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Britney & Christina Order...


Britney & Christina Order Room Service

(This fantasy of mine takes place after Christina Aguilera claimed again that she was into casual sex and that she wanted to kiss Britney Spears but Britney was not for it. Yeah, right, dirty teasing sluts.)

I was bringing up food to Christina Aguilera's penthouse suite hotel room as part of my job as a room service waiter. I was quite excited. Hey, we all know she is a slut. Maybe, just maybe something could happen. Maybe I would see something. Maybe she would flash me. Hell, maybe she would ask me to plough her greasy cunt!! More unusual things have happened. A guy can dream right?

So there I was, all six foot two of me, chiselled body under my well pressed uniform. Rugged manly looks to boot. I was a dream. HA! OK, not really, but for the story lets stretch it out a little or else how would Christina have the hots for me?

Rang the doorbell of the suite and a woman's voice told me it was open and to come in. In I went and whoa, there she was, Christina Aguilera. She jet black hair which highlighted nicely against her pale skin. Pop princess. Super star Diva. Self confessed slut. Marvellous. She was watching TV in shorts and a tight tee-shirt that showed off a few of her curves. Rats, she had a bra on dammit. No nipple peak. She glanced up at me and did a double take, noticing my ravishing good looks!

She made a little small talk, asking me my name etc and asking me to lay all the food out rather than just leave it on the trolley. I then noticed that it was a meal for two. And out of the bedroom at that point comes Britney Spears! What? Thought these two did not like each other. And where did Britney come from? I knew that Christina was staying here but Britney was a surprise. Christina introduced me to her more for her sake than mine I guess. Heck, I knew who it was.

She looked me over and smiled, her teeth, perfectly white. She was wearing a loose blouse and pants. I was a lot taller than she was so had a birds eye view as she leaned forward to shake hands with me. The loose fitting blouse fell open and I could see her tits sitting in a blue bra. The view from up top of her tits was magnificent. Britney was hot. She was about the same size as Christina. It was a great site to see them both together.

That's when Christina, in her brazen style, asked if I would like to keep both girls company for the next hour or so. I could hardly believe my ears. Fantasies do come through!

"I thought the papers said that you did not want to kiss Christina." I said to Britney.

"A girl has to have some secrets." She said to me smiling, moving her hands to her tits and started squeezing them through her tee shirt. "Anyway, I wanted to do more than just kiss so I guess it is true." She continued, giggling along with Christina.

Christina came up to me and said "Rip it." I reached into her collar and yanked down hard, tearing her tee shirt in half, leaving her perky tits sitting perfectly into a white half cup bra. She laughed and slipped her shorts off, her white thong showed off her body and ass nicely. She leaned forward, posing and her round ass cheeks were even more prominent now. She motioned me to bend over and I did. She gave me a quick kiss. "You are about to live every living guys fantasy." Christina stated hotly, "You know you will be getting two hot pussy pies today."

"Damn," I thought, "She is such a slut."

The sound of Britney clearing her throat made us both look over. Britney was walking towards us.

"Fucking hell!" I blurted out.

"Yum, yum," Christina ogled biting a lower lip and running her tongue along that lip.

Britney was wearing her blue bra and her tits looked great in the bra cups. Tit flesh was being pushed out the top and sides. Her thong was even smaller than Christina's. It barely covered her crotch. Britney's shoulder length blonde hair waved as she moved. Her legs were tanned and curvy from all that dancing.

Christina went to Britney and whispered into her ear. They talked for a bit then turned around. Christina went to turn the CD player on and the two girls danced in unison. Britney and Christina stared directly at me as they undid their bras.

Being the hot blooded male, I just stripped off my uniform and the girls could see how excited I was getting. As the two sluts moved closer to each other, the bras went flying. Now there were two sets of perfectly rounded breasts to marvel at. "Stud," Christina cooed, "You're about to enter Sex Heaven."

I stood watching in silence. The two sluts teased the other's nipples with pinches, licks and kisses. They placed hands on each other's ass cheeks, moulding the firm flesh. They pulled together and rubbed their tits together, squashing them and brushing them hard against each other. Britney came towards me, dancing, with her back faced towards me. She took one of my hands and put it on her left ass cheek. I squeezed her left cheek and then her right cheek. She turned around and now I saw her beautiful breasts jiggling. She moved away back to Christina.

"I think he's ready," Christina said nodding toward me and noticing my erection and pre cum already leaking off the tip.

Britney started to come towards me looking at my ten inch erection. "Oh my," She complimented and smiled at me, "That's going to split me in two."

Britney's arms went around my neck and we locked into a French kiss. Britney opened her mouth wide and pressed her tongue against mine. She sucked loudly and wetly on my tongue, pressing her sensuous lips harder and harder against my mouth. I felt her tits pressed against my chest and my cock grew even harder.

"Ohhhh, yesssss, do it! Fuck me!" Britney cried.

She felt my large cock head pressing against her and she spread her legs as she wriggled her hips impatiently. She just couldn't wait for my cock to ram its way up her hot, wet cunt. I picked up Britney and sat her on the dining table. Smiling at me, she laid back on the table, resting on her elbows. Her blond hair half across her face, tits heaving and legs apart, showing her crotch still covered by her thong, she was one hell of a sight.

Britney's nipples stood up hard and erect, and I licked the areola and ran my hands all over Britney's body. I grabbed Britney's breast and licked it all over and sucked on the nipple making it harder if possible. Then I bit it and twisted it with my tongue, again sucking hard on it. I grabbed Britney's tight asst as I sucked on the nipple. I then reached up and kissed Britney who kissed back hard and grabbed me around the back and hugged me tight.

I hooked my fingers in the straps on her hip and pulled her thong down revealing a sparely covered blonde haired pussy that was wet and shiny already. I could smell her lust and feel the heat. She was smiling and she spread her legs further, aware that Christina and I were staring at her cunt. The two of us watched as she started spreading her cunt lips apart.

"Fucking A!" Christina whispered in my ear as she came up behind me, "Is that a hot looking' cunt or what."

I had to have a taste of that pussy so lifted her firm shapely legs, placing them on my broad shoulders. I plunged my face into her wet cunt, sticking my tongue deep into her pussy and then licking the slit in broad strokes. She then moved her hands up to her tits and started to squeeze, and maul them, really turning me on.

"Oh yeah baby, eat my pussy. Make me cum baby. Fuck me good with your tongue," moaned Britney as I ate her pussy. I reached my hands up and cupped the underside of her breasts. She felt firm in my hands pushed her chest out to me. I moved my fingers over her breasts, working from the underside of her tits and up around the sides to rub the top of her chest and hard nipples. I flicked my fingers over her nipples. I flicked her nipple again, over and over again. Taking her tits fully in my hands, I pushed them together and rubbed back and forth, squeezing and moulding.

"Hmmmm! Hmmmh! HMMMH! HMMMMHHHH!" Britney squealed as my tongue flick and sucked her erect clit, her head falling back. "Ooooooooh, ooohh, wow!" she went again as I resumed my licking of her wet slit. The blonde diva massaged her tits, squeezing and moulding them and tweaking her nipples at the same time. Her hips started moving with the pace of my tongue.

I felt Christina's tits press up against my back and pussy fur rub up against my ass. Christina reached round, grabbing my hard as steel cock in her hand. "Fuck, I'm hot!" she hissed grabbing my balls as well. "It is such a turn on to see you eat that slut's cunt." She carried on lustfully while jacking my cock back and forth.

Britney looked down between her legs watching me eat her through half closed eyes. "Grab his cock, whore," Britney urged Christina huskily, "Stroke it!"

She laid back on the table saying, "Work that cock while he eats my pussy." I licked further into the blonde crotch and Britney's pussy quavered under my invading tongue. I felt her sexy hips flex up in the air, "Arghhhh," she moaned softly, "Aaahhhh."

I felt Britney's thighs squeeze the sides of my head as I carried on probing my tongue into her wet pussy. "Oh fuck yeah!" She groaned louder, "That's good baby! Keep going, right there... yeah, right there.... Arghhhh yeah, don't stop."

I lifted Britney's ass up in the air for easier access with my tongue so that I could really drive it in. The blonde slut's body started shaking. The pressure on the side of my head from her thighs grew tighter. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed, "OH FUCK! I'M CUMMMMING'!" I felt her body go tense and then suddenly relax and go limp as I let her ass back down on the table, the table top showing a wet patch from my saliva and her cunt juice.

Britney sat up, grinning at me with her perfect white teeth as she rubbed her wet pussy. "You picked a good one this time Christina. I don't remember when I came so quickly before." Britney uttered.

"My turn now and I want to taste that hard cock." Christina said as she pulled me away from Britney and pushed me on my back onto the carpet floor.

Lying down with her feet next to my head, the horny slut grasped the erect prick with a warm hand and gave the rod a couple of slow strokes, rubbing her hand over the sensitive head. "Suck it, slut." I hissed at her, applying pressure to the top of Christina's head. "I want to cum on your slut face."

She started stroking me quickly and quite roughly but it still felt good.

"Come on you slut! Put that cock in your mouth!" I snarled.

"You want me to swallow your big cock Daddy? You want it in my slut mouth" she teased.

"Oh yeah bitch suck it! Take it all. Suck my monster cock" I continued.

She licked the head of my prick, tasting the precum that had appeared there. After swirling her tongue around the head of my cock a couple more times, suddenly her warm mouth sucked in the hard cock completely! I reached over and started fondling Christina's hanging tits, my fingers finding a rock hard nipple. The girl was a cock sucker. She left my dick in her mouth for a couple seconds, playing with it with her tongue, and then raised her head off it. My cock was wet with saliva as she looked at me with a grin.

She then started to go to work on my cock, fucking me with her mouth. I grabbed her hair and started slamming her head down on my cock. She gagged, trying to lift her head off but I held it in her as her saliva flowed down my cock, and her eyes closed in pain as my massive dick hit the back of her throat. I pulled her head against my crotch, burying her nose in my pubic hair. Her face looked bloated as I pushed in.

"Britney, hey you, blondie," I ordered, "Get over here and join the fun!" A double blowjob from Christina and Britney. I had to have it!!

The sexy blonde immediately got down on her hands and knees and her tongue flicked my balls. She sucked as much of the sack as possible into her mouth and then switched to the other, moving back and forth. She then lifted my leg out of the way and she started giving me a rim job while Christina continued on my cock. She started literally fucking my ass with her tongue.

Christina was working hard on my cock, sucking it down her throat in a rapid manner, her head bobbing up and down and then switching to licking and sucking the shaft from the side, her hand running over the sensitive head. It was fantastic combination for me as I carried on playing with Christina's tits and nipples. I reached a hand down her taunt stomach, reaching her public hair and then finding her wet and hot slit and sliding a finger into there. She jerked a little from the intrusion but carried on sucking.

"Oh fucking A, oh fuck.. you dirty cocksucker, OOOHHHH!" I moaned. I looked down at the two sluts sucking and thought I was going to pass out. I suddenly felt it. No guy could handle the pressure that Christina was exerting on my prick. Plus the visual effect of having these two hot fit sluts naked and working on me. My hips started jerking. "I'm gonna cum sluts!" I yelled grabbing a handful of Christina's hair, pushing her down on my prick.

"Not yet, too soon" Christina said and she jerked her head away.

"What .....!?" I asked, "You cock teasing sluts."

Both girls giggled, Christina pulling Britney in for a deep tongue lashing kiss where they felt up each others bare breasts. Christina's hand snaked up around Britney's neck and she pulled her down to her. Then they looked at me and said nothing. They just looked and giggled again.

"Cock teasing sluts!" I repeated again as my super hard prick, all red and angry looking, twitched in the cool aircon air.

The two girls again locked in a lesbian kiss, legs splayed open wide while each fingered the other's cunt. They then started trusting thrusting fingers up each other.

I reached back to the trolley and got the Champaign bottle, turned round quickly and poured the contents all over Christina's heaving tits. "Argghh, fuck that's cold!" She squealed.

I leaned forward and sucked the erect nipples clearing off the Champaign before licking the rest of her firm tits and the cleavage between them. Christina leaned back, resting her body on her arms. Christina stuck her chest out at me and I flicked my tongue over a nipple and pulled it into my mouth. I sucked harder and faster. Christina moaned and pushed upwards, pushing her tit into my mouth. My fingers played with the other nipple. "Mmmmm!" Christina moaned. "That's nice! Britney, come here and lick my pussy."

Christina got on her hands an' knees, wiggling her round ass at Britney. Britney moved up between her legs and spread the rounded ass cheeks. Britney leaned in and lapped and licked Christina's pussy in broad strokes, moving up all the way that she managed to get her asshole as well. I stood up and poured the Champaign all over Christina's back so that it flowed down the sides of her body and down her ass crack to Britney's waiting mouth and tongue.

"Arggghhhhhh!" Christina squealed feeling the fingers of Britney enter her cunt, joining her tongue in there.

"That's enough, fuck!" Christina suddenly screamed. "I want your cock inside me!" Wiggling her rounded ass, she wailed. "Slam that hard cock into my wet cunt. Fuck me. Fuck me! You are making my cunt so wet right now", said Christina as she started to finger her dripping snatch. Britney quickly sat back.

I went up to Christina, grabbing her face roughly with one hand, grabbing her chin and pressing my mouth to hers in a wet sloppy kiss. She grabbed my hair, pulling me tighter into her mouth and then....pain... ouch...the slut was biting my lower lip.... I pulled away and she smiled at me, bits of hair falling over her face covering one eye.

Play rough slut? With quite a lot of force, I slapped her across the cheek throwing her head back to be followed by her thumbing back onto her ass. She got up on one elbow, her legs skewered open, her wet cunt on show to me and held her cheek in shock and then smiled an evil smile. She got back onto her hands and knees, reaching back and opening her cunt lips with one hand. "Slip it in here, stud" she moaned.

I got into position behind Christina and positioned my swollen cock head against her slit and pushed forward. I then viciously plunged it into Christina's cunt. With my cock embedded in her, she was totally incapacitated. I felt the heat of her cunt and the wetness insides.

Christina leaned back, pushing me onto my back as she straddled me in a reverse cowgirl position. I grabbed her firm ass cheeks as she leaned forward towards my feet and started moving up and down on my shaft. I watched my thick hard shaft all shiny and wet emerge and disappear between her clinging cunt lips, which seemed to grab my prick on every outward stroke.

She then sat back, riding up and down on my prick and I reached round, crushing her tits brutally. "Yes! Oh fuck yes!" Christina cried out. "FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! SQUEEZE MY TITS" I was squeezing her tits so hard, tit flesh was coming through my fingers and when I let go of her tits, I could see my finger marks on them.

Britney got between our legs and started sucking my balls, my prick as it appeared out of Christina's cunt and Christina's cunt itself. "Fuck her, stud." Britney encouraged, "Fuck her raw!"

"Yeah baby, it's nice and tight for your big cock. That's it baby, fuck my slut pussy. Slide that prick into my whore cunt." Christina was fingering her clit as I pounded up into her pussy.

I tried to slow my fucking movements because I wanted it to last a little. But she wanted none of that. The way she was pumping her cunt up and down on my cock left me with no choice but to keep pace with her. I started picking up the pace and rammed up hard into her cunt. Christina continued to push plunge down. "Yes! Yesss! Yessss!" the slut wailed, "I'm CUMMING

"Cum for me, slut!" I snarled. "You're a dirty slut! A fucking cunt! A filthy whore who loves casual sex!!!" Britney sat back as our frantic pace made it hard for her to stay between our legs. She started fingering her own twat.

"UH, ARGGHHHH, FUCK MY SLUT CUNT!" Christina screeched as her climax hit her. She was on thrashing and writhing on top of me. "AAARRRGGHHHH!" She groaned and moved back and forth, almost making my prick slip out of her cunt.

Finally, Christina fell forward slumping down in a curled up position. I sat up, my prick still hard and shinny with Christina climax. I had yet to cum and remained hard. Both our bodies were covered with a sheet of sweat despite the aircon.

I looked over at the gorgeous Britney Spears, naked and sitting with her legs spread, fingers plunging into her wet twat. Britney gave me one of her sexiest looks and turned round onto her hands and knees, opening her legs and showing me her slit that was dripping juices down the insides of her thighs.

"Fuck me like a bitch." she moaned. "Stick your dick inside me and split me in two!"

I kneeled walked over to her and positioned my prick behind her full rounded ass. I teasingly ran the hard cock head up and down her pussy slit and asshole. "Stop fucking around." she begged. "Fuck me! Fuck me like you did Christina! Just harder!!!"

"I wanna watch this" Christina moaned next to us.

"Watch then you whore.... and enjoy.....because I'm about to fuck him right now. Watch his huge monster cock....fucks me ...fuck me deep, into my tight pussy. Watch as he slams that monster into me and makes me scream as I cum...." Britney said to Christina. Britney's dirty talk was great.

"Fuck yeah....I'm going to fuck you raw... cum up your whore pussy." I said with a grin.

I placed the mushroom head of my dick against the swollen lips of her slit. I pushed forward and her lips parted easily for my prick, allowing me to slide all the way inside in one stroke. "Ahhh....yes...give me that thing. Ohh shit......its so big. That's it.... uurrgghhhh...yes... deeper. Ahhhhhhhh!" Britney moaned. "Ohh Ohh! Uhhh.....urgghhhhh so fucking full! Fuck, so full...uh...of...cock....Uhhhh......fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!!!."

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