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Bring Him a Woman


My husband and I would often fantasize about having other people join us in bed. While we made love, we would talk about how good it would feel to have extra hands, mouths, pussies and cocks. We made some trips to strip clubs and we shared some lap dances. We were both so turned on by these experiences that we decided to take the next step and actually have someone join us in our bed.

We joined some swinger sites and began a daily routine of reading the numerous emails we received. I was completely excited by the idea of swinging, but at the same time I was so nervous. I wanted to do it, but I was truly unsure whether I could go through with it.

My husband was fully ready to take the plunge and felt very comfortable with the idea of the lifestyle. The fact that I knew how turned on my husband got by seeing me flirt with other men helped me out a lot. I asked him if he would mind starting out by having a man join us so I could ease into it a bit. He readily agreed and we chose a man to invite. We made it clear that he was for me and the goal of the night was for me to derive pleasure from each of them.

The night was incredible. I was very nervous and uncomfortable, but did enjoy the feel of the new man. I was able to relax with the feel of my husbands cock inside of me and had a great orgasm. My husband enjoyed the encounter as well and we quickly found man number two to join us.

We had a few of these experiences and each one was better than the one before. We kept talking about having a woman join us, but I could not get past my feelings of jealousy. I just couldn't get to a point where I felt ok to see my husband enjoy another woman much less have me enjoy her which was what I knew he wanted.

I began to feel very selfish after we experienced our third man. I was feeling very comfortable now and I really did want to bring my husband any pleasure that I could. I started to look at the profiles of single woman on the swinger sites. I found women that I thought were pretty and seemed nice, but as soon I thought of her mouth on my husbands cock or his hands and mouth on her I would become upset.

One morning I asked my husband to tell me about his dreams from the previous night. Every one he told me about had the same theme. Another woman was in bed with us. He told me in fine detail every action that took place and to my amazement I didn't get upset. Not only did I not get upset, but I found myself getting a bit excited. For the first time ever, I desired to see my husband enjoy another woman.

That settled it. I got back on the sites and picked out a few women I thought my husband would like. I chatted with a few and found one that I was pretty sure my husband would go wild for and who I felt very comfortable with. I showed her profile to my husband and got the thumbs up to invite her over.

I was very excited. I knew how much he was looking forward to the experience. It had been 16 years since he had sexual contact with anyone other than me. I wanted to give him this gift and see him reach a new level of ecstasy.

The day of our meeting arrived and I could not stop thinking about it. My hands and mouth were all over my husband each time I saw him. I was so charged and filled with anticipation. I knew he felt the same way. Probably even more so.

Unfortunately, as the nighttime arrived my nerves got the best of me. I thought, " There is no way I can go through with this! I can't see him fuck someone else and I sure as hell will not touch a woman or have her touch me." I felt miserable and sick. I forced myself to calm down and took some deep breaths. "He has been so generous to me," I thought, " I want to do the same for him. I can get through this. I'll keep my hands and mouth on him with my eyes closed or focused on him. I don't have to touch her and she doesn't have to touch me." I started to feel a bit better.

I drew a large hot bath filled almost to overflowing with bubbles. I stepped in and slid my body down into the steamy water. The water on my skin felt good and I started to relax a bit more. I blew at the bubbles and watched them fly around just like I did as a little girl. It made me laugh and I felt even better.

I blew the bubbles off one of my breasts. I felt the warmth of my breath caress my nipple. The warmth was rapidly replaced by the coolness of the air as the water and bubbles flew off. My nipple was then once again submerged beneath the warm water. It felt wonderful. I blew the bubbles off the other breast and experienced the same wonderful sensation.

I was really starting to loosen up now. I began to fantasize about having my husband join me in the tub. I thought of his strong hands gliding over my soapy body with the feel of his chest against my back as I leaned against him. I placed my finger on my clit and gently rubbed trying to fool myself into thinking it was his fingers I was feeling.

My pussy started to throb and I inserted a finger. I was becoming quite aroused so I started to imagine the finger belonging not to my husband, but to the woman who would be joining us in just a little while. I rubbed a breast and pinched the nipple with my free hand. I heard myself moan and felt that I was now ready to face the evening.

I got out of the tub, dried off and put on a lace teddy. I went in search of my husband and as soon as I found him I placed my finger in his mouth. He immediately sucked hard and enjoyed the taste of my pussy.

The doorbell rang. He went to answer but I stopped him. "This night is for you," I told him. "You sit and relax and let me wait on you."

I had butterflies in my stomach as I walked to the door. I nervously opened it and invited her in. She was quite beautiful. She had long shiny black hair which was very softly swept back. She had green eyes and large pouty lips. Her tits were quite huge and very full. She had a curvaceous body and a warm look to her.

She came in and sat down. I served drinks all around and realized that I drank mine rather quickly. I was becoming too nervous sitting here making small talk. I realized that I had better get things started or I would lose my nerve. I said, "Is anyone other than me ready to move this upstairs?"

My husband, being the wonderfully sensitive man that he is, responded, "If you're sure that is what you would like."

I told him yes and we all ascended the stairs and entered our bedroom. I had previously dimmed the lights and lit candles. The room looked and smelled erotic.

My husband started to approach the bed, but I reached out a hand and touched his arm to stop him. "I know this night is about your pleasure, but would you mind if I make a suggestion?" I asked.

"No, of course not," he replied.

"I would love for you to sit on the chair and allow Amanda and I to get to know one another a little better first" I said. I heard the words coming out of my mouth, but couldn't quite believe I was saying them.

"That would be great," he said. "Is it ok with you Amanda?"

"Sure," she said.

She and I both moved towards the bed. We lay down facing one another and I shakily reached out and touched her arm and then her hair. I felt her hand on my shoulder and then very lightly graze my breast on its way to my stomach.

My stomach was a bundle of nerves and I suddenly just wanted to get up and walk away. Instead, I forced my head forward and let my lips meet hers. They were so soft. She kissed me very gently and I let my tongue trace the outside of her lip. This encouraged her to open her mouth and I stuck my tongue inside. Her tongue too was soft and gentle. I suddenly thought how much I would like to feel those soft lips and that gentle tongue on my breasts.

I pulled the top of the teddy aside and felt my breast slip out into the open. She immediately placed her mouth upon it. I gasped. She licked and sucked and nibbled and damn it felt so good. I pulled at the other side of the teddy and out came my other breast. She took the cue and placed her mouth on that breast as she replaced her mouth with her hand on the other one.

I was feeling very good now and starting to get lost in the pleasure when I remembered my husband. I looked over at him and saw a look of complete rapture on his face and his cock out and in his hand. I love seeing men stroke their cocks so this got me even more turned on.

I moved her face away from my breasts and asked her to remove her top. She complied and I found she had on no bra. I let my mouth taste her nipples and my hands caress her breast. I pulled my head back up and kissed her lips again. We shared a long passionate kiss and then helped each other undress fully.

I looked over at my husband again. "I think it's about time you joined us, don't you?" I didn't have to ask twice. He was undressed and in between us before I could blink. We each went at him like vultures. I dove for his cock and took him fully in my mouth as my hands cupped his balls. She locked her mouth upon his and was running her hands all over his body. I was enjoying the taste of him so much that I did not want to stop. I pushed on her ass and guided her up towards his head. She got the hint and placed her pussy above his mouth. I heard her moan and knew that his tongue had entered her.

I became so turned on! I kept sucking and licking. I pushed his feet back so that I could get a hold of a bit of his ass. I let a finger travel the distance between his cock and his balls and then his balls and his ass. I traced my finger around his opening.

The moans were getting louder and more frequent. I know how good he is with his tongue and that she was getting close. Thinking about this made me want to taste her. I stopped sucking and sat up. I reached my arms out to her and she climbed off of my husbands face. She lay down and spread her legs. I dove my face in and tentatively placed my tongue on her clit. She moaned and grabbed my head in her hands. She pressed my face tight against her and I stuck my tongue deep inside. I couldn't believe I was tasting pussy and enjoying the hell out of it.

That was when I felt my husbands tongue on my pussy. "Oh my god!" I screamed. It felt so wonderful. I bucked back against his face and felt his tongue go as deep inside as it could. I needed to feel his cock in me.

I sat up, pushed him down and straddled him. I bounced up and down and reached behind me to fondle his balls. He was moaning and then his moans were smothered as she once again placed herself on his face. She leaned forward and we kissed. I felt her huge tits rub against mine. She reached her hand out and touched her finger against my clit. I was completely lost in lust and ecstasy.

I moved faster and faster against my husband. She rubbed a bit more firmly and a bit faster. We kissed and I felt her tongue against my lips. This sent me soaring over the edge. I screamed out and felt waves of pleasure course through my body. I placed my mouth on her tits and sucked her nipples into my mouth and gave small nibbles. My husbands tongue was still inside her and shortly after my orgasm subsided she came upon my husbands mouth.

Our two orgasms pushed him over the edge and I felt a powerful explosion launch inside my pussy. We all sat on the bed together and leaned in to share a gentle three way kiss.

"That was amazing! Thank you," he said.

"I thought so too. I definitely want to do this again," I replied.

"I'd like to be a part of it if you don't mind," Amanda said.

We all agreed to meet again the following week. She left and hubby and I snuggled against each other. He promptly fell asleep and I enjoyed a fantasy of what I wanted to do with Amanda.

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