Bridge Over Troubled Waters


"I remodeled this loft so I could use a wheelchair. It's in the closet. I use it some."

"Hmmm." I suck her mouth for a few moments. "A missing leg like yours or both legs...."

"Yeah, start with one, then the other later." She kisses me. "With kisses like those, even just one leg would be fine." She chuckles.


I never found Karen again. Of course, I never looked. I was finding love with Loren. Marcy had found a man and was building a relationship there, so she seemed happy. I rarely went home and gradually more of my clothes found there way into Loren's closet.

"I'd like you to move in with me," she says one morning as we shower.

I had prepared myself for the offer. Even the first night I knew my answer, but I had taken time to sort out my feelings. Friends would wonder about me, I had never shown any signs of wanting a female lover. Of course, they didn't know I wanted to be missing a leg or two either.

The washcloth moves about my body, lather everywhere, as I lean against the wall hoping my knees won't weaken from the orgasmic haze that surrounds me. She kneels, hands sliding up the outsides of my thighs, her mouth taking my mound, ravaging the edges of my opening up and back down, tongue drilling everywhere.

"Will you?"

"No way can I refuse you. Not in a million years."

"Settled. I'll call the movers to pack you."

"I don't have much."

"Shhh." She covers my lips with a finger. "Its nothing." She sucks my lower lip. "Tonight, we'll celebrate. I want you to go in my wheelchair."


"Let your feet rest on the footrest. I just want you in the chair. You'll be hot."

The whole time she speaks, her fingers rub my slit, draining another climax.

"I'd love to do that. It's been fun around the loft."


Things at work have been a blur ever since the 'need' had resurfaced and I first spotted Loren then made the trip to the bridge. I am so happy I walked back from the brink. Happy doesn't quite capture my feelings now. I've never found myself in love as I am. I feel like I float.

"Eva, we need to talk, in my office," my boss says. I suspect I'm in trouble and follow silently, feeling like going to the principle's office in school.

He closes the door and points at a chair. I take it and he moves to the other side of the large desk then sits.

"Eva, is there a problem?"


"Well Eva, I think there is. I don't know what, and I don't care, but I need you to be focused on your work while you are here. No daydreaming and no more screw-ups, I'm getting too many complaints about your work. Do you hear me?"

His finger is shaking in my direction to emphasize his growing anger. I struggle to hold back the flood of tears welling up inside me. I can feel my labored breaths as I try to respond.

"I thought I was doing better. Sir, I know.... I think I'm...."

"We'll talk in a week and see, but I'll be watching you more closely. Stop being a 'screw-up'."

"Yes...ah, yes...sir." My words are halting as I mumble them.

"That's all for now." He makes it clear we are finished talking and I leave.

Crushed and shaken, I return and lean slightly into his office. "Sir...."

"Yes. Yes. What is it?"

"It's almost the end of the day, I'd like to take the rest off. Our conversation has shaken me badly."

"I'm sorry. I just thought it fair to let you know. Sure, sure, go ahead." He waves a hand towards the door. "In the morning be ready to work though."

"Thank you, sir."

I grab my purse and walk towards the elevator, happy to still have my job, but still rattled badly. I've never had a problem anywhere I've worked and surely never been reprimanded like this.

I walk through a few stores and just looking, trying to shake what just happened. The only bright thing seems to be Loren. I don't know what her reaction would be if I lost my job. I've already given notice for my apartment and she probably has called the movers. What a waste of money for so little to move.

She is home when I get there. Her arms wrap me lovingly as her mouth takes mine, reminding me of her love. I feel the short stump rub between my legs.

"Might just have to take you to bed," she teases.

"Might be the best thing." I frown.

"Why, what's wrong?"

"I got yelled at, at work. He seems to think I'm a 'screw-up'. That was his word."

"Come to bed, I'll make it feel better."

For the next two hours she did. All I did was savor her pleasures and she allowed no return favors. I was a post-orgasmic wreck when she was finished. Noodles replaced my arms and legs. I had no strength.

"Geez, maybe I should get him to yell at me more often," I tease, lying limp.

"I love you too much to let anyone yell at you."

"I know, and I love you. You fill so many holes in my life. I never knew such happiness."

"I'm glad. I feel the same and I want you to never leave."

"That'd be like heaven," I say, feeling a little strength return.

She stares into my face a moment. "Hmmm, I've never loved a woman, maybe you haven't either." She pauses and catches my reaction. "It doesn't matter. Nothing does other than we stay together. Right?"


"Listen, this is the best news." She smiles, letting the tension build a little. "I've just found a surgeon."

"That's fantastic. Where?"

"It doesn't matter. We'll take the jet, maybe spend six months lounging in some paradise, just us."


"Yeah, a private jet I timeshare with a few strangers. Have you ever been on a private jet?"

I laugh. "Me?"

"It's okay, you'll love it."

"How many on the flight?"

"Just the two of us."

"Oh, wow. Really?"

"Do you have a passport?" I shake my head. "Well, I'll arrange an expedited passport. It only takes a few days."

"What about work?"

"Honey, tell the asshole you don't need the job."

"But I do-o."

"No! No you don't."

She sucks my mouth, letting her tongue roam inside it. I feel a trainload of climaxes roaring through me."


The villa is secluded, overlooking the bay that leads to the Caribbean Sea. For miles, the water is a mixture of light and dark blues, in places the coral reefs are visible. A few large yachts and many smaller boats sail past. I lounge on a towel lying on the cement by the small lap pool just off the master bedroom, watching them. My hips have healed, both thighs completely gone. We discussed doing one then the other, but as we discussed things with the surgeon, it became clear I should not do things piecemeal in the event he might not be able to do something in the future.

"Hey, babe," Loren coos, bringing me a rum punch. I prefer 'babe' to 'babycakes' any day, but being with Loren makes anything okay.

"Hey, lovely one." I take a sip, and lean back on an elbow as I twist onto one hip.

"I'm thinking we should buy a place like this."

"Already an island girl."

She moves closer and unfastens the top of my one-piece thong, pulling the front down.

"I love this body."

"Yours cranks my motor."

She pulls with a tug and my legless hips give it up easily. "Damn, I like how that works."

"You should try it." I laugh.

"Would you like me that way?"

I shrug, not caring how many arms or legs she has, just as long as we are together. I know we will be for a long time.

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