tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBritney Spears Gets A Bath

Britney Spears Gets A Bath


Britney Spears has been caught with weed in her purse, since this is her 1st offense
it is kept private from the public, however Miss Spears will have to spend a month in
an upscale correctional facility in Beverly Hills,CA.

Hi, I'm Angela and I work at this facility, I also happen to have a huge crush on Miss
Spears and I love her music. Luckily I end up in charge of Britney. Britney arrives in
a Limo and I excort her to her room.

"I hope you have a good time while you are here," I say to her.

She replies,"me too."

"I happen to be a big fan and will do anything I can to make it better for you, anything."

"Thank you I am happier that I can have someone who likes me near by. How long have you
been a fan?"

"Since Baby One More Time, you are so talented and cute...I just fell in love with your
music." and your hot little body I think to myself, especially when your chest grew larger.

Unknown to Britney, I have her eye opening VMA 2000 performance on tape and love to watch
it while I play with myself.

"Well, you are so sweet, I love to meet my fans. Have you ever been to a show?"

"Yes, however the seats sucked, you were so small I could barely see you."

"I'm sorry for that, maybe I can make it up to you when my time is up here."

"It's okay I've been planning to see you agian anyway and getting the best seats
that I can get."

I grabbed her bags and we headed for her room. It was a large room of course because
we cater to the rich and famous. She had her own bathroom and her own living room while
she was here. She seemed to like her room and she looked quite tired or so I thought.
I put her things down and while I was still in the room she started to undress and head
for the bathroom.

"Could you stay and wash my back?" she asked innocently.

"Of course,Miss Spears"

"Call me Britney"

"Okay Britney"

She was removing her shirt over her head, then her bra only she seemed to be having
trouble with it.

"Could you help me?" she says.

I come over and unclasp it for her she is standing in front of the mirror and I can't
help but stare at her beautiful breasts. They are so young and perky. They are also a
nice size. She removes her pants while I am inches from her bending over to tkae them off.
GOD! Her ass looks beautiful. She then removes her panties and walks over to the tub.
I watch as she bends down to turn on the water.

"Do you have any bubble bath?"

"Yes," I say as I grab some from under the sink. I walk over and pour a cap full
under the running water. The tub fills and she climbs in. I go to get her a towel.
She is relaxed when I return with the towel.

"Could you wash my back now?"

"Of course."

I grab a wash rag and dip it in the water then I put soap all over it and she leans
forward. I scrub her back slowly.

She speaks softly, "Could you wash everywhere?" She says this so innocently.

"Sure," I answer her softly.

"Use your bare hands," she says. So I put the wash rag down and slowly return to
her back after I soap up my hands good. I start by rubbing her shoulders and neck.
I work my way down her sexy back to her beautiful ass. I then rubbed her ass gently.
Then I moved around to her stomach,I washed her legs skipping her beautiful pussy.
That would be last. I moved to wash her tits, after they are clean I rinse them off.
I lean over and take her nipple in my mouth. She moans softly. I bite and suck her
beautiful nipple and play with her other nipple with other hand. She enjoys this.
I then take my hand and move down to her little treasure. I gently rub her clit.
She moans agian, a little louder, I increase my speed. I am still sucking on her
beautiful breast. I put my hand inside her love canel and use my thumb on her clit.
She cannot speak and is breathing very heavy. She looks lovely as she cums.
She throws her head back. Her body throbs and she splashes me but I do not care.

"Could you stay in my room tonight?" she asks me.

"I would love to Britney" I answer.

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