tagBDSMBritney's Adventure Ch. 3

Britney's Adventure Ch. 3


“Britney, when I first saw your picture, I knew that you would be perfect for this group, I just wasn’t sure how you would react in this situation. I was not very pleased with how you reacted either, although the punishment that I gave you was enjoyed far too much.” They were in front of a large wooden door, Seymour pulled out his keys, and unlocked it, and the other man followed him in, he was dressed in a toga, with a wreath around his head, looking like a Roman emperor. Once they entered the room, Britney marveled at the room, it had a large bed in the middle, and along the walls were hooks full of equipment that she had never seen before, whips, crops, collars, sex toys that looked painful if inserted into her, which caused the feeling in the pit of her stomach to grow larger, worrying about her own safety. The Roman then pushed her onto the bed, bent over, and feeling a rush of cool air come up to her ass and pussy. Seymour turned around, and returned his attention to her “Now it’s time for a punishment that I know you will not enjoy.” He said, lifting her head, and making sure that she was paying full attention to him. The costume only added to her feeling of uneasiness, the horns went with the lines of his fiendish smile, like they had always been there.

She felt the Roman lift up her top, and took if off her, and did likewise with her skirt. He grabbed her arms from behind her, and cuffed them together at the wrists, then tied them together at the elbow, making her chest stick straight out from her body. Seymour moved forward, and began fondling her breasts, which caused her to lose track of what else was going on. He rubbed her nipples, and held them between his thumb and forefinger, and twisted them softly, she let out a low moan, and completely forgot about her situation. While this distraction went on, the Roman had hooked cuffs on her ankles, and then connected them with a spreader bar with 24” of length to it, keeping her legs spread for them. She realized this only too late, and only realized it when she attempted to move her legs, and was not able to. She looked up at Seymour, who moved his hand from her breasts to her mouth, covering it, and in her position, there wasn’t much she could do to stop it. “Now your punishment begins” he said, with a sneer on his face, his eyebrows coming down, and looked into her eyes. In his devil costume he looked evil, with a goatee, although he looked like a cliché version of how he would dress.

She felt a hand massaging her ass, and then felt something else moving against her ass, it felt hard and flat, and while she tried to move her head to look at it, Seymour grabbed her hair, and had her face forward to him. He put a ball gag next to her mouth “open” he commanded, and she complied, worried about what would happen to her if she didn’t. He pushed the gag in, and the hooked it on around the back of her head. He ran his hand up and down her face, feeling the softness of her skin, as his hands moved down her body, hugging her curves, feeling her hips and ass, and then taking the paddle away from the Roman. His hands began moving up and down her ass, taking large handfuls as he fondled her. “You have such a lovely ass, too bad you were such a bad girl, it’s going to be hard to do this to such a pretty ass likes yours.” He said, in a very serious sense. He grabbed her by the shoulder, and then he brought his arm up, cocking it, and then brining it down with a lot of force, the paddle striking Britney’s ass hard, the stinging sound echoed throughout the room, He did this again, with the same sound resonating in Britney’s ears afterward, which was the same feeling as her ass was going through.

Seymour could see it turning pink after only the two spankings. He rubbed her ass again, her eyes welled up in tears, as the paddle came down again, hitting one cheek of her ass, and once more, on the other cheek. He looked at her ass, it was now red, he moved around the bed, and looked at her, a tear running down each cheek. “Are you going to be a good girl now Britney?” he asked, again lifting her chin to make sure she heard him. She nodded her head yes repeatedly, she would have done anything right then to avoid the rest of the punishment she knew that Seymour had in store for her. “Good girl,” he said, stroking her hair, feeling its softness while he ran his fingers through it. Now that you are going to be a good girl though, we are going to have a little fun now.

He motioned to the Roman, and he grabbed her by the waist, and carried her to the wall. He removed a portion of it, and there was a hole, and then he grabbed what looked to Britney as an ironing board, although much stronger than that, he put her onto the board, on her stomach, and positioned her in front of the hole, he then removed the spreader board from her ankles. He then put her ankles into stirrups that were attached underneath the board. Just then, she heard Seymour on a bullhorn, it sounded like he was on the other side off the wall. “We have a special treat for you tonight, the hole is open, we found a willing contestant, she will be there for only 30 minutes, so come and get her. It didn’t take long for Britney to figure out what was going on, and soon felt the cold feeling of lubricant being squirted on her anus.

She attempted to move, but the Roman put his hand on her back, making movement impossible, and then he used a piece of rope, and wrapped it around her, to where she couldn’t squirm enough to where the people would notice. She felt the head of a cock on the edge of her anus, and then a thrust into her, she couldn’t move to relieve the force of the thrusts, she could only feel the man’s cock go deeper and deeper inside of her, filling her asshole, and withdrawing, leaving an empty feeling, before it is filled again in only a few seconds, her pussy was dripping now, going onto the board, slowly forming a puddle underneath her. The first man who entered her only lasted about three minutes, and his cock was throbbing inside her, not large in comparison with the men she had had before during the party. Very quickly she felt him shoot his wad into her. He pumped a few more times inside her, as her own orgasm appeared to be coming for her. He pulled out of her, and again she felt the emptiness, and the cool air blowing on her most sensitive of parts.

She again felt the lubricant getting spread inside of her. Another cock was on her anus, and he shoved into her much more quickly, roughly plowing his 7” into her lubed asshole. The set-up of how her ass was there made it possible for them to grab her ass and roughly kneaded it. She was strapped down to the board, and her ass was out in the open, with the wall coming down just over her ass, so that no one could tell who she was, but everyone could see how red her ass was. The feeling of being taken by a completely anonymous stranger was causing the puddle to grow, and she knew that the people on the other side could see it forming, laughing and giggling. This man took a long time to finish, she estimated that his 7” filled and unfilled her for a good 10 minutes until bursting into her.

She was really getting into it, and was really enjoying having guys inside her ass over and over again. The Roman man was still in the room, he had been watching the entire thing, and she had noticed a bulge in the bottom of his toga, she looked at it and winked at him, hoping she would be able to improve her situation. She then felt the lubricant again, a very generous amount of it, and then she felt the head of a cock start to enter her, it was huge, the head was at least, and she felt it only get larger as it entered into her further and further, until it stopped, she felt all of what she thought would have had to have been a 10” long cock, that also had more girth than any other man she had been with earlier. The Roman man in front of her moved closer, he could tell by the look on her face that she was having a little more than she could handle inside her. He took off her gag, and put his finger onto her mouth, wanting her to keep quiet. The man behind her began pumping furiously into her asshole, ramming his giant log into her over and over again.

She looked up at the Roman, and he moved the Toga out of the way, letting his cock spring out into the open air, she looked at his hard manhood, a good 7” long, with a purple head that was just aching to have a release. She knew that she would be the one who gave it the release. He moved it up to her mouth, and she opened her mouth wide, taking all of it slowly into her mouth. He moaned softly, feeling the moistness and heat of her mouth, and he began lightly thrusting in and out. She was now like a Chinese finger trap, the quicker they pulled out, the tighter she seemed to get, and then they were brought back into her. She could feel Roman’s cock throb inside her mouth, and he began thrusting quicker into her, she wrapped her tongue around it, and moved it up and down, jerking him off with her tongue. The man inside of her ass was also quickening his pace, and she thought that this would the last of her 30 minutes, and then she felt something she had never experienced. The two men each moaned loudly, and then came together inside of her, filling her mouth, and her ass at the same time, which caused her to orgasm too, although her moans were gagged by a certain 7” that was already there.

They both pulled out of her, and then she heard Seymour on the bullhorn again “That concludes the 30 minutes, how about a round of applause for her” She heard clapping, along with howls and cat calls, she enjoyed being appreciated, although none of them knew who she was. The Roman covered himself again, and moved her away from the hole, and untied her.

“Miss, would you like to shower?” He asked, being very formal, acting like a butler, which may very well have been his job.

“Yes I would, does the bathroom also have towels and a hair dryer?” She asked, while looking around on the floor for her costume, and in the process of putting them back on.
“Yes it does Miss.”

“Then I would very much enjoy a shower” she responded. Then the Roman led her upstairs to the bathroom.

“Miss, I am ordered to stand here, if you need anything just knock on the door.”

“Thank you,” she responded, and went into the bathroom.

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