tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBrent Gets Britney

Brent Gets Britney


Brent had been a fan of Britney Spears since she had started her career, he had managed to get hold of a ticket to her sold out UK tour and he wasn't about to let his chance of getting Britney's autograph go to waste.

So after the show had ended he snuck past security and into the backstage area, after a while he was completely lost, all the corridors seemed the same and he forgot about getting her autograph and just wanted to get out of there, even if it meant getting caught by security.

Finally he found a door that wasn't locked he opened it desperately hoping that it was a fire exit, When he opened the door he saw the slim figure of Britney Spears, his breathe caught in his throat as he tried to stutter an apology, "I'm sorry Ms Spears I thought this was an exit, please don't call security."

"Its alright actually there's something I could use your help with, my shower isn't working and maintenance can't look at it for a few hours."

"I'll see what I can do" he replied stepping across the room to her shower cubicle, after a few minutes of messing with the knobs that control the shower he finally got it working. "Thank you so much is there anything I can do to repay you" said Britney, "well if you don't mind I'd like an autograph." She signed his programme and he started down the corridor wondering how he would get out of the place. "Wait" Britney yelled stepping out into the corridor in her bathrobe "would you mind watching my stuff while I'm in the shower, it all got stolen at my last show."

"Of course" he replied walking back up to her room.

He sat on the bench next to her clothes, he heard the shower start up and the room began steam up. He realised that this was a chance to see his favourite star naked. It was a chance he knew he had to take or he might regret it his entire life. He quietly stood up and walked around the cubicle, the sight that met his eyes was one that had only appeared in his wildest dreams, Britney stood before him soaping her amazing body, rubbing the shower gel all over herself suddenly she turned and saw him "Oh my god I'm so sorry" he said stepping back.

"Well you've seen everything, I suppose I could use someone to wash my back" She said stepping further into the cubicle beckoning him to follow. Nervously, not knowing what could happen next he quickly took off his clothes leaving only his underwear on and followed. Britney was stood with her back towards him letting the water run over her, he reached out and gently started to rub her shoulders, "mmmm that's good, just rub a little lower," his hands moved down her back closer and closer to her firm perfectly rounded ass. "Just a little lower" she said. Understanding what she wanted he placed a hand on each cheek and grabbed a palm-full of soft flesh. "Oh yeah that's just what I needed" she moaned turning towards him revealing her naked body to him. This time he made sure he saw all there was to see, he looked up and down the most amazing body he had ever seen, her pert breasts with they're pink nipples pointing out towards him. He looked further down her body over her flat stomach, down to her freshly shaved pussy.

By now his cock was pitching a huge tent in his boxer shorts, Britney saw this "are we forgetting someone?" she said eyeing his cock hungrily. She knelt down and pulled down his shorts, his cock sprang back up ready for attention. She grabbed his member with her hand and started slowly jacking him off. It felt absolutely incredible as he struggled to control his balance. He closed his eyes enjoying the feeling of Britney's fingers on his cock. Britney saw her opportunity; she leaned forward and took the end of his cock in her mouth his eyes shot open as he felt the warm wet sensation on his member, he looked down to see possibly the most beautiful woman moving slowly down his cock. The end of his cock reached the back of Britney's throat, she resisted the urge to gag and slid his cock skilfully down her throat in one smooth motion.

He doubled over and moaned with pleasure as she bobbed her head up and down fucking him with her throat. "I'm gonna cum" he moaned, Britney pulled his cock from her throat leaving the end in her mouth, she swirled her tongue around his cock. It was all too much for him, he shot the biggest load of his life sending wad after wad of cum into Britney's mouth, there was to much for her to swallow and it spilled out onto her tits and started to run down her chest. After she'd sucked his cock dry she stood up and washed the cum off her chest with the showerhead. She knelt down again and took his soft member in her mouth again instantly rejuvenating his cock.

She stood up "I want your cock inside me" she whispered bending over and leaning against the wall of the cubicle, he didn't wait for her to ask again. He stepped forward, cock leading the way. He stopped at the entrance to her pussy, "are you sure" he asked knowing what he wanted the answer to be. "Stop talking and fuck my cunt" she replied, he ran the head of his cock over her pussy lips only parting them slightly, the anticipation was killing her nger, he pulled his cock until only an inch was left inside her she tried to impale herself on his cock but he held he back. He pushed the entire length of his cock deep inside her in one huge stroke and at the same time forced two fingers into her tight ass. She screamed out her climax to the world as her second orgasm of the night ripped through her. He shot his seed deep inside her cunt, deeper than anything had ever been before.

"That was amazing," said Britney as she came down off her cloud, "I really needed that."

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