tagErotic CouplingsBridgette's Sexy Adventures Ch. 04

Bridgette's Sexy Adventures Ch. 04

byBridgette Anderson©

Bridgette looked over her shoulder to see Mr. Harrison following her into the kitchen. She could also see Paul shadowing the two of them, although he stopped at the door when it rocked shut behind Daniel. She knew now that she and the professor would be alone, and that Paul would be listening and watching the two of them.

Daniel's green eyes watched Bridgette's sexy ass move while she walked ahead of him, not knowing that Paul would observe them through secret means. With a smirk, Paul turned to one of his football buddies, whispering prearranged instructions for him and three others to guard the other entrances to the kitchen. They knew they would be rewarded at a later date.

After making sure the guards were in place, Paul moved quickly away from the kitchen area and back upstairs. Ducking into one of the computer labs, he locked the door behind him, and switched on one of the computers. A preloaded program came up, revealing a webcam's view of the kitchen area. Pressing the record button on his DVD burner, he saw Bridgette step into the frame, chancing a quick glance upward. She knew exactly where the camera was hidden.

When Bridgette turned to look at Daniel, she reached up to toy with her hair in a playful manner. Making her way through the crowd of people and into the kitchen had opened up her blouse even more, her breasts almost fully revealed. "Wonderful party, isn't it, Mr. Harrison?"

Her coy, fake innocence made Daniel squirm, eager to grab a hold of those pigtails and fuck her from behind, using them as leverage to pound that tight little pussy of hers. But, he kept up with the game she was playing, loving every moment of it. His eyes hungrily took in the sight of her breasts beneath the cotton. "It certainly is lively," he replied. "But tell me something, Bridgette." He stepped closer. "Are you a good little schoolgirl tonight, or a naughty one?"

Bridgette's blue eyes wandered down the front of his body, openly pausing on the crotch of his pants, seeing his cock twitching beneath the material. She then raised her eyes up to his green ones. She stepped closer to him as well, running a long, red fingernail down the front of his shirt and across his well-toned abdomen. "I would love to be a naughty little girl, Mr. Harrison." Her voice oozed sexuality and innocence at the same time.

"And how naughty would you like to be, Bridgette?" he asked with a lecherous grin. "Are you wanting to be naughty like not doing your homework, or naughty like being alone in a room at a party with a much older professor?" His hands moved from his side to rest on her hips, no longer able to control the desire to touch her.

Bridgette took a deep, shaky breath, her desire rising. The fucking that Paul had given her earlier had only served to make her want to be fucked by Mr. Harrison even more. She knew that Paul was upstairs watching, and she knew that his buddies would be watching the show later, as part of their reward for guarding the kitchen. Her nipples hardened at the thought, pushing through the fabric of her blouse. "Alone with a teacher kind of naughty, Mr. Harrison."

Daniel's heart hammered against his ribs, his hands frozen on Bridgette's hips. She was receptive to his touch, and he knew now that he had been played, that she had teased him until he wanted her. Well, he was going to give her what she wanted now. But his eyes moved to the door, thinking someone could enter at any moment. The sounds of the party outside filtered in to kitchen. "I have to warn you, Ms. Anderson," he said hoarsely, "I may appear to be a mild mannered college professor, but I am a very naughty man. Maybe even too naughty for you."

"No one can be too naughty for me, Mr. Harrison," Bridgette replied, still using his formal title, loving the way it sounded. She lowered her hand from trailing over his abdomen and down in between them to the front of his pants, feeling his erection pulsing and twitching in response to her touch. She pressed closer to him, her breasts brushing against him. Her hand knowingly moved against his cock through the fabric of his clothes.

Daniel grunted, and pressed forward against her touch, his rock hard cock aching with her touch. Raising a hand up to her face, he traced her smooth skin with his finger, moving it down to her neck, and then lower. His other hand joined the journey, and he yanked apart the blouse. The last two buttons fell away to the floor, his eyes feasting on her full, luscious breasts. Bridgette shuddered and moaned when his fingers deftly moved over the pert nipples, pinching them and teasing them. Pushing his hips against hers, one of his hands went behind her and ran along the skin of her ass and down to her milky thigh.

Bridgette's eyes drifted closed, feeling Daniel's hand moving along the curve of her ass and then lower. A gasp escaped her lips when she felt his fingers teasing the top of her stocking, then moving along the straps of her garters. Her thighs parted a bit, feeling his other hand now also on her ass, exploring, committing the feel of her to his memory. He squeezed her ass, then whispered a command: "Turn around for me."

Bridgette did so, brushing her hip against his crotch, feeling the hardness of his erection against it. Daniel immediately grabbed her hips hard, pulling her back against him, and rubbing his hips against her shapely backside. He grunted low in his throat, and Bridgette's face turned upward, arching her back to press herself more against him. Her legs parted, feeling him rubbing the ridge of his cock up and down between her ass cheeks.

His hands left her hips after a moment, feeling her take the initiative of rubbing her ass against him. Daniel reached around her and under her opened blouse, taking her breasts in his hands and squeezing them, using them to grab her and pull her back against him. He slammed his hips into her hard, feeling her body shudder with the impact, and groaned her name out loudly when she gasped in pleasure. "Bridgette.. God."

"Oh Mr. Harrison," she moaned in response, her tits pushing into his hands. Her hands gripped the counter top in front of her, pushing herself back against him. She spread her feet more now, her skirt all the way above the curve of her ass, breasts jiggling in his hands with the motion of their dry humping one another.

Daniel ran his hand down between them, between her ass cheeks and lower, extending his fingers to brush lightly against the outside of her hot, wet pussy. He felt her shudder in satisfaction, and he delighted in the way she pushed back against him, encouraging him and teasing herself. His words were low, a dangerous growl in them. "Your tight little pussy needs to be fucked, doesn't it?" His fingers continued toying with her, moving across her slit and then back up the crack of her ass, to tease her asshole with his wet fingers.

Her hands gripped the counter hard, feeling her legs buckle with the pleasure of the moment. His fingers moving along the outside of her pussy bringing her the greatest satisfaction...how could he know that was how she masturbated most the time? "Oh yes, Daniel," she moaned his given name for the first time. "I need to be fucked by a real man like you."

Daniel grunted, his name coming from her lips in a moment of pleasure almost sending him into the oblivion of lust. He wanted to unzip his pants and fuck her right then, but he wasn't through with her yet. And he wanted to hear her say his formal name over and over again in the heat of passion. The thought gave him a feeling of power over her. He stepped back and pushed her skirt up the rest of the way, raising his hand and slapping her ass with his opened palm. Bridgette cried out in pleasure. "Call me Mr. Harrison, you little slut, or you'll get nothing."

Bridgette's mouth hung open, her eyes squeezed shut when she felt the sting of his hand against her ass. But she loved it. Her pussy quivered inside with anticipation. She looked back at him, her blue eyes burning with need. She watched him unzip his pants and push them away, his cock springing free, dancing in the air between them, long and thick. The sight of it near took her breath away. "Yes, Mr. Harrison," she said in response to his demand.

Taking his cock by the base, Daniel stepped back up to the sexy redhead, pushing her upper body forward a bit. He ran the head of his hard cock across the outside of her pussy, teasing her, feeling her juices coating him. The smell of her arousal drove him wild with passion. He fought his urges so that he could continue teasing her. He moved the tip up between her cheeks, pushing against her asshole. He didn't enter, just let the pressure be felt. "Is that what you want, you dirty schoolgirl slut?" He pushed harder, threatening to break the plane of her anus.

Bridgette had been moving her hips in time with his cock rubbing the outside of her pussy, but when she felt him pressing against her ass, she whimpered with the pleasure of it. "Unnnnhh! Yes, Mr. Harrison," she fought to say evenly. "Please give it to me. Fuck me anywhere, everywhere."

Daniel pulled back a little, easing his cock back down between her legs...his thumb replaced his cock against her asshole, pushing against it. With one shove he drove his hips forward, impaling her with his cock and pushing his thumb just barely into her ass at the same time. She cried out, throwing her head back, red hair coming loose from her pigtails to fall around her face. He pulled his cock out, wanting to see it glistening with her juices. "Damn, Bridgette," he moaned, his thumb still in her ass, and pushing further. "Your ass is so damned tight." And then he thrust hard into her again, all the way.

She pushed back against him when he thrust into her once more, her tits bouncing underneath her. She gripped the side of the counter under her with one hand, and gripped the opposite side with the other, giving herself leverage, allowing her to push back against him each time he pushed forward. She felt his thumb now pushing back and forth in her asshole, the muscles there giving way to his invasion. His next words made her moan again. "Mmmm...you're such a dirty, dirty girl."

Daniel grunted, feeling her pushing back against him, feeling her pussy contracting around his cock every time he pushed all the way inside of her. His thumb working her ass sent her into fits of moans and cries, her legs spreading more, laying her upper body against the counter for support. His long, thick cock stretched her to her limits. "Fuck me, Mr. Harrison!" she cried loudly. "Fuck your dirty little schoolgirl."

He reached up after she spoke and grabbed one of her undone pigtails with his free hand, fingers weaving into the flaming hair to give it a yank backward, his cock twitching with pleasure inside of her when she cried out in response. He leaned forward, whispering hot words to her over the sound of his hips slapping against her ass. "That's it, slut... yeah Bridgette...you like to be a slut, don't you." Each word was punctuated by a harder slam into her, her body moving back and forth on the counter.

Bridgette fought to keep a hold of the surface, to keep feeling the sensation of his hard thrusts into her, feeling him slam against her inner wall, finding himself so deep that he could not go any deeper. She leaned her head back when he kept a hold of her hair, her back arching, so that it changed the angle of his invasion, making it more pleasurable. Then, to her surprise, his pounding slowed, and he spoke once more. "If you want to earn extra credit, you have to fuck me, slut."

Daniel pulled himself out of her pussy and his thumb out of her ass, his cock throbbing with the nearness of his orgasm, and with the cooler air of the room landing upon it. A chair nearby was grabbed, and he pulled Bridgette off the counter as he sat down in the chair. Putting his legs together, Bridgette's legs straddled him, her ass in his face. His lips found the smooth, milky surface of her backside, licking and biting her while he positioned himself under her in the chair.

Bridgette turned her head over her shoulder, watching Daniel taste her ass with his mouth and his tongue. Feeling his tongue sliding between her crack, she cried out in a whimper when she felt it pushing against her. Then, she felt his hands on her hips once more, pulling her downward toward his cock. "Fuck me, my little cumwhore," he growled.

Bridgette lowered herself onto his cock, still facing away from him. Her stockinged legs parted more, and as soon as she felt him sliding into her, she began bouncing hard on his lap, her breasts bouncing beneath the opened white blouse. His hand slapped her ass again, and her pussy clenched around his cock in response. She reached down next to her and grabbed his hands, bringing them up to lay on her breasts, holding them there as she rode his large, thick erection. "Ohhhh.. unnnn... Mr. Harrison.... GOD... YES!"

Daniel massaged her tits as she fucked him, squeezing her nipples tight between his fingertips, tugging them outward to hear her cry. He lowered his eyes to watch his cock disappearing over and over again into her tight pussy, her ass jiggling each time it slammed down onto his lap. Bridgette's hands left his and she leaned forward, gripping the edge of the counter, using it to hold herself up as she fucked him harder now. Daniel grunted with each bounce, trying to hold back the massive orgasm he felt building for as long as possible.

The sounds of the party in the main room of the house beyond the kitchen died away for them two of them. All there was at that moment in time were the two of them, the teacher and the student, and the forbidden act in which they were engaging. Daniel felt Bridgette's juices running down his shaft, soaking his balls, and the sensation was electric. Bridgette's voice grew louder and louder as she fucked him senseless. "YES...YES...YES! More! MORE!"

Daniel used one of his hands to grab at her hair again, pulling her hair back, her yelp of pain making him groan in satisfaction. He felt like he was ripping her apart with his cock. "Go my little slut....give yourself to me...." He pushed himself upward against her. "All of you... you're such a good little whore." He raised his other hand to slap it against her ass once more, and he could no longer hold himself back. "Mmm.... Oh Bridgette...YES....I'm going to fill that tight pussy...cum for me...FUCK FUCK!"

His words and the spanking of her ass finally send her over the edge and into a shattering orgasm, her non-distinct cries filling the kitchen. She leaned back to press her back against his chest, rotating her hips now back and forth on him, like she was using him to masturbate as she came violently. Her body spasmed over and over, bathing his cock with her hot cum. She turned her head and found his mouth, attacking it with a passionate, hungry kiss.

Her trembling, orgasmic pussy soaked Daniel with her cum and propelled him into his own release. He pushed himself upwards into her, holding her hips with his hands, bucking against her while he filled her tight little pussy with his spurting cum. He moaned hungrily into her mouth, pushing his tongue against hers in direct imitation of the sex act.

Upstairs, Paul sat in the computer room, panting, sweating. His own cum soaked his hand where he had stroked himself feverishly, copying the strokes of Daniel's fucking of slutty little Bridgette. Reaching up with his other hand, he hit the stop button on his DVD burner. This DVD would give all of the guys on campus something to watch, and he and Bridgette something to fuck to that night.

And everyone got exactly what they wanted.

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