tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBritney Gets Surprised on Walk

Britney Gets Surprised on Walk


It was dark outside and there is not a cloud in the sky. The stars are bright and the moon is almost full. What a beautiful night for a walk in the park. Britney calls her new boyfriend Brad and he says he will meet her in the middle of the park by the fountain.

Britney went to her room and put on her favorite lacy red panties. She then put her lacy black bra with red roses on. Next she put on her daisy duke shorts and her red spaghetti strapped top that showed her tight belly off. She went and looked in the mirror and admired her sexy body. She rubs her hands on her D cup breasts and down to her curving hips and turned to get a look and her sexy ass. All of the sudden this feeling came over her that someone was watching her. She spanned around but saw nothing out the windows. She closed her blinds and finished getting ready.

Britney grab her purse and headed to the park. She enjoyed the walk in the cool night air that caused her nipples to poke out. She then got another feeling of being watched but again could see nothing suspicious. As she got to the park the lighting was not as good and the moonlight was blocked by the trees.

Britney was halfway to the fountain when she was tackled off the path into the grass. She was rolled onto her stomach and her mouth was duck taped and then her hands were taped behind her back. A blindfold was tied over her eyes. Her attacker stood her up and was standing behind with his hands gently touching her hips. She felt his breath on her neck and gently kissed her neck and nibbled her left ear. Everything was happening so fast and she was surprised that her body enjoyed the touch of this man. He then stopped and grabs her arm and led her for a walk of ten minutes. He told Britney to cooperate and she would live and maybe enjoy it. Britney shook her head yes.

He took her blindfold off along with untaping her mouth and hands. She was amazed to see these soft blankets on the ground with pillows. There was also some wine, fruit, and whip cream. The man had on a black tank top and pants. He also had a mask like Zorro's. He walked up and started kissing her. She tried to resist but it felt so good. He broke her kiss and then pulled her top over her head and off. He asked her to take off her bra and shorts. So there she stood in her lacy red panties.

She was embarrassed he could see how wet her panties were over her pussy. He then said to her that her breasts were even better up close and without glass between them. She then quickly realized that she was right about being watched. She asked him how long and he said tow weeks. Tonight was the first time that he was right next to the window. He overheard her plans and quickly got his own plan ready.

He led Britney to the blanket and they sat down. She took his top off and started rubbing his cock. He stood up and she took his pants off. She started stroking his nice cock and smiled up in approval of his mighty rod. She then started sucking his cock. After a few minutes he stopped her and had her get on her hands and knees. She felt him behind her and then he squeezed her butt cheeks.

He then slid his hand over her pussy and pulled her panties to the side and she felt his tip at her pussy lips. He then slowly pushed inside of her. She thought he would start slow. She was so wrong. She got fucked so hard she cried. He cummed in her after a few minutes and she had the best orgasm of her life. When she turned around she was in shock to see it was her boyfriend Brad. They had just started dating so she did not know him that well and had no idea it was him.

Brad poured them some wine and than he got grab a strawberry and fed it to her. She accidentally bit his finger. Britney laughed as Brad checked out his bleeding finger. He tore a small piece off the blanket and tied it around the end of his finger. As he looked up he had seen that Britney had sprayed whipped cream all over her breast. He went over and started licking the whipped cream off her breast. He heard her spray more whipped cream and looked to see it covering her pussy. She lay back on the blanket as Brad positioned his head above her pussy.

Brad licked all the whipped cream off her pussy. He then started work his tongue in and out of her pussy. She pushed his head down into her pussy as he continued to lap on it. She was getting really wet and he just licked her pussy juices up with his tongue. He then started to kiss his way up her body. He kissed her just below her belly button. He then kissed her abs and squirmed a little. Next he kissed around her breasts. He slid to her right shoulder. Kissed up the right side of her neck and than nibbled on her ear lobe. He was now lying on top of her and they were kissing. Brad slid to the right side of her and kept kissing.

He slid his left hand down in between her legs and slid two fingers into her pussy. He slowly started finger fucking her. He than slide in a third finger in her and she felt tight. He started fingering her faster. Britney begged Brad to fuck her with his cock. Brad got on top her again and quickly rammed his cock into her pussy. She screamed in pain as he rammed his cock in and out of her tight pussy. She screamed to fuck the shit out of her. Brad kept pounding her pussy until he could not last any longer and he cummed inside her.

Brad let Britney lay there as he started cleaning up the stuff. Brad had everything picked up except the blanket Britney was laying on. As he turned to talk to her he saw a police officer walking up. The officer told them that he could arrest them for having sex in a public place. Britney apologized as she got dressed. The officer told her to stop. He said if Britney would fuck him right now he would let it go.

Britney said no way. Brad went and talked to her and said she didn't have to if she didn't want to but did she really want to go to jail for this. Britney said she would fuck him if Brad fucked her asshole as the officer fucked her pussy. The officer took off his clothes and lay on the blanket. Britney positioned herself over his cock and lowered on to his cock. The officer's cock was short and thick and really stretched her pussy. She leaned forward and kissed the officer.

Brad positioned behind her and shoved his cock inside her asshole. Brad slowly fucked her asshole. The officer was not as gentle as he quickly pounded her pussy. After a few the officer cummed inside of Britney. Brad then pulled out and Britney got off the officer and then sucked the cum off of his cock. They all three got dressed. The officer let them go as promised.

Brad then walked Britney home and stayed the night. They fell asleep quickly as they were exhausted from the events of their evening.

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