tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBritney's Adventure

Britney's Adventure


She walked into the room, not realizing the seriousness of the decision that she had made earlier that same week. She arrived at the party at the time that she saw, and quickly thought back to that fateful day. After not having many boyfriends for awhile, Monica had felt unfulfilled for too long in her own opinion. Late one Saturday night, after watching a sappy Meg Ryan movie, and eating ice cream, she took matters into her own hands; she went onto the Internet and began searching websites for what she was looking for. She found it on a bulletin board, a message discussing a costume party with an "adult" theme that would be near her home town. She sent an e-mail to the address that was attached at the bottom of the message.

She quickly received an e-mail back, asking her basic questions, and asking for a photograph of herself. Having one on file that she had sent her family, she quickly sent the photograph, knowing that a complete stranger would be judging her instantly based solely on her body. She wasn't really worried, she was 5'6" with C cup breasts, and a classic hour glass figure, but she looked rather homely with how she wore her hair, and the type of rims she had on her glasses. She quickly received an e-mail back, telling her that she was invited to the party, and gave an address to a costume shop where she would need to pick up her costume. She was to say she was with the "McClure" party, and would be given the rest of the details about the party. She was excited, but managed to force herself to go to bed that night, thinking about all of the possibilities that could happen.

The next day she went to the costume shop, which was out on the outskirts of town, just a few miles up the interstate from her apartment. She arrived, wearing sunglasses and a scarf around her head, trying to be inconspicuous, and walked into the costume shop, taking off the sunglasses as she entered. She saw costumes on the strewn about on the wall, and saw the saleslady sitting at the counter, she approached her and asked "Excuse me, I need some help, I'm with the McClure party."

"Yes of course, well, I have a few options for you, please follow me," she smiled at Monica, and walked into a room that was behind the main room of the shop. "My name is Maude for your information."

"I'm Monica," she said, being polite as usual. Upon entering the room, Maude found a list, and then took a garment bag off of a rack, and handed it to Monica, who was surprised at the speediness of that delivery.

"This is the costume that has been designated for you, go and try it on, there are dressing rooms over there," she made a hand gesture to the wall on the side. "I'll be out front in case it doesn't fit you properly." With that, she walked back through the door, and left Monica by herself.

Monica looked around a little bit, and picked a dressing room, the middle one, because for some reason that made her feel safer. She put the garment bag on a hook, and then proceeding opening it, a tingling sensation coming down through her fingers, the anticipation of what was inside getting the best of her. As the zipper moved down she saw the costume appear to her, it was a short leather skirt, with a tube top also included were knee high leather boots with 5 inch heels on them. Also included are instructions on how she was to do her make-up and hair included inside. She rushed to put it on, and looked in the mirror, and she loved it, she loved how her body was exposed by the lack of clothing on her, and she loved the boots the most. She looked at the instructions on hair and make-up and realized she was going to be dressed like a hooker throughout the night. She read through the instructions, telling her that she should introduce herself as "Britney" at the party, when she noticed a line at the bottom that had asterisks around it "***Wear only what is given in the costume bag***."

This shocked her, because she had immediately noticed that there was not a pair of panties or a thong included. This bothered her, but she realized why she was going, and after a little "Angel on the shoulder vs. Devil on the shoulder" moment, she knew she had to go, and what better way to make sure that she would be fulfilled than the outfit that she got.

She put it back into the garment bag, and walked out of the door, and saw Maude, still not doing anything, as business appeared to be very slow for this shop, and she checked out, with the costume due back 2 days after the party, which was to start on Saturday at 6 pm at a house in the richer section of her town. She went home, thinking about what could happen, and followed the instructions as to how to do her make-up, just to see how the outfit looked when complete. She moved in front of a full-length mirror, admiring how she looked in the outfit, thinking about the guys gawking at her. It made her pussy wet, just thinking about the party, and in the costume the feeling between her legs was unstoppable. She jumped onto the bed, and hiked her skirt up, which didn't take much effort due to its lack of length.

She reached over onto the side of the bed, and found her vibrator, which she hadn't used in awhile due to her laziness in getting new batteries for it. She was massaging her pussy while grabbing for it and it slid into her pussy easily, the vibrations now inside of her making her moan loudly, resonating through the bedroom and adjacent hall. Her free hand moved to her breasts, fondling them and playing with her nipples. She felt the growing sensation of orgasm coming on, before letting out a giant scream of ecstasy, which caused her cat to come to the door, look inquisitively at her, and then simply turn around and leave. She sat there a moment, letting the feeling marinate into her, before taking a shower, and not wanting to wait until Saturday for the party, wanting it to come tomorrow, not in three days.

The next three days of work for her were the slowest days of her life, and she had a terrible time of trying to get work done, her mind constantly wandered, thinking about Saturday, wanting Saturday to be there with seemingly all of her being. As the day finally arrived, she cleaned the house, taking her mind off of the night that awaited her, and at 3 pm, started getting ready for the party. She took a long bath, making sure to wash all of her body, and trimmed her pubic hair down, giving her pussy a great feel. She did her hair immediately out of the bath, and took her time to do her make up, following the instructions that she had received perfectly.

She then began getting dressed, this of course taking only a minute due to the lack of clothes that she had received. It was 5:30 when she felt she was ready to leave, and got into her car carefully and drove out to the house for the party. She arrived a few minutes late, but others were coming in at the same time as her, so she didn't think it would matter, and she walked into the door. When she walked in, she was greeted by the man who had posted the original invite on the web site she had found, he introduced himself as "Seymour" although she was sure that it wasn't his real name. He was dressed like the devil, with a red suit that had devil horns, and a tail protruding from the back, which two women behind him found amusing by appearing to do sexual acts to it.

"Hello Seymour, I'm Britney" she said, shaking his hand and smiling at him, trying to be as sexual as she possibly could be, without laughing at the women behind him. He told her to make herself comfortable and to mingle around with the crowd; and that drinks are in the back room. She quickly realized that this was not simply a party, but appeared that it was just a giant orgy. "Seymour" then got onto a bullhorn, and made a proclamation "The game tonight is about to begin, none of you know the rules, so here they are, every guy in the room has been given a bag of bracelets, girls, you are to "make the rounds" so to speak, and whichever girl has the most bracelets after two hours is the winner, with a secret prize as the reward. Likewise, the girl who gets the fewest bracelets will receive a different kind of reward. Girls, get to work, there are a lot of people here, and the prize will not be a disappointment. Now begin." With that women immediately began to flirt with guys shamelessly, although in the setting, it seemed to fit, "Britney" thought to herself, looking around the room. Before she could finish her thought however, a hand grabbed her ass, and kissed her neck, she let out a light moan, and turned around, seeing a man in a Tarzan costume, which basically was a loincloth. She smiled at him, admiring his muscles that were protruding, and easily visible.

"Me Tarzan, me think you pretty" He said, doing the voice perfectly. Britney wanted to laugh, but managed to hold off with just a smile. She grabbed the strap of loincloth, and pulled him close to her. She reached up and kissed him. "Tarzan like, want to go back to hut with Tarzan?" he asked, staying with the character.

"Of course, lead the way" She said, smiling at him, and he grabbed her and flung her over his shoulder. She let out a soft scream, and attempted to keep her skirt as far down as possible, which was very difficult. Tarzan took her to a bedroom in the giant house, and threw her onto the bed, and began kissing her, pushing his tongue into her mouth. Her hands roamed his body, feeling his muscles, before stopping, and having him flip over onto his back, with her taking the dominant role, sitting on top of him, she stripped of his loincloth, revealing a massive cock that Britney was practically drooling over as soon as she saw it. She moved on top of him, and slid her pussy down onto his cock, they both moaned softly, almost in unison at the feeling.

When he was all the way in, she leaned down and continued making out with him while she moved back and forth, he grabbed her ass, fondling her while he thrusted into her. She began moaning softly into his mouth, trying to control herself, despite her want to let him do whatever he wanted to her body. His hands run underneath her top, rubbing her breasts, while his cock ravaged her pussy, pushing itself farther and farther into her. She moaned louder and louder, finally getting the feeling of having a cock inside her. Tarzan was now grunting loudly, and he grabbed her hips, holding her down onto him as his cock came inside her pussy. Britney had not cum yet, and she pulled herself off of his cock, and moved up his body. "Look, you made it all dirty, now you should clean it up" she said, making her lips pout as she moved her pussy closer to his mouth.

"Tarzan clean" he said, still staying with the character he had dressed as. She sat right on his mouth, positioning her sloppy pussy right over him. His tongue moved up into her pussy, tasting the mixture of her and his own juices. Britney was close, and she yelled and screamed with pleasure, having another orgasm by the loin clothed man. She collapsed onto him, her body being drained of energy for the moment. Tarzan kissed her, and said he had a great time, and left her on the bed.

to be continued...

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