tagNovels and NovellasBrian's Sleepwalking Adventure Pt. 01

Brian's Sleepwalking Adventure Pt. 01


This story is based on what may be an urban myth from my college days. A fraternity brother told me about the incident after my own adventure, described in my story "Pledge Class Payback" so I believe it to be true. When I asked about it, no one could remember the actual names or years or the fraternity. However, it fed my imagination and inspired me to write this story. It is based on a "true incident" with a lot of embellishments. All persons, names, places, events, and descriptions, are purely fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons, names, places, events, or descriptions, is totally unintentional and a pure coincidence. That is, except for the "urban myth" about a sleep walking football frat brother and his abandonment in another town. It starts a bit slow so please be patient..

This story contains scenes of kidnapping, non consensual exhibitionism, bondage, spanking, water sports, CFNM, forced homosexual acts and other erotic themes between adults of college age or older. If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now. This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice. The author would appreciate your comments -- pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

Part 1

Chapter 1, The God

Brian Erickson grew up on a large farm near a small college town in northern Indiana. His people were simple folks that believed in virgin brides and virgin grooms. They also believed that excelling at sports was praising God's gifts.

Brian worked hard around the farm and was blessed by his Nordic heritage. He was tall and very firm, 6 foot 3 inches, 200 pounds and had almost perfect muscle definition. He was blond with startling violet eyes like Elizabeth Taylor.

Thor had come to earth and lived in northern Indiana!

Pushed by his stern father to excel at sports, he did pretty well in basketball and track but really excelled at football, at least after he started taking steroids to bulk up. His hard work around the farm, weight training and the steroids built a magnificent wide receiver.

Brian's family was very proud. He was a hero on the local high school football team. He was handsome and most of the girls in school and some of the boys lusted for him as he moved gracefully and purposely through the halls. In High School, he was a god, the envy of all the boys and the focus in the erotic dreams for most of his female school mates and a lot of the women around the small rural town.

However, Brian was very unhappy.

He didn't like the hard boring work on the farm or the isolation.

He didn't like his stern strict parents who locked him and his sisters in their bedrooms at night to "keep them from being tempted by the evil world."

But most of all he was scared to death of dating.

How could that be?

He was a local celebrity, helping his team whip their local rivals for the northern Indiana football championship. He had caught 15 passes for 250 yards in that game, humiliating the defense.

Did his strict upbringing make him avoid women?

Did his parents forbid him to date?

No, that wasn't it.

So, what was this hero's problem.

He had a dick and balls the size of an under developed 14 year old! Brian was paying the price for his steroid use! He was afraid one of the lusty farm girls would jump his bones and reveal his secret.

In High School it wasn't a problem for him. The coach and student body knew he wasn't a rocket scientist. He had to study to keep his grades up to play sports. He wasn't dumb, but he was a slightly below average student. He had hard work to do at home, helping on the farm like most of the students. His parents were known to be very protective and his physical isolation on the 3000 acre farm made it easy for him to convince his friends he just didn't have time for girls.

After the big game and the great press, Brian got noticed by a scout from one of the larger universities in Indiana who was visiting his friend, the coach of the high school. Brian had become a hot prospect for the Big Ten school!

The scout approached Brian and made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Due to Brian's clean record and spotless reputation, Brian would get a full scholarship including room and board. He was guaranteed membership in the college's jock fraternity and a starting position on one of the best college football teams in the country.

His parents were reluctant to allow him to accept the offer, even though the University was only 50 miles away. However, Brian was wildly enthusiastic about the opportunity. It got him a free ticket away from the farm and his loving but over strict parents. He would be free and all he would have to do is what he was already doing.

Finally, the scout and Brian's coach persuaded his parents to allow Brian to accept.

Chapter 2, Frat House Pervert

College started great for Brian.

His classes were hard but the work load and practice schedule were manageable.

There was a lot of publicity in the college town's papers about this hot prospect and the paper's sports photographer loved this beautiful young man's look. Just about everyone knew who he was and were very happy he was joining their winning team. The professors cut him a break in class and the Coach was very happy with the rookie.

Brian moved into the fraternity as soon as he got to the school and he was taking a light school schedule to allow him to focus on his reason for being there.

However, something was going very wrong for Brian.

Every morning, Brian found himself on the couch in the living room of the fraternity in a ball, nude!

At first, his brothers were thrilled he was a member of their fraternity since he dramatically improved their recruiting for new pledges and increased their status on campus, but this was unacceptable.

Having someone lying nude in the living room every morning was getting to be a big problem.

Girl friends of Brian's brothers were freaking out from the free show when they stopped by before morning classes.

Delivery men were complaining. The postal person had filed a complaint with the government about the lewd behavior.

The coach was getting angry calls and the university administration was getting worried.

Brian tried everything he could think of to stop it. He stopped sleeping nude like he did at home and started sleeping in pajamas.

Still it kept happening.

He stopped undressing at all but still woke up nude in the living room.

He locked his door, thinking someone was sneaking in and somehow stripping and moving him.

Still he ended up on the couch, nude.

His brothers were getting surly. They were getting tired of this "pervert."

Finally, one Saturday night late after a wild party at the house, two of his brothers came back a little drunk after dropping off their dates and were sitting in the living room. They were bragging about how well they did that night. Both were strong good looking men, members of the baseball team, and both had beautiful but new girl friends. They were both lying. Neither of them had gotten anywhere with their dates. They were irritated and horny.

Suddenly, Brian walked in, fully dressed and stood in front of them. His eyes were open but he didn't respond to them. He started taking his clothes off, staring straight ahead. They yelled at him, telling him to stop but he kept on going until he was nude.

Then he did something that completely blew their minds. He tried to curl up on the couch they were sitting on! There he was with his tiny dick and balls, trying to snuggle with them!

That did it! These guys freaked out. Hearing all the yelling, several of the other brothers came down from their rooms to see what was going on. There, on the couch was Brian. Nude again but this time he had not yet curled into a ball. His microscopic cock and balls were exposed to all of them.

Finally, one of the house leaders came down and asked what was going on. After seeing Brian's minuscule package, he started laughing, starting them all laughing. He sent everyone to bed and told them they would straighten it all out in the morning. Everyone left the living room headed for their rooms, leaving the nude Brian again on the couch, this time with an old navy blanket over him.

The two men, Matt and Mark, didn't want to let it go. This faggot freak had made a pass at them and was making the house sound like a bunch of perverts. The frat's reputation was going to hell fast. Their new girl friends teased them all night about the perverts in their fraternity.

They quietly left their rooms and went to the living room. There they stood Brian up and wrapped him in the Navy blanket. They guided Brian out to Matt's truck and the three of them drove away. Brian was sleeping soundly between them nude but for the blanket, a big smile on his face, snuggled between the two strong pissed off men.

Matt and Mark had a great idea, at least it sounded like it at the time. They were going to take Brian to his home town and leave him on the steps of the court house, just like he liked it, nude. That would show him! He'd get thrown out of school and they would be rid of the pervert!

Well, Mark and Matt were not from Indiana and were not real sure where Brian's town was but they had a good idea about the general direction. Finally after an hour of driving they were thoroughly lost and had given up on their plan. They pulled into a small town and there on the out skirts of town was an all night laundry. The lights were on and no one was in there so they decided it was close enough.

They again bundled Brian up in the blanket and guided him into the laundry to a table for folding up clothes and Brian curled up, smiling like he was safe at home. Matt pulled the blanket from Brian's hands and they left him there, nude and asleep.

Chapter 3, The Assault

Suddenly Brian felt a sharp pain in his ass!

It was daylight, he was naked and not in his bed at the fraternity!

He sprung up and was confronted by a big boned 40ish woman holding a broom like a sword, poking it at him, yelling.

"You pervert son of a bitch, get the hell out of here or I will call the police."

Brian didn't know what was going on but he knew he had to get out of there. If he got arrested for being a pervert, his parents and minister would be devastated. He would be disgraced and he would get tossed out of school, maybe even put in jail!

He sprang up, exposing his small package to the imposing woman, and ran out.

Mary Slovinsky, the owner and operator of the laundry sat down with a thump on a chair. She was shaking from the confrontation, adrenaline pumping from the initial fear and excitement of seeing the big nude man. She started to calm down, replaying the incident in her mind and she started to laugh, remembering his tiny pecker and balls. He couldn't rape anyone with that equipment! Her mind began to work again.

Mary was a hard working woman, spending long hours at her regular job plus all her spare time running the laundry her husband had left her.

She had a young son going to the local junior college and had a lot of bills to pay. He had a shot at a football scholarship as a defensive end but lost it in the big game the previous year due to a humiliating loss to the other school. He had been made to look like a fool by the other team, particularly by one of their wide receivers.

Then she remembered where she had seen that pervert son of a bitch before. That was him!

She sprang up and called her son, telling him that that bastard from the other school had been sleeping naked in her laundry when she came in to clean up and was running around the neighborhood still naked. Luke, her son, told her he would be right over with some of his buddies from the team to catch the bastard and show him what happens to perverts in their town.

Then she called her brother, Joseph Frankovich, a decorated member of the county police, and told him what had happened. Joe had felt really bad when Luke had lost his scholarship chances and he was really pissed off that the guy mostly responsible for screwing up Luke's chances had perved his sweet hard working sister.

He told his partner what was going on and called his Sergeant to tell him he needed a personal day due to a family crisis.

Then he jumped into his squad car and headed for his sister's town, siren and lights.

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