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Bride & Best Man


Brenda had never met her fiancé's best friend but she had heard lots about him, for the three years she had known Rick, Barry had lived and worked 300 miles away.

It was only the day before the wedding that she met the guy whose memory and speech abilities could make or break her wedding day.

She was not impressed.

Barry was an unshaven long haired yob, that was the most fitting description she could think of. Rick tried to reassure her that all would be well but she wasn't so sure

On the wedding morning she was up early, she had hardly slept at all, nerves only played a small part in it she was dreading how Barry would behave during the ceremony and most of all she dreaded the speech he would make.

Climbing into the car with her father she was unusually quiet.

"Its not too late to change your mind " said her father gently.

"Oh no Dad, it isn't that its... oh forget it, its just my nerves " she laughed On her fathers arm she walked down the aisle, there was Rick looking smarter than she had ever seen him and there beside him was Barry, he hadn't even bothered putting his hair in a pony tail, he was still unshaven, presumably he thought it was designer stubble.

As she joined Rick at the altar she turned to hand her bouquet to Rachel her best friend and today her chief bridesmaid, Rachel however was not looking at her.

She knew the look in Rachel's eye, she had seen it often enough in a dozen bars on a Friday girls night out, she looked again at Barry hmmmmmmmm yes she could see Rachel's logic, while he was totally inappropriate for a best man he had that dangerous look about him, the look that tells a girl she is in for the wildest hottest sex she could imagine.

Quickly she turned her attention to the matter in hand.

She had to admit despite his appearance Barry conducted himself impeccably as Best Man, the ring was there on cue, he ensured there was a lift for everyone who didn't qualify to ride in the limousines, at the reception his speech was a perfect length without any of the filthy jokes she had imagined and he had even thought far enough ahead to present each of the bridesmaids with a locket and chain, even her three year old niece.

Later at the evening disco he helped the DJ in with his gear and made a beeline to her grandmother to get her up for a dance early on, how you can misjudge someone she thought, she felt a little sorry for Rachel though, he was clearly uninterested in her, indeed he was so involved in being the perfect best man he didn't seem interested in any of the girls of his age although he joined the little ones when they danced to The Birdy Song and he took care to dance with each of the aunts on both sides of the family.

So busy was Brenda observing this astonishing guy in the tramps body that she didn't notice how much Rick was drinking, not that is until near the end of the night when he fell asleep on her shoulder. She looked around anxiously, thank goodness most of the guests had goner, the DJ was just winding things down and Barry was paying him. Barry that's it, he would help.

She managed to signal him with her eyes. it was amazing how quickly he took the full scenario in.

He rushed over and in seconds had him away from the main room and in a cubicle in the hotel reception used for private telephone calls. As Brenda joined them he had a mobile phone in his hand,"OK Brenda, where do you need a taxi to?"

"Nowhere, we're booked in here but I can't get him to the room in this state " "No problem, go and press for the lift, I'll bring him over as soon as it arrives, no need for anyone to see him "

Minutes later Barry was carrying his friend and laying him on the bridal bed, then he collapsed in a chair across the room " The first thing YOU need to do is put him on a diet " he laughed.

"Thank you Barry " said Brenda " I really mean it, you have been fantastic all day and I have no idea what I would have done tonight if you hadn't been here ".

She sat across one leg and moved to kiss him on the cheek.

As she did so Barry turned her face towards her and instantly their mouths met, her lips parted in sweet surrender as she felt his tongue exploring her mouth.

She knew he was unzipping her dress, she knew her naked breasts were exposed to the air, she knew her nipples were rigid but there was no way she wanted to break the embrace.

She reached across and unzipped his trousers and guided his cock out of the opening, beneath her cool fingers it felt to be on fire and rapidly became a pillar of heat beneath her stroking fingers.

He had pulled the skirt of her wedding gown high, his own hands were discovering the secrets intended for Ricks eyes and hands, the white lace topped stockings and suspenders, the tiny white thong which cut between her pussy lips. It didn't matter that Rick was lying comatose barely 3 yards away, she had to have the wild dangerous sex which Rachel had dreamt of all day and she was going to have it.

She didn't resist as her thong was pulled down her thighs, she wasn't even sure if she removed it or Rick, she did know however that she stood away from him and lifting her wedding dress high bent forward offering her open hot soaking pussy for his cock to penetrate.

He obliged more than willingly, thudding deep and hard inside her sending a fizzing sensation through her body, After just ten minutes she could take no more and again she pulled away from him turning and falling to her knees and greedily taking him into her mouth, she had never swallowed a guys spunk before but she was more than willing to take it tonight as she eagerly sucked him her fingernails alternating between caressing and grazing his balls.

Still he did not come and this time HE pulled away, sinking back into the seat he guided her over him and gently sat her down his prick aimed for her anus, his stroking fingers soon relaxed her and she felt herself opening and accepting and finally welcoming his full girth and length deep where no man had gone before.

She was in a forgiving mood the next morning as Rick finally awoke from an erotic dream to find his new wife's mouth deep over his shaft but was shocked that she would not let go until he had gushed his spunk deep into the back of her mouth.

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