tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBritney Tries to get Brad Back

Britney Tries to get Brad Back


It has been two months since Brad got her in the park. Britney was still seeing Brad and they enjoyed having sex in public places. One thing has been on Britney's mind since the park. She needs to get Brad back. Well, tonight is the night Brad will pay.

Brad is waiting to have dinner with Britney at a restaurant at a nice hotel. He was sitting at the bar having a drink waiting on her. 2 beautiful blondes sit by Brad on each side of him. They are flirting big time. Brad doesn't know that these are Britney's sorority sisters, Tiffany and Cindy. While Tiffany had Brad's attention Cindy slipped a micky in his drink. As Brad got to feeling out of it the girls helped him to their room in the hotel. Brad goes out on the bed and they tie him to the bedpost. They bring in some males in thongs and snap some incriminating pics.

When Brad wakes up he is tied to the bedpost. He then noticed Britney standing at the end of the bed with the girls from the bar. Britney smiles and introduces her sorority sisters Tiffany and Cindy. She then shows him the pics. She explains that if he ever messes with her like at the park again that his parents and boss will see the pics.

Ok, enough of that. Britney says it is time for some fun. The girls remove there robes and revealed their naked bodies. They kept Brad tied to the bed and cut off his boxers. They were happy to see his cock was already hard.

Tiffany climbed on his cock and inserted it into her pussy. She was incredible. She had small tits but she was beautiful and had a nice tight pussy. Cindy, who was short and curvaceous, sat on his face. Brad began to eat her pussy. Cindy ate Britney's pussy to. All the moaning and screaming was some of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard. After each girl did each position Britney went to the bathroom.

She came out with the 2 guys from the pics. They were naked. Britney sat on Brads cock and leaned forward and exposed her asshole. One guy got over Brads stomach and stuck his cock in Britney's asshole. The second guy put his cock in her mouth. Tiffany sat on Brads face so he didn't have to look at the guy's ass. All three cocks moved hard and fast in her holes. They all climaxed around the same time. She then lay by Brad with cum oozing from her ass and pussy and cum running down her chin. They untied Brad and the others went to the next room to leave Britney and Brad alone to enjoy in their lust for each other.

Britney lay back on the bed and asked Brad to make slow passionate love to her. Brad than laid on top of her and slowly pushed his cock inside her. He continued to slowly move his cock back and forth in her tight love hole. He ran his hands gently across her body as he kissed her neck. Britney moaned oh yes Baby as he slowly nibbled on her ear. Britney started moving her hips as one with Brads thrust inside her. After twenty minutes Brad cummed inside of her. Brad and Britney than fell asleep.

Brad got up and got dressed and went to work while Britney slept. He was tired but the day was going by fast as he did his paperwork in his office. It was almost noon when his secretary said a young lady was there to have lunch with him. He was excited that Britney had decided to surprise him for lunch.

He walked out of his office to see Tiffany standing there. Tiffany was about 5'5'' and around 105 lb. She had long blonde hair and small cute tits and a beautiful sexy ass. She was wearing a nice black dress that was about mid thigh and had a low cut v-neck. She walked up and whispered that she had to have more of Brad and that Britney didn't know.

They walked to Brad's car on the top floor of the parking garage. There were only a few cars around so they decided to climb in the back seat and skip lunch. Brad and Tiffany started wildly kissing and pawing at each other. She removed all of Brad's clothes and than she slipped her dress off to reveal she had no bra or panties on. She got on her hands and knees and Brad positioned himself behind her pussy and rammed his cock inside her. She screamed as he fucked the shit out of her. Tearing her pussy a little. She screamed as her juices flowed out of her and mixed with some of her blood. He cummed deep inside her pussy and than pulled out and sat on the seat.

She sat beside him and laid her head on his shoulder. She said she liked it rough and hoped they could play some more. They got dressed and headed back up to his office. He sent his secretary home early and he took Tiffany into his office. He pushed all the stuff off the desk and than put her on it. He pushed up her skirt and than dropped his pants to the floor. He than starting fucking Tiffany really hard.

All the sudden the door came open and it was Britney. She started to say that there was no secretary so she thought she would let herself in. She seen Tiffany on the desk being fucked my Brad. She yelled at them both how could you and she ran out. Brad tried to go after but Tiffany grab him and said let it go. Brad told Tiffany to leave.

He tried calling Britney all night but her phone kept going to voicemail. It was getting late and he heard a knock at his door. He opened thinking it was Britney but Tiffany was the one standing there. He let her in. She told him that she was the girl for him. Not Britney. She likes it rough and to roll play like he did when he jumped her in the park. Brad said that maybe Tiffany was right. They started fooling around again.

Britney called and Brad picked up. Britney told him that it was over and to not call again. She thought she could play this game but she just can't. Brad told her that he understood and they got off the phone.

Brad told Tiffany that he just got dumped. She spent the rest of the night cheering him up although he couldn't be happier to have broken up with Britney. He realized Tiffany was the perfect girl for him.

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