tagNovels and NovellasBrick House Pt. 03 Ch. 03

Brick House Pt. 03 Ch. 03


All content copyright 2012 Ted Szabo

This is part 3 of a longer work, "Brick House."

Chapter 3

Kate and I didn't speak for the next few days, and I feared that what had once seemed like a pretty promising young relationship might have skipped middle age, galloped straight through its dotage, and moved on directly to an early grave. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, Kate and Ted's Hook-Up RIP 20xy. However, when I did finally work up the nerve to call her Kate seemed glad to hear from me—bubbly—even excited. Encouraged by what looked to a pretty receptive attitude, I asked Kate out to a movie and spent the rest of the afternoon in a disgustingly good mood after she accepted.

After a couple hours, my incessantly upbeat attitude began to grate on my roommates' nerves.

"Ted, please, enough with the happy-ass humming," said Sam, one of my roommates and a long-time friend. "I'm trying to get my study on, and you're not helping. I mean, what the hell is that, anyway, Sound of Music or something? It's like little birdies are about to fly in here and start folding your shirts while you sing to them. Grow a pair, man."

What Sam said barely registered. The mercury had topped eighty five degrees, and my mind was fully occupied imagining what Kate looked like in what she usually wore at these temperatures—really tiny, tight khaki shorts. That butt, those legs. Utterly delicious. A smorgasbord of perfect, flowing, scantily clad female lines.

Al, another roommate--an incessant partier who seemed to be working on an advanced degree in Nothing In Particular, chimed in. "Yeah, it's getting pretty annoying. It's that new chick Kate, right? I remember you said you were going to ask her out this morning. First you drive us crazy with all the nervous pacing, and now you've got this sweetness and light thing going on. I'm going go wild here and guess she said yes."

"All right, you negativistic buttholes," I said cheerfully. "See what happens the next time you're all excited because you're going out with some uber-hot lady friend. I'll just put on the death metal and mess up your whole vibe. You wait and see."

Al and Sam groaned—Al somewhat indulgently, Sam not so much.

"Fine, just to show you guys what a generous spirit I am I will now, despite your bitching, go out for beer. A six-pack of your choice, any brand, on me."

"I'd settle for you just shutting up," said Sam.

Al shrugged, turning to Sam. "Hey, it'll get him out of room for twenty minutes." Swiveling back toward me, Al said "Offer accepted. We'll take Heinekens. Now get the hell out of here."

A few minutes later I left on the beer run, whistling a cheerful tune and ignoring all sounds of discontent from the, well... discontented.

Evening found Kate and I seated, munching popcorn, at a theatre just south of campus. The movie wasn't bad—some spies-vs.-smugglers tale of suspense that featured a lot of tense-looking people trying to hunt each other down on a Ukranian freighter, and then a sub, and then the Eiffel Tower. Under other conditions I might have taken issue with the extraordinary amount of automatic weapons fire that had been discharged without much consequence in a submarine five thousand feet below the surface, but Kate was a constant, pleasant distraction. The scent of her freshly washed hair, the feel of her, pleasantly leaning into me beneath the arm I lay across her shoulders, and the occasional enticing glimpse of thigh seen out of the corner of my eye during the more brightly lit scenes--all of this seized my attention a good deal more firmly than the film's steely-eyed assassins.

After the movie we dropped by a party one of Kate's sorority friends was holding and, five or six hours and as many Coronas later, we entered my apartment on slightly unsteady legs. All of my roommates were in bed, and looked to be asleep. Dean, a mechanical engineering major who I had met during my sophomore year, was mumbling in his sleep, something like "No Mom, I don't want to go on a game show, you do it..."

"Shhhhhhh" Kate mock-whispered in a comically loud voice, index finger held against her lips. I started to laugh, and when it came out as loud bray I shoved my mouth into the crook of my elbow to muffle the sound. This, of course, only made the two of us laugh even harder. The two of us made for my bed and, about half way there, Kate let out a loud burp that came out at the exact same time as a chuckle, leading to further hilarity.

"Oh my God... so embarrasing..." said Kate with a giggle.

"Wow, so unladylike!" I responded, tumbling onto my mattress and pulling her down with me.

"Well, I guess you know what you're getting into."

Kate pressed her lips against my neck, kissing me hard, something I had learned she tended to do spontaneously when aroused.

"Oh, I'm going to getting into something all right." I responded, unbuttoning Kate's shorts.

Kate moved her lips to my ear, whispering hoarsely. "Lout! Cad! A real gentleman would let a lady's minor gastrointestinal indiscretion pass without comment. You have besmirched me, sir!" She was panting now, and flush. I worked her bottoms, shorts and panties both, down along her legs, over her ankles, and off. Holy crap she had great legs, I thought for thousandth time. Years of competitive track and field had been kind to them, toning and filling out curves without adding enough bulk to detract from her femininity. I kissed one bare thigh, and then the other.

"And now," said Kate in a sort of aroused hiss, "this uncouth lad thinks he can violate the lady's honor?"

Suddenly I was atop Kate, and inside her. I couldn't even remember spreading her thighs, or the act of penetration, even though they obviously must have occurred only moments before. There was only the now, the hot, moist now, with Kate's arms right around my neck and her heels pressed hard against the small of my back. I was riding her hungrily, thrusting with deep, quick strokes.

What had started out as a quiet act, punctuated with small gasps of delight, became increasingly noisy. "Gahhhd," Kate moaned. "Aw gahhhhd." By now I knew that Kate tended to secrete heavily, but this was the wettest I could ever remember her and sometimes, after a particularly energetic thrust, I would take a moment to rest, still, inside Kate, enjoying the feeling of my cock stewing in her juices. I was so hard that in my drunken state I imagined myself some massive beast, a rhino perhaps, furiously mounting its mate. This, of course, was something I never passed along to Kate, as it seemed clear that the rhino analogy might not be taken as entirely complimentary on her part.

Our lovemaking was over quickly, leaving both of us spent and groggy.

"That was good, Ted," Kate murmured as she began to fall asleep, words slurring. "I liked it. Did you like it?"

I started to answer, but Kate was snoring softly before I could get a word out. Within a few minutes I was asleep as well.

By the time we woke the room was unpleasantly warm, and I pushed the blanket that had been covering Kate and I off my chest. I checked my phone. Noon. Kate was facing away from me, toward the wall, and seemed to still be asleep. Doubting she would mind being wakened at such a later hour, I scooted next to her, spooning, the fronts of my thighs pressed against the back of hers. I wrapped one arm over her, pressing my palm against Kate's flat, well-muscled belly. I felt her stir almost immediately, breaths deepening as she woke.

"Why, hello there stranger," said Kate softly. She snuggled against me, pressing her bottom against my privates, and in response I pushed my face into Kate's rather thoroughly mussed hair, inhaling her scent. Both of our lower bodies were still covered by a blanket, with the exception of one of Kate's legs, which was visible all the way up to her hip. She was developing a bit of tan, and I took a moment to enjoy the view.

"You know," I said, "you are insanely hot. Like, too hot to be a real chick. Jessica Rabbit hot."

"Mmm, last night I did somehow get the feeling you found me a teensy bit attractive, just maybe. A sign of good taste, to be sure."

One of my roommates, Sam, had gone out, but Al was still in bed, asleep, and Dean appeared to have just woken up. He was sitting on the edge of his bed in his underwear, absently scratching his day-old beard. When I spoke, Dean turned toward us,

"I'll say she's hot!" he announced, "better by a mile than the stray cats that hound usually drags home."

Kate was silent for a moment, and I assumed she was deciding whether or not to be offended at the odd sort-of compliment. Finally, she just laughed. The ladies seemed to find Dean thoroughly handsome and engaging no matter what he said, something that had evoked a bit of envy in me on more than one occasion.

"Morning, Dean," Kate said. Dean had invited Kate and I to a party being thrown by a girlfriend-for-about-two-weeks-total, and Kate seemed to like him well enough. Like most people, she found it difficult to get a handle on Dean's sense of humor, and persona in general. It took about a year to get to know Dean well enough to figure out when the guy was joking and when he was dead serious, and even then it could be touch and go.

"I guess this is your first time spending the night in our classy abode. Welcome," Dean said, waving his hand around the one-room apartment in a dramatic gesture. "I thought I heard some sweet female-ish type sounds in the night, but when you've been rocked away to sleepyland by Bartles, James, and fifteen or so of their closest friends it's hard to say."

"Ah, well, sounds like you may be as much in need of some of coffee and aspirin as Ted and I," Kate answered. She turned toward me. "We may actually need to get out of this bed soon, woe is me."

At this point Al woke, his buzz-cut head rising above a nappy coverlet. "Hola," he said, waving a sloppy salute in the general direction of Kate and myself. We greeted him in return. "If you guys are going out for coffee and breakfast... er, lunch, I am inviting myself along. The official third wheel. Well, fourth wheel, if you count Dean."

"Why do I always have to be the third wheel?" said Dean drily. "You should let me be the fourth wheel for once. It's agreed. We will all embark for the drinking of the coffee."

Dean nodded assertively, his head of shaggy, jet-black hair flopping energetically to and fro.

"Speaking of drinking," said Kate, "it's time for me to head to the little girl's room. Her hands roamed around under the sheet, feeling for clothes.

I leaned close in to Kate, her glossy hair tickling my nose, and whispered "You don't need that, just go ahead."

Kate turned her face back toward me with a quizzical expression and then seemed to remember. "Ah, right, your 'arrangement.'" She hesitated for moment, looking annoyed and amused in about equal parts, and then said, "Ah, what the hell, when in Rome..." Kate took a deep breath, steeling herself, and I moved aside so she could get out of bed without climbing over me.

In the couple of seconds it took Kate to gain her feet she had already started blushing. There was nothing covering her now but a short tank top that left her pelvic region completely exposed. As Kate walked the ten odd feet to the bathroom, she at first tried to cover herself with her hands, but then murmured "Ah, what the hell" again let her arms fall to her sides.

True to form, neither Dean nor Al felt compelled to make a gentlemanly gesture by looking away or otherwise demurring. They had a few seconds to stare at Kate and took full advantage. Dean nodded admiringly, and Al issued a low whistle.

The view was superb from my point of view (the rear) as well. Kate upper thighs framed her vaginal lips in that open "diamond" shape that only women with the tightest, most toned bodies seem to have. Her long, glossy hair, mussed from the night's activities, cascaded down her back, brushing back and forth across a wonderfully defined yet still entirely feminine musculature. "God damn," I breathed to myself.

After Kate entered the bathroom (maybe slamming the door just a little) my roommates peered directly at me and both gave me an abrupt, wordless, "thumbs up" that was so well-synchronized it was comical. It wasn't that they had never seen a girl as striking as Kate in a state of undress before, they definitely had, but that had by no means kept them from greatly enjoying the treat of Kate's brief march across the room.

After lunch I walked Kate back to her dorm and we kissed before she went in. The kiss went on for a while, and if she was pissed about me showing her off it wasn't apparent. Still, I wondered whether Kate might be trying to decide whether she needed to forget about me and hook up with more of a normal guy.

However unsavory Kate might have found my living situation, it didn't keep her from calling me to chat the next day, or the one after that. Much of our time was consumed by our studies, and many of our conversations ended up revolving around one class or another. Kate liked to read me sections of lit papers she was working on, asking me for suggestions that she almost always rejected.

"You're just trying to figure out the professor's biases and then use them to kiss ass in the paper," she told me more than once. "You are so bad."

"Hey, less time slaving away for those profs means more time slaving away for me," I typically said in response. This generally earned me a stern speech about how about I damn well better remember she was no one's slave, which I usually managed to interrupt by yelling "Do my bidding, woman!" in a preposterously gruff, cave-manish sort of voice. Once Kate was reduced to giggles, I felt I could declare myself the winner of the argument.

Wednesday evening rolled around and after meeting up for dinner at Kate's dorm we went up to her room to "study."

It was a true "girly room," though I never would have used that term in front of Kate--all puppy posters and pastels, everything arranged just so. The space had been set up in such a way that each rommate had an identical amount of study space, sleeping space, and storage space. There was nary a dirty sock or grimy shot glass to be seen. Actually kind of sexy, I thought, the femininity overload. It was just the sort of place a guy wanted to mess up a little bit. I imagined what the joint would look like with blankets and clothing strewn wildly across the floor, with Kate laying there amongst thoroughly rumpled sheets, her bra hanging from a lamp.

For a half hour or so we actually did study, but after a small dose of math and ancient civ Kate and I found ourselves side by side, embracing, on the edge of her bed. My lips traced the line of her shoulder, and I pulled her tightly against me. Kate made this satisfied yet sort of hungry-sounding purring noise that was sexy as hell.

We both looked up at the sound of the door opening, and the room's other occupant, a whispy blond girl who seemed to take almost everything quite seriously, entered. At the sight of Kate and I in each other's arms she made a faint "tutt"-ing sound and took a seat at her desk, dumping several large books from her pack. The girl flipped on her desk light and opened one of the tomes, scooting in close to her work area.

In a low tone I hoped was pretty much imperceptible more than two feet away I murmured to Kate "Tutt? Who the heck says that anymore? I feel like we just got caught being naughty by Queen Victoria. Tutt?"

Kate pressed both hands to mouth, stifling laughter. "You're awful," she squeaked from behind her palms "... so mean!"

"Or maybe she means 'Tut,' as in 'King Tut.'"

Kate shook her head, mouth still covered.

"Buried with a donkey... he's my favorite honkey!" I said, launching into my best Steve Martin impression.


"Sing it with me! Rockin' for a mile, he ate a crocodile..."

A few minutes later, Kate and I tried to return to our amorous activities, but after a couple of cross sniffs from Alicia (or "Queen Alicia," as I now thought of her), we desisted. Kate turned to me.

"OK, I can't believe I'm saying this, but let's go over to your apartment," Kate said. "I'd rather get ogled by your horny friends than put up with this. At least I know they aren't going to mind us getting affectionate."

As we walk out the door, I shifted back to my Steve Martin tenor, belting out "Gave his life... for tourism!" throatily.

Neither Kate nor I had classes the next day, due to cancellations, so Kate took me up an offer to sleep over at my place. We met up for lunch a fast food joint after completing morning study sessions with groups from our respective classes and then hiked over to Kate's dorm room so she could gather up a few things for the visit.

Kate grabbed a couple additional textbooks and a few toiletries and we headed out. On the way over to my place she blew off a bit of steam concerning Alicia and the girl's various annoying habits. I tried to pay attention and respond in all of the right places but, honestly, all I could think about was the fact that I was going to have Kate in bed with me that night. The way she had been the first time we had had sex, cursing and thrashing and then pressing her face hard against my chest just before climaxing, played over and over in my head.

"Yes, uh, huh," I said, for perhaps the sixth or seventh time in a row.

"Ted, are you even listening to me," Kate said, annoyed. "Am I boring you?"

"No... No! Hon, of course not. I'm just a little distracted. Um... that astrophysics class, it's kind of kicking my butt."

We were passing through a good-sized crowd of students headed in the opposite direction and I looked around, embarrassed. Uh oh, first fight, I thought, please let it not unfold somewhere excruciatingly public. Maybe I could still head off this crazy horse at the pass—err, or something. I tried to think of a better expression. What was it that someone headed off at the pass? Bandits? A stage coach? Not a crazy horse, certainly.

"Really, well maybe I should just go back to my place and leave you to your lovely star charts." Kate crossed her arms and gave me her I-will-take-no-shit-from-you-buddy look.

After a couple minutes of ardently promising that yes I would really really make Kate the absolute focus of my attention for the evening, we continued on. Wow, I thought, for a hard-core student Kate wasn't very sympathetic about the tribulations of another hard-core student. Well, medium-core anyway.

Unfortunately, after we arrived at the apartment Kate actually wanted to return to studying—she was worried about what looked to be tough quiz scheduled later that week.

"Hey, you keep complaining about your astrophysics," Kate said. "Well, now's your chance to crack the books. Star charts, buddy. With your roomies not getting back from that road trip until the wee hours, this is the perfect time to get some study time in without anyone channel surfing or cranking up the sound system."

For a while I did crack the books and, after finishing up my own assignments, offered to help Kate study for her quiz, hoping to earn at least a few brownie points. I did my best to be a supportive boyfriend (or, at least, maybe/eventually kind-of boyfriend) and assisted Kate as best I could but, once again, became thoroughly distracted. Kate was wearing a form-fitting lycra top that perfectly outlined the side swells of her breasts, and all I could think about was getting it off her.

Despite my lack of effectiveness as a study partner, Kate's mood seemed to improve steadily, and it began to seem at least possible that I was out of the doghouse. After we went to bed we kissed a few times, but Kate stopped me before things could go any further.

"Hey, not that I don't like the attention, but I'm really tired," Kate said, yawning. "Been studying like crazy all day and I did two hours of plyometrics this morning. Let the lady get her beauty rest and I promise she will look extra cute for you tomorrow."

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