Bride's Night


Beth, in the meantime, lay down on the bed and slid under the bride, loosening her bodice enough to get at her breasts, showering them with kisses and suckling.

And the orgasm started. Deep at the base of her skull and firing through her throbbing clit, dancing around her moistened nipples and setting off charges on her lips. "Oh!" she muffled around the dildo in her mouth. "Ohhh!" she repeated, pounding back against Sara. "AHHH!" she screamed, her mouth popping off the dildo as she buried her face into Jenny's thigh. And she bucked and shrieked, Sara thrusting her home and Beth and Jenny both caressing the bride as her body convulsed again and again with mounting explosions inside until she could barely see the stars that scattered behind her eyelids and had to melt into a sweaty puddle and soak in the afterglow.


Thankfully, the dress could be repaired and dry cleaned with no questions asked.

The bridesmaids ended up with much more tasteful dresses for the wedding itself.

Everyone commented on how radiant the bride looked, especially a few days before the wedding when she had a certain "glow."

And Richard discovered on their honeymoon that his wife was insatiable and he'd have to work very hard to keep up with her.

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