tagNovels and NovellasBrick House Pt. 07 Ch. 08

Brick House Pt. 07 Ch. 08


All content copyright 2012 Ted Szabo


It was around one AM when Kate and I returned from the party, striding arm in arm up the sloping concrete walk in front of building eleven as my decrepit car's engine, thoroughly lined with carbon deposits, continued to cough along for a good ten seconds after the ignition was switched off. One of the student organizations had thrown a formal soiree and both of us were in evening wear—me, a rented tuxedo and her, a little black strapless dress with the name of some effete Italian guy on the label. Aside from one or two of the gallery shows we had attended it was the first time I had seen Kate in high heels and I was entranced by the crazy, excellent things they did to the contours of her legs when she strut. Seeing her in those shoes kind of made me see the point of a type of footwear I had previously perceived as dated and silly.

Kate had agreed to stay over at my place and had an overnight bag with her. At one point she had showed me the Spartan contents--noting, with a flirtatious smirk, that the satchel seemed really empty with no nightgown in it.

As we entered the apartment my roommates, who were watching some moronic teen comedy on TV, whistled appreciatively. I was proud of how gorgeous Kate looked on my arm—and, as corny as it sounds, there no denying that having her at my side put a certain amount of spring in my step. Kate and I pulled up chairs and began watching the movie, but it was pretty bad and we soon lost interest. I took Kate's hand, squeezing it lightly. "Let's get ready for bed," I murmured, and she nodded, smiling a bit nervously.

While Kate was in the bathroom removing her makeup I peeled off my socks and shoes, fielding a few questions from Al about the event Kate and I had just attended. A few minutes later, curiosity satisfied, he turned back toward the TV. A pouty sixteen-year-old who was being played by an actress who looked like she was about twenty five was trying to convince her boyfriend to take part in some mean-spirited, outrageous prank. The bulk of the apartment lights were off so the television, a big Panasonic plasma, was the only significant source of illumination and the apartment's main room was bathed in flickering shadows during all but the most brightly lit scenes.

After Kate emerged from the bathroom I gave her a quick kiss and guided her toward the nearest desk chair. Kneeling at her feet, I eased off her Chinese Laundries, running one hand slowly down the back of each leg as I loosened straps with the other. Her calves were so highly developed I could feel the deep cuts between individual muscles like long, warm channels beneath my fingers. At one point, just after a shoe had completely left her foot, its weight passing completely into my hands, I looked up at her our eyes locked. It seemed I could see something of doe and huntsman (huntwoman? huntsperson?) alike in those liquid, light-brown pools—both a quivering, uncertain creature ready to bolt and an avaricious entity lying in wait, preparing to take what it desired in bloody-edged fashion when the time grew ripe.

After stowing Kate's footwear I had her stand next to the bed and stepped behind her, leaving her positioned in such a way that any of the guys wanting to have a look at what we were doing would have a clear view. As I slowly unzipped Kate's dress I whispered in her ear, "You look incredible tonight. None of those other women even came close." The scent of hair spray, acrid and florid at the same time, wafted toward me.

The flattery was meant to put Kate at ease but there was plenty of truth to it. Every time we had been apart for more a few seconds it had seemed like another guy was hitting on her. It had become a bit annoying, and at one point I had just about been ready to take a swing at one of the Lotharios--a tall, smooth-talking glee clubber with a moussed-up bad boy haircut. I had calmed down after a while though, reminding myself how idiotic it was to date the most desirable woman possible, encourage her to dress in a provocative manner, and then get PO'd when the bears tried to get at the honey (ah, so to speak).

I finished unzipping Kate's dress and it slid down around her bare feet, forming a dark, ill-defined pool on the floor. She stepped out of it and I put the slinky garment away. Al had noticed what we were doing, immediately tapping Sam on the shoulder, and soon they and Dean were paying considerably more attention to Kate and I than the movie.

Kate had opted not to wear any hose so at this point she was dressed only in bra and panties. I started to unfasten her bra and noticed her tensing up, shoulder muscles twitching and hands rising from her sides. I leaned in close and whispered "Hon, I need you to do something for me."

"Um, OK, sure, she answered," voice shaking a little. My roommates were now watching avidly. None of them had really seen Kate topless at this point and they were obviously eager.

"I just need you to lace your fingers together on top of your head so you don't react by covering yourself."

I knew I was taking a chance here, and there was every possibility Kate would just tell me to go to hell and storm out. After a moment's shaky hesitation, though, she did as I asked.

A few moments later I finished unsnapping the bra—a simple black undergarment with the thick clasps and cups required to eliminate shoulder straps, and slipped it off. Kate flinched as she felt the cool night air on her chest but didn't try to keep herself from being seen. One of the guys sounded off with a low, admiring whistle and another murmured "Holy shit, amazing." It might have been my imagination but I was pretty sure I could see Kate's nipples becoming engorged right before my eyes, abruptly brought to attention by some arcane admixture of moderately low temperatures and prurient attention. It was like watching some sort of pornographic fast motion avant-garde video. Almost imperceptibly, a stream of curses arose from Kate, anxious and high-pitched and spoken so softly I couldn't make out individual words. It sounded like the phrase "Oh damn... damn damn damn..." was in there somewhere.

I leaned down, brushing the top of Kate's back with my lips, and placed my hands lightly on her shoulders. I whispered to her again, saying "Babe, you are so damn gorgeous. Your body is wonderful. Look—no one can take their eyes of you."

Kate didn't say or do anything in response, but I thought I could hear the pace of her quickened breath diminish a bit as she calmed, the initial shock of exposure wearing off. It was clear she wasn't comfortable with being denuded in front of several male acquaintances—not exactly, but she didn't seem panicky or resentful either. Moments later her breathy swearing came to a halt.

Next I slid my hands slowly down Kate's back, my fingertips spreading as they made their down to her hips, and started easing off her panties. I inched the dark, lacy undergarment down to the bottom of Kate's belly and then a bit further, revealing the top of her mons. At this point I would normally have expected to see the first hint of neatly trimmed pubic hair, but did not. There was nothing but the gentle rise of flesh above Kate's pubis, perfectly smooth and bare. I was a bit shocked.

"Did you, um..."

"Get waxed? Yes I did," Kate whispered back to me.

"Oh..." I wasn't sure why I was so surprised, but I was. It just didn't seem like something Kate would do, and it seemed a little wrong that I wouldn't get a chance to see her in this state before my friends did.

"Go ahead, Kate said softly. It's OK, since we talked about and I agreed I'm all right with you doing this."

The guys shifted impatiently in their seats.

I paused, no longer completely sure I should go through with this "unveiling." What had initially seemed playful and titillating had begun to feel almost invasive. Now that Kate had waxed I wouldn't just be showing my friends everything I would be showing them, well, everything. They would be able to see her vaginal lips, her outer folds, the thin clitoral hood. How was it exposing her so completely wasn't going to land me in the dog house?

Once again I moved my mouth to Kate's ear, speaking in low tones. "Hon—I didn't know you did that—how could I? I can just stop, that's OK. We don't have to do this. It was stupid of me to want to strip you down like this anyway. I don't want to humiliate you."

Kate turned her head to one side so she could speak to me without anyone else hearing the specifics. Her long, lustrous hair—almost an amber shade where it brushed my face—tickled my nose.

"I did it to make things more exciting, dumbass. I thought you would like it. You don't need to stop..."

She hesitated for a moment, suddenly uncertain.

"... unless—I mean, unless, you think I don't, umm... I don't, you know, look good down there—I mean, in that area..."

"My God," I said, "of course that's not what I'm saying. You're as beautiful under those panties as you are everywhere else. I was just afraid it would be too embarrassing."

"Well of course it's embarrassing, but I said I was OK with it and I am. It's all right, Ted, really."

Taking a deep breath, I tugged down Kate's panties a bit farther, exposing the top of her labia. Kate sighed, half closing her eyes, and leaned back into me, resting her head atop my collarbone. I could see a light sheen of perspiration on her shoulder, just barely visible in the intermittent light thrown off by the wide-screen.

Suddenly Sam blurted out "Screw this, I'm getting a better seat," and hurriedly pushed his chair closer to my bed, scooting to within a few feet. My other two roommates emulated him and in moments Kate and I had a little arc of onlookers in front of us.

I hesitated again, not having expected the guys to be quite this blatant about watching us. Kate turned back to look at me, and I was surprised to see she was smiling.

"Don't worry about it, boys will be boys," she said.

I slid Kate's panties the rest of the way down slowly and deliberately, tracing the luscious outer curves of her thighs with the sides of my hands, and when I final let the tiny briefs drop to the floor the guys made grateful, impressed noises. As I put Kate's underpants away Al made a compact spinning motion with his index finger, indicating that he wanted Kate to turn around. She obliged, nervous but smiling, giving my roommates a 360 degree view. There were more appreciative murmurs.

"Kate, no disrespect here, but I have got to say something," Al announced. "You have the most amazing behind I ever have seen. We're talking seven wonders of the world material here."

"Hear hear, I second the motion," said Dean, nodding emphatically. "Absolutely spectacular buttocks. Gluteal grandeur."

I felt a surge of annoyance. Wasn't it enough that they got to check out Kate in the buff? I felt like I had offered each of the guys a single baked treat only to have them brutishly wolf down the whole batch. First they had felt compelled to move so close they were practically within touching distance and now the buttheads had to start making comments? The idea had been to let them admire my unbearably hot girlfriend at a reasonable distance, preferably in envious silence, and I found it bothersome that my friends seemed unwilling to settle for this.

"Come on, guys..." I said peevishly, "Not only do you get right up next us, but you have to go on and say a bunch of lewd stuff? I'm pretty sure you two need to seriously re-think your manners and offer the lady an apology."

Kate put a hand on my shoulder and gave it a little squeeze. The gesture had an "ease up, buddy" sort of vibe.

"It OK," said Kate. "I don't mind the compliments; they weren't crass, just a little direct..." She looked toward me, continuing to address my roommates. "Mr. Szabo here just needs to lighten up and realize that getting me all de-clothed in front of some horny young guys is going to elicit a few comments, even when those guys are his brothers-in-arms."

I cleared my throat. Obviously Kate expected me to say something conciliatory.

"Yeah, Kate's right," I told my roommates, "forget about my bitching. What you said was actually pretty clean, to be fair about it."

"Hey, it's OK, we've all been there at one time or another," said Al. "Remember how I got all pissy when you made those smartass comments while I shaving Lana?"

Oh great, I thought, just the discussion I wanted to have right in front of Kate. Was Al looking to get me in hot water, or was he somehow failing to realize that would be the result of bringing this up? "Shut up, Al," I thought at him, bringing all my imaginary telepathic powers to bear. "I command you to shut up!"

"Shaving Lana?" said Kate, her expression inquisitive.

"Yeah, you know..." said Al, pointing at Kate's crotch. "Lana's this freshman I've gone out with a few times. She and I were over in the bathroom about a week back and I was giving her a shave—she decided to get completely smooth down there, just like you are now—and Ted made some comments while he was helping."

"Really? Helping?" Kate said, eyebrows raised and mouth pursed.

"No, no, not like that!" I said, instinctively gesticulating wildly for emphasis. Even as I made the gestures I realized how absurd they were. It was like I was saying "Look, I'm waving my arms around like a dork, I must be telling the truth! Please believe me!"

"I just handed Al a fresh razor," I told Kate, "and then a towel, when he needed it. That's all, I swear! Tell her, Al."

"Whoa, calm down there Spasimodo," Al responded. "Sure Kate, that's what I meant by 'help out.' Sorry for not being more clear."

"So, I guess you were watching the whole time, then?" Kate said, still sounding less than pleased.

"Oh, um, not the whole time," I stuttered, "but ah, for a while, you know, when I was taking a study break, ah..."

Kate interrupted my ramblings, crossing her arms and turning directly toward me. "And, when Al finished you checked his work first hand to make sure the whole area was as baby smooth to the touch as this 'Lana' wanted it, right? Did you check for stubble?"

The conversational train seemed to have completely derailed, with numerous gruesome fatalities in the offing.

"Wait, no!" I told Kate, "I didn't say that. Al, did you say that? I didn't touch anything—I mean, I touched the cream... the shaving cream! That is!"

I grasped for words, all too aware my denials were decaying into a sort of desperate, meandering rant.

Kate grinned and snickered, giving me playful punch in the chest. "God, you are so easy to mess with, especially considering what a smartass you are. Al, he has always been such a rube?" Kate got a kick out using archaic terms like "rube," slinging around phraseology that had gone out of fashion in our grandparents' time as if it was a natural part of the vernacular. Something to do with her being a lit major, I supposed.

Al leaned back in his desk chair, crossing his arms behind his head and stretching. "Yeah, pretty much. We keep thinking he'll start to figure us out, but it hasn't happened yet."

I breathed a sigh of relief. I was embarrassed and a little disgruntled, but relieved nonetheless.

"OK, you guys have had your fun," I said. "Kate why don't we get in bed, where I feel like I know what's going on."

"Oh, I see," said Kate, still wearing her I'm-messing-with-you expression. "You think you're pretty well master of that domain, do you?"

The guys returned to their movie as Kate slid under the sheet, and I quickly finished undressing and joined her.

"Did you like stripping me?" Kate asked, without a hint of approbation.

Her expression was light, cheerful. If the disrobing or my roommates' reactions were troubling her in the least, I couldn't tell. Kate's good mood made the snit I'd had a few minute before seem particularly ludicrous and immature. I had wanted to show off Kate's remarkable physique and she had cooperated completely—even enjoying the experience, it seemed. What more could I ask for?

"As a matter of fact I did," I answered. "I liked disrobing you a lot, showing you off in your glorious birthday suit. Was it all right for you, being undressed in front of everyone?"

"Yeah, actually it was," Kate answered, "though kind of stressful at times. I thought getting waxed would add a bit of spice to the experience, and it seemed to work."

"I'll say. I thought the guys' eyes were going to bug out of their heads. Obviously I knew they were going to see everything," I said, voicing the thoughts I'd had a while before, "but well, everything, wow."

"Well," Kate said, "you wanted to show me off." She giggled, sounding both girlish and terrifically naughty. Kate then rolled to her side, facing away from me, and pressed her butt against my crotch.

I knew what Kate wanted. Sometimes we had sex lying on our sides, with her in front of me, when we wanted to make the experience last longer. In that position we could pace ourselves pretty effectively, moving gradually toward a climax over the course of a half hour or more. I lifted Kate's right leg, letting the back of her knee settle into the crook of my arm, and positioned myself. Kate sighed loudly as I moved inside her.

"Take your time with me," she said, gasping. "I want to come just after the movie ends."

Slowing my pace, I began to make deliberate, languorous strokes, pulling almost all the way out each time so Kate could feel me pressing right at her entrance at the beginning of each thrust. Inside, she felt hot and tight and glorious.

"Like this, hon?" I asked, breathing in her perfume. I smelled pink, if that makes any sense.

"Oh, that's perfect Ted," said Kate breathily. She released a shuddering moan as I worked my way in deep, penis head pulsing. "My God... it feels really good—it feels so good when you do it that way."

I lost track of how many times we had sex that night. Three? Four? We were both a bit sore the next day.

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