tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersBrianne in her College Days

Brianne in her College Days


In my early days of x-dressing, when I was just getting the feel for what to do and where to go, I was a bit nervous. Maybe more so nervous than excited to be doing what I was doing, but not one event that changed things was when I stumbled upon a bookstore that was just a mile or so from my dorm in college.

I used to dress in my room, scared to death to go outside in fear of someone...anyone seeing me. I would talk to guys online, sometimes pretending to be an actual girl, talking all dirty to them as well as they did with me. Sometimes our fantasies would become so graphic and detailed, I wished I was there taking his cock in me, enjoying every minute of pleasure I was giving him. I wished I was on my knees looking up at him, sucking his huge cock. I would get so turned on by it that I just had to do something.

At this point I had given blowjobs to maybe to guys in my life, and I loved it. But I never got to do it the way I wanted to, as a gurl. I so wanted to be a gurl and I so wanted to be treated like one, maybe not quite like a real girl, but I wanted to be an object of sexual desire. I went out and bought different types of clothes, a black colored with, sexy boots and things like that. I did my best to make myself look like a real girl, but like I said, I was always too afraid to go out. Until one night....

I was dressed in a pair of the tightest, low rise, girly jeans, with a black thong showing just above them. A black sleeveless turtleneck top that showed off my belly and really enhanced my fake breasts. My boots were a glossy black high heel that ran up to just under my knee, but this night they were pretty much hidden under the sexy jeans. My makeup was this sexy blue eye shadow, dark eyeliner and mascara, and the sweetest ruby red lipstick that had a nice gloss to it. Again I was on my computer talking to all these guys in a chat room, who were all under the impress they were talking to some slutty bitch. After a while, I got so into it I had to have some dick, and I had to have it now. There was no way just pleasuring myself was going to take care of it this time.

I decided it was time to take a chance and go out into the world. I had been in the bookstore before and it was always the same freak guy that worked there, and I knew I wouldn't be that nervous about him seeing me like this. I also knew that in the back where all the booths were was men just waiting for someone to come and suck them off, and my mouth was eager to be the one to do just that. I managed to take the stairs that ran down one end of my dorm without being seen. I didn't have a car at the time so I had to walk down the sidewalks to get to the bookstore. I love the sound my boots made as I walked, and it made me even hotter the closer I got. I could feel the thong in my ass as the fabric of the jean clung so tight against my firm buns. I felt like a hooker walking the streets looking for her trix.

As I got closer the street was dark, all except for the sign to the bookstore, glowing eerily by itself amongst the darkness. There was no way to see inside the store, for the windows were all covered, but this made it that more exciting just before I walked in. As I opened the door a little bell rang and right at the desk was that same guy that's always working. He kind of looked at me, but went right back to reading whatever magazine it was he had. I felt a relief that that was his reaction and not something else. It, in a way, made me feel a little less out of place that way. Almost as if I was a girl just doing some midnight sex toy shopping.

I walked around the front of the store looking at all the dildos and vibrators of all sorts, wishing I had some money to get one. I didn't want it to make it too obvious that I was there to suck dick, although I'm sure me dressed the way I was, was a tell tale sign in itself. Before long though I was getting curious to see who was back there. I could hear the porno films playing, and it was making me that much eager to get back there hearing all the guys and girls moaning in ecstasy on the films. I slowly worked my way to the little doorway that was covered in beads, then quickly slipped threw them trying not to make too much noise. The back was basically like a maze of little hallways, with doors to the different booths everywhere. It was very dimly lit, and the smell of sex filled the whole corridor.

At one end I could see a guy staring at me with his arms crossed, which made him look like some sort of psycho, so I went the other direction and decided to just go into a booth for a little bit and think about how I should do this. As I entered the booth it was very dark, but fortunately I had some quarters that I had to painstakingly pull from my jean pocket. I started watching climactic scenes where guys were blowing a big thick load over some cute girls face, while the whole time I was wishing that was me. I could feel myself getting so horny, and I was about to give in and go to that psycho guy and just start sucking his dick right there in the hallway, but just then I heard someone enter the booth next to me. Shortly after he entered I noticed that the wall between which was made of glass, started clearing up. I didn't even know at that time that they made windows that could do that. I thought I was safe inside the little box, but now this guy was about to get a close up of me dressed as a gurl.

As soon as the glass cleared I saw a fairly attractive black male staring at me. I just stared right back, nervous as ever. He then nodded his head motioning me to come over to his side. I got up and exited my booth and walked to his door, and with a breath I opened it and went in. The booth was just big enough for the two of us and he had the only seat. It was ok, I knew what my role was, and I loved it. I dropped to my knees as he opened his legs for me to get in between. He very calmly and quietly whispered that I look pretty this evening. That was a big turn on for me, and it made me feel very at ease with him. I slowly undid his belt and his button, then unzipped his fly. He raised it butt off the seat so as I pulled his pants and his underwear down to his ankles. He had a beautiful cock that was thick and every bit of 8 inches erect.

At the moment it hung between his legs begging for some attention, and I immediately shoved my head down there to get it. I placed him in my mouth and began sucking. I could feel him place one hand on the back of my neck and one on my shoulder as I bobbed up and down on him. I could hear him breathing a little heavier as I blew him, sliding my hand down his shaft at the same time. At this point I couldn't deep throat a cock to save my ass, but he was trying to get me there. I could feel him start jamming it in my mouth as he pushed on the back of my head with both hands. Now I know a lot of girls don't like it when a guy tries to force them to do something that they don't necessarily want or is uncomfortable for them to do, especially if it's for there own gratification, but when it happens to me, I can sometimes almost get off on it. The more he forced it to the back of my throat, the more aggressive I sucked, and the more I gagged on his enormous member as well.

He must have really liked it, because without warning he held my head firm, and shot a massive load into the back of my throat. I didn't have a choice but to swallow what I could as the rest leaked out onto my chin, as I started to gag. I could feel his cock start to go flaccid as it slid out and once again hung between his legs, looking satisfied that he got what he came for. At this point, he pulled up his pants and without saying anything walked out of the booth, leaving me there on my knees with his cum still coating my chin. I felt like a cheap slut, and I only wished I had more dick to suck.

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