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Britney Spears on Vacation


Author's note: I started this story a while back, before she shaved her head and in recent pics, she's lost the weight and is starting to look good again. SO I went back and completed the story.

I'd like to thank Andre for the idea of this story. You gave me the blue prints to start it off and I even managed to add in a black guy to the story, so I hope you like it.

This is quite a long story and is split up into three parts. The first part is mainly foreplay, after the first two set of stars, the third set of stars it's one on one and after the fourth set of stars it's a menage trois, mmf. For those of you who don't like mmf's, you can stop reading after the one on one. The story was originally suppose to stop there and if you do stop reading there, the story is all wrapped up nicely.


I pulled up in front of the hotel and paid the cab driver once he got my luggage out of the trunk. A bellboy came up to me and took my luggage and led me into the hotel.

"Hello! I'm Miguel." Said the guy at the reception desk. "We pride ourselves in providing a top rate service. We have an array of services, all of which are open 24/7." He started to babble on about the tennis courts, gym and a bunch of other crap. I did my best to look like I was paying attention, I just had my eyes locked on the keys to my room that was on the table. He then said something that caught my attention.

"You have a spa? Is that included in the price of the room or does that cost extra?" I asked. I wouldn't mind being pampered and massaged, especially if it was done by a hot woman with a great body.

"Yes. It's all included in the price. All you have to do is book it a day in advance."

"So I can't go there today?" I asked.


"Because I didn't book in advance?" I said, starting to get annoyed. "So how was I to know that before I got here?"

"It's in the hotel brochure. You know? The one you look at before you book." He said with a smug tone in his voice. "So should I book you in for tomorrow?"

"Yeah. Thanks." I said. He started to click away on the computer, probably booking me in.

"This is your..." He started, picking the keys up to hand to me. His eyes were looking past me. "Hello!" He said walking around the receptions desk, dropping the keys in front of me. I managed to catch them before they fell.

"What the fuck?" I said, looking around.

"Ms Spears!" I heard him say. "Always a pleasure to have you here!" I looked around to look at who was so important that he'd just walk off in the middle of talking. The Ms Spears he was referring to was a blonde woman, in sunglasses, a bucket hat and a long white coat. She looked like she was trying to come in unnoticed.

"Hi. Miguel!" The blonde said in strong southern accent, taking the hat and sunglasses off. "It is so hot out here!" She said walking up to the receptions. desk.

"Yeah. That's exactly who you think it is." I heard a voice behind me say. I turned around to see it was the bell boy. He was a black guy, about six foot tall and was in those red bellboy outfits that you see people in on TV. "She comes in every now and then by herself to get away from her husband and kids."

"If it's who I think it is, then isn't she divorced?" I asked, making sure that it was Britney Spears.

"In the process I guess." He shrugged his shoulders. "So the prick didn't tell you where your room is? Here." He said motioning with his hand. "Give me your keys. I'll show you to your room." I followed the bell boy into the elevator, looking over my shoulder to get a couple of quick glimpses of Britney Spears. "Taking a timeout?" He asked.

"Yeah. I just got promoted and decided to take two weeks off work. Get away from it for a while before jumping right back in."

"I hear ya." He said. "As soon as I graduate, I'm outta here, taking a couple off weeks of in the Caribbean. Lounging on the beach, watching fine honeys walk by."

"You can do that here."

"I know. But when you've been here two years, you wanna be somewhere else."

"Fair point." I said looking straight ahead. "I'm Kash by the way." I said extending my hand. I don't know if I was gonna see him again until I left, but I figured introducing yourself seemed like the polite thing to do.

"Clavin." He said shaking my hand. "But my buddies call me Clay." The elevator stopped and the doors opened. "This way." Clay said leading the way.

"What would your recommendation be on doing something here?" I asked, not sure what I was gonna do here now that the spa was out of the question.

"You could lounge at the pool. All the fine honeys hang out there in tiny little bikinis. Or you could hit the gym. If the fine honeys aren't at the pool, they're working out to flex their tight bodies and get even finer." Clay said.

"Sounds good." I said. "If I wasn't looking to check out fine honeys, what else could I do?" I asked, noticing that everything he said was all about 'fine honeys.'

"You play tennis?" He asked.


"I get off at one. We could get a bite to eat and then play a set or two if you're up for it."

"Sure. Where should I meet you?"

"The restaurant downstairs." He said. "I'm gonna be heading out. I got more bags to carry to people's rooms." I tipped Clay, he shook my hand and left.

I lay on the hotel bed, thinking. Britney Spears was in the same hotel as me. What are the odds? I spent the rest of the morning out by the pool, like how Clay said. I hoped that I might run into Britney, but I didn't. There was a quarter of an hour till one, so I changed into suitable attire to play tennis and headed to the restaurant. I didn't see Clay anywhere so I sat down at a table and ordered.

Clay came in and sat down at the table and ordered. We started to chat, he mainly talked about ass hole customers he's come across throughout the years while we ate. Once we finished we headed out to the tennis courts where we played best of three. He beat me in the first set and was up four games in the second when I managed to pull a come back and draw level and somehow beat him in the third set without dropping a game. Clay looked exhausted.

"Guess you don't have my conditioning or endurance." I joked as I walked over to him. Clay gave a weak laugh as he placed his hands on his knees and breathed hard.

"I'll get you next time man." He said. "I'm off tomorrow, so I catch you the day after." He said. "If you're up for it that is."

"Sure." I said. "Come by about noon."

"Catch you then Kash." We shook hands and I walked back to the changing room. I decided after that hard tennis session, I should hit the sauna, so there wouldn't be any chance of any of my muscles aching tomorrow.

I went into the sauna and the place had way too many bodies for my liking. It was a uni-sex sauna and there was a couple of women around, but they were outnumbered by the men. So I decided to forget the sauna and hit the showers. I went to the restaurant and got some dinner and turned in.

I woke up the next day and headed off to the spa. I entered and went to the receptions desk and they got a woman, who was going to be my masseuse to lead me off. I heard the receptionists voice as I walked away. "Hello Ms Spears. Spending another day at the spa?" I looked back to see Britney Spears. I guess that's why I didn't see her yesterday, not that I went out of my way to see her. As my masseuse led me to the room I was going to be in, I couldn't make out what Britney was saying, I was too far away from her.

Once I was done and out of the spa, I thought about what I could do. Britney was at the spa and even though I spent about three hours there, I didn't see her again. Clay was off today, so no kicking his ass in tennis again.

I felt revitalised and full of energy after I came out of the spa and decided to let some of that excess energy out by going to the pool. I caught some rays before doing some laps in the pool and decided to top it off by spending some time in the sauna. Sauna's always relaxed me and helped to get rid of any built up tension.

I stepped into the sauna and there was even more people in there than yesterday and even less women. What the hell was going on? This must be like the best sauna for there to be this many people here two days in a row. This made me want to go in even more, but I didn't want to be in this sausage factory so I opted to leave and come back at another time. I headed off and ordered room service for a early dinner and fell asleep instantly, even though it wasn't dark out yet.


I woke up and looked over at the clock. It was midnight. I rolled over trying to get back to sleep. The first thought that came into my head was how packed the sauna was and it annoyed the crap out of me. I tried to block that thought out and make my mind go blank and drift off, but it was no use. I tossed and turned, unable to get back to sleep. I looked over at the clock. It was 1 am. I had spent an hour tossing and turning trying to get back to sleep.

I decided, seeing as though I can't get to sleep that I'd just give up trying to sleep. I sat up on the bed and turned the TV on. I realised that I was a little hungry, so I went over to the cart that the food I ordered for dinner came in and finished off whatever was left.

I sat down on the bed and flicked through the channels and left it on ESPN classics. After about a quarter of an hour, I remembered what that annoying ass hole at the receptions desk said. If I remembered correctly, he said that they had an array of services available 24/7. So I got out of bed and decided that I was gonna go to the sauna now. I doubt there was anyone there at this time of night.

I looked over at the clock 1.20am. Besides, it would probably relax me and help me drift off to sleep. I put on a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt and headed to the gym.

I went to the sauna and stripped off at the lockers, grabbing a towel and locking my clothes away. I walked into the sauna and it was empty. I sat down and lay flat on my back, my legs stretched out. I took in a deep breath, satisfied that I finally got to use the sauna after all those attempts and what made it better was that I had the place to myself, it was as if the place was open just for me.

I looked around the place. It looked so big with just one person here. There was two entrances. One lead to the men's changing room and the other lead to the women's. I closed my eyes and found myself thinking about Britney Spears. After seeing her in the morning I had forgotten all about her and the fact that she was here. I decided to forget about trying to meet her, it just wasn't going to happen.

I found myself starting to fantasize about her, playing out different fantasy scenarios in my head that all lead to sex. I started to feel my dick get erect and grow to it's full length. I lifted one leg so that it was bent at the knee, my thigh covering my hard on, in case anyone was to come in.

I heard a door handle rattle and looked towards the doors. It was the door that connected the place to the women's changing room. A thought ran across my head. What if it's a gorgeous woman with a hot body who comes in, starts talking to me and we end up fucking? That would be the best thing to ever happen to me. The door opened, I quickly closed my eyes to make it look like I wasn't bothered by who ever it is entering the sauna.

"Oh!" I heard the woman's voice, it had a strong southern accent. "I didn't think anyone would be in here at this time of night." There was no mistaking that voice. I had seen enough interviews of her to know that it was Britney Spears. I opened my eyes to see that it was here. I got so shocked that my balls jumped up into my body and my hard on disappeared instantly. I was so nervous, being in her presence, especially with the fact that we were both in nothing but a towel. I tried to regain my composure.

"Me neither." I said. "I tried coming in the day but the place was packed."

"I know!" Britney said. sitting opposite me but still within reaching range. "I figured that it would be empty at this time of night."

"I guess great minds think a like." I said, giving a smile.

"Yeah!" Britney laughed. This felt like a good time to introduce myself.

"I'm Kash by the way." I said sitting up, extending my hand to her.

"Britney." She said giving a sweet smile, shaking my hand. "Feels like you've been here a while!" She laughed wiping her hand on her towel.

"Yeah." I said looking at my sweaty hands. I was glad that we were in a sauna, because I reckon that I'd probably sweating if we weren't. At least now I can blame it on the fact that we're in a sauna.

Britney lay down on her back, one leg extended and the other angled. Her foot on her extended leg was less than a foot away from. She had on a towel the same size as mine, but I only needed the towel around my waist to cover myself up, whereas she had the same size towel that just about covered her big tits and her round ass.

I looked at Britney as she lay there with her eyes closed. I looked down at her crotch area, to see that the small towel was barely covering her. I could actually see her pussy if I leaned back. So, like the pervert that I am, I leaned back against the wall and I could see her bald cunt.

"So you here on vacation?" Britney asked and I nearly jumped, from the surprise of the silence being broken and Britney Spears trying to make small talk with me.

"Yeah." I replied. "I'm in advertising." I said. Britney continued to ask me questions about myself, I guess she figured I knew who she was and considering she had been grabbing all the headlines in tabloids, she probably thought that I had read them and decided to stay away from talking about herself.

There was a moment of silence. "So who's looking after the kids?" I asked, deciding to break the silence.

"They're with my idiot ex-husband." She said. "I figured, I'd let him have them for a week while I was on vacation."

"You know, I think he's only using them as leverage." I said, realising instantly that I may have crossed the line.

"How do you mean?" She asked lifting her head up, leaning back on her forearms looking at me.

"No it's just an opinion." I said, not sure if she was pissed off or not.

"No, go on. I'd like to hear what you think." I wasn't sure if she was showing me a little attitude or not, but seeing as though she asked.

"He's got kids with another woman, who he didn't really seem to care that much about. It seemed like, well to me any way, someone who's looking in from the outside, that you cared more about his kids than he did."

"I know!" She cut me off, in that slightly excited voice that she has.

"And that he only cares about these two kids because they're your kids. Trying to somehow stay attached to you even though you're not together, using you as some sort of meal ticket."

"You know?" Britney said rubbing her shoulder. "No one's really said that to me. They've been too busy calling me stupid for marrying him and even more stupid for having a kid with him when things got a little rough and then they called me brainless for having a second child when things were pretty much over." She said. "And I seem to be the one getting hammered by the press." She continued to rub her shoulder.

"That's because he's a nobody. No one gives a shit about him." I said. "I mean, he got very lucky. He somehow managed to have Britney Spears as his wife and he fucked that up. If I had you there's no way I'd do what he did. Blowing money on a strip club when he could come home and have sex with you instead."

"He wasn't always like that." She tried to defend him. "We were actually in love in the beginning." Britney said, she was still rubbing her shoulder.

"What's wrong?" I asked. "You keep rubbing your shoulder."

"I know." She whined. "It kinda hurts. I think I got some tension or knots or somthin' wrong." She said. "That's why I came in here. It's suppose to be therapeutic I think."

"Here." I said getting to up to my feet. "Turn around. I'll massage them for you."

"Really?" She asked. I nodded. "You wouldn't mind?"

"Unless you mind having sweaty hands on you."

"Well... I'm all sweaty too, so it doesn't matter. Plus, it's won't be the first time that I have sweaty hands on me." I think she was talking about sweaty sex. She turned around, crossing her legs as she had her back turned to me and moved her hair to one side, indicating which shoulder was giving her the problems. I put a hand on each shoulder and started to gently squeeze them, slowly massaging her shoulders.

"That feels so good!" Britney moaned. "Can you do it a little harder?"

"Sure!" I replied applying more pressure. Britney had managed to build up to a sweat from being in here.

"Is it just the shoulders?" I asked her after a couple of minutes of massaging them.

"I'm not one to complain." She replied.

"Come on." I said.

"OK!" Britney gave in easily. "My whole back area kinda hurts and so do my legs and feet." She said pulling forward from me. She lay on her front. Didn't she spend the day at the spa? I wasn't going to ask her, I had the perfect opportunity to feel her body. I sat down beside her and started to massage her shoulders, working down her back, but the towel was in the way.

"Is it any further down than this?" I asked.

"Yeah! It's the whole back area." She replied.

"The towel's in the way of me going any lower." I said.

"I got it." Britney said, moving on to her side slightly, so that I wouldn't be able to see anything. She undid the towel at the front, rolled back onto her front and lowered the towel, so that it covered her ass. She had her elbows tucked away near her tits so I couldn't see them. She had her hands together, that she rested her chin on.

"Yeah. He was very sweet at the beginning." She continued with what she was saying before I started to massage her. "Would it be easier for you if you straddled me?"

"What?" I said not sure if I heard her right.

"You can't really get all the way over to the other side of my back from where you're sitting. If you straddled me, you'll be able to go around my whole back more easily." She said.

"When me and Kevin got together, we were all over each other. We would have sex like four times a day." She continued to defend him, acting as what she just said was perfectly normal.

"And then he treated you like crap." I said. "He got to be with the most fantasized woman of our generation." I thought about what I could say next and had an idea on how to take it towards what I was fantasizing about when I came in here. "Take her virginity."

"He didn't take my virginity." Britney turned her head to the left, moving her cheek onto the top of her hands and gave a smile. "You know who took it." She said. I moved to the left so she could see me more clearly and she looked at me from the corner of her eyes. It was quite obvious who it was. I didn't believe him when he said it to tabloid papers, but she had confirmed it now.

"OK then. He was the second guy to..." Britney gave another smile, biting her bottom lip and shaking her head. "But you haven't dated anyone else." I said. "You went from Justin to that loser. You didn't date anyone in between. Wait!" I said remembering something. "That guy you married in Vegas! You slept with him? I thought you guys were drunk... Oh! A drunken encounter!" Britney laughed as I continued to apply pressure on her shoulders, massaging both shoulders as we continued to talk.

"Yeah. I'm not the kind of gal to just pick a guy up and have sex. I've only done that once in my entire life."

"Wait!" I said cutting her off. "You hand a one night stand?" I moved into her view, so she could see me. I did this whenever I said something so that I could see her reaction.

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