he worked it inside of me and then stopped. I imagined he was spreading the lube on himself. Then he pushed into me again. He kept still a moment. "Here is good though, right sweetheart?"

"Yes, sir." My voice was thick with shame. I didn't have any choice in the matter, so why fight back? When he finished he pushed a button somewhere on the table, and a speakerphone came on.

"Morag, come and collect Brendi for me." Then he came and gave me a pill. "Now Brendi, be a good girl and swallow this for me." He pushed it in front of my mouth. I ate it out of his hand. He petted my head. "Good girl, your the perfect dog aren't you, my little bitch?"

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