tagErotic PoetryBrigid's Surprise

Brigid's Surprise


How surprising it is
To discover you are a bit surprised.
In the beginning, I expected you to test me.
I still delight in your curriculum of the project that is me.

It is understood that you must push the envelope
It is needed.
The greater gift is found in discernment.
I yield only to The One who holds the key.

My eyes dance with excitement, before you.
My pulse quickens in anticipation.
Shallow breaths betray futile attempts to display veteran status.
I am ever a new recruit to your deepest desires.

"Shhhh! From this moment, forward, no talking!"
"Dress in the things that please me."
In the small room where I become yours, I peel away all that was me
To don Collar and Full Dress and become all that you need.

I so adore the exchange!
Clothing for naught. Stripped of every reserve.
Hesitation and pride, for sheer submission.
Selfish persistence, for patience and service.

The smell of the leather 'round my neck intoxicates me.
The stockings house my quivering legs from toe to thigh.
The heels, fastened about my ankles like a well-shod pony.
How I prance in those moments before you call me to your service!

Your voice calls velvet commands, through the closed door.
"Yes, Master...I am ready."
You open the door to inspect, first with eyes, then hands, head to toe.
I am torn. Eyes, downcast, yet needing to look to you, for approval.

My body begs for the things you will do, yet I cannot speak them.
A slight smile tugs at the edges of your mouth.
I await the next instruction, and present, proud of my slave stature.
Inwardly, I tremble, not knowing what you will ask, but will give all.

I extend toward the blindfold that you hold at your side.
Your voice, ever soothing, guides me to the next room.
I come. In utter darkness, I come to your voice.
I hear the flash of the camera and stand in the ways that you enjoy.

I am secured to the bed, spread eagled.
Wrists and ankles cuffed and chained.
The excitement of the restrictive sound of chains is pre-empted.
"I will not leave the room. I will be right here with you."

I am reminded of my safe word, though you know I will not use it.
I am frightened, and tense, but will give whatever is needed.
Hands, everywhere! Stroking, touching places that are yours,
Fire and ice, in the same moments, taunting my every reserve.

A tongue, not yours, dips between my legs, tasting me.
I envision what that must look like to you.
I wonder if you know that I realize, immediately, that it is not you.

Spread tightly and cuffed in this way, I imagine what I must look like.
Open, willing, trusting, wanting...you. Unable to speak it.
Foreign hands, touching me. Defining my need for you, even more.
I am thankful for brief touches of security that I know are yours.

Someone enters me. Not you. I accept their dick, cautiously.
Desire churns for you. I wonder if you see how incapable I find him.
Your light touches across my arms and chest reassure me.
"Are you ok?" Your whisper, alone, nearly makes me cum.

How surprising it is
To discover you are a bit surprised.
Did you not know that I could tell? Did you not believe my promises?
Even blindfolded, it is to you that I yield. It is you that holds the key.

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